Jul 252012

Japanese auto producer Nissan is intending to develop a new feature for its eco-friendly Leaf car. They want it to be used as a disaster house generator. The Japanese vehicle producer is developing the engineering as it simultaneously attempts to gear back up to full production after the nation was devastated by severe natural disasters in March. Purchasing one will cost personal loans because of the high cost.

Car runs only on electricity

The Leaf went on sale last December. Battery energy is the only thing utilized to make the automobile run making it fully electric. The Chevrolet Volt and other eco-friendly automobiles are typically hybrid cars. A gas-powered generator is used to back up batteries. It costs about $37,000 for a Leaf, or 2.98 million yen, while using a high-performance, 24 kWh lithium-ion batteries.

Backup generator?

Nissan Motors president Carlos Ghosn reported that the vehicle maker is working to equip its Leaf EVs (Electronic Cars) with the engineering to feed power into private houses. In just a year, the company wants to have new vehicles in showrooms.

More interest has been put to the car considering the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Hideaki Watanabe, head of Nissan’s zero-emissions automobiles, explained “Some people are saying that rather than installing a generator, they would just buy a Leaf.” In Japan, you are able to get a household storage battery similar to the Leaf for about 2 million yen, or $25,000.

The Leaf is able to store as much as 24 kilowatt hours. The U.S. home on average can run for a whole day on that much energy. The car could charge the home’s energy overnight if there were an emergency of some sort.

Not seeing charge units around

Hopefully, Nissan can effortlessly industry the home-powering automobiles. It hopes to not have to put new hardware in to do this. One option, according to Watanabe, is to connect the car to the house via Nissan’s quick-charge unit, which restores about 80 percent energy in 30 minutes. With a normal outlet, charging the car takes a whole day. It would take about 20 hours to do so. Right now, only Japan sells the quick-charge units. They cost about $15,000 to purchase one. Hopefully, that cost can be dropped to $10,000, Watanabe says.

Plant opening not about to take place

There are about 2,000 Leaf automobiles in the U.S. That is of the 7,600 Leafs that have sold. Manufacturing slowed with the Japan disasters though. That means the Smyrna, Tenn., production plant was unable to open. That opening has now been tentatively pushed back to late next year. “Because of the earthquake, it’s putting us in a difficult situation,” Watanabe explained. “But we’re not giving up yet,” he explained.

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Jul 022012

Hybrid car competitions are not a new sensation, although they are still unusual. This week’s Formula Hybrid International Competition, which is happening in Loudon, N.H., is really a showcase for student engineers, who race the cars they designed and built. It is heavily-attended by recruiters form the automotive industry.

Showing off some engineering

There were college students from six nations that got together and produced these automobiles. They will not make the normal fan sounds, but Nascar fans do not have to be disappointed. They still have high-end technology and some of the very best fuel-efficiency.

Forty different teams descended on Loudon early this week for the competition, which started Monday and wraps up today, May 3.

Technological school

The competition, which has been held annual since 2006, is the development of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth University, which prides itself on its innovative methods. The school emphasizes three areas of engineering: medicine, energy technologies and complex systems. According to the hybrid competition’s web page, “These areas crosscut traditional engineering disciplines and address critical human needs.”

Events to see

Since the competition is mainly about preparing eager young engineers for careers, one of the challenges each team has to face is making a mock-pitch to potential investors. Other events test the automobiles in several aspects of engineering, such as acceleration, braking and handling.

The main event of the week, however, and the victory coveted by all involved, is Thursday’s endurance race. For that function, each car gets equal stores of energy. Cars with more battery power receive less gasoline than do those with smaller electrical storage capacity. The winner of the event is the fastest car that does not run out of juice before the end.

According to Formula Hybrid International Competition coordinator Doug Fraser:

“If they finish with a lot of fuel left in their tank … they’ve wasted it, because they could have used it to go a little faster.”

Fraser spoke about the Italian team that won in 20110, saying:

“When they came in from the end of the endurance event, there wasn’t a thimbleful left of fuel in their tank.”

The online streaming service VBOSS steamed the feed live for the first time this year.

Numerous car manufacturers being represented at the competition

The majority of the judges in the competition are from car makers. There are also career counselors there to look at resumes along with automotive industry recruiters. It ends up giving the feel of being a large job fair.

Fraser talked about the difference in judging from other competitions. He said:

“They’ll look at a car with a student standing there and they may see something interesting on the car and they’ll discuss the design … and it’s really not unusual at the end of that discussion to see the judge hand the kid a business call and say, you know, give me a call.”

Big win for everybody

The competition ends up being a great source for every person involved. Car manufacturers are able to save money in headhunting fees by having all the talent in one room, and students get a chance to show off their work to prospective car makers. The Formula Hybrid International Competition ends up being good news for all.

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May 012012

Investing in a brand-new automobile is usually a challenge for numerous car drivers wherever you go. There are a lot of options to pick from with the many different models. People purchase cars with respect to their useful characteristics, as well as because of their tasteful standards. In earlier times, cars were pretty basic yet with so much rivalry today, it’s more complex.

[I:http://autorepairarticles.com/autorepairarticles/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/RobinBrown14.jpg]Some of the best car companies from Japan, Germany and also the U.S. are particularly motivated to rule the car industry around the world. Every one of the automobile companies overhauled their car concepts with their own planned attacks. Designs were supposed to improve speed and fuel efficiency. Because of alterations in the gasoline market and negative impacts to the environment, hybrid vehicles were developed to alleviate a few of the stress. The very first attempt by car manufacturers to lessen diesel consumption was the electric-powered automobile. It was not realistic to produce electric cars so a hybrid version was developed that utilized both electricity and gas to power a car. Auto producers have been in search of something that would take care of the need to cut the usage of gasoline which keeps rising.

As a result of the volatility of petrol costs, auto producers wanted to improve sales by developing vehicles which don’t require petroleum. The electric powered car might have been a good idea, but the complications with operating the cars were far greater than the benefits meant for the users. Even so, the technology driving electric cars allowed for the introduction of hybrid cars which also used gas power too. The innovative hybrids cut down gasoline consumption, because they were made so effective, and they even maintained the same speed and mileage efficiency. The efficiency was the outcome of smaller engines that had regenerative braking features. Additional enhancements in the hybrid entail much lighter materials, streamlined designs and an engine that shuts off when idle to be able to conserve on gasoline or diesel.

The need for hybrid vehicle automobiles have been increasing around the world and particularly in the U.S. In spite of the high prices of hybrid automobiles, thye’re selling very quickly throughout the United States. As the need for hybrid cars increases, car manufacturers are crafting lots of models so that more hybrid vehicles will appear on the road. Quite a few new versions are in the works and will be released in the near future.

In a few years, it will be possible to buy whatever vehicle you would want and they’re going to all be hybrid automobiles. It’s not going to be too long if you see hybrid automobiles are the only kind of car you can buy. You may wish to hold off until they consistently get better and gotten a lot cheaper, or you want to obtain one sooner rather than later.

Hybrid automobiles are certainly worth the investment specifically that it’s steadily being improve in order to become more highly efficient. Follow through, if you wish to read more auto tips and tricks and even recognize the significance of regular car maintenance.

Mar 182012

When a motorist is looking to get an automobile, there are no less than three factors to consider that are used to pick out its functionality. The three are super easy to refuel, will have quick speed and definitely can travel at the very least 300 miles between refuels. These qualities are standard in all gasoline powered automobiles, however, the gas mileage is not good and they usually generate waste towards the air. With regard to electric cars, even though they are beneficial to the planet, they’re not really fast and most of them can simply go as far as 100 miles before they require to be completely charged once again.

Recently, more people would like to buy hybrid vehicles which have features of both electric and gas powered vehicles. To comprehend what a hybrid is, you need to know what features are different with the two types. A vehicle that operates on gasoline uses fuel to power up the transmission which then causes the engine to generate the energy to move the wheels. There are a group of battery packs in an electric car which gives electrical energy to the motor, which then operates the transmission and the wheels. So for a hybrid car, it is a blend of both technologies. The hybrid vehicle should go extended ranges without refueling nevertheless it does not use a great deal of fuel or perhaps release huge amounts of wastes.

The hybrid car contains elements that include a gasoline engine, which is smaller and more technically advanced for minimizing emissions and maximizing fuel. It works by using regular gas to power the gasoline engine. The electric element of a hybrid not only powers the car but it also generates electricity as well. There’s also a generator that’s primary focus is to give electric power to the motor. The electric motor requires a storage device for its needed energy and that is a battery. In a hybrid, its motor is able to charge the battery along with get energy from it. The auto transmission in the hybrid car performs the same way as a typical transmission. Due to its intricacy, transmission cooler is likely to be a requirement to cool it down correctly.

The power sources used in hybrid cars are used in 2 alternative ways. The type of parallel hybrid is actually one way, which is fitted with a gas tank as well as an engine employs gasoline plus an electric motor that’s get energy from a battery set. The other method is the series hybrid automobile where the gasoline car engine delivers power into the generator. The generator either can supply direct power to the electric motor or perhaps charge up the electric batteries. This is where the hybrid vehicle transmission unit comes in, which is certainly a bit more advanced and require more awareness especially monitoring fluid level and see when it’s meant for a transmission flushing maintenance.

As the status of hybrids consistently go up and the cost of developing them falls, it will reach a point where there is absolutely reason never to get yourself a hybrid. These particular hybrid cars will assist you to reduce the expense of fuel and reduce the extent of air pollution being generated.

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Mar 122012

Even though hybrid vehicles are receiving many accolades with regards to their efficiency, you will find several issues to having one. They’re growing in reputation everyday, given that they produce low levels of toxic fumes, while effectively conserving fuel. As a way to cut the cost of fuel use, more and more people are getting rid of their conventional cars and purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

With the blend of an electric motor and a gasoline engine, a hybrid car can travel far with less gas than traditional cars. The two engines collaborate by changing between electricity and gas under certain conditions. A hybrid car can give you nearly 60 miles per gallon. At this rate, you can certainly understand why the hybrid cars are the future of vehicles. The expense of gasoline is scarcely even felt by those driving a hybrid car. This is the leading advantage of a hybrid car, but there are also others.

If you are living in the United States, you are given a tax break for purchasing a hybrid. Additionally some areas are offering free parking, access to car pool lanes and lower fees on toll gates for owners of hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are not like an electric car, which must be charged at an electric outlet at your home. The electricity that is discharged when braking is harnessed by the hybrid car and used to charge the batteries inside the car. Now that you know a few of the advantages, you can also learn about some of the disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the price tag of a hybrid car. For most, the cost is too high to be reasonably priced and perhaps, to justify the retail price.

On the other hand, the car is actually cheaper in the long run since you will save quite a bit on gas. The total amount of funds you save on fuel will be visible once you compare it to a common auto. However hybrid cars are expensive right at the dealership. Hybrid cars are generally weightier than similar traditional cars because of the large batteries. Because of this, the materials used in a hybrid vehicle are light and feature more compact combustion engines. The vehicle’s streamlined design works well with making the actual vehicle highly effective though it restricts the option to go super fast.

There’s also anxiety about the hybrid car’s ability to withstand a serious accident. With the high amount of voltage held in its battery packs, if a hybrid auto gets in an accident, there is a good chance of being electrocuted. This might also put the rescuers at risk at the same time. You could potentially find yourself being a bit more nervous than normal at the idea of not having any chances to survive in a serious auto accident. You can assume that car companies will likely make every effort to further improve technology to allow it to be more safe and more efficient. You’ll realize that cars will not just be safer but really functional as well.

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Mar 112012

Exercise and fun are two words people used to describe cycling. No matter the age and gender, people all agree that cycling is a form of exercise that not only helps one to stay fit but is also a fun activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. One of the most popular type of bicycle used in this sport is the cross bike which can be used in racing competitions as well as in casual morning bike rides.

Featuring components of both road and mountain bikes, cross bikes are a type of bicycle that are also known as a “hybrid” type of bicycle and are designed to be used for cyclo-cross racing. As cyclo-cross events require the cyclists to carry their bikes while running during the event, cross bikes are designed to be lightweight, and hence, are manufactured from light materials.

As mentioned, a cross bike is a compromise between a road bike and mountain bike. That is, it combines features that are found on both road and mountain bikes. The components of a mountain bike that are featured on a cross bike are the three front chain rings and the straight or sweep up handle bars, while the bikes’ tires are designed based from those found on road bikes.

One of the important parts of a cross bike is its frame. In order to cope with the stresses associated with cyclo-cross racing where the bike is carried over the shoulder to as much as 60 times, the bike’s frame should be stiff and responsive, slightly wider to accommodate the size of the tires, and most importantly, lightweight. To achieve these characteristics, cross bikes are manufactured from light materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium.

Choosing the best cross bike in the market is often considered a tedious task in today’s marketplace given the number of options to choose from. As such, various factors should be carefully checked before making a purchase decision. As mentioned, one of the most important parts of a cross bike, and hence, should be checked carefully, is its frame. It should be easy to carry over the shoulder, but at the same time, strong and stiff enough to traverse over wet and muddy terrain. On the other hand, the tires should have plenty of grip and mud clearance while the pedal should not hinder running. As such, it is recommended to shop for a pair of knobbly tires and double sided SPD type pedals. Lastly, the gear combinations and brakes need to be fool proof to prevent accidents during runs on varied terrains and steep inclines.

Cross bikes are indeed superb companions during cyclo-cross racing events. Nonetheless, these bikes are also excellent tools to use for training exercises. As such, investing on these gears can be considered indeed a worthy investment. Hence, it is important to carefully choose among the wide selection of brands and models now available in the market for consumers to choose from which one to invest on.

Michiko Yang is a cyclist based in Switzerland. Throughout her cycling career, Michiko have tried using different types of bikes and one of her favorites is the Crossbike.

Mar 082012

Growing in popularity for a reason, there are plenty of benefits of using log siding. A trend today in log home construction is to build hybrid log homes. A hybrid log home is built utilising the traditional 2 x 4 construction construction and applying half log siding to the exterior and interior of the home. Using log siding offers great flexibleness as you have the option of putting siding on the interior and exterior walls, or finishing the inside walls with tongue and groove paneling or drywall. With the hybrid method of construction, all the plumbing and electric wiring are hidden in the walls. Log siding is kiln dried so you don't have settling or checking. It is tongue and grooved for a tight fit and simple construction – there's no need to have a crane on site to lift heavy logs into place which offers a cost saving. There is a built in drip edge so you do not have water settling on the log causing rot. It also does not have to be chinked, so there is a man hour and cost saving. There are a couple main types of wood used today for half log siding: White Cedar and White Pine. Half log siding comes in one or two different sizes from 2×8 to 3×10. All these styles can be prepared in a smooth face or hewned face.

Adze Siding for that Historical Appalachian Look

Another Appalachian style siding, called Adze siding, is employed in the south for a country traditional style look. It is made from 1×12 pine, which is run through a machine to give it a coarse look. It is milled so that a chink strip can easily be added, giving your home the outward appearance of the historical Appalachian houses, or you can leave out the strip for a totally different look. Adze log siding is also tongue and grooved for easy and efficient construction.

Trim Your Doors and Windows to Match

Several different styles of trim for the doors and windows are offered to match whichever style of log siding you choose. You can complete your perfect home with butt and pass corners which are available in a D-log shape or round log. Butt and Pass corners are made from full logs which give the illusion of a full log home. For a totally different style, you can finish it off with outside vertical log corners. Log siding and hybrid log home construction has made building a log home much simpler and efficient than before. So go ahead – build your ideal home today.

Randy Dokter, President and Owner of Homestead Timbers concentrating on pine and cedar log siding products

Feb 112012

Do you want to get a fuel-efficient car but aren’t quite confident about getting a hybrid? Do you find yourself thinking there has to be a vehicle that you may not know about yet? With so many unique variations of vehicles out there, you could assume there will be one that is more fuel-efficient than a hybrid. But where is it at, if there is one. A thing like that can’t be kept a secret for too long.

How is it possible that a fuel powered car can turn into a more fuel efficient than a hybrid? You might expect to discover a car that gets better fuel economy than a hybrid. Is it possible for a small gas-powered car to possess better fuel economy than a hybrid? Can you expect electric cars to work better than a hybrid? Given that they don’t run using gas, you can’t really do a comparison of them to hybrids. If it’s possible to have a car that is more advanced than a hybrid, how do you describe it? Absolutely no standard car on the market today can beat the fuel efficiency of a hybrid. There is nothing concealed in the back of a car dealership somewhere waiting to be found. There isn’t any reason why a dealership may wish to keep such a car a secret.

The EPA published the latest data on the world’s most fuel-efficient automobiles. Each of the most gas-efficient vehicles are hybrids, with the Toyota Prius leading the way with a combined fuel-economy of 50 mpg. The cars located at rankings two and three both are from Honda, which are the Insight and the Civic, with the same fuel economy of 41 mpg. If you want the most fuel-efficient automobile, then you are usually going to have to buy a hybrid, because you are not going to find a conventional car anywhere close. The only genuine option you have right this moment is a hybrid vehicle since we don’t know what the future holds.

The only option you have when you simply want the best will be the Toyota Prius. If you’re thinking about price, then alternative hybrids may be an option. Honda hybrids seem to be gaining ground on the Prius, and they cost less money, but they have a long way to go in the fuel efficiency department. In the event you prefer a particular brand of car, you probably want to consider the Toyota Prius. One significant factor that maybe stopping you moving forward is the look of the Prius.

Every year, car companies want to increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicles but none match up with a hybrid. Over time, cars will have more efficient engine systems, improved battery-powered electrically powered cars and plug-in hybrids. Even so, at this time, the smartest choice to suit your needs is a hybrid.

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Jan 222012

Hybrid cars happened to be studied for years before they were ever marketed to the general public. In many countries companies were evaluating hybrids, including various branches of the armed forces from the United States. A lot of individuals may not be ready to give up their big cars, but that doesn’t mean that hybrids are out of the question.

The Chevrolet Tahoe in addition to the GMC Yukon are examples of the large-sized hybrids that have been built because of customer insistence. With the high cost of these hybrids, the majority of auto buyers are unable to purchase them. Quite a few individuals would like very much to drive a hybrid but at such a high monetary cost, a fuel-efficient automobile is not really an option. Even with the bonuses offered by the government to get people to invest in a hybrid, it is still a purchase most people can’t afford. There happen to be waiting lists for numerous different hybrids, but a lot of this is because they are only creating a limited number. Because there are more people seeking hybrids the companies are thinking about increasing the numbers.

Because of the concern that gas prices will surely continue to rise, the average customer is more seriously considering buying a hybrid. A number of sources have indicated that there could possibly be a shortage of the necessary materials for creating hybrid vehicles. Dysprosium, a rare element located in China, is actually needed to produce the electric motors in the hybrids. The Chinese have exclusive access to this supply which is also used for batteries in the propulsion system and they choose to keep this for their own purposes. They would like to be sure they have an adequate supply to use in their own electronic products that they sell worldwide. The necessity of locating another element to work with causes scientists to devote massive amounts of time doing research. Even though many people think that hybrid cars look completely different from others, this is actually not the case; they are virtually unrecognizable when you see them driving by.

You’ll find everything you need for deciding on a quality hybrid on the Internet. According to the model you are thinking about, you can plan on shelling out between $27,000 and $64,000 for a new hybrid vehicle. On the list of most preferred hybrids is the Honda Civic which is extremely fuel-efficient and is an appealing, smaller car. On the interstate, it should get 45 miles to the gallon, and in town, only 40, and this will only get better with advancement in technology. Even though the significant cost is a negative, overall it is a sensible use of your money.

The Nissan Altima is a popular hybrid that offers nice visual appeal and it is reasonably priced. Hybrids are actually getting better on a continuing basis. Now it is a case of getting the price down where it is more affordable for the typical driver.

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Jan 222012

Although a lot of people enjoy motor scooters given that they use fuel very efficiently, there are some individuals who don’t feel safe on a two-wheeled vehicle. If perhaps riding a motorbike is uncomfortable for you, it may actually cause you to be in danger and, therefore, this negates any benefit you might gain from saving fuel. In many situations, a motor scooter won’t work because you require a car to get your family from place to place. You may also prefer a car over a motor scooter if you live in a very cold climate.

There are some excellent options, and that means you don’t need to be concerned about having a fuel-efficient vehicle. One of these that is turning out to be quite popular is the hybrid. It utilizes the twin fuel sources of gasoline and either solar power or electricity. The cells must charge in the course of the day with the solar power, and the batteries must be charged on a regular basis with the electric power. The two options rely on gasoline as an alternative power source. The vehicle will always be switched over to gasoline when either of the other two sources have run out of power. Once the primary energy source is charged up again, it will be switched back on.

Considering that the car performs this as a matter of course, there’s nothing for you to do. Even when you are travelling to and from work, it may alternate between power sources. If this occurs the vehicle won’t lose power, so you don’t need to worry about the car not being able to keep up with the speed. There are ways that a standard vehicle can’t save energy in the same way that a hybrid has been designed to do. In a standard vehicle, it is normal to use the brakes to slow down or to even stop. This typically takes more fuel, simply because once the car slows down, it needs to get back up to speed. With a hybrid, however, a procedure known as regenerative braking occurs.

Not merely does the vehicle create more energy when you brake, but that causes you to use less fuel. One positive aspect of driving a hybrid is that you will no longer waste fuel while your car idles. They use a shut off sensor that is automated, and it will cause the engine to completely stop when you come to a stop sign. It starts off yet again automatically when you set your foot on the accelerator. As a result of reduced size of its motor, the hybrid will be able to gain power without requiring as much fuel. There is satisfactory speed to allow you to reach the posted speed limit so you shouldn’t worry about that.

Concerns most people have about a hybrid, is that it is not going to have enough speed, and that it will run out of energy. Yet, hybrids have very good workmanship and have been researched over a considerable period of time.

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