Dec 222011

In today’s world, where the idea of Fuel Productivity is gaining on fame for the part is Environmentally friendly Development, the Mitsubishi-i-MiEV which gives 112 mpg (miles per US gallon) stands as a exceptional future. The Toyota Prius at 50 miles per gallon is definitely the face of hybrid cars.

Thinking about the prevalent automotive marketplace, segmentation and targeting are needed promoting methods which could sustain manufacturers in cut-throat globalised competitions. Because of this very cause, several automobile segments have their energy efficient frontrunners as their identity.

The Station Wagon segment once more sees the Toyota Prius v which gives 42 miles per gallon while the Two Seater segment has got the Honda CR-Z offering thirty seven mpg. The Midsize segment has got the bestseller Toyota Prius Hybrid at 50 mpg and also the Large segment leader could be the Hyundai Sonata supplying twenty-eight mpg. Subcompacts provide the Chevrolet Sonic 5 and Ford Fiesta FWD the two at 33 miles per gallon and the Honda City Hybrid leads at forty-four mpg in the Compact segment.

The key reason why autos have got one hundred or two hundred horsepower engines to is handle acceleration from a standing stop, and for passing and hill climbing. We simply utilize the maximum HP rating for 1% of our traveling time. The other time, we’re hauling around the weight additionally, the friction of the much larger motor, which in turn wastes lots of power.

Inside a hybrid auto, an electric engine delivers all the power to the wheels, as well as battery packs to give the motor with electricity. This 10 -20 Horse power engine is quite tiny and runs at just one velocity for maximum efficiency. During periods of acceleration, the batteries deliver the additional electrical power required. Once the car is decelerating or standing still, the batteries charge. The purpose of this small, effective motor would be to give enough energy for your vehicle at its driving speed.

Employing lighter materials to make the crankshaft, pistons, wheels and gears; focus on aerodynamic structures to lessen aerodynamic drag; regenerative breaking; utilizing thinner engine oils and low friction lubricants; and utilizing diesel motors combined along with electric motors – are some of the measures taken to improve on fuel proficiency through design.

It’s been studied that on inclusion of RFG in energy, it decreases the mileage from 1 to 3%. 10% Ethanol mix in fuel decreases energy proficiency by 3 to 4%. And summer season petrol has 1.7% more power than winter time petrol. In addition to all these variables are varied traveling styles that affect gas mileage. The factors which vary with everybody are – acceleration and breaking tactics, variety of shorter trips and level of electrical gadgets.

Near future technologies approaching in this particular field are Compound Engines, 2-Stroke Diesel Engines, High-Efficiency Gas Turbines , BMW’s Turbosteamer and Time-Optimized Piston Path. Research and Development in this field is quite high taking into consideration the ecological affect energy effectivity has. Not only does it lower your expenses and natural resources, it also contributes to optimum driving performances (enhancing motor vehicle lifespan) and minimizing emissions.

This topic is very desirable because everyone needs to save money on gas. To learn more on the best gas mileage cars follow the link above.

Jul 032011

Children of the eighties were fascinated by the car that David Hasslehoff drove in the TV programme Knight Rider because KIT as the car was known could talk. Now though in the 21st century we are about to be introduced to the next generation of cars and the chances are they will say hello.

Talking cars are something that a lot of manufacturers are investing in at the moment but just what they have to talk about is a mystery.

Although there is nothing to be unveiled this year that will wow the market, car manufacturer Ford are developing a voice recognition system that will understand more commands than you could probably think of to issue. And with the car planned to be available in nineteen different languages, we should be about to see something really impressive.

It could even replace your current Sat Nav system because you could just ask the car for directions instead. This would be very handy if you were looking for a hotel or restaurant nearby and didn’t want to pull over to type into the Sat Nav. A less impressive version has been on trial for a few years in the US now but Ford are hoping to introduce the full system soon and are hoping to take it to Europe as well.

The good news for Ford fans is that their voice system is much more sophisticated than anything on offer at the moment but at 350ish it will be a luxury rather than a standard option. What is good though is that if you get in to an accident it can actually call the emergency numbers and inform them exactly where you are.

On the other hand you may be in more crashes because of it as safety campaigners have said Ford’s ‘Sync’ Voice system is preventing drivers from using their mobile through hands free which will cause more accidents.

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Jun 302011

If you want your car to serve you long and good, service it. What is meant by servicing your car is checking it to see if anything needs to be repaired, supplied or replaced. You also need to make sure you check the levels of battery and brake fluid, the air and oil filters and anything else that could affect the performance of the car such as the tyre pressure.

It is important to service your car regularly in order to prevent problems from growing to a point when they would cost more to fix. When it comes to servicing your car you would need to give it a good look over and use a ramp or jack in order to have a look underneath it. The following are included in a service:

Changing the oil filters and the engine oil

Making sure to inspect the spark plugs

Changing the air filters

Checking tyre pressure, suspension and their general condition

Adding brake and gearbox fluid when necessary

Being sure that all gauges and external lights are working

Aside from servicing affecting your car’s performance and your safety, it also helps you control repair costs. One thing that will take the pressure off you financially in terms of looking after your car is a manufacturer’s warranty and this is something that you will have been given if you bought the car brand new.

But manufacturer’s warranties can be different depending on the manufacturer with some offering five years full warranty and others only offering two years for major problems. In many cases, your warranty will become void if you have not had the car serviced from the garage where you bought it or an approved garage but any major repairs that are needed during the warranty will be paid for by the manufacturer.

Obviously, servicing your car and how you do it are bound to affect whether or not you have to use your manufacturer’s warranty. It is a good idea to have a look around at a number of garages in your area to see if they can provide your car with a decent service.

Some cars will require the use of extra diagnostics and not all garages will have the specialist software needed for the job.

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Jun 242011

Over the years we have seen a number of cars that have gone down in history almost the moment they have appeared. While you don’t see many supercars come from a mass production factory, there are some that have inspired rally fans for generations since they first graced our televisions.

Examples of the cars that have become famous are the Mitsubishi Evolution which beat the Ferrari and the Lancia Delta Integrale that was around in the eighties. It is these kinds of cars that almost every red blooded young male would be eager to get behind the wheel of given half the chance.

However if you were thinking of trying to acquire one of these cars yourself then you could look forward to high maintenance costs. The thing is though that the rewards for owning these beasts are never going to come cheaply but they are plentiful. The good news about rally models is that newer favourites are much easier to look after than the older models because they need to be serviced constantly in order to ensure they perform at optimum levels.

It is easy to understand the need for care with a Mitsubishi Evolution when you think about the fact that it is faster than a Ferrari up to around third gear going into to fourth. With an Evolution, you are going to require a service every 4,500 miles or every six months whichever comes first but you can guarantee that you will get trouble free motoring if you do this and if you follow the maunal.

Mainly as long as you keep the oil changed regularly and follow all guidelines for pretty much any car you will get your money’s worth of fun from them.

Despite the high cost of maintaining a car of this kind the number of enthusiast groups around means that the sharing of knowledge and access to cheaper parts is common. You should definitely consider joining an owner’s club if you want to get your dream car.

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Jun 232011

In many instances people will rely solely on their garage to tell them if they have a problem with their car but a lot of the time they could determine the cause of any problems themselves simply by knowing what to look out for in the car and by referring to the user’s manual.

You might not even need your owners manual if you have access to a computer and the internet and in many cases you can sit there with your laptop and use it to get through all the steps of a certain procedure. However don’t assume that you will be able to fix every problem yourself because in certain cases, you are going to need to go to the garage in order to find out what the problem is.

Check Out The Malfunction Indicator Lamp Or The Engine Light

This is usually a problem with the control system for the engine rather than the engine itself. The worst thing is that sometimes this light will go back off and you think that the problem has gone away but it will usually only display when the fault is being picked up.

When it comes to the newer cars of today, the problem will need to be dealt with by the garage because the actual fault will be recorded in the computer of the car and unless you have access to diagnostic equipment you will not be able to solve this problem. It is probably wise to pull over if you see a number of lights coming on at the same time.

When it comes to the lights coming on in your car, there can be a number of reasons such as a spark plug which is causing the car to misfire or a lack of compression. Some problems with your car may require the use of specialist equipment while others will be easier to fix.

One thing not advisable is the use of equipment designed to knock the warning lights off so always use a reputable garage that you feel you can trust or your car could suffer some real damage.

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Jun 212011

Because it can be so expensive to get a car serviced these days it might be a good idea to consider servicing it yourself. But if you do not get the garage to stamp the service book then you are going to find that the resale value of the car is affected.

So the person who wanted to buy your car would be offering you a price for the car based on the fact that you had been servicing it yourself.

Carrying out a service is something that in most cases can be carried out by someone with a little bit of knowledge and access to a guide or the internet. And when it comes to the actual service of the car it would be better if you had somewhere where you would not have to worry about oil spills etc because you will need to drain the old oil from the car. You have to make sure that every time you service your car, you change the oil and find a way to dispose of the oil correctly.

You may also have to replace the air and oil filters in your car but in many cases as long as you wash these properly, they will be fine. Whether or not you can get away with washing your filter will depend on your type of filter and its condition.

Between one and four years of driving could see you needing to change your plugs so you will have to check these; it will depend on whether they are platinum or iridium plugs. Both of these should see you good for around 40k miles before they need to come out.

Servicing your car of course is easy if you know what you are doing and have both the time and patience for the job. In most cases though, you are better off having a professional do it for you.

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Jun 172011

We are still going through a financial crisis and it has been the longest one since the great crash in Wall Street; one of the results of this is that drivers are now focusing more on reliability these days when it comes to buying new cars.

While unit cost, fuel economy and insurance also play a major part manufacturers that are traditionally regarded as having better build quality are faring better in the current climate than most.

It was not so obvious before but these days it is the Japanese used cars that are doing really well and this is down to the fact that they are faring well in the reliability tests. We are seeing many of the old favourites such as Audi and Volkswagon taking a back seat to some of the Japanese models.

A recent market research poll found that the number one reason for buying a particular car was Japanese design which has replaced German engineering. The expense of regular servicing is also a major concern for customers.

Most car manufacturers these days are concentrating on making the breakthrough in the electric car market and this is because fuel efficiency is another important concern of many customers these days. Mitsubishi has just released news of its i-MiEV which is reported to be a zero emissions electric car that is to be a real contender in the market. We really can see how the attitude to the electric car market is changing with London’s electric car power point roll out.

The 20% VAT level on fuel hit an already struggling market hard and with the increased cost of parts with also due to the raised VAT levels the average UK consumer is now a much more price conscious buyer than in previous years.

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Jun 042011

Purchasing your first car is exciting and this feeling is likely to last for months after you have bought it. However the reality is that buying a car is a huge investment so it is very important that we get this decision right. If we are lucky this car will last us many years so we will want to get our choice right.

Below are a few tips that might help you when it comes to buying your first car.

A lot of people will feel that you should buy a used car as your first car. This is something that can make quite a bit of sense for those who don’t have a lot of driving experience. It is not as common for drivers to get dents and scratches on their car when they have a lot of experience but in the first few years of driving this is very common.

You won’t find it as heartbreaking to get these dents on a used car as you would on a new car. This is why people will recommend that you get second hand. However there is no reason to feel that you can’t get a new car for your first car; many people choose this option.

Before you choose any type of car, you should do your research. The only way to get the car that will be most suitable for you is to do your research. When it comes to doing this research, you can use the internet or buy car magazines. You may also have friends that know quite a bit about cars and if so then you can pick their brains.

The priority when purchasing your first car has to be safety; as we have already mentioned new drivers are more likely to have accidents. Just don’t let these safety features lull you into a false sense of security because you still have to be very careful when you are driving.

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May 292011

There are not many people these days who will be able to afford the purchase of a brand new car outright. Buying things like cars and houses etc requires most of us to apply for finance. It is not as easy however, to get finance as it used to be because lenders are much more strict than ever. Just a few years back it was more of a formality than anything else when you applied for credit but things are totally different these days.

Here are a few winning tips for how you can finance your new car purchase.

Most dealerships will have their own financing option and it is always worth checking these out. Because car dealers are quite desperate to sell their cars you will find that they will do all they can to ensure your finance application is approved. But you will find it just as hard to get finance here as any other lender if you don’t have a good credit rating. You do need to keep in mind, the fact that dealership financing rates are often higher than other places so do your checking beforehand.

Be sure to have any relevant paperwork with you before you apply for finance. You will probably have to provide things like your outgoings and proof of income. Before applying for your finance you should have a list of all your outgoings and your income and take this with you. You will save a lot of time by having this ready and as well as that you can come across as a sensible individual which will do your application no harm.

Credit Union members will find that this is one of the best ways to get funds. The interest rates and terms are usually very preferable from credit unions.

If you are considering using your home for equity for the loan then think carefully about this. You must be able to manage the monthly repayments with no bother if this is something you are considering doing.

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May 222011

You are going to have to invest a lot of money if you want to buy a brand new car. For a lot of people, the only way to afford a brand new car is to take out a finance package and this means that you are paying this debt off for a number of years. The fact that buying a car is such a big investment means that you really need to do your research before you buy unless you don’t really care what kind of deal you end up with. You should not end up regretting your purchase provided you do your research properly.

The following are some tips on how to do proper research on a brand new car.

– Living in the age of the internet makes us very fortunate indeed. Almost any information that we need is easily accessible and free of charge. No matter what vehicle you are thinking of buying, you should find plenty of information available on the net. You should also find it very easy to find answers to whatever questions you have if you look online.

– If you belong to an online car forum then this can be another great place to pick up information. With some of these forums having thousands of members you will surely find the information you need here. You can quiz these people to find out more about the vehicle.

– Car magazines have not been replaced completely by the web and continue to be a great resource. The fact that these car magazines will provide you with useful reviews is one of the best things about them. Some of the reviews that you will find online have been written by people who are hoping to make money and don’t actually know too much about the cars at all. You are more likely to get a good review in a car magazine because they have their reputation to think about.

– If you visit a website like YouTube you will likely find video reviews of the car you want to buy.

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