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As of late, some reports have been published about plans for Children’s Services and social care sector about recruiting social care. Taking into account the current climate, what’s the best way to build a career in Children’s Services?

In 2008, eleven plans for social work remodeling, which were intended to improve that service sector, were piloted in the UK. With these types of programmes, social care has been looking into increasing development, including increased investment in recruitment and adding new positions in the social care field.

Just what is the implication for you? Well, with further investment and overall service revision come increased opportunities for social care service professionals, including those with expertise in Children’s Services.

Children’s Services is a diverse area of social care, full of potential opportunities for professionals with a range of skills and experience. Social care recruitment will allow you to follow a number of different routes if you are looking in the Children’s Services sector:

Exercising prevention and intervening early on

Child protection

Mental health issues in children

Kids that experience issues with physical health

Kids that live in care

Youngsters who no longer qualify for care

Children in residential housing

It will depend on the specific area in which you are interested or are an expert. If you’re already working in social care, you might very well have whatever skills you need because they are transferable.

If you have no background in social work or if you are thinking of making a change, it would be wise to take the time to list the skills, both professional and personal, needed to succeed in the field of social work as a Children’s Services worker.

When considering Children’s Services as a vocation, you should keep in mind that you will likely work with a wide age range of young people, from infants to teenagers on the cusp of independence. Most likely you will be working with young people who have issues because of things that happened to them in the past.

Working with vulnerable children requires compassion, patience, open-mindedness and dedication. Children of any age group who are traumatized by neglect or emotional, sexual, or physical abuse are often difficult to manage. The potential for harmful behaviour or complex needs in some of these children is something worth taking into consideration before you pursue a career in the Children’s Services field.

Some of those skills may be built up from experience outside of a professional setting, such as an experience caring for a loved one. However, a career in Children’s Services also requires certain qualifications. In order to be a social worker located in the UK, it is necessary to be approved by the General Social Care Council (GSCC), meaning you must have a social care degree acceptable by the GSCC. You may also be required to have certain educational qualifications, such as GCSEs, depending upon the hiring body or organisation, and an up-to-date criminal record check from the Criminal Records Bureau.

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Interim management has long been the career path of choice for ambitious, successful professionals who are experts in their field. Because of the high wages, varied projects, and opportunities to develop new skills, many top executives are looking to this as a way to work into new options.

Interim management is a field dominated by men, since 85% of them are men and in the over 50 crowd, as reported by Executives Online in March 2011. So is there a place for female professionals to take back this market?

Interim management is no different than many other professional careers across the UK, in that there is a gender pay gap. In a six-month report released by Russam GMS in June 2011, the recruitment agency found that an 8% gap in favor of men remained in the rates of pay awarded to professionals at the interim management level.

Average pay for male interim managers is 613, while average female pay for interim managers is 567 per day, which is down from the 11% gap reported in December 2010.

But this does not necessarily indicate that unequal pay is pervasive throughout the field of interim management. Chairman of Russam GMS, Charles Russam, speculates that the discrepancy is influenced by the average rates of pay in the different sectors male and female interim managers are traditionally attracted to.

When looking at the contracting sector, a pay discrepancy of only 3 was found when comparing men and women working as interim managers, as reported by Executives Online in March 2011. To be sure, it is best to have no pay discrepancy at all; nevertheless, myriad other UK industries have far more significant gaps.

So if rate of pay doesn’t necessarily have to represent a barrier to female interim management, the question remains as to whether or not it is right for women?

1600 females working as interim managers were recently surveyed by Interim Women, a business forum, to determine the profile and motivations of women working in the field of interim management.

The survey found that the average female interim manager had 22 years’ experience in business and came from a top executive level position. The drive to move towards becoming an interim manager was found in a desire to control their own destinies, improve work/life balance, develop and improve business skills and flexibility.

However, the women’s group warns, a certain level of financial instability must factor into anyone becoming an interim manager, male or female. It often takes a great deal of networking and professional connections to win contracts, and this can take a long time.

As a historically male dominant industry, interim management does still have a pay gap based on gender. However, the role has been found to be equally suited to ambitious, determined and creative female professionals who are seeking to develop their careers, their skills and their opportunities for the future.

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There are a number of pros and cons surrounding every career choice, and choosing to become a driving instructor is no different.

This post is intended to be a quick fire list of the pros and cons of learning to be a driving instructor, to assist you in making a decision.

Some of the advantages of working as a driving instructor:

As a driving instructor you’ll be working for yourself, this has many advantages if you have the right attitude. You are in complete control of your day and working week, as well as being able to choose your own hourly rate are very nice benefits.

Depending on your success, your earnings will be more than decent. Because you are setting your own hourly rate, your salary is entirely in your own hands.

If job satisfaction is important to you, then a career as a driving instructor may be ideal. As you are teaching, you can take a lot of satisfaction from seeing your learners improve and eventually pass their test.

While you’ll spend a lot of your time in the passenger seat of a car, it beats being in a mundane office environment. You’ll need to stay alert, and need to have good communication with your learner, so there’s very little chance you’ll find this job boring.

Each lesson will not be only be an education for your clients, but also for you as an instructor. With each driving lesson may increase your ability to instruct, communicate and aid your learner.

There will always be people looking to learn to drive, from teenagers just turned 17 to those looking to get back on the road.

If you’d prefer to not go at a driving instructor career completely solo, then you can consider working under a franchise. Franchises can provide added benefits and advice for a monthly fee.

What about the disadvantages of being a driving instructor?

Being your own boss means that you have to be self-motivating, and self-assured in your abilities. You’ll be able to set your own hourly rate, but you should also be on top of your own records and taxes.

You should be aware that the cost of becoming a driving instructor can be quite steep depending on the route you take. Expenses surrounding exams, registering and training may be a big factor in your decision.

Be aware that from time to time your students will cancel lessons on you with very little notice. Unfortunately this is a scheduled slot that you won’t be getting paid for. This won’t happen often but you should be aware of it.

Despite the fact that nearly all of your students are going to be brilliant, it goes without saying you’ll not like every one of them. This should not sway your performance to teach and perform as a driving instructor.

In summary, there appears to be more ‘pros’ than there are ‘cons’ in the above, which can only be a good thing. Its up to you to decide how much weight each carries.

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Mar 192012

Being aware of the running costs associated if you decide you’d like to become a driving instructor will allow you to obtain a better idea of just how much income you will profit.

Though the teacher car is comparatively low powered and quite efficient you’ll use a significant amount of fuel, this is a clear cost of operating your business that should be considered.

The actual motor insurance will be more expensive than the average driver’s if you happen to become a driving instructor. Some may argue that a car driven by a learner while under instruction is in fact much less risky rather than a car being driven by an experienced driver… regrettably this is one more truth you would have to bear in mind.

Understandably, if you intend on using individual cars for work and private use you would have to pay for 2 car insurance policies.

Because of what can certainly be viewed as strange reasoning, you could find whenever it’s time to replace your driving instructor vehicle you get less compared to what you might typically expect to gain. This is a harsh truth, and even while generally the car isn’t different to others, there can be a real misconception that the vehicle has been abused by new drivers, and so is regularly seen as broken…

If you are planning on becoming a driving instructor that operates within a franchise you should expect costs included. The fees change based on the franchise you might work under therefore you would also will have to factor this within the career goals.

These expenses can be justified once you look into a car being included for instance, and additional support you receive as opposed to working entirely for yourself once you become driving instructor.

As a driving instructor you are owning your own company and need to get your name on the market. Advertisement expenses will be substantial conditional upon the publication or media.

Without a doubt, you’re able to end up as a driving instructor that your students highly recommend to their work colleagues. It’s a real possibility to secure more students entirely on word of mouth so because of this not have to be concerned about incurring costs involving advertising your business!

To sum up, it’s for you to consider. It is best to weigh up these costs against the advantages and salary of being a driving instructor.

Deciding to become a driving instructor should not be taken casually, and I advise you to read up as much on the topic as you can. It would possibly be valuable looking at driving instructor training you just read the expenses involved.

You may also want to read about the pros and cons of when you become a driving instructor or find out more about the costs of a driving instructor job!

Mar 172012

Prospective students wishing to enter Physician Assistant training programs must go through an extensive interview process After reviewing the applications of numerous would be students, a short list if created and those applicants are contacted to come in for an interview. It can be tough getting through the Physician assistant Interview Questions, but you should answer them honestly.

Here are some things you will want to know about those Physician Assistant interview questions.

1. You have to know that the interview process counts big time if you are going to be accepted into the program. You may have excellent scores on all your tests, have an impressive education as experience to back it up, and the essays you wrote demonstrate a special flare, but the school is looking for a much more in-depth picture of you. You will have to demonstrate that you are practical, calm, understanding, honest, mature, compassionate, trustworthy, and confident. This can only be determined in a face to face sit down meeting.

2. The purpose of the interview is to help determine if you can communicate effectively. Since you will eventually be dealing with doctors and patients in a variety of settings, you have to be focused, polite, sharp and be able to communicate your meaning regardless of the situation.

Interview Process

Interviews typically begin with the financial aid officer as well as the director of the program speaking with you in a group setting. Afterward, applicants will be asked a series of Physician Assistant Interview Questions. Prospective students are split into 2 groups where the first group goes on to the interview process while the other is allowed to sit in on a class with some first year students. Here your behavior will be closely monitored to determine whether you will fit well with the program.

Physician Assistant Interview Questions

Below is a list of questions you may be asked during the interview.

1. Can you tell us how your education has prepared you for becoming a Physician Assistant? To answer this question, you should be able to let them see how you have managed to get through the academic process. You may want to let the interviewer know how here that you were able to do some volunteer work as well as work part-time. You have to demonstrate that you can multi-task and manage your time well.

2. What are some important problems that you feel are facing the healthcare system today? You must be able to demonstrate that you have your ear on the pulse of the industry you are looking forward to entering. You will need more than the ability to memorize things you have read in journals, but instead will show that you do know what is going on within the healthcare system.

3. What has inspired you to want to become a Physician Assistant? The answer to this question is very important and you must answer it with real feeling. You may also be asked why you did not choose to become a Nurse Practitioner instead.

4. Has any patient of yours deeply affected your desire to further your education? This question is designed to determine if you are compassionate and your ability to communicate effectively.

Using these Physician Assistant Interview Questions you will be able to better prepare for the interview that is sure to come.

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The economic fluctuations that the entire world is seeing nowadays can set many of us within an damaging position when it comes to our work opportunities. In this state, it might be vital that we select the best career choices which aren’t much afflicted even if the economy of the nation is not at its very best. One such industry belongs to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Being employed as an HVAC technician can be a very secure career. The prospects of jobs on this industry seem to be huge and therefore are just anticipated to improve even more. Should you be looking to enter this industry and begin a career as an HVAC specialist, you’ll definitely need a correct head start.

The initial step in starting out within this profession is to become competent in the area. You must begin by trying to find schools on air conditioning training. You will need to ensure that the institution you choose is licensed and is known by the organizations that employ HVAC technicians. You may pick from different training programs dependant on your interests. These can be air conditioning training, training in preservation and repair, installation training etc. All these training programs will demand 1 or 2 years to be completed. Then again, after this for obtaining HVAC certification, you’ll need to do the job for another one or two years. To sign up in this training curriculum, you need a high school diploma or even a general education diploma.

Though you have choice of trying out simply the training without opting for the accreditation, but it’s advisable that you opt for the HVAC certification as well. This will not only make you the best professional together with sophisticated knowledge, but in addition offer you an edge over others in HVAC careers. Certified technicians are desired over the non-certified technicians by the majority of the businesses. In addition, they are even offered better compensation in most of the circumstances.

In the overall amount of time you invest for your HVAC training and accreditation, you learn about set up, servicing as well as restoration of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipments and systems. Along with this, you’ll go through regarding quality of air, humidity control, temperature regulation, refrigeration, design, reading blue prints, and mechanical drawing. There are a lot of types of HVAC trainings that you can select from. You’ve got over the internet training, training from home or sit-in classes. Online training and training from home can be opted for only if you are already working in the field as an apprentice or non-skilled worker. Those who are fresh on the particular field must choose the sit-in classes because this area needs working on the machines and becoming familiar with the programs. Therefore, a practical experience is crucial to be an expert in this particular field.

When you are familiarized with the field you could expect air conditioning technician in hotels, homes, stores, offices, transportation systems or any kind of area that will require a professional assistance with temperature control.

If you are thinking of getting the right heating and air conditioning training be sure to discover all the information prior to beginning the actual training course, and also at the end of it you will see that there isn’t any shortage of air conditioning technician in your area.

Oct 042011

It’s broadly presumed that among the careers that can often be in demand is that of the HVAC professionals. HVAC is a short phrase for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Getting qualification in HVAC will mean you receive qualification in several machines, systems and modern advances which can be utilized to manage the surroundings in residences, offices, lodges, shopping centers, vehicles systems etc. The HVAC specialists will find tasks in these locations to create the suitable atmosphere by the best possible heating system or air conditioning. They might even be called in for restoration functions on those devices.

A jump in this area may be accomplished by having HVAC training and getting a HVAC certification. The practice ensures that you’re up-to-date with the newest technologies in the market within this particular field and provides you a firsthand encounter for the heating and air conditioning systems. There are lots of colleges in HVAC training. You could start by searching for a reputed institution which is generally acknowledged through the firms that get the HVAC specialists. An extensive study in this regard is recommended to ensure you select the right institution in HVAC training. As soon as you sign up yourself in a school in HVAC training, you can take about one or two year to complete the program. This timeframe will depend on the kind of system offered by the HVAC schools

Further, you have to generally go for a program that gives a recognition. Right after completing the institution training, you will have to work in guidance for another one or two year to obtain the certification in HVAC. The accreditation will prove to add worth to your expertise and give you an advantage on the uncertified specialists since most of the companies that are looking to hire HVAC experts often choose the certified ones. Apart from having better job prospects, you can also be, in most cases, provided a better compensation as compared with the uncertified specialist. On your training period you will be taught regarding setting up, repairing and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and machines. Apart from this you’ll discover more about maintaining temperature, refrigeration, regulating humidity, quality of air, air conditioning, design, construction, mechanical drawing, reading blue prints, and electronics. To become qualified for the HVAC training you might need a high school degree or perhaps a general education degree.

There are numerous aspects in HVAC training you could select dependant upon your choice as well as desire. There’s a training program just for installation, servicing or perhaps repairing works.

Similarly, you are able to pick a system that provides simply air conditioning training or training only in heating and ventilation. You can also pick from a web-based course, study at home or regular sit-in classes for your training. If you’re already working as an apprentice or a non-skilled worker on the field, you can undertake the web based or study at home classes which can help you obtain the certification in HVAC. For others, sit-in classes are a necessity since you get hands on experience within the models and programs, which is significant in HVAC training.

Should you be looking for heating and air conditioning schools to be able to receive the appropriate heating and air conditioning certification perform some research online or simply go to the local professions advisor to set you on the proper path.

Jul 022011

Typically, Work Safe personnel check out a Victorian workplace each and every 12 minutes. Because of this, you can’t afford to get caught with any of your electrical appliances not necessarily functional. Stopping electrocution is just about the major causes that each and every place of work in Victoria is currently forced to test and tag each individual appliance within that work environment. Testing and tagging the appliances is really a safe and sound method to be sure that your appliances usually are in functioning order as well as secure for everyone who is using them.

Even though the Test and Tag approach can be quite affordable, a few appliances will have to be examined with greater frequency depending on the environment surrounding the item and the use of the product itself. Using an appliance within a non-hostile environment causes it to be quite simple to test and tag. Generally then, you would only be required to test and tag that product each and every five years.

Nowadays, many small and medium companies are thinking of buying a testing machine and organising for employees to come the one-day course that enables them to test and tag professionally. There are both positives and negatives in businesses going down this line. For example, a one-day course can give can equip you with an understanding of what testing and tagging involves. However, only by working in the test and tag industry you will be able to deeply understand the importance of having a professional test and tag service.

Using a specialist electrician testing your own appliances features many perks:

– There is more comprehensive understanding of the construction of appliances and the hazards that a worker could incur.

– Keeping current with the newest OH&S legislation is really a routine, which may be a daunting process.

– Allows for the possibility to have the faulty appliances fixed on the spot by a senior electrician.

– Working with the latest test and tag equipment, which also requires regular upkeep to ensure perfect calibration.

Another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration when chooses your test and tag service, is that an internal tester could be biased when judging expensive appliances. An internal tester could be reluctant to report the expensive appliances which fail the test. For this reason an external test and tag company will be more appropriate to clearly make a decision for faulty appliances.

For many business owners, testing and tagging appears as a waste of time and resources. However, making sure that all your appliances are in order and safe to use is far less expensive and complicated than having one of their workers electrocuted. Regardless of worksafe inspectors and the fines which incur, keeping your appliances safe is primarily about your workers, customers and even yourself (business owner).

Electrical safety is required in virtually any marketplace, from building sites to a nearby diner. Every appliance that connects to either a single-phase 240V standard power point or even 3 phase 415V power outlet has to be examined frequently to make certain that the appliance will be electrically secure at work. Look at your appliances today and also avoid any regrettable event taking place when your personnel or someone else is within your premises.

At Check It we pride ourselves on the level of Test and Tag service we offer our customers. Our goal is to help provide safer workplaces, and our philosophy of establishing healthy ongoing relationships with our clients, is how we best achieve this goal. Contact Us for your Free quote.