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Moist, humid weather creates an ideal growing condition for a fungal lawn infection commonly referred to as Red Thread. It can attack both business and residential lawns, and usually results in patches of dead grass that are often large and quite noticeable. The underlying cause of the lawn disease is a fungus called Laetisaria fuciformis.

[I:]Red thread can occur during any season. However, because it favors a moist, humid atmosphere, it usually strikes in the summer months. Visit this site to read a recent article about a recent red thread issue in New Hampshire. While the fungus will rarely destroy one’s entire lawn, it is unsightly in appearance and can detract from the beauty of a person’s property.

The disease frequently occurs in humid climates where nitrogen-deficient soil is found. Such climates may be cool or warm, but as long as they are humid the fungus will thrive. It is sometimes even present underneath snow. As previously mentioned, its favorite breeding ground is nitrogen deficient soil. However, it will also thrive in calcium depleted soil, or any soil with a compromised pH, such as lawns where herbicides have been overused.

The problem can be identified quite easily if one is aware of the symptoms. The most noticeable of these is a lawn that appears yellow, as if it is not being watered adequately. The tips of the grass blades will also feature a pink discoloration that will start out mild and become more and more noticeable as time progresses.

Upon close inspection, one will notice the infected blades of grass have what appears to be red, thin, threadlike markings that are easily seen when the blade is held up to the sunlight. This characteristic explains where the disease gets its name. If left untreated, the lawn will eventually feature dead brown spots that are circular in shape.

These may be as small as two inches or as large as twelve inches in circumference. When a person inspects one of the larger dead patches, he or she will be able to see white pockets of fungus spores with the naked eye. There are chemicals available that will destroy the aforementioned fungus; however, there are natural ways to deal with red thread as well.

For instance, fertilizing the soil with an adequate amount of nitrogen in order to restore its pH is often an ideal cure. The soil’s pH should range somewhere between 6.5 and 7.0. The addition of nitrogen fertilizer should be followed by deep watering in the early morning hours.

The threat of this lawn fungus can also be reduced by improving the aeration and drainage of the turf. An electric scarifier is quite helpful with regard to this action, as it will remove moss and thatch and increase aeration. Poor drainage should be remedied by forking or the use of a mechanical aerator. It is always wise to dispose of any grass cuttings, as this will help to eliminate the possibility of the fungus re-infecting the lawn.

Property owners who are not sure about the best course of treatment when dealing with red thread should consider seeking the services of a professional lawn service company. However, whichever method one selects, treating the condition as soon as it is discovered is very important. This way both homeowners and business owners can protect the beauty and integrity of their property.

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Family car safety is something that many people think about. There are some things that can be done to make sure a vehicle remains in good working condition. Vehicle owners should also make sure that they are prepared as well, in case an emergency does arise.

You should consider maintaining your vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer. In most cases, filters and fluids should be checked about every few thousand miles. The battery, plugs, hoses and wires should also be checked regularly. You should also make a point of check the horn, signals and lights often as well.

The tires of a vehicle should be rotated occasionally, and the tire pressure and treads should be checked at least once a month. It is important to check all four tires, as they can vary greatly in some cases. Tires should be replaced immediately if the tread is below the recommended standards. Brake pads and fluids should also be check regularly, and changed as needed.

Even though a vehicle may be safe to drive, there is always the chance that an emergency may come up. It is a good idea to keep a spare tire and a jack in the vehicle. Also it is recommended that every vehicle has some type of emergency kit handy. This should include flashlights, emergency flares, jumper cables and a first aid kit at minimum. There may be additional items individual families may need to include, such as medications, infant needs or other personal items.

All passengers should be properly restrained in seat belts or child safety seats. Check with your local government agency to ensure that you are following the proper requirements for child restraints. It is also important to make sure that all child seats are in good condition, and replaced immediately if damaged.

It is not uncommon for an accident to occur simply because a driver is distracted. You should consider not performing tasks that may distract you from the road. Additionally, it may be wise to discuss with children, the type of behavior you expect in the vehicle, and why it is important that they follow those rules. The more aware they are of the potential dangers, the more likely it is that they will be more compliant.

When it comes to family car safety, there are several hazards that can be avoided, by simply maintaining the vehicle as recommended, and following the local safety laws and regulations. It is also important to discuss car safety with all family members, and make sure that everyone is properly restrained. Most importantly, the driver’s attention should remain focused on driving at all times.

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Trying to find a car to buy within your budget can be hard, let alone trying to find one that also covers all family car safety points that you want. It can also be a struggle to know what you are looking for when it comes to finding a vehicle that is safe for everyone in your family and here are a few things to look out for.

The first thing that you need to ensure is that there are enough seats in your vehicle for your whole family. There is no point in buying a two seat car if you have a family of five. You should not have your children sitting on other people’s knees and you should definitely not have them laying down in the back of the car. Imagine what would happen if you did have an accident and just think about where your children would end up.

Each seat such has its own belt and these should all be in top condition. The seat belt prevents you and your passengers flying forwards in an accident and lap belts have been questionable about this. The middle seat in the back of the car may now come fitted with a normal seat belt to help with better safety. You may also need to consider adding a better seatbelt for that middle seat.

Every year there is always a car that has to be taken “off the shelves”. These are always because of a safety aspect and the car name will be added to a long list of other cars that the government or manufacturer has decided to recall. You need to check this list before you buy anything to ensure that the car you are looking at is not on that list.

You will not be able to see all of the safety aspects on a car and you will also need to consider how to use these features correctly. Airbags are now becoming very common but there are some rules when it comes to having smaller children and car seats in the car. Anti-lock braking systems are also increasing popular along with other aspects.

When it does come to looking at the possible additions to a car to ensure its ability to protect your spouse and kids, you should consider speaking to the people at the dealership that you are looking at. You should ask where all of these additions are and what they are able to do. Any salesperson should be able to answer all of your questions.

Family car safety is extremely important but at the same time it can be expensive. You will generally find that these features will cause the price to increase considerably so you should be prepared with your budget size. Remember that your family’s life is priceless and you should not negotiate on their protection.

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To achieve family car safety you will have to look at several things. The condition of the vehicle is the most important. This may be achieved when purchasing a vehicle. If you already own the automobile you may have to pay a visit to your mechanic to get an upgrade. The issue of the safety of your family is very important and it is your responsibility.

When buying a car there are several factors to look at with regard to safety. First of all consider the number of possible drivers for the car. The features of the vehicle should be within their driving capability. Secondly consider the number of passengers that shall be regularly transported. With this you should also have their ages in mind. You should also consider if you shall have to install child seats in the car.

The car you shall buy should have the following features in top notch condition. Manual air bag switch, built in child seats, shoulder or lap belt for the rear center passenger seat, adjustable seat belts, safety seats tethers and anchorages and an interior trunk release. If you are buying a used car you can get all these renewed at your garage.

Child seats are determined by the ages and the weight of the children in the family. Rear facing child seats are designed for children who weigh less than twenty pounds and these are kids below the age of one year. Forward facing seats are for children between the weight of twenty to forty pounds who have attained the age of one year.

Belt positioning booster seats are for children of weight above forty pounds. These belts are to be fitted across the chest and shoulder and also across the laps of the child. Children who are big enough to use the regular seat belt should begin using it. The parent should make sure that the belt fit across the thighs and the chest and shoulder. The child must always be on the back seat.

There are a few more things that should also always be checked regularly. The condition of the tires and its pressure should be given a routine check. Fluids of parts of the car that require fluids. These are the oil, brake fluid, greased parts and wiper blades. Ensure a professional checks on the brakes from time to time.

Finally you should always have a family car safety kit in the car for roadside emergencies. Have a flashlight in case you get a night time emergency. You can include flares to alert people in case of an accident. Always have a first aid kit in the car and learn some basic first aid.

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[youtube:Mhgveav1yJI?version=3;[];]A sensible way to prevent your prom night from turning into a fright night for you and your date, not to mention your parents, is to book a limousine or party bus rental and leave the driving to a professional chauffeur.

A limo car service takes the worries out of your special night, such as parking, safe driving, and getting from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss; best of all, you or your parents won’t have to drive. You can spend your time, money and energy on enjoyment.

Depending on your budget and the number of people in your party, your limousine rental can range from a deluxe town car to a party bus or even a stretch Hummer. Envision a disco dance floor and ceiling, TVs and DVDs, fiber optic lights all over, and powerful speakers with sub-woofers and amplifiers (and you don’t have to worry about noise complaints!). Certain packages even offer an unlimited soft drink bar, which along with the air conditioning, can be great to have, what with all that dancing that is sure to be part of the action.

One way to look at the limousine rental prices , which average between $50-$150 an hour, depending on which car you choose, and how many people go along for the ride, is that each person’s share can be only $65 to $120 or so. That buys amusement, refreshments and peace of mind for your parents, since a professional driver is involved.

It’s vital that you do your homework. Only work with a company that has a good reputation in your community and is adequately licensed and insured. Examine the inside and outside of your limousine, either by browsing their website or lot. Be realistic about what size you’ll need to accommodate your friends and get it in writing – trustworthy companies will have a contract at the ready. It’s a good idea to review all the provisions and safeguards in the contract and be very clear about your true expenses and obligations.

Most packages have 5 to 6-hour minimums and require a deposit of 25% of the total price.

Demand is high during the peak prom season of May and June. So, book early. If you wait, you could find yourself or your parents driving whatever family car is available – and it won’t have any version of disco fever!

Your prom is a fantastic, memorable occasion. A luxury limousine or party bus can make it amazing.

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[youtube:zK9Y7XigZgc;[link: Sixth Avenue Auto – specializing in VW and Audi repairs and service];]When it comes to caring for our vehicles, it is important to know the difference between the following terms: “maintenance” and “repairs.” Maintenance is, naturally, a preventive measure, relatively inexpensive, and recommended by all car manufacturers. Repairs are, more often than not, what our vehicles will inevitably need if we are not conscientious about maintenance. All car manufacturers suggest preventive maintenance to keep our vehicles in proper, working condition. And as every Denver auto repair shop will advise you, this can save you time, money and headaches down the road by preventing some big, costly issues.

Think of preventative maintenance for your vehicle like you would think of, say, eating right, getting plenty of physical exercise, and taking your vitamins. These are the things we all do to keep our bodies healthy and to help stave off bigger issues in the future, and just like our bodies, our cars need to be treated with care in order to live long healthy lives. The difficulties your car can run into if you don’t do routine maintenance will run the gamut between loss of fuel efficiency to overheating to complete engine failure.

The best guide for what your particular car needs is that little book that you stash away in the glove compartment, known as the Owner’s Manual. In fact, it is a great idea to take the manual inside the house and read it from start to finish – you can’t predict what you could learn.

Regardless of whether you perform the routine maintenance yourself, or take your car into your neighborhood Denver repair shop to get it done by the pros, getting you car taken care of will give you reassurance when you need it. Your car will be safer, will perform better, and you’ll save money in the long run.

Some of the most common forms of preventive maintenance include:

•Changing motor oil

•Changing the filter

•Refilling windshield wiper fluid

•Replacing the air filter

•Check/replace fuel filter

•Rotate and align the tires

•Check the brakes

When should these be done? This will depend on your manufacturer’s guidelines. Once again, take that manual out of the glove box and give it a thorough, cover-to-cover read. Some things (like changing the oil) can be fun and simple to do by yourself, and the manual will even show you how. However, there are some items such as radiator flush and fills that are best left to the professionals.

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Using a product could cause damage to your sofa and spots that you do not want. Infomercials, which have been around since the 1960s, became ultra popular during the 1990s and is a method of direct response marketing. The early days of DRTV included products that were advertised both on television as well as offered in retail stores. The difference between direct response advertising and typical advertising is that the consumers are able to contact the seller directly through information provided in the infomercial. It’s cleaning path is up to twenty percent wider than most vacuum cleaners so you cover more floor with each pass. It has a separate canister than can be detached and used on its own on the stairs or upholstery. It has a very powerful turbine head motor and is designed to remove pet hair of all kinds from any surface. It works on hardwood floors and carpet, and also works to remove pet hair from upholstery. However, the cleaner’s lack of accessories does not diminish its cleaning power because many of the designs are comparable in performance with heavier models. Dyson, Hoover and Dirt Devil are some known lightweight vacuum cleaner brands. Robot vacuum cleaners – These cleaners are designed to liberate people from the tedious and time consuming process of cleaning, thereby helping them save precious time. A robot vacuum has the ability to go around safely, overcoming obstacles while at the same time cleaning the floor or carpet. . Over the years, people have tried on different methods of effectively cleaning carpets. When the entire carpet has been scrubbed, it is left to dry for about two hours. This kind of washing technique is perfect for big areas which have consistent maintenance programs like hallways in hotel rooms and so on. However, using shampoo as a cleaning detergent for carpets may make rinsing a difficult task.

However, the type of form used should not cut off the free circulation of air and thus prevent the shoe from airing properly. This removes encrusted foreign matter and permits the polish to be worked in more freely. A brisk rub with a cloth warms the leather, making it more receptive to the polish. Apply a moderate amount of shoe polish and work it in well with an applicator. If you love the idea of a cleaner than clean living environment, consider decorating in shades of white. Many people immediately think, “It will never stay clean”, but that does not have to be the case. Stain Protection – There are fantastic products on the market that really keep materials from staining easily. Scotch-Guard and other brands make great products to pre-treat carpeting and other upholstery. Weighing in at a light twelve and one half pounds, you will never be fatigued and get a sore back. This ensures you can reach most areas in a room, or clean your stairs, without having to change to another power outlet. Also supplied is a heavy-duty brush tool for those really hard to remove stains. Included as part of the package, is a bottle of green-friendly cleaning solution, which contains no phosphates, heavy metals or dyes that can harm the environment. . Using a hot water extraction system and Eco-friendly emulsifiers to penetrate deep within your carpet fibers, they’ll loosen the built-up gunk before sucking the debris and cleaners back out. This wet carpet cleaning technique gets your carpets clean even in the deepest layers while only leaving your rugs a little damp (this helps prevent mold mildew growth). Your carpet cleaners can also use this same system to clean your upholstery. The same particles that collect in your carpeting can be embedded in your furniture and can negatively impact the health and safety of your home.

If you buy harsh supplies for a delicate carpet you can ruin it, whereas a sturdier carpet may need a stronger solution to properly clean it. White berber carpet is going to need a gentler cleaner compared to a dark shag carpet or sports carpet. Whether you are cleaning a stain or the whole floor will also have an impact on what supplies you use. Stain cleaners tend to be harsher than a general maintenance product, but you also must consider what type of stain and whether or not to use a dry or wet solution. To protect the environment against harsh solutions and chemicals, the cleaner may decide to use carpet cleaning products that are environmental safe to clean the carpet. Additionally using environmental friendly products for a commercial clean-up service can be appreciated by business clients. Eco -friendly products do not just preserve the environment but also protect pets and human health. Carpet cleaning refers to beautification of carpet by removing dirt, stains, grit and allergens from it. At the beginning, Dirt Devil was not called by the name that it goes by right now. It has already been around alongside with its contemporaries, which have also been doing well in the market for almost a century. Dirt Devil was originally a hand vacuum model which became the largest selling hand held vacuum cleaner in the United States since its launch in the 1930s. Back then, Royal appliances, the company which owned the product, have successfully sold these appliances to over 23 million households in the United States alone. For commercial cleaners the weight of a backpack vacuum is a crucial factor. Some cleaners vacuum for extended periods of time, sometimes over two hours without a break. In this case the vacuum cleaner needs to be light weight to cut down on worker fatigue and injury. Performance of a vacuum is a crucial consideration to keep in mind when purchasing a unit.

Select appropriate shoes for ‘the purpose for which they will be used walking, working, casual, special occasions, or constant wear. Be Sure of the Right Fit – You can buy good shoes but still end up with painful feet if you are not careful to get a good fit. Helpful in this regard is checking the time of day before you buy a pair of shoes. Why Because if it is very early in the morning, you may not get the right fit. Also, some important instructions must be followed after the procedure is over. The following article provides information about important instructions before and after carpet cleaning. Being the carpet user, you are required to contribute significantly towards carpet cleaning procedures. This involves making some good preparations before getting the carpet cleaned. Knowing what your needs are for a partner and a relationship are expressions of your values and provide the map to finding Mr. If you desire monogamy and he states he only engages in open relationships, this is a values clash and you won’t likely be a good fit as lovers. Or maybe you oppose drug usage and he admits to regular marijuana consumption. Turn away, no matter what your hormones are saying It’s important to not fall into the trap of thinking you can change another person or that maybe someday they’ll have a change-of-heart. Studying the subject of whatever disorder your child has will enable you to understand more and pray with understanding. She also has a mentally ill grown daughter, and she has written much about it. She has given me permission to refer to some of her articles in these pages. So if you are being affected by OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Dissociative Disorder, Epilepsy, or any other mental disease in your family, read on.

To give you a head start in your search, here are some good items to consider. Hoover Wind – Tunnel – You can get the best upright vacuum cleaning experience with the Hoover Wind – Tunnel. A discount shop can now offer around 50 dollars off of its actual price with a year long warranty still intact. Among its features are its fingertip control, self propelling forward-reverse mechanism, powered hand tool, double brush, stretchable hose and adjustable height. . Steam cleaning machines are similar to carpet shampooers in that they use a cleaning solution but it is converted to steam before it hits the carpet. It has rotating brushes that work the stains and a suction hose that removes the broken up dirt. Dry cleaning machines are the least efficient way to clean your carpet as they utilize a vacuum first then a pre-cleaner for the stain, and then you brush the area with the dry carpet cleaning machine. It’s a lot of work that most people just aren’t willing to put the effort into. . So it is good to leave some “growing room” when selecting children’s shoes, possibly three quarters of an inch of space in the toe area. Watch for signs of wear developing in one place consistently, for this may indicate that the shoes are too small or poorly fitted and could produce foot abnormalities. It usually is not a good policy to pass shoes down from one child to the next, for shoes mold themselves to the characteristics of the wearer’s foot. Look for Quality and Workmanship – Especially when shoes are for adults, quality and good workmanship are important, because you want them to last. The most tense moment occurs when Sam discovers that one of his fellow agents had decided to use a picture of him and Janet on a billboard for Nurdlinger milk, using Sam’s wife’s name. Sam also learns that Janet’s cousins had hired an investigator to spy on him. The investigator is mistaken, however, thinking Sam is really married to Janet and sneaking around with Min. Sam is fine with this, realizing that this is much better than him learning the truth.

There were some issues with the initial unit designed by Mr Booths relative to size. It is said that this unit was required to be on a trailer outside the house itself and a long hose would be used to run into the house to do the vacuuming. Over the years with advances in technology and materials available for use various designs have come forth and they continue to do so. Eventually a design was created that allowed the unit to be a portable vacuum and it is said that the person responsible for this was a Mr James Spangler in 1908. Having these attachments will help you do a more thorough job while you vacuum. Now that you have the first and second layer removed, assess the carpets and seats to see if there are stains that need to be spot cleaned. Spray a bit of cleaner on the rag and aggressively scrub the stain until it disappears. If you feel it actually needs to be shampooed, you may want to rent a small machine such as the Bissell Green Machine. The addition of Terrell Owens to the Bills roster bodes well for Edwards since he will now have multiple receiving options on the field. According to the 2009 Bruno Boys Quarterback “Snooze Alarm” Rankings, “The addition of Terrell Owens at wide receiver is going to change the offense dramatically. Teams will no longer be able to double team Evans and third receiver Josh Reed will now work against lower-caliber defensive backs. but perhaps the biggest bonus the Bills will receive from the addition of Owens is that he’s so good in the red zone, where Evans and Reed struggled to catch passes. Things That Last Longer1 – Rechargeable Batteries AA for your digital camera etc. Many cameras don’t even work with regular alkaline batteries, and they are only good for one use then you throw them away. A set of 4 rechargeable batteries can be found online for around 10 and last a long time, so don’t pay 40 for them at the store. 2 – Nonstick Cookware Testing has shown that the “Circulon Elite” brand outlasts others, so if you must buy new make sure you take a look at them.

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When 4WDing the Australian Outback, anyone can gain an original experience. The Southern section of Australia has all of it. There will be the impressive Flinders Range together with Outback inside the north. Then the particular magnificent beaches as well as the wine making southern regions. The Mclaren Vale will be situated at Fleurieu Peninsula.

To discover Australia, a journey into the Outback is essential. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the cities, one can enter into the Southern Flinders Ranges. Touring Outback Australia gives you the pristine untouched land away from the tourist crowd. This is the only way one can enjoy Australia.

4WD tours are family operated. They provide 4 wheel drive tours that are personalized and operated in small groups of maximum 16 people. Also available are tag along tours. Several types of vehicles are available from 4WD, such as Jeep, Isuzu, Hummer, Nissan and Toyota.

The 4WD hire provides vehicles to several organizations in Australia, such as construction industries, mining and petrochemical. They provide on site maintenance as well as long term rentals. They specialize in all types of 4 wheel drives, automatic or manual, petrol or LPG or diesel, with sizes ranging from 5 to 12 seaters.

Just about the most popular could be the Bush RV. This can be a large 4WD truck which can be full of camping products package which is the optimum option for many people touring. This assures that there are complete pleasure for the period regarding adventure.

4WD is entirely Australian owned and operated. Every major city in Australia, has an agency of the 4WD. These agencies are in the Hervey Bay, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Broome, Darwin, Cairns, and Alice springs, to name a few.

The four wheel drive vehicles take you wherever you want to go, and where other companies will not take you. You may go to Moreton and Stradbroke Islands, Kakadu Parks, Litchfield National Park, Savannah Highway, Gibb River Road, Twin Falls, Jim Jim Falls, El Questro, Mitchell Plateau, Bungle Bungle and so many others.

Tag together tours supply the ultimate types of touring the actual Australian bushes. Most of those tour guides may not be employed however are the main business. They possess an excellent passion with regard to trekking, and just about all First aid qualified. 4WDing the Australian Outback and this experienced guidance lets your own holiday stay just like a vacation.

Outdoors activities in the Outback of Australia can be stocked by selecting Gold Coast 4WD accessories. Protective devices for your 4WD vehicle could include Gold Coast bullbars.

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Keeping loved ones safe while travelling should be the highest priority for any conscientious driver. Family car safety involves a few simple checks to ensure that the risk of accidents and injury is minimal. These will give you peace of mind while on the road and protect the lives of your most precious possessions.

Vehicles should have regular maintenance checks to ensure that all safety features, particularly brakes, lights and tyres are in good working order. In most countries, it is a legal requirement to have a fitness test performed by a qualified mechanic every six months. However, it is also a good idea to have a basic check done before any long journey. You should also keep an eye on the water level, oil and tyre pressure yourself.

Wearing seat belts is another legal requirement. Almost all cars these days are fitted with front and rear belts and these should be worn on all trips, however long or short. Some adjust to the passenger’s size automatically, but the old fashioned styles still need to be tightened or loosened manually. Always ensure that belts are adjusted accurately to provide maximum protection in the event of a collision. Air bags are another modern feature which help protect travellers.

Age appropriate child restraints must be used for babies and children. Infants under 1 year old need to be in a rear-facing seat, in a semi-reclining position. Toddlers can sit forward in a seat fitted with a harness and older children usually just need a booster chair.You can attach a separate harness for extra security. Wait until the child is tall enough to sit with the feet on the floor, and back against the seat, before removing the booster.

Older children should use a booster chair until they can sit comfortably with their feet on the floor and back against the edge of the seat. A separate harness, attached to the car can be added for extra security.

The last, but certainly not least, consideration is safe driving. Keep to the speed limit and take particular care when travelling at night or during bad whether when visibility is likely to be reduced and the road condition dangerous. Avoid overtaking if possible, and do so only when there is a clear stretch of road ahead with no oncoming traffic. Stop and rest or switch drivers if you feel yourself getting sleepy and never consume alcohol prior to driving.

Keep these points in mind, and you will enjoy a safe and happy journey.

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Apr 122012

Today the traveler often finds they are on super highways with hundreds of cars moving at one time. Having your family arrive safely at their destination requires good driving skills. Your vehicle should have all the latest in equipment installed for family car safety.

SUV lovers can now rest easier traveling in high winds or at top speeds. Full size sport utility vehicles are higher than average and prone to easy rollover. The SUVs now come with stability control as an added feature. The data received from the steering and brakes will detect a problem and immediately slow the SUV by using the braking system or taking power from the engine.

On some vehicles a rear camera is part of the standard equipment package. It allows driver’s to look past blind spots and detect if anyone or anything is behind the vehicle. Some family cars have systems that sound off when an object or person is detected while backing up. They have their place, but they cannot replace the rear camera.

The technology of airbags have made huge advances since first being introduced, With today’s different forms of wheels all over the roadways the airbag has become a sophisticated piece of equipment. They can detect a person’s weight, size, and how near they are to the bag. They are not just in the dash, but also in the doors to protect passengers from side impact. The ultimate in airbags will even calculate the force of impact from a collision before the bag deploys.

The anti-lock braking system, or ABS, has been in cars for a long time. The ABS has received as much advancement as the air bags. Without it wheels will lock and drivers lose control veer all over the roadway. ABS keeps the auto in a straight line and has prevented of many vehicular mishaps.

Almost every vehicle has seat belts and it is now against the law in all states to not use them. In every test that has been performed, it has been proven repeatedly that seat belts save lives. The newest models come with a tension minimizer that is responsible for restraining an occupant while improving shock absorption.

Vehicles should be chosen for the proper capacity. Never fit a family of six into a car that holds four passengers. Look into the amount of storage room for the long vacation rides. A car top carrier is a great way to keep everyone comfortable. Choosing a car that has proven itself to be durable is another plus. Being stranded by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck is no one’s idea of a good time or family car safety.

Traveling the roads can be an extremely dangerous task. Get comprehensive information on must-have car accessories for family car safety and the benefits of fitting towbars on all your vehicles.