Apr 102012

Having GPS tracking, you will keep tabs on all your vehicles and employees whenever you require.

You can find advanced GPS technology these days that allow you to track locations in real time and identify each of your cars, offering you an “eagle’s eye” view that provides you control over the management of your fleet as well as cuts your expenses significantly.

Safeguarding the goods that are being sent undoubtedly is essential, yet it’s not the only part of transporting.

Managers know that when their back is turned, employees tend to get lazy or lax within their obligations, but with GPS you can make certain your employees are working hard consistently.

To be able to assist your clients with any questions they could have with regards to delivery will improve your corporation’s track record.

Because you’ll be continually up to date on where each of the motor vehicles is at all moments, you will be able to keep your prospects up to date with great accuracy as to when their shipment will get there.

By using Gps devices you will not really need to hire a dispatcher because you will know when freight gets to its destination.

Your business may also save money on the amount of gasoline used. You do not have to ponder if your motorist has taken a detour to visit friends rather than carrying out work.

Not only this, but a GPS tracking system leads to savings through providing real-time operation data like exceeding the speed limit along with idling times. This knowledge can be used in refining driving patterns and hence operating costs.

Not to talk about the warnings you will get if your drivers make frequent stops or detours.

You don’t want your driver falling asleep at the wheel however, you don’t want him sleeping on the job either. This results in unwarranted stops as well as delays. How would it feel to never have to guess what the workers are up to as well as where your cars or trucks are at any given time?

Excellent employees are what make a company prosper and when you can, keep track of their work ethic, your business will never have to suffer.

Tracking may also let you know if your driver is in any jeopardy or those around him.

Avoiding the many possible road hazards will get your freight to the destination faster and as a result saves you money. These aid to direct the driver through to the most effective path ahead.

You have all witnessed traffic accidents which were so major that all the emergency trucks block the road, however, with the tracking system you can steer clear of these entirely.

When something undesirable occurs health-wise the Gps device will see this and you’ll be prepared to send out emergency help even quicker. Each time a person calls Emergency services for help, the dispatchers always have to ask for the affected individuals position which could take up a lot time that they are not able to help once they turn up.

Loss of a vehicle is extremely costly and you’ll want to avoid this using a tracking system as well. Any moment the vehicle is moving, GPS understands where it truly is and the law enforcement officials will find it fast.

But even though we’ve only discussed cars and trucks until now, we should not forget you can use a Global positioning system on any kind of fleet you could be operating. It is really a must-have on commercial transport trucks, trailers and then any type of transport vehicles, vans, commercial vehicles, passenger cars and motor bikes. Even plant managers might desire to use tracking for their forklifts to track the actions of their staff. Do you lease out boats and wish to see if your weekend-long clients are smuggling drugs instead of enjoying themselves? There it is! You’re now seeing their each and every move and therefore are in complete control.

Therefore after reading this all, do you really still have to know what GPS can do for you? Your company can double its performance and most likely your revenue at the same time.

It places you in real control of your current operations and can take your company to a whole new degree of effectiveness.

Last but not least, it is great for minimizing your work and energy costs through the elimination of unneeded extra miles and by monitoring driver labor time.

By installing this system, you’ll be able to prevent most unpredicted incidences. While guaranteeing tight management of your vehicles, it allows you to put your assets and operations to much better use.

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Apr 052012

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have been universally available on the market for well over a decade now and are more common than ever in every day objects. GPS tracking is found within cars and mobile phones; you can purchase GPS watches, pens or a dongle for your laptop. Tracking a person or parcel has never been easier.

But how does a GPS tracker really work?

Networks of satellites in orbit around the earth are used to transmit signals that are used to determine the location of GPS trackers. There are three types of GPS receivers, ones that log and save positional data, ones that transmit their positions, known as data pushers and devices that allow users via a SMS text message to request positioning information, also called data pullers.

Those trackers that are purchased in store are typically pretty effective within 10 metres. This is almost always sufficient for most everyday uses. These units can come in two different formats. The first format that is offered is called data pullers, which provide updates in real time of the position of the tracker. This is done through the use of a computing device that is linked to a software for mapping like Google Earth. Data pushing trackers can be employed to track goods that have been stolen or to track the progress of a vehicle in real time.

With the second type of system, data pullers, the individual is required to request the location of the device. This is typically accomplished by sending a text message to the device, to which the tracker can reply via a response text message that provides the mapping co-ordinates for the current location. These can then be traced through a mapping application, GPRS mobile phone or fed into a compute. Businesses that possess fleet vehicles frequently need to know the availability and to the progress and thus, they employ this technology to make certain that taxis, ambulances and pizza delivery services are on schedule.

In cases where the exact position is not required but details of journeys or the route a particular vehicle took you can use a GPS logger. This records the details of position, speed and direction that can be recovered from a memory chip at a later date. They are small and lightweight and easily transported without causing inconvenience or obstruction. This type of product is popular with sports people such as cyclists where they can use GPS tracking to analyse their performance at a later date. Allowing for the user to make improvements to performance, route selection or driving style.

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Apr 032012

A tracker GPS tracking device is a global positioning product that makes it possible to monitor the exact location of an object. This sophisticated technology enables you to also establish where a lost or stolen item is located. This form of equipment offers real-time status on the whereabouts of an object.

This sort of equipment is commonly placed within vehicles in the event it is stolen. It is also used by parents that want to keep an eye on where their teens are driving the vehicle. There are special features that can also monitor how fast the vehicle is travelling which is helpful for a number of reasons.

Commercial uses include trucking and moving companies that need to monitor their shipments. With this device, they can easily determine when to expect a shipment. This is also useful to provide higher quality customer service to customers expecting a shipment.

This type of equipment works by using satellite technology. There are numerous uses for this sort of equipment. The can be fitted onto many different types of objects.

These units are typically placed in laptop computers, cell phones, timepieces along with a quantity of other products. There’s unique software programs linked to the unit which makes monitoring the item quite simple. These gadgets have the ability to detail the precise longitude, altitude as well as latitude of an item.

The actual cost of the unit will vary depending on the system. It is very important to learn how the different types of monitoring equipment operate in order to select the right equipment. Some models are also used to trace individuals. This is a safety feature often used by parents of younger children.

These gadgets have grown in popularity in recent years. As technology continues to advance, so will the capabilities of these units. A tracker GPS tracking device can easily be purchased online. There are a number of different choices that are available. It is very easy to compare prices and capabilities when searching for this equipment online. There are also a number of websites that offer reviews on the quality of the product.

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Apr 022012

The car tracker or car tracker devices are providing vehicle owners more power to monitor the whereabouts of their vehicle. This game changing device tracks the traveling history of the vehicle using the GPS. The latitude and longitude of the vehicle is tracked by satellites in real time to approximately 2.5 meters.

There are many benefits to monitoring the physical whereabouts of vehicles. One benefit is controlling the route of stolen automobiles. Car theft is a concern as the authorities in the ex-soviet bloc countries can verify. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union thousands of cars stolen in Europe end up in Russia. Within 48 hours, the stolen vehicles have new identities including new serial numbers, documents and a fresh paint job.

There are different tracking models and the price depends on their capabilities. The smaller, water resistant data logger mounts under or inside the vehicle. Its power source is one AAA battery providing three weeks’ of power. It is possible to hard wire the tracker to the automobile’s battery. For data viewing the device is inserted into the USB port of the computer.

the higher priced models tracking in real time and interface with Google Earth. The screen image will update every ten seconds. A stolen vehicle can easily be found using this technology since not only are the coordinates known but a visual record is also witnessed and stored.

Business owners have better control over their fleet of lorries. The tracking device provides them with the ability to monitor the routes, mileage and speed of their fleet. Heavy traffic can be avoided by rerouting the vehicles thus avoiding long waiting periods in traffic that is not moving. This device makes it feasible to implement more austerity measures for streamlining the overhead.

In Canada and the United States, young people of 16 or older are keen on earning their driver’s license. Their parents permit them to drive the family car but statistics indicate that parents have cause for concern. Drivers and passengers between 15-24 cause approximately 30% of automobile accidents in the US. This age group is 4x more likely to be involved in an accident than any other demographic.

Parents have found the car tracker car tracker devices a solution to controlling the whereabouts of their vehicle. Young drivers are informed that their driving will be tracked by GPS and if it is unsatisfactory they will not be able to drive. The device acts as a deterrent and helps to keep drivers in check. The more the owners have peace of mind the more in demand the tracker becomes.

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Mar 062012

If you ride a motorcycle and you’re looking for a GPS motorcycle unit, then you can certainly rest assured, because there are some really powerful GPS units that really work on par with those designed for cars. In fact, they have all the features, and then some, which go into making them ideal for the exposure that due to being on a motorcycle brings. So get yourself one of the better GPS system and you can get some really top features.

Several of these units are designed to plug and play, meaning there isn’t any programing involved. You simply take them out from the box, switch them on and you are clearly good to go. You will have turn by turn spoken directions, that will come to you via the Bluetooth capabilities from the unit, through your helmet while you ride.

In a hurry on your bike? Well pretty much getting from A to B at all amount of time is a common requirement of us today. For motorcycle riders that need is not only there, but they hold the means to make it happen as they weave in and out of traffic. Add to this fact the ability that the bike rider can use a GPS motorcycle unit to not only navigate from one place to another, however they can also plan out their itineraries of waking time and use the GPS unit like a useful and powerful organizer.

There really is very little that the in car Global positioning system offers that the motorcycle Global positioning system unit doesn’t offer. As standard you can program the unit to notify you about a myriad of points of interest that you might be interested in. As an illustration you might need to know where the next gas station is or where the nearest hotel is, well the points of interest feature on the GPS unit can readily warn you in good time that you’re approaching a gas station, hotel, or whatever it is that you’re looking out for.

Fore convenience, many GPS motorcycle units enable the user to use touch glove capabilities when interacting with the unit. Which for anyone on a bike is great because it means you can use the unit while on the move and hands can be kept warm and dry.

Obviously the units are waterproof and can withstand weather conditions that an in car system couldn’t. Therefore though you could transfer and make use of these GPS motorcycle units in a vehicle, it would be virtually impossible to work with an in car system on the bike. For that reason, make sure that you purchase the correct GPS system for a motorcycle, engineered to be weather resistant.

Without a doubt, getting a navigation unit doesn’t only save time, money and frustration as you go about your day to day business, when all the features that these units offer they fit to use, they can enhance any journey greatly.

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Jan 242012

The latest in engineering effort from one of the pioneering companies in the industry is the Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS (Global Positioning System). The Nuvi 3790T shows that Garmin is continuing to update and expand from a technological point of view as well as in its design. The move to the “ultra-thin” look is a bit late as many other electronic hand-held devices have had that design for a while. The consumers wanted this design and Garmin responded, so it was a good move for them. Because the bells and whistles always seem to be improving, we ask ourselves, how much better can they get.

Along with the clear trend toward micro-designs and very small profiles, there has never been a let-up for the love of 3-D in just about everything. There seem to be many people who love the sense of realism. Garmin created a proprietary 3-D imaging algorithm for buildings and terrains to meet the need for realism. Another thing the Nuvi 3790T provides is the highly detailed City Navigator NT street maps. What that provides is close to six million points of interest in the US, Canada and Mexico. If you are unfamiliar with City Navigator NT, then what you can see are hotels, restaurants, stores of all kinds, entertainment locations, ATM’s, gas stations and a lot more.

The Nuvi 3790T and a #2 pencil have the same slim profile cut. Other cool features at a glance include the ability to use the device in either a vertical or horizontal orientation – convenience. While it isn’t comprehensive enough to include absolutely everything, by using the 3-D Building and Terrain capability, you will get a representation of the terrain and the major buildings. Another standard that the Nuvi 3790T offers along with the City Navigator NT is the SUNA Traffic Channel that has a valid life subscription. A consequence of creating such a low-profile design is that evidently there wasn’t any room left for a FM receiver.

You do have the capability of making hands-free phone calls because it also has Bluetooth capability. Think about experimenting with the device first because it seems that the microphone is the last thing that gets installed and rarely is it the best quality of mic on the market. There is an entire slew of features that we cannot cover in detail simply because they are too many. Various software for making just about any kind of calculated conversion you would ever need.

If you are looking for ideas of where to go when traveling around the country you can download photos from Garmin Connect and then just navigate to where suits you. Some people might find that feature a bit odd, but others could find it very useful to them. It offers an anti-theft device called Garmin Lock as well as Garmin Garage which can be used to download customized security features. That seems like such a slightly odd feature, but it could be convenient and fulfill a need with some people.

This article was merely an introduction on the hot topic of YOUR Garmin GPS, and we know you thirst for more — Garmin 1490LMT. Assess your situation, then decide if you need to take it all in on one day, or not, but easy does it is not a bad idea.

Jan 182012

GPS vehicle tracking has changed the way numerous businesses, each local as well as nationally, carry out their business. These devices are designed for numerous automobiles found on the road and highways, which includes taxi cab businesses, trucks, delivery companies and also public transport providers.

These devices are installed on each and every car within the companies fleet, and data is sent through GPS back to the receiver location (a remote host server), which inturn manipulate the information straight into graphical data for the end user to examine and identify their own vehicles routes on journeys, as well as verify exactly where the automobile is presently situated also.

Many employee’s could worry about having gps vehicle tracking units set up on his or her automobiles, keeping track of their each journey, every time they stop, and also where they will park their motor vehicles of a night time, nonetheless vehicle tracking units offer numerous great benefits for organizations (and also the drivers), and they are generally identified as the following:

– By being able to keep track of your entire number of cars or trucks, this gives total management of knowing exactly where every motor vehicle is at any given period, and also helps you organize shipping routes and journeys a lot a lot more simpler. As an example. you might provide fast supply of products to nearby customers, and wish to know which driver is actually nearest to the clients place? Simply check the vehicle tracking program in your personal computers and within seconds you will be able to notice who will make the drop off the quickest.

– You’ll be able to maintain a much better track of one’s employees. Operating remotely from your workplace, your employees might at times use work time to run individual errands, or possibly to have unauthorised breaks with out informing you. You will be in a position to maintain a watchful eye on their own movements, and find out if your car or truck is moving, stopped, and also when the engine is turned off.

– You will find several motor vehicle insurance companies will offer much more beneficial premiums for those who have vehicle tracking goods installed in your fleet. This information may be made use of in many scenario’s, such as locating a vehicle should it be stolen, and also in the course of road traffic accident instances. For example, 1 of your drivers could be involved with a car accident with the other party declaring your car was being driven at excessive speeds, and consequently brought on the crash. You’ll be able to effortlessly extract the information which represents how quickly your car had been going ahead of the car accident, and make use of this to bolster your case.

– Many GPS tracking systems will even provide personalized alerts which could be sent either by e-mail or SMS message to your cell phone, should a vehicle enter an region they shouldn’t be in, or maybe using the car after working hrs. These may generally be defined in your online web administrator panel, and should your automobile set off any of these alerts, you’ll be informed within just minutes.

For those who have a fleet of vehicles, the advantages of car tracking provide more benefits than the price of those devices, and you will find numerous motor vehicle tracking providers provide month-to-month and yearly charges to help you implement these kinds of devices cost effectively.

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Jan 142012

Mapquest provides super accurate driving directions, I have visited many web mapping sites to get directions, but MQ and Google Maps have handed out the most accurate directions without any doubt. Even though G Maps and AOL’s online mapping service are my favorite, there are other web mapping sites that are worth checking out, sites that I also recommend, those sites are Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Rand McNally, Yahoo maps provides probably the best live traffic report on the internet, and Bing maps provides 3d maps through your web browser.

MQ is one of the most veteran internet mapping websites, it was launched more than 15 years ago, since then it has been helping drivers all around the world find their destination in a quicker, and also easier way. To get driving directions simply visit the official MQ website, once you are there click on get directions, type your locations, enter your starting address in “A”, your ending address in “B”, click on get directions or hit enter, and you are done, the route planning software will immediately plot the best possible route on the map, this route will help you get to where you are going in less time, and through routes with less traffic.

I’m a driver, I have to drive all the time, I don’t drive only because I have to do it, I drive because I love it, driving is my favorite hobby. However, there are a few things that I don’t like about driving, I do not like traffic, and I don’t like closed roads, that’s why I love this online mapping service so much, it allows me to avoid traffic, and it also allows me to avoid closed roads, there are other reasons why I love AOL’s online mapping website, the service helps me save a lot of time and money.

Drivers everywhere should utilize this online mapping service to get directions, as mentioned at the beginning of this article MQ is one of the most accurate free driving directions providers on the web, trust me, I’ve used many web mapping softwares, and very few provide directions as accurate as the ones that AOL’s online mapping software offer. AOL’s route planner is also a great tool for planning road trips, this route building software allows users to add more than 20 stops to each route that they create, that means that you don’t have to constantly visit the site every time that you need a new route, all you have to do is build one big route with all the stops on it.

An interesting feature that this web mapping service has is that now you don’t have to print maps and directions if you don’t want to, because now you can send directions and maps directly to your mobile device, to your vehicle, you can send them through email, you can share them through social media sites, or you can access them through any mobile device that allows you to browse the internet. Map Quest has a very cool free app that’s known as “M4M”, MQ for mobile is the only mobile mapping and routing app that offers Skyhook technology, Skyhook tech allows users to access navigational data in places where it wasn’t possible a couple of years ago, now you can get instructions when you are driving through tunnels or through areas that have very tall buildings.

Mapquest Driving Directions are very accurate and you should definitely use them to make your life as a driver better. To learn more about Google Maps feel free to visit our website.

Jan 062012

The global positioning system is among the wonders of contemporary technology. It’s going to be okay to say that it is challenging to hide from all this technologies now. The GPS Automobile Tracking system is actually a technology that has made daily life extremely easy for automobile proprietors and given them peace of mind.

Essentially the most commonly utilised GPS technologies in cars is the navigation system. It’s produced locating your path very effortless and it is possible to never ever get lost. Your own GPS is always there to let you know where to go. Not merely can you get to the specified place, however the GPS will designate the quickest route in between your current location along with your destination.

The GPS car tracking system may also be employed to monitor a number of cars. The GPS automobile tracking systems may be personalized for the tracking of big quantity of cars on the go. The monitoring system will offer the observer with various information such as the positioning of every single car in the fleet in addition to speed of the vehicle. This system is really helpful in keeping track of the efficiency of the vehicle operators.

The GPS truck tracking has numerous additional solutions which can stop car thievery. Additionally, it consists of the disabling of ignition from your remote location. The info coming from the monitoring system can effortlessly be re-routed to cellular phones PDAs or central computer systems.

The GPS Car tracking system is actually a complex synchronization of contemporary technology and it is made up of GPS satellites, microelectronics, and internet and wireless communication programs. All of those work as an asset tracking system together to make the system work perfectly.

The satellites were at first introduced from the United states of america Government and were intended for army use only. But, shortly right after its success, it was used for civilian use also. For a GPS system to function you may need a gadget for receiving information along with a device to relay the info to the end user. Thanks to the technologies of microelectronics, the systems come in extremely little measurements and can effortlessly be set up inside a car and can be also disguised..

The device is linked to the ignition in the car and it makes it feasible to keep track of the area of the vehicle all the time as well as see in the event the car is moving or idling. The GPS vehicle monitoring system has enhanced the safety of cars a great deal and fleet businesses possess a much better strategy to monitor their automobiles around the clock.

Apart from just checking the performance, the system can be extremely useful within the event of an incident. It is simple to locate the precise location since the GPS clearly identifies the nearest land marks. The GPS Vehicle Tracking also provides real time location services. These services offer vehicle and autos proprietors the choice to keep track of every single motion of their vehicles and all the data is stored in the computers and relayed constantly with the receiving gadget.

The internet is actually a very important element in making the asset tracking solution successful. The coverage with the system may possibly differ in various parts of the world depending upon the computer hardware and software.

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Jan 052012

Mapquest is a recognized provider of free driving directions and maps online, I’ve been using map quest directions for over 12 years, this excellent internet mapping service has money saving tools that have helped me save hundreds of miles, and also hundreds of dollars.

This is one of the oldest internet mapping sites, the service was launched online in 1996, after 15 years this web mapping company is still considered one of the best, however, Google Maps is currently considered the number one online mapping site in the world, but I think that their directions service is still more popular and maybe even more reliable in North America.

MQ can be used through any mobile phone that allows you to access the web, you simply have to open up your phone’s web browser to access their mobile site directly from there. There is another option to access this service, but you have to own an iPhone, or an Android phone in order to use it. If you already have an Android powered phone, or an iPhone, then you can download their free app for mobile known as “m4m”.

I think that all drivers that use computers and the web are aware of the quality of the driving directions that MQ provides, the routes are not only accurate, they are also easy to understand, and easy to follow. After many years of using this service, all I can say is that I love it, I like it so much that I even teached my mom how to use it, and she doesn’t even know how to use Google.

Mapquest was the first internet mapping site that I ever used, after using MQ for the first time I became very interested about online mapping softwares, and since then I have used most of the free online mapping sites that are available to us. Now I’m quite familiar with sites like Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Expedia, Via Michelin, Rand McNally, and many more, but my favorite alternative to AOL’s online mapping service is definitely Google Maps.

If you are in Europe, don’t forget to use ViaMichelin, I think that Michelin is the most popular online mapping site in Europe, they offer free driving directions and interactive maps with high resolution. Another European online mapping software that’s very popular is Mappy, however, mappy only works on french speaking countries, while Via Michelin is available in most countries around the world. I live in the United States, so I use Map Quest and Google Maps a lot, but when I go to Europe, I like to use ViaMichelin.

Find out how where to get Free Driving Directions at our website Google-directions.com, a site that focuses about providing the best information about online mapping softwares and GIS technology.