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With cell phones and smartphones now essential in the lives of millions of individuals, it’s hard to believe that, just a few short decades ago, they were a rarity. Today they come in countless styles, brands, and designs, and they can perform tasks that early cellular phone developers never would have dreamed of. With all that is possible with today’s mobile devices, it is hard to even tell what the future may hold.

The first portable cell phone was developed in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper, a former general manager for Motorola’s systems division. He set up his base station in New York and developed the first working prototype of the Motorola Dyna-Tac to introduce the wireless mobile device to the public. In 1977, the cell phone finally went public. The first trials were performed in Chicago, but they quickly spread to other major cities throughout the United States. By 1988, The wireless Technology Industry Associate was created to establish specific goals for the providers of cellular phones.

The first cell phones were large, bulky and funny looking devices. Many early models were designed to be installed in cars. These bag phones, as they were commonly called, were very costly and involved extensive wiring in the vehicle. They were nowhere near as portable as the slim phones of today. In the early 1990s, a second generation of mobile phones became available. These devices used primarily the GSM standard and varied from earlier phones by using digital transmission instead of analog. Second generation devices where also the first to include SMS or text messaging. Throughout the 1990s and into the early years of the 21st century, cell phones became progressively smaller and more portable.

Media content like downloadable ring tones, and music also made its first appearance on second generation phones. By 1999, the first internet service for mobile phones was unveiled by a Japanese company. The use of 2G phones quickly became widespread throughout the world due to the lower costs and size of the devices. The ever increasing number of capabilities also lead to the surge in popularity of cell phones in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Third generation 3G phones, were first developed in 2001. These smartphones used new technology to increase data speeds and allow users greater access to the internet and other web-based services. For the first time, 3G made it possible for users to stream live content like music and movies onto their mobile phones. Smartphones became popular during the 3G revolution because they allowed users to do nearly countless tasks using a mobile device. Thanks to the Apple iPhone, apps became an essential feature for smartphones. By the end of 2007, more than 295 million people subscribed to 3G networks. Today, the majority of phones still operate on 3G networks.

By 2009, development began on a 4G network. 4G technology is capable of greater speed that is necessary for some of the most intense applications such as those that stream live media. Though it is not yet available everywhere, it has become increasingly available in larger cities. As the popularity of smartphones, and other mobile devices continues to grow, it is certain that the technology will continue to evolve and improve. In time, users should expect to see even faster wireless devices and smartphones that are capable of performing all the functions of a full desktop computer. Other emerging technology includes 3D screens that do not require the use of special glasses.

With smartphones being more powerful than ever, there has also been a huge boom in the cell phone accessory industry that is growing fast. Phone covers, cases, skins, and snap on protectors have proven to be especially popular because they prevent damage to high end devices while adding a touch of style. With the right phone accessories, it is possible to get the most out of any mobile device.

Chargers, memory cards, BlueTooth headsets, and screen covers are also popular among consumers of all ages. As the cell phone industry evolves, so does the accessory industry. As the phones become more fragile, manufacturers work to make accessories that are more effective against damage. At MyCoolCell, you can find all the accessories you could ever need for the phone you have now and for whatever devices you may own in the future.

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Jan 302012

Founded in 1969, Samsung has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of electronics in the world. They make consumer electronics, semiconductors, and products for telecommunication. Though they are widely known for a number of products, many consumers associate the Samsung name with their cellular phones.

On the world market, Samsung cell phone and smartphones are second in sales only to Nokia. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cellular phones, they offer devices ranging from basic cell phones to the more advanced smartphones that have exploded on the market in recent years. Since they are a leader in the industry, there are several benefits to owning a Samsung cell phone or smartphone.

Since engineering South Korea’s first mobile phone in 1988, Samsung has worked constantly to improve the performance of it’s mobile devices. In the early years of the company’s mobile division, cell phone sales were slow as the market had not caught on yet in South Korea. To boost sales, the development team went to work on improving cell phone connectivity.

The innovations they were able to make not only improved cell phone sales for Samsung and in South Korea, this technology also served to reduce connectivity issues throughout the then-new cellular phone industry. In 1993, issues with management and design came to the attention of the company’s chairman who decided that changes needed to be made within Samsung if the company wanted to survive as a manufacturer of mobile devices.

It was at this time that Samsung’s “Quality is Pride” motto was born. Over the next several months employees worked to create a better mobile phone device. Any phones that had defects or problems were burned. During this time $188 billion worth of cell phone prototypes were burned, but in November of 1993, the company unveiled a revolutionary device – the SH-700.

The phone was more compact and more lightweight compared to the phones from any other manufacturer, and it significantly improved upon previous models. Because of this device and an upgraded version that became available in October 1994, Samsung’s market share went from 25.8 percent to 51.5 percent in just under a year. During the same time period, Motorola’s market share dropped more than 10 percent from 52.5. percent to 42.1 percent.

Samsung’s dedication to innovation and quality control has lived on throughout the company’s duration. For this reason it is a very popular and trusted brand around the world. In fact, nearly every cell phone company in the United States and around the world offers some type of Samsung device.

Because Samsung mobile phones are thoroughly tested prior to entering the marketplace, they are considered to be relatively stable and they rank high in customer satisfaction. Many of the company’s mobile devices are designed to be very simple to use even for those who are not technologically savvy, but they are loaded with advanced features. By combining advanced features with an easy to use interface, Samsung has earned the title of most innovative cell phone manufacturer.

Until just recently, many of Samsung’s smartphones fell into the low end feature phone category. Due to the explosion of the market for smartphones, however, they have started offering more mid-level and high end devices. Their mid-level phones are ideal for anyone who is looking for an affordable device that is capable of doing more than just making basic calls and text messaging, while their smartphones are the perfect choice for someone who is looking for a phone with all the bells and whistles.

The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the hottest smartphones on the market currently, and it is available in many variations around the world. Samsung has also seen an opening and opportunity in the new tablet PC industry, and their innovative spirit has led them to dive into the market with a truly revolutionary product. The Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet PC has proven to be incredibly popular, and it is faring well in comparison to its main competitor – the Apple iPad.

Samsung has built a strong reputation around quality and innovation. As a result Samsung phones have continuously been some of the best selling mobile phones in the global marketplace. Whether you are in the market for a low end, mid-level, or high end cellular phone, you are sure to find one that suits your needs from Samsung.

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Apr 102011

People sometimes get frustrated because they fall behind when reading and learning due to the huge amounts of reading material they must learn for school or work. So many books are being written worldwide, that readers sometimes have difficulty keeping up with the production of fiction and non-fiction works. It can be really amazing trying to keep up with it all ” don’t you think.

In the rapidly changing and highly competitive business world, with new products and services, and new upgrades introduced every week, speed reading really comes in handy. Most corporate millionaires now read two or three business related books every week. Thats a lot of work for those unfortunates who dont have speed reading abilities.

SPEED READING enables people to absorb up to twice or three times what they normally read in the same time.

Reading researchers in the past determined that the brain is competent of comprehending and cataloging from 10,000 to 50,000 units of information every minute. The length of a unit is about one word. The body’s five senses are receptors for data, which it transfers to the subconscious mind to be recorded for posterity. When the conscious mind needs information, it is recalled from the subconscious. Then it surfaces the necessary data for processing and use, much like a computer.

An interactivity exists between the brain, which well just imagine is the computer CPU, and the mind which consists of thoughts and memories. All data gets processed in such a way that we can learn it.

The information that we receive, process and evaluate comes from our five physical senses. With that data, our mind makes decisions, choices and judgments. We learn through our five senses (i.e. sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste), which are already pre-programmed to respond automatically.

A good example of pre-programmed response: Consider the example of the teen boy who smells pizza and what his reaction is. It is similar to Pavlov’s dog, because his senses send a message to the brain in the form of a brain-work.

The perception of feeling our favorite food is a mental exercise, compared to the reaction of swallowing which is physical. Therefore, brain and mind is where the action is and the body is where the reaction is.

Learning this system of speed reading will encourage the use of three of the five senses. That is a method that will strongly influence your mind to remember, recall and understand; beyond that, well teach you techniques for becoming a better and more efficient reader.

Follow the instructions and you will turn into a speed reader who loves to read and improve the quality of his or her own life. We expect great, positive successes from you with great improvements in many areas of your life.

Statistics: The average American high school graduate (I know this sounds strange, but many are graduating without the ability to read at an eighth grade level), reads at about 200 words per minute. A college student reads 20% faster at 300 words per minute. It does not matter what your baseline or starting reading speed is, your potential reading speed after using these techniques will be faster and your potential is truly unlimited. This is because scientists who have researched the human brain/mind agree that our potential is unlimited. Double-triple-quadruple your reading speed, theres no limit.

You can expect to learn how to achieve your greatest potentials as a reader, business person, student, etc. This is because youre becoming an enthusiastic speed reader and a complete success in life.

Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading will assist you become totally unlimited in your power and ability to do, be, and have all that you desire in life, whether its great grades or financial success. Dr. Jay Polmar is the Master of the art of speed learning, accelerated learning and speed reading and has helped over 100,000 students worldwide become perfect learning machines.

The key to success is at hand. Amaze at hand.lf and Others. Amaze at hand.lf and OthersDouble Your Reading Speed, Learn How in 11 Minutes. Amaze at hand.lf and Others. Amaze at hand.lf and Others. Also published at Success With Speed Reading Starts Today.