Aug 092012

At Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn, Connecticut, quality customer service isn’t merely an add-on or lip service. The experienced, pleasant experts know how to help you find the vehicle of your dreams, and the experience working with them is pressure-free.

Top Dealer Rater rankings for Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn employees

Numerous employees in the sales and leasing department of Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn have received optimistic customer comments on the industry site Dealer Rater. Since 2002, Dealer Rater is the first worldwide car dealer review site to help online consumers find the right brick-and-mortar dealerships for sales and service. Customer feedback is screened through a four-step process to identify and remove fraudulent reviews.

Discover David Mahon

Sales and leasing advisor David Mahon of Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn has received much acclaim for his customer service skill, friendliness and product knowledge. One customer who gave Mr. Mahon top ratings on Dealer Rater was looking for a very specific model Ford with a very specific set of options. Even though the customer’s request ultimately ruled out all current Ford models available, Mahon was able to help the consumer find a comparable model with almost the exact same options at a reasonable price. Throughout, the customer never felt pushed. On the contrary, they were more than pleased with the experience, and exclaimed that the immaculate facilities at Courtesy Ford would be the first place they’d turn when they need automobile service.

There was another customer who commented on David Mahon at Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn. He explained that he would certainly recommend Courtesy Ford after his great experience. Evidently, the customer had no idea what he wanted when he showed up at the store, but he did have a set of needs. Mahon worked perfectly and patiently to help the customer pick out a vehicle that worked for him.

Michelle Lamotte, Business manager

On another occasion, a Dealer Rater user had the possibility to work with Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn Business manager Michelle Lamotte. This customer was searching for a new car, and had the chance to work with both Lamotte and Mahon. The customer had many questions, all of which Lamotte was able to address thoroughly and courteously in a timely fashion. By the time the consumer was done at Courtesy Ford, they drove away in a fully registered, immaculate used SUV.

“They do it all,” said the customer of the Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn experience.

Get some help from Chelsea Ketchen

One customer worked with Chelsea Ketchen at Courtesy Ford. The consumer was pretty excited to find someone who was not the typical sales person. The customer did not feel pushed and felt like Ketchen had more knowledge than the average salesperson would have about the vehicles. Regardless of getting burned by a Ford Fusion with motor failure in the past, the customer came back for another Ford, and Ketchen made it easy to buy something brand new.

John Mesawich, Sales and Leasing Consultant

Yet another example of Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn’s excellent customer service team is John Mesawich. One customer went to the car dealership with her husband, with a brand new Ford on their mind. Not only did they find the Ford vehicle they wanted, but friendly, expert treatment they received when working with Mr. Mesawich certain them to recommend the Ford dealer to their family and friends.

Work with David Williams

After shopping at three different Brooklyn, Conn.-area Ford dealerships, one customer gave Courtesy Ford a try, and they were thankful they did. General Sales Manager David Williams and Mesawich were able to help the customer find the Ford automobile they desired, then hold it until pending insurance cash from a previous accident came through. Throughout, Williams impressed the customer with his honesty, lack of high-pressure sales tactics and the ability to offer the very best price in the region on a new Ford Focus.

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Jul 312012

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has closed its exploration into 29,807 2011-2012 standard transmission Ford Mustangs. The probe looked into grievances of shifting issues. The federal security regulators decided that a recall was not in order.

Grievances of rough shifting

Ford did an exploration to see if there was a problem after the NHTSA started its investigation in August, according to Inside Line. This exploration was done because there were 364 grievances about the brand new Mustang shifting made. There were several different was the troubles with shifting could have begun, none of which Ford was responsible for. This included having cold transmission fluid or a clutch stay-out at high speeds.

Automaker blames drivers

As reported by Ford, there haven’t been any accidents as a result of issue because it is only a problem that some drivers are having. These drivers have to let the automobiles run for five minutes before they drive the cars in order to fix the problem. According to Ford, the issue is more due to the customer’s “unfamiliarity with the performance-style shifter” than other things. One issue that really does exist is with cold-starts in the Chinese-built Getrag MT82 six-speed motor. Ford said that service technicians can fix the problem with transmission fluid that has a lower viscosity. This was the only suggestion the car company made to address the problem.

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration conclusions

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, there were only five vehicles that had issues with loosening clutch plate bolts, which Ford issued a service tech bulletin about and has overhauled the bolts. This hasn’t prevented any of the vehicles from driving or from shifting correctly. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration final report said:

“There is no indication of loss of motive power or unreasonable safety risk associated with the alleged defect in the subject vehicles. This preliminary evaluation is closed.”

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Jul 282012

Customers who have purchased a 2013 Ford Escape SUV with a 1.6-liter motor are being urged by Ford to contact their car dealership instantly. The car maker is enacting an 11,500-unit recall of that specific SUV, because of defective fuel lines that can drip. The result could be an engine fire.

Not all Escapes integrated

According to Ford, not all 2013 Ford Escape SUVs have the issue with the motor compartment fuel line that can leak fuel and cause a fire in the engine compartment. In fact, only the 1.6-liter motors have the problem.

“Our intensive investigation and testing has identified the area of concern and we are moving as quickly as possible to repair vehicles for our customers,” said Ray Nevi of Ford’s safety office. “In the meantime, it is extremely important that affected customers not ignore this recall and immediately contact their dealer.”

Not lightly suggested

At this point, there have been no injuries or fatalities reported because of the Ford Escape defect, but there have been three fires. The 2013 Ford Escape with the 1.6-liter motor can no longer be sold until the repairs are made to fix the motor fires. The Escape recall requires every person to get it fixed as soon as possible because threat of injury is so good with the defect.

There are 11,500 SUVs in Canada and the United States impacted by the Ford Escape recall, though only 4,800 have already been sold to customers. Ford Spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel explained that the cars that are still on lots will be fixed before they are sold.

“We are obviously taking very quick action in the interest of our customers’ safety,” she said.

Different motor sizes

Only the 1.6-liter motor models are in the recall; all other models for the brand new Ford Escape do not need to worry.

On July 17, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration decided to start an investigation into 730,000 older Ford Escapes. There were 99 grievances about unintended acceleration to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, and that is why it is looking at fuel line problems and carpet issues.

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Jul 262012

Ford’s cutting-edge touch-screen infotainment encounter MyFord Touch will obtain an upgrade by early next year, reports the Detroit Free Press. Sources claim that complaints that the old system was not fast enough and cluttered prompted the upgrade. Current owners of a MyFord Touch-equipped Ford automobile will be able to upgrade totally free.

Just a bit of change

The touch-screen system was released by Ford in 2010. The 2010 Ford Edge and 2010 Lincoln MKX were given the program. Other versions of MyFord Touch have appeared in the Focus and Explorer ever since then.

The system will be twice as fast as it was previously with the brand new MyFord Touch software update, according to several sources. The Free Press explains that the graphical user screen has been changed to be streamlined. Access to phone calls with Sync, cabin climate control, music and directional navigation will be there.

MyFord Touch was designed to work in tandem with Ford’s Sync cell phone system. A lot of customers have been brought to Ford through the new screen that is touch-screen. Still, a lot could be done to improve this interface for the future.

Increases made regularly

The Free Press spoke with Ford’s electronics engineering director, Graydon Reitz, who said that Ford is committed to improvement.

“Just as we love our electronic devices and can’t live without them, we always want them to be better. And that’s exactly what our customers told us,” said Reitz.

The 2013 Ford Taurus, Flex and Escape will have the new MyFord Touch in them. Owners will be sent a USB stick with any software improvements. A number of people don’t want to do self-installation. These people have the choice of going to a Ford dealership and getting it for free.

What other enhancements were made?

There are more features to the new MyFord Touch than just being easy to navigate and read. This contains voice commands. It will even work with Sirius satellite radio’s Game Finder feature so that drivers can speak the name of the broadcast sporting event to which they’d like to listen.

Using MyFord Touch with other things

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Jul 232012

A week ago the administration met with the large 3 United States car manufacturers to talk about having all automobiles and light trucks meet a standard of 56.2 mpg requirement by 2025. The strategy would mean increased expenses for cars, but supporters say the difference could be made up by customers at the pump. But some say the program is too ambitious.

Meetings with companies

Ford, Chrysler and GM all met with the administration officials in private meetings to discuss a program. As reported by a document represented at the meeting, the average price of a car would increase $2,100 to fulfill the proposed requirement. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will work together with the Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency) to choose on the rule. September 30 is when it has to be done by.

Already expecting a high standard

It is a compromise that the figure is so low. Already, 35.5 mpg is expected by 2016. Car manufacturers are working on that. Specifications have to range between 47 miles per gallon and 62 mpg between 2017 and 2025. This is what the Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Department considered acceptable. The new standard would expect a huge improvement. Every intervening year, a 5 percent improvement would be necessary.

The requirements some want

Environmental groups want the higher standard of 62 miles per gallon. Roland Hwang is at the Natural Resources Defense Council. As the transportation program director, he said, “Fifty-six mpg, while not as ambitious as the level we have been advocating, is a doubling in fuel efficiency from today’s average passenger vehicle and would cut drivers’ fuel bills in half.”

Dan Becker is at the Center for Auto Safety as the director of the Safe Climate Campaign. He said, “It is not just the number that matters. It’s the loopholes underneath it. And automakers will look to turn whatever number it is into Swiss cheese.”

A government analysis has shown that to achieve 62 miles per gallon, all vehicles would be required to be gas-electric hybrids.

Bailey Wood believes it will not take place

Baily Wood is a National Automobile Dealers Association spokesman. He believes that it will be impossible to get to the proposed 56.2 miles per gallon figure. “Overly ambitious standards set 14 years in the future risk severe economic harm if consumer wants and needs are not met,” he said.

Statements made by two of the three

GM’s North American president Mark Reuss was optimistic. “When you put those things in for the first time, they may be more expensive. But this is a volume and scale industry. What was very expensive in the past is no longer very expensive.”

Christin Baker, a spokeswoman for Ford, was more cautious. Ford could be willing to support a “national program that is data driven and factors in the impact of this rule-making on jobs, the economy, consumers and safety.” The 56 mpg figure was not mentioned at all by her.

Right now, there has not been a comment made from Chrysler.

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Jul 222012

There may be more than a million Ford vehicles on the road carrying a faulty, recalled component that was held accountable for a recent fire in Austin, Texas. That fire, which started in a Ford F150 pickup, killed two young kids.


The fire started at 3 a.m. on Tues when two kids, ages seven and five, were sleeping in a garage converted into a bedroom.

Denise Estrada, a neighbor, was awakened by the noise of the fire, thinking it was gunfire. She said:

“I just heard screaming and popping.”

The remaining five members of the family made it out safely, but the two kids died, probably from smoke inhalation.

Estrada explained:

“The father was going in and out with a paint mask, trying to get his kids, but they (the fire crews) wouldn’t let him inside and he was yelling out ‘They’re in the garage, please help them.’ … They’re like so little, nice kids, and in a minute they’re gone.”

Cruise control switch recalled

There was a 2001 Ford F150 pickup parked right next to the garage, and that is being blamed for the fire. There were 800,000 Fords recalled in 2005 by regulators because of a failed cruise control switch that could cause fires.

According to Ford, the defective switch was actually put in 4.3 million automobiles, but only 2.5 million were fixed. With Ford’s large estimate, it is unknown why so few automobiles were recalled.

Affected owners got a reminder letter from Ford in 2010. It read:

“(A) fire can occur at any point, even if the key is not in the ignition.”

How many recalls are ignored?

Brandy Shaw is another neighbor who said:

“It makes me wonder how many other vehicles, how many other companies, how many other brands have recalls that nobody knows about.”

Owners of older fords might still need to go get their automobiles checked, and now that this has happened, many of them might do so. If you look up your VIN number and check it against the ones that have been recalled, you can find out if your car is secure. At the safe car site, you can look at recalled vehicles.

Separate fire the same night

In Austin, a 95-year-old woman passed away in a fire that same night. Investigators said that neither of the places had smoke detectors which were working in them.

According to Fire Chief Thayer Smith:

“Being able to remember multiple fatalities in multiple locations across the city at the same time, that’s not something I can remember us having to deal with in the past.”

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Jul 222012

Social networking has become the way people are keeping in touch, sharing, and companies are promoting their brands. The Ford trucks brand has not been left behind and those who drive this vehicle now have a way that is fun, easy, and interesting to interact with each other and with the company.

One part of their site gives comprehensive information on the specifications of the different truck models and other kinds of vehicles produced, such as SUVs, sports cars, and green or hybrid vehicles. There is also another that goes into the technology the firm uses to ensure that every vehicle has the best safety features, is fuel efficient, and how they are personalized for every driver and made to perform optimally.

Auto shows are also covered that give details on shows that have been held and those that are coming up in various parts of the world. They give interested buyers a good opportunity to attend and get a hands-on feel of a truck or other kind of vehicle. One can also read corporate news and see the community events the company participates in.

One section that the site is abuzz for is the Your Stories one where drivers and owners get to express their experiences with their vehicles in a way that is personal. They can also put up photos and share this on the different social media forums. Your Ideas section is another popular one where people share ideas including on car care and maintenance.

With a horde of images and videos, first time site visitors quickly become frequent bloggers and browsers. There are those put up by the company and those that truck owners post where they share about various aspects of the vehicles they drive.

The Ford trucks social site is vibrant and engaging with various exchanges constantly being made by vehicle owners and the company. The site exemplifies just what infotainment must have.

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Jun 292012

Thurs Ford declared several changes to its board of directors. As well as the replacement of two retirees, a previous GOP presidential hopeful was also employed to the board.

Modifications to the board members

Ford’s CFO Lewis Booth will be retiring and will be swapped out by Bob Shanks, current Vice President and Controller. Also retiring is Derrick Kuzak, the Group vice president and Global Product Development Chief, who will be replaced by Vice President of Engineering and global Product Development Raj Nair. This was declared Thursday by Ford’s President and CEO Alan Mulally. They will be retiring on April 1.

In order to make sure the transition works well, Mulally pointed out that Shanks and Nair have both been groomed for success:

“With their experience we’re not going to miss a beat moving forward.”

Ford working with Huntsman now

Ford has brought Jon Huntsman Jr. onto the board because he has ties to China. Huntsman is a former Utah governor, GOP presidential hopeful and an Ambassador to China. The automaker is hoping that it can get ahead of some of its rivals in the Asian nation because it is currently behind. Huntsman might be able to help the business. There were no retirees from the board though.

According to Mulally:

“Jon brings to Ford’s board of directors extensive global knowledge and experience — particularly in Asia with trade issues — and operational experience gained as governor of Utah, a state that has grown jobs even during the economic crisis. Jon understands the importance of strengthening the country’s manufacturing base, which will contribute to our success going forward.”

Kuzak succeeded by Nair

Ford has changed from being a company that creates new models depending on the needs in each global region to one that only does superficial changes depending on regional preferences with one universal platform. That is because of Kuzak who has been with the business for 33 years.

Kuzak hand-picked Nair to take his spot and was approved by Mulally. Over the last couple of years, he has been taught how to take over the position, according to Autoblog. Raj Nair has been with the business for 24 years.

Booth retiring

English-born Lewis Booth has been instrumental in reducing the automaker’s debt. He formerly headed Ford of Europe. Bob Shanks, his successor, joined the company in 1977 in Accounts Receivable. He has held positions of successively better leadership since, such as controller of the company’s Americas group.

Who will replace Mulally?

There had been speculation that Booth might succeed 67-year-old Mulally as top male at the automotive giant. Those rumors have now been put to bed. At this point, his most like successor would seem to be Mark Fields, the current Executive Vice President.

Thurs, Mulally made some remarks that made it seem like he would never retire, although it is anticipated in the next couple of years:

“I looked over the press release very clearly and saw that my name was not among those retiring. I have no plans to retire.”

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Jun 242012

Owners of Ford trucks have the opportunity to take advantage of free memberships to a new and unusual social networking website. Using the site, owners can connect with other owners, share ideas, and even help one another troubleshoot potential problems. Those who drive Fords are among the most loyal drivers out there, due to the brand’s ongoing reputation for long-lasting quality vehicles.

While driving a truck can certainly be fun, for many people it is just as much a matter of convenience and practicality. The extensive cargo space offered by a pickup makes moving furniture, tools, and other large items easier than it would be in any other vehicle. Those who spend a great deal of time traveling for work, particularly those who must transport tools or equipment, find the convenience of driving a pickup truck is simply unparalleled.

Driving a pickup can be a uniquely fun experience. The feeling of sitting high over the road below affords a sense of power and security that is difficult to match in an ordinary vehicle. Customizing your truck with larger wheels can lift it even higher, giving you the sensation of being the only person out on the road.

Your truck can be taken to places an ordinary car cannot. Some people love the excitement of mudding or all terrain driving. Quality pickups, like Fords, are built to withstand harsher conditions with a lower risk of damage.

For campers, fishers, or hunters, a truck can be the ideal solution to the dilemma of packing and unpacking gear. Items can simply be stowed in the bed and tied down if necessary. Upon reaching the destination, they can be just as easily removed, saving plenty of time and allowing for a more enjoyable overall outdoor experience.

By taking advantage of this opportunity, owners of Ford trucks can meet a network of other people with similar interests and hobbies. They can also take advantage of a revolutionary new concept in social networking. This is just one more in the long list of ways driving Fords can be beneficial to your entire lifestyle.

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Jun 152012

Ford trucks have been around for many years, and so have their loyal owners. One thing that most owners have in common is a need to share common experiences. Thanks to modern technology it is possible for people to get together in new and innovative ways. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Before the Internet, communicating with others is slow and ineffective. For example, you could pick up the telephone and form a discussion group but you would be limited to the number of people that you can contact. Also, it is very difficult to have more than one conversation at one time.

It is possible to start a local discussion group in your own neighborhood. This method allows for personal and up close conversations. Yet, there are only so many people in the area that qualify. This is why many people are turning to the Internet, as the possibilities are limitless.

It is possible to take advantage of the many online discussion sites about certain kinds of vehicles. This allows for a lot of interaction and sharing of information. For example, online discussion groups can help you find information on improving gas mileage and performance. You also can learn about the many aftermarket parts and accessories that are available.

Social media websites provide all of the advantages of past communications with modern technology. At your favorite social network you can talk to others in online chat. You also can upload your favorite video or images to the group.

A social media group for people that own Ford trucks allows people to share important experiences. You have the benefits of personal conversation with anyone on the planet. You pay nothing to join these sites and enjoy the many benefits. If there are recalls or things to know about maintenance, you can be one of the first people to find out.

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