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Every budding actor fresh out of a voice over training course wants to get off to a flying start. Making it big is the main focus of majority of students. However, in this profession, nothing comes easy and success takes time. That said, you will be able to stand out from the crowd with these few insider secrets. Before you enroll in a voice actor training course, you have to learn and start practicing these strategies. Here they are:

1. Microphone placement is very important. The incorrect distance can make a difference. Therefore you must get this approach right, right from the word go. A voice over training program does teach microphone placement, but a lot of students do not focus on it because they are more obsessed with their voice.

2. Whenever in studios, voice acting talents become so serious, making them stiff and eventually affects their performance. Successful voice actors would say that the profession is all about being able to relax and to have fun doing voice acting.

3. The biggest secret of the voice over industry is that every voice over actor must take care of his health. Jobs come thick and fast after the voice over training is finished and VO actors have to hurry from one session to another. Then, they are needed to stand and deliver for 5-6 hours every day and the mental and physical pace of the business gets to them. Many VO actors are weighed down by the stress and excitement and that impacts their health, acting abilities and voice. These actors must get appropriate rest, eat healthy food, learn relaxation techniques, and exercise regularly to keep going in this profession. Here’s an illustration that will help you comprehend the importance of maintaining good health: Every studio session, and there are plenty of these daily, has a different script and a different level of excitement. Every VO actor feels his heart racing as he gets ready to deliver his lines and he will feel the stress at every studio on a daily basis. Good health and self-control will help him deliver a knockout performance.

4. Voice over professionals should know that foods they eat could have a negative effect on their voice. Many of these foods are dairy products that could result to the formation of mucous; caffeine, tea, sodas, could dehydrate the body; acidic foods can contribute to the inflammation of the vocal cords, and spicy foods can just upset the throat; and many others.

5. Animation voice over is more “real” these days. Before, everything was simply cartoony. This is highly different from a voice over for commercials, wherein actors are needed to be in one particular mood all throughout. The voice actor must be able to match the vocal quality of the character that he is playing and the mood of the script would have to be followed as well.

6. The manner that we breathe would depend on our mood and not the other way round. So, every voice over actor must be able to focus on the mood that is established on the script, instead of trying to control their breathing and end up not true to the character that they depict.

These top tips from voice over training experts will help you get an insider’s view of the industry. Last but not least, never forget that in the voice over industry, every day is a new day, and you will surely find new things to learn in the profession, so just relax and have fun doing voice overs.

If you’ve ever thought about being a professional voice over actor, you are in luck. Nowadays there’s voice over training that is available on the internet to help you to get on the fast track to a career in voice overs. Together with proper voice over coaching, rehearsal and dedication, you may also become an in demand voice over artist.

Sep 072011

When you’re searching for the right match in voice over talent, there are a few key traits that set apart the good from the great. Hiring great voice over talent means you can count on professional services and enhance your advertising for maximum impact. Whether you’re creating slogans, delivering a narration, or just need a voice over artist to stage a mock conversation, finding the right fit is an important part of your marketing plan. Voice over talent agents can work with you to narrow down a few choices, but the final decision rests in your hands.

These are a few of the characteristics that add up to an outstanding voice over artist:

1. The voice over is believable. You need someone who sounds like a real person, not a narrator or announcer. Talented voice over artists should be adept at practicing their ‘non-announcer’ reading and voices, so ask them to read a variety of pieces to make sure they don’t fall into a pattern of reading like a newscaster.

2.He or she demonstrates a mastery of tone and pitch. It isn’t simply chance that makes the voices of professionals stand out– voice over artists work hard to cultivate their vocal styles in order to create a unique and musical effect.

3.The voice over talent has quality demo tapes. Demo tapes are generally requested as part of the interview process, and you’ll need these to evaluate the talent after the interview and testing is over. Professional voice over artists will have these items prepared and ready for your review.

4.Versatility. This is fairly self-explanatory; a truly skilled voice over professional will have the skill and talent necessary to perform well in a wide variety of dissimilar projects. Whether authoritatively reading off facts and figures, or attempting to make listeners laugh, a true professional will shine.

5.A good sense of tempo. Another ‘musical’ element of voice over work is that of tempo, or pacing; you should look for a voice actor or actress whose speech flows naturally, and who has an intuitive grasp of the the rhythm with which he or she must speak in order to get your message across.

6.References. Checking into the references that you receive from potential hires is an essential part of the hiring process, as it will give you an invaluable chance to see whether or not your candidate truly is the seasoned professional he or she claims to be.

7.He or she exhibits enthusiasm and vocal stamina. At times, recording a voice is no picnic; lines will likely need to be repeated over and over to get the exact right take. Be sure to pick a candidate that will maintain a good attitude and a strong voice under these conditions.

If you put forth the time and effort necessary to find a voice over professional with all of these essential traits, you are certain to have a much more pleasant experience completing the project. Finding the perfect candidate may be time-consuming, but it is certainly worth it.

Terry Daniel is a Professional Voice Over Actor from Minneapolis, MN and Has Provided the Voice Talent for Dozens of Companies and Agencies Since 1991.

Aug 062011

When you’ve finished voice over training at an on-line or offline school, the next phase is getting voice over projects. Looking for voice over work in today’s competitive market could be challenging but there are several steps you can take in order to position as being a good candidate for a high-paying project. Here are some things you can do to find continuous voice over job opportunities:

1. Bring up to date your promotional package. If you had designed a voice over marketing profile while you were in voiceover school, you will have to always make sure it’s up-to-date and includes every one of the talents you might have developed with time. If you have recently finished new projects for a client and have audio tracks to share, incorporate these in your promotional package for the potential client to see more examples of your voice over skills.

2. Get a established voice over agent to work with. Working together with a professional agent can help you obtain voiceover work in several markets that you not know, so it’s wise to get started pitching your promotional bundle to established voiceover agents. A voiceover agent will also be able to point you to high-profile work opportunities as well as make recommendations as your representative to anyone in the market.

3. Maintain an on-line portfolio. There are now quite a few voiceover marketplaces available on-line, and you may create a profile that will show your talents. Some job opportunities can be done online, while some requires you to go a studio.

4. Keep rehearsing voiceover scripts. You can find online voice over scripts databases of various kinds of voiceover scripts. You can use these to practice, to make an audio file plus create more samples. Improve your skills by practicing voice over scripts on a regular basis.

5. Get more voiceover coaching. In case you are not 100 % positive that you’ve got the voiceover techniques that will help you land the next project, think about strengthening your skills through additional voiceover training. Additional voiceover training courses as well as practice gives you with an edge to get much better paying work opportunities and find a lot more voiceover work on an regular basis.

Terry Daniel is a Professional Voice Over Artist from Minneapolis, MN and Has Been Providing the Voice Talent for Dozens of Projects and Advertisements Since 1991.