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The Nissan SUV models are super magnificent models which offers each rider great comfort on the road. Also, it is very economical re fuel consumption as it has a mileage of 13.05 km per each liter of diesel, which is quite impressive. The exterior design is extraordinarily interesting and is much bigger making it stick out from the crowd. This Nissan SUV Models are terribly sleek as well as powerful on the outside and at the same time, is very comfortable on the inside. The seats are made of high quality leather and they are extraordinarily spacious to accommodate as many people as practicable. This model also has amazing off-road capacities that are suitable for about any road.

TheNissan SUV models has a design that's out of this world and its interior expertly crafted which makes it a favourite of so many people. This car is simply classical and never disappoints when it comes to both performance and style. The engine of the Nissan SUV models are also powerful and can withstand even the worst climatic conditions. Some of the great external features include headlights that are vertically stacked and have HID bulbs which shed enough light when one is on the road. Moreover, the doors are made from plastic which is steel-reinforced and they are fitted with very strong handles which makes closing and opening a lot easier. Its wheels are 18-inch and made of thick rubber and its front grille is highly distinguished stylized.

Apart from the inside being terribly roomy and cosy, its instrument panel is also graced with an aluminum trim which has integrated audio and climate controls. It's also got a good air-conditioning system that is cool enough for hot days and warm enough for the very cold days. It also comes with a CD player and a rear view monitor. In addition, this superb model is fitted with alterable pedals, a roof rack a particularly top of the range stereo system, a sun roof as well as a navigation system which is DVD-based. The rear seats have are fitted with a reclining feature as well as a flip-down function controlled with a remote and this permits the seats to be released easily from the load area.

The security features of the Nissan SUV models can’t go unnoticed and they include anti-lock brakes, both side and front air bags as well as head restraints. Furthermore, it's also got a great control system. For storage purposes, these autos are fitted with a console box which is lockable and big enough to accommodate a laptop, door pockets where one can put their magazines. Moreover, they have assorted crannies and nooks for sun glasses, coins and mobiles.

The amazing features of the Nissan SUV models are highly pleasurable, so any car lover should consider getting one of those, as they will not be unhappy. Additionally, each vehicle comes with a warranty of 5 years to be used to make claims for repair or replacement in case the automobile is damaged in any fashion.

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Aug 012011

Nissan Motor Company from Japan is one of the largest world automobile producers. Among Nisan automobile models are Nissan SUV models which include Cars and trucks that've been around since 1980s. These Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) comprise of both 4WDs and 2WDs that come with great interior and external features. Outstanding in all these models is the great safety features like its break systems, safety belts and airbags.

A few of these Model brands include: Nissan Armada, Murano, Frontier, Pathfinder, Patrol, GT-R,370z, Altima, X-trail, Frontier, Leaf, Maxima, NV1500,2500,3500,Quest, Sentra, the Cube, Xterra, Rogues, Juke, Murano Cross Cabriolet. These models include old versions and new versions of the Nissan SUV autos. Some of the oldest Nissan Models are the Rogues and Pathfinder with the later being the pioneer of Nissan SUV brands since the late 1980s. These SUVs are made for all kinds of folk for all events especially adventures like safaris and country rides.

These models are considered efficient, great looking and smashing performers in tricky terrains. Features include the Brake Override Technology which features anti-lock breaks and it’s an eco friendly ride. The Murano, Xtrail, pathfinder and Patrol models of the Nisan SUVs as an example are real, innovative and have great interiors linked with the best engines for road exploration. These are modern models with cushty luxurious interiors, engine toughness and potentiality excellent for travel like beach rides, bush or forest rides, ride on tough muddy terrain and off road rides. The muranos spacious comfort makes it a great family car.

Nissan SUV models are made to suit different terrains and regions around the world. Nissan Armada is a full size SUV with a 5speed automated transmission designed for Northern America terrain with hi-tech electronic features. These SUVs are also made to suit annual changes and trends. The Juke SUV released for 2011 trends features impressive trendy external features with a short wheel base with stylish wheels and rims. This state-of-the-art technology car has an electronic power steering and great SUV interiors.

Of the van models of the Nissan SUVs is the Nissan Frontier which is sometimes called the Nissan Navara with features like the 44 frame for height rides, big tires, great stability control and gas and diesel engines. This safe ride is fitted with side curtain and dual front airbags. The Nissan Titan is also of this class with great breaking performance of 70mph and electronically limited top speed of 185km/hr. This brand has enough space on the inside, leading edge features with wide opening rear doors and lockable storage. This great truck is perfect for both commercial and long distance rides.

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