Jan 282012

Your family’s safety and well being are extremely important. Homeowners should apply a couple of simple home security measures to provide optimum protection against unwanted intruders. Applying the following tips to secure your house is easy and inexpensive.

The safety tips focus on three areas of your family dwelling. Access to the interior through doors and windows needs to be secure and inaccessible. There are even measures you can take on the outside of your building to help with ensuring your house is as safe as it can be.

Locks on sliding windows can easily be jimmied to allow access into the room. A simple and inexpensive solution is to use wooden dowels as braces. One of the bonuses to using a dowel is it allows you to leave your window open a couple of inches for fresh air. Measure the window frame to get the correct size for each window in every room. When taking the measurements be sure to consider whether it is a window that you would like to leave open a bit of fresh air.

You can pick up the dowels you need at any hardware store. They are inexpensive and can be cut to your exact measurements. A dowel in the window frame will prevent a window from becoming an access point into your house. In case of emergency they can quickly be removed allowing exit from the room in case of fire.

A second option in lieu of wooden dowels is to use window slide locks. These are also very inexpensive and easy to install. They fit on the window frame and can be adjusted easily to have the window fully closed or left open just a few inches for air. They can easily be removed in case of the need for an emergency exit. You can window slide locks at many hardware stores.

Exterior door locks should be deadbolts for maximum security. Deadbolts are easy to install and offer more protection than push button locks or turn lock knob sets. Deadbolts penetrate into the frame of the wall about one inch, which makes them harder to pick.

Burglars typically look for easy targets. They will look for easy to pick door locks and windows that easy to open to gain access into your house. Taking the above measures will deter most thief’s from attempting to enter your dwelling.

Adding motion detector lights to the exterior area in your yard is another way to scare off would be intruders. When the light comes on a burglar would not know whether someone turned on the light or if it was an automatic light. Either way they will most likely be scared off.

Protecting your house and family is important. These safety steps are very basic and should be followed by every homeowner. The last thing you want is to come home from a hard days work to find someone has entered your house and stolen your property. Worse than that would be to wake up to discover a prowler is in your home. For added protection you may want to consider adding a burglar alarm system to your home.

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Jan 282012

As a homeowner who has worked hard for the things you own, you want to do everything you can to protect it. You want to have peace of mind knowing your property and family is safe, whether you are there, or away at work. These are home security devices you can have on your property, to keep your family safe.

An alarm system is something you can install in your home to keep intruders are way. Some of these devices are connected back to a call center. This call center will be notified when the alarm was activated. They will then call your house, in order to retrieve the password you created. If they are unsuccessful with this, then they will call the authorities. A cheaper form of alarm system, is one which gives a loud siren for neighbors to hear.

Surveillance cameras are another form of device which you can have in your house. There are various kinds of cameras to choose from, so you will have to look around to find one that fits your budget and needs. Some of these cameras can even be controlled through your cell phone or on a computer, when you are away.

A driveway alarm can let you be aware, of who is entering your property before they start knocking. When the motion sensor detects movement, it will give out a siren that will be heard in your house. This can alert you to check the surveillance camera, if you have one, to see who has entered your driveway.

You should continuously check the batteries on these devices to make sure they are working properly. Any devices which are starting to show signs of dying batteries, should have these replaced immediately. The last thing you want is to have a burglar that you were not alerted to on time, due to having a device that was not working properly.

If your keys ever come out missing and are later returned, you want to be very cautious. As a precaution you should get all the locks in your house changed immediately. Someone could of easily taken the keys when you were not looking to make a copy of them. This will allow them to gain easy entrance into your house.

Though it can cost some money to do, you can also create a panic room in your house. This can be a safe room, where your family can go to, should there be an intruder in your house. This room should have a steel door and should have enough air circulation to let you be in there. This room should also have a cell phone ready to use, in order to call the authorities.

These are just some type of home security you can add to your property. It will help you by providing you peace of mind, that your family is safe. These steps can help you protect your property while you are sleeping or even while you are away at work. There are various kinds of devices to fit every budget.

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Jan 212012

Many things threaten us from day to day. They can range from the mundane and everyday things to once in a life times threats that you never thought to make plans for. Taking the time to make sure you have done all you can to ensure your safety and increase your home security is a wise and prudent task.

Some of the things are very basic. A fire in the house can be deadly, but also easily prevented. Making sure you have made the preparations that can keep you safe from such an event could make all the difference in the world.

Regional threats should also be considered. If you live in a place that is subject to certain kinds of natural disasters, you can make plans to be ready for them. Storms, or even earth quakes all need a specific response in order to ensure your safety. Doing the research you need to learn about what you should do in the event of one of these events is a simple thing that can make a big difference.

If you have done all you can to prepare for these situations, you can then turn your eye towards more personal threats. There are a number of things you can do to avoid putting yourself in a position to fall victim to an invasion. Simple steps can be to make sure you have effective locks on the doors and windows of your home.

Making sure that your locks and windows are secure can be a good first step. Ensuring that you have enough lighting for the outside of your home can be a good idea as well. Remember the importance of maintaining a good relationship with the people who live near by. They can be another way of watching out for you and your property, try to do all you can to encourage them to do so.

Make the effort to contact your police department as well. They should be in a position to teach you about the levels and nature of any crime in the neighborhood. Having feedback from a professional can help with your other efforts.

Further action can lead you to private security. There are a number of benefits you can enjoy from one of these services. They will make sure you have whatever extra attention you feel you need to remain safe. You will be able to rely on the presence of a uniformed officer, who is trained to observe and make accurate reports. Should you have a real threat they will be able to make sure to alert the authorities as soon as possible.

Making sure you have done all you can to ensure your home security gives you less to worry about. You will know that whatever is to come you are as prepared as possible. Making sure that you and your family is safe is a very wise thing to do. It might make a lot of difference one day in the future.

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Jan 062012

Crime has always been with us and probably always will be. It is not reasonable to expect the law enforcement agencies to provide protection at all times. Home owners also have a responsibility to take measures to improve their own safety. Home security companies have shown tremendous growth and new technological advances now enable ordinary people to enjoy the protection of sophisticated protection and deterrent systems.

Monitored systems are popular because there is a central call center that monitors all alarms and that is able to alert law enforcement agencies in case of a breach. The moment a trespass takes place, the control room is alerted, after which the home owner receives a call. If an appropriate password cannot be provided, criminal activity is assumed. These systems are efficient, but response times may allow perpetrators to escape.

Non monitored systems are less expensive but they too can be excellent deterrents. Trespassing causes a very loud alarm to be activated and the noise is often enough to scare perpetrators away. This system depends upon a sense of neighborliness. When an alarm is heard, the police should be called. The main drawback of this system is that frequent false alarms often tend to create an apathetic attitude.

Many people prefer to install alarm systems that consist of more than one intrusion detection method. A combination of motion detectors, door alarms and glass sensors will ensure that any breach, whether by moving around in unauthorized areas or by opening or breaking a window or door will cause the alarm to be triggered. Panic buttons have also become popular, as they can be used when the alarm system is in a deactivated state.

Many experts advise that the installation of an alarm system should ideally be done with total security in mind and not simply make provision for physical trespassing. In this way, it may be better to combine and intruder system with fire warning systems such as smoke detectors and sprinkling systems. In such cases, the alarm will be sounded at any sign of danger, whether the danger is from a human or from a flood or fire.

It is worth it to purchase the best alarm system that can be afforded. Rudimentary and unreliable systems may even prove to be dangerous as they may cause a false sense of security. Most police departments would be only too willing to provide expert advice and it may also be advisable to make sure that the intended system has been pronounced effective by authoritative reviews.

The presence of an alarm system certainly adds value to a home and most insurance companies offer lower rates when the premises are secured in this way. It is very important, however, to carefully vet he contractor that is chosen to install the system. It is highly advisable to only deal with contractors that are members of an official industry association and that have extensive experience in this field.

The cost of home security should be weighed against the cost of losing valuable assets and, even worse, against the value of the lives of loved ones. The very presence of such systems often act as deterrent. It is simply not realistic to ignore the fact that crime is on the increase and that everybody is a potential target.

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Dec 212011

Home security is worth your time and attention even if you find it difficult to get enthusiastic about matters of this kind. You have to understand that this is an important matter if you want your family to be safe. Even with some basic measures in place you may not be adequately prepared for enterprising criminals planning a breach.

Once you have done that you will feel safer and be prepared if the worst comes to the worst. Speaking to people who have been the victims of a crime of this sort is a good idea as it will give you an insight into the importance of this particular matter. Before making any purchases there are are a few things you can do to bolster your security levels which do not cost a thing.

Begin by reducing your chances of a break in by cutting back on silly habits like keeping doors and windows unlocked. Criminals only need a little encouragement and they will make the most of this. This is applicable to spare keys as well. These cannot be kept in places that are easier to find. Having dealt with this you ware better prepared to analyze any weakness that apply to your property.

Having done that you can discuss the matter with someone who works in a store which sells the products that are worthy of your investment. Start by looking to replace your old alarm with one that works better and is more reliable. Everyone has heard an old alarm going off at the wrong time of day.

It is a lot better to ensure you are keep safe by making use of the right kind of system. Investing in the right one which has up to date technology is the best option for your home. It is touch to overcome one of the more advanced systems which have been designed to secure your home. This is one way to deter criminals.

Another way of doing this is to make your locks harder to force and pick. Old locks are notoriously easy to get past and this can be done by forcing them or using a credit card. A more advanced lock ensures this is not an option for people attempting a breach and will mean there is less to worry about.

You may make judicious use of lighting on the interior and exterior of your building. This is a good way to ward off any potential intruders and when you use them properly they have the right effect. It’s not hard to fit them and they are relatively cheap. Installing equipment of this nature acts as a warning signal to potential criminals and they will steer clear of your home.

Talk things over with the person you are buying the equipment from and they will give you all the information that you require when it comes to matters of home security. Investing in the right sort of equipment is a worthy expenditure and will pay for itself over time. Dealing with a break in can be traumatic and this is why it is best to avoid this happening.

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Nov 302011

Air conditioning is becoming an integral part of practically everyone’s home. The primary reason for the installing of air conditioning units is obviously, for cooling the room and to control its temperature. Using air conditioning, you’re thus kept comfy through the seasons.

In addition to this, air conditioning helps reduce the humidity levels in the room. There are some systems that have a dry mode that helps reduce the humidity without making the room too cool. If you plan to install an air conditioner, it is better to install the modern ones as they are much quieter than traditional ones. With less noise, you are assured a good night’s sleep,even with air conditioning in your room.

Enhanced safety

Those who don’t have air conditioners have to sleep with their windows open at night. Air conditioning however keeps insects out, reduces outside noises and also improves your home security as you can keep your windows and doors locked. An additional benefit of air conditioning is that it improves the quality of air in your house as the air conditioners come with air purifying filtration systems. This in turn reduces the amount of dust, bacteria, pollen, mites and other harmful things in the room, which spells good news for people with allergies and respiratory problems.

If you’re choosing between having a centralized air conditioner put in, or a single window unit, you must decide based on the size of the place that requires cooling down. Regarding single rooms, just one window unit is enough. However if you would like to cool-down the whole house, then centralized air conditioning is a better option. Though pricey in advance, it works out to be better value in time. If you don’t want much sound, then central air conditioning is really a better option than individual window air conditioners as its fan is located outside.

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Jul 052011

Since the vast increase in Oil prices, the rise of oil theft has also been on the increase. Homeowners have found themselves having to spend twice as much on oil as they have become a victim of oil theft. Purchasing oil for 3 months is costly enough without having to pay out twice.

Securing your oil tank can be as easy and cheap as checking your oil level to going a bit further and securing it totally. Below are a few methods to ensure you won’t become the next victim.

-Keep regular checks on the level of oil you have in your tank

– Keep any empty drums of fuel hidden as it may attract thieves.

– Cover you oil tank. Planting trees in-front of it or large bushes can disguise your tank.

– Being aware of suspicious vehicles parked outside your house or a neighbors house can be something to keep an eye on, as thieves usually use a large vehicle.

– When you receive your supply of oil be weary of people you have never seen before in your area that may look suspicious. Thieves could be following the fuel lorry to see which oil tanks have been refilled.

– If your tank or boiler is in an out building remember to lock keep it locked.

– Secure your garden/yard. By putting up a fence, will also help protect your home as well as your oil tank. A fence will give you privacy and make it harder for thieves to locate your tank.

– Fitting a security light to the area in which your tank is located will scare thieves away and alert you to anyone on your property.

– Install a locking device. A padlock on the plastic lid of your tank can easily be broken off. Look for more advanced locking devices such as a locking bar. These are harder to remove for thieves.

– Attach a censored alarm to your tank, this will alert you if there is any tampering to your tank.

– If you already have gates surrounding your home you should always have them closed.

– A metal cage covering your entire oil tank can prevent thieves from stealing oil from the cap or drilling a hole into the tank. If a hole is drilled into your tank you will not only have to replace the fuel but also the tank, resulting in much more money.

Criminals who are becoming experts at stealing oil from home owners come equipped and prepared. Leaving your tank in full view is only making it easy for them. By carrying out some of these steps, may it be the cheapest or more expensive of the lot, is helping to protect your expensive heating fuel from thieves.

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May 232011

These days, electricians are offering more than just your average electrical services for residential or commercial properties. Aside from new electrical installations, electrical repairs and electrical wiring, your local electrical contractor can provide a number of solutions for your security, heating and ventilation needs. As long as they can back up their electrical services with warranties, guarantees and the right training, they can be your one-stop-shop for a range of electrical, security and heating needs.

Although their list of abilities is endless, your local electrician can still undertake all electrical services. From new electrical installations to electrical repairs to electrical maintenance, rest assured that they are able to provide an efficient, fast and reliable service for all your electrical needs.

There are a number of electrical companies out there who are further expanding their area of business. Some electricians can now offer commercial and home security solutions. After coming to your property and learning your needs, requirements and expectations, they will be able to install a quality alarm system in your property. Some companies also offer an alarm monitoring service, so rest assured your property is safe and secure all year long.

In need of a ventilation or heating solution for your residential or commercial property? Don’t trust any old brand or installer – your electrical contractor will not only be able to install the product, but they’ll be able to access your needs and requirements, and find the best product for your budget. Mitsubishi heat pumps are highly popular in many New Zealand homes, and are likely to be the product brand recommended to you.

Next time you have an electrical contractor at your home taking care of your electrical needs, why not take advantage of the other services they have to offer. Whether it’s a new alarm system, or an upgrade of heating and ventilation, rest assured that they can make your home a more safe and comfortable one.

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Jan 282011

It is a common saying that a mans home is his castle. Among other issues, the security of the premises is very important. This is why the home security business is turning very profitable as people want to ensure that their property is secure whether they are in or out. To ensure that your premise is secured, there are some tips you should have in mind.

There are several different ways to ensure that your property is secure. Burglar systems and anti theft devices have evolved tremendously in the last century. From the simple days when one would bang pots and pans to alert neighbors that they have been invaded by thugs to the wireless remote systems currently in the market. Different strokes for different folks they say so there is need to do some research before purchasing a home security system.

It is good to remember that what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. With that in mind it is good to look at your circumstance before forking out thousands of dollars on a state-of-the-art system while all you might really need a simple push button alarm. A rural owner in Connecticut for instance will require a completely different system from the guy living in a penthouse in downtown Manhattan.

Other things should also be considered before going out to make a purchase. These are centered on whether you really need a system or not. For instance, when buying a new property it will be installed with alarms and anti theft systems. This is one of the prerequisites many buyers ask for hence security experts are involved to assess the neighborhood requirements.

Apart from this, you should also note that some areas are relatively better than others. However, even in such areas, it would be good to change the door locks when moving in. Remember some of the workmen might still have some keys to the house. It is also good to train your children to request identification from those who visit your premises in your absence. This will include repairmen and salespeople. This will help prevent opportunistic theft.

Depending on the nature of stuff that you have accrued in your life the level of protection will vary. Home insurance is always a good idea. It is however prudent to ensure that the system that you install does not turn your premises into a prison! There is such a thing as going overboard with gadgets that end up controlling your movements in your own home.

There are those devices that are mostly used as a deterrent to would be thugs. Like cameras and electric fences that are meant to keep out the thugs. It is amazing how effective and intimidating a crackling live fence is! A loud siren will not only alert the neighbors to call for assistance it might actually scare off a burglar who has already infiltrated the inner sanctum of your home into fleeing.

If you can afford it, you can also opt for a remote home security system that is monitored from a command center. Such systems are great but since you have to pay more for the installation and monthly maintenance, it is good to weigh your options first. With these points in mind, you should be able to secure your home easily.

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Jan 202011

Most people want to feel like they can enjoy the safety of their own home, and are interested in finding out more about home security. There are many different types of systems from which to choose, and can include either wired or wireless operation. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features, and some other details you can include to help ensure greater safety of your treasured possessions.

The exterior doors of any structure need to be made of the strongest materials possible, and secured with very sturdy hinges. Use deadbolt locks that are of the best quality, and find some other place to hide spare keys than under doormats and planters. These places are too well known from movies and criminals know to look there, first.

Most ground floor windows are easy for intruders to look through and when secluded, these entry points are a perfect place for burglars to take their time getting into your home. You can install special devices which make it impossible to raise the windows, but the glass can be broken and require no special tools. Installing a sensor on these units can set off an alarm that can either wake the neighborhood, or call an emergency number.

Household floor plans usually have windows in most of the walls, and even in the garage or shop. These allow anyone who is outside to be able to see what is on the inside, and can result in helping the burglars have the necessary tools to break into the house. In these cases, it could be a good idea to fashion a means of covering the inside of those windows to minimize sight of what is inside the building.

Fencing in your property can help in preventing intruders, but they are not completely successful, and you can end up in jail if you install booby traps anywhere on your property. Instead of resorting to unreasonable means, you can position motion sensors in the path of possible intruders. These sensors can be installed to automatically dial a monitoring service, or local law enforcement.

If you own dogs, they are best used for protection when you are at home. If you and your family are gone for the day, or evening, burglars will poison your pets to stop them from barking. If your front door has a mail slot, invest in a specialize container that traps items through the slot so your dogs can’t eat the poisoned food.

When maintaining your lawn, it is a good idea to keep all bushes and other large plants trimmed back so there is a clear view of all windows. Find a better place to display valuables than immediately in front of a downstairs window. Implementing security lighting for the outdoors can help deter interest in attempting a break in of your house.

Home security is a matter of protecting your family and giving them a sense of safety which can easily be obtained by implementing some deterrents. To provide greater protection there are choices of both wired and wireless systems which can be installed with battery backup to maintain operation during any power outages. Consider looking into Alarmforce review boards to get more information on your chosen security system.

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