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If you are looking for a vehicle in the $20,000 to $30,000 price range then you should consider the Chevy Equinox and the Chevy Silverado. When you think about it, fuel economy is a very important factor to consider when choosing a vehicle, and each of these two Chevy products can get at least 20 miles per gallon on the open roads of America’s highways. Both vehicles have the option of a V6 engine and of course a choice of automatic or standard transmissions. There are plenty of options and extras to choose from when customizing your new vehicle including a moon or sun roof, sound system upgrades, and much more.

The smaller sticker price of the Chevy Silverado can be an attractive thing to those who are looking to squeeze the most value possible from their bottom line. Don’t let the lower price out the door fool you though! The Chevy Equinox can offer much more in the way of fuel savings over time which can justify the slightly higher sticker price for some people. Silverados can start at just under $22,000 MSRP, and the Equinox isn’t too far ahead with a starting MSRP of just over $23,000. There is a noticeable difference in the price of both vehicles, and there is also a significant difference in power output and fuel economy, so your needs should determine which vehicle is the better choice.

The Chevy Equinox gets an average of 22 miles per gallon in town and a whopping 32 miles per gallon on the highway. In contrast the Chevy Silverado gets an estimated 12 – 15 miles per gallon in town and 18 – 22 miles per gallon on the highway. Not bad figures still, but never the less noticeable enough to raise the question of which vehicle is best for you and your needs? Of import for the fuel economy discussion is the available engine selection of the two vehicles; the Chevy Silverado is designed to be more of a workhorse and thus comes with an optional V8 engine which can of course produce much more torque and is better suited for hauling heavy loads. The Chevy Equinox has both 4 and 6 cylinder options which give it better fuel economy.

As a matter of course, different needs mean different equipment, and the Chevy Silverado and Chevy Equinox provide numerous benefits for their target markets. The Chevy Silverado seems to be geared more towards the working crowd since it comes in a model designed for the rigors of construction and hauling heavy loads, whereas the Chevy Equinox is designed more for general family use with its increased interior space and greater fuel economy. The Chevy Silverado can come with up to 5.3 liters of V8 power with an average of 356 horsepower behind the wheels, there’s not much that can beat that in a mid-range economical pickup. The Chevy Equinox is fitted with several lower-cost and fuel-efficient engine options in the 2.4 to 3.0 liter range of four cylinder and V6 engines.

Now let’s talk options! Both the Chevy Silverado and the Chevy Equinox come with standard features such as a CD player capable of playing both MP3 and traditionally formatted CD’s, and there is the option to include an iPod jack or an audio jack capable of handling the input from other MP3 devices such as the Microsoft Zune. Bluetooth wireless technology is available on some models, as is a built-in navigation system. Advanced climate control such as heated leather seats can be added as an option to the higher-end models, and all models come with heating/cooling systems standard. Four wheel drive is also an option on the Chevy Silverado, which makes perfect sense and fits with its identity as a no-nonsense truck designed to get the job done.

Between the Chevy Silverado and the Chevy Equinox there are plenty of amazing features and great values available. Fuel economy, interior space, and luxuries like wireless tech and a moon roof option round out the slightly higher priced and lower power of the Chevy Equinox. Less bang for your buck at the pump but options such as four wheel drive and heated leather seats make the lower price of the Chevy Silverado an attractive buy for someone who works hard for their money but wants the power and flexibility of a working person’s truck.

Whether it is a Chevy Equinox that is better on gas or a Chevy Silverado, make sure to be informed when visiting a new or used Chevy dealer in your town!. This article, Which is better, the Chevy Silverado or the Chevy Equinox? has free reprint rights.

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Finding the right SUV can be a daunting task. Many buyers are tending to lean more towards SUV Crossover styled vehicles and one of their most popular offerings is the GMC terrain. If you are looking for fuel efficient SUV offerings you should consider stopping by your local GMC dealer.

A GMC Terrain is considered to be a compact SUV as opposed to a full sized one such as a GMC Yukon or comparable model from another manufacturer. The Terrain comes in at a sticker price well below anything in the larger offerings and also has quite a few options to choose from. One of the main selling points is the opportunity for the new owner to choose the engine size they would like in the vehicle. While both offered engines get good gas mileage, the 6 cylinder offers a bit more power while the four cylinder selection adds the better fuel economy to the deal.

The look of the Terrain can be daunting to some and has been described as quite bold and blocky. It sports a more squared off appearance than many traditional SUV styles and sits up a bit higher than some others in its vehicle class. It does come across as have a uniquely sophisticated styling that is not found in too many other vehicles like it. The manufacturer has also added some very bold touches to the interior of the vehicle.

Safety is one of the key factors the manufacturer has worked into the design of the Terrain. They have added a full set of airbags along with an anti-lock braking system that is top of the line. By doing this, the Terrain has garnered some of the highest ratings for safety that a vehicle in its class can be awarded along with superb crash test scores. This in and of itself is one of the best reasons to consider this particular vehicle from GMC, particularly for those with families and children that will be traveling in the vehicle.

Vehicle performance has been an issue for some of the customers that have purchased this particular vehicle in that there is a lack of power and the engine can be a bit noisy while in operation. The exterior has been a concern to some also but only from an aesthetic point of view as the squared styling is not preferred by some owners. This however is a matter of personal choice and does not detract from how the vehicle actually functions.

Visitors to the GMC dealer near them will come to find that not only do they offer a great deal on the Terrain but also on many other GMC vehicles such as the Acadia and Yukon. Many people have chosen the SUV look as their car of choice but for some that might not be the best selection. The staff at the dealers can help a car buyer find the exact model that suits them to a tee in size and price.

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