Apr 302012

You can’t read a newspaper or magazine today without coming across at least one article on the environment. The environmental terms such as recycling, green energy, sustainability and bio-fuels are very much a part of the eco-activists vocabulary and becoming mainstream as well.

Of real concern is the fact of global warming and the contribution that the auto shipping industry is making toward it. There are certainly environmental accidents waiting to happen within the industry, but auto shipping will continue and is sure to even increase its business due to the popularity of the service. This does not give the auto shippers the license to pollute and the industry understands that it must face the responsibility of lessening the damage it is doing to the environment.

Automobiles themselves are notorious polluters of the air but no one is willing to give them up as they give us greater productivity, convenience and social interaction. Both automobiles and auto shippers are disdained for their harmful gas emissions, oil production faults and conspicuous consumption properties. Being both material and labor intensive, they are also scorned for their distraction from other environmental hazards deemed more important by eco-activists.

The damage done to the environment by automobiles and the shipping of them is not a trivial concern. At the same time there is constant global demand for them. What’s needed is to find a balance between efficient business practices and environmental issues to give people what they want without causing harm to our planet’s natural resources. The major auto shippers have embraced this idea by creating better containers, robust computerized scheduling and advanced inventory management systems to help alleviate the negative impact their industry has on the environment.

The auto industry has introduced such eco-friendly innovations as hybrid and electric cars, beginning with vehicles such as Toyota’s Prius, and spreading to all the car manufacturing companies so they won’t be left out when this new technology becomes the norm. Auto shippers must get on the environmental bandwagon as well and can take advantage of some of automobile manufacturers’ technological advancements toward a greener planet.

There are many pressures placed on the environment by us humans who will not deny ourselves some of the delights and essentials in our lives that are more destructive to the earth than we would like them to be. An example of this dichotomy is our beloved automobiles and the auto carriers who get them to their new location far, far away.

With a clean environment being a common goal, perhaps working together as humankind along with businesses and environmental engineers we can devise some livable and inventive solutions that can not only stop the destruction but reverse it. We owe it to ourselves, future generations and our glorious planet.

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Mar 222012

Most states in the country have now instituted some form of emissions testing to try and bring down the high level of pollution created in some cities by motor vehicles. There are a number of items checked during these tests to ensure your vehicle is in good working condition for the most part. It is important to follow the suggested maintenance schedules for your vehicle to reduce the chances of a failed smog test.

Emissions standards in some places are more stringent than others. California is one such example where the state government set a goal to reduce air pollution caused by motor vehicles by 25%. Unfortunately they overestimated their efforts but still had relatively successful results. Because of the ever increasing regulations, many in California have come to dread the biannual smog test for fear of failure and expensive repairs.

A smog technician will test the vehicle’s EGR system, EVAP system, and muffler along with a number of other items. If the hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide levels, and all areas of functionality are deemed to be in within limits and in proper working order, then the vehicle will score a passing grade. In the case of a failed smog check, the repairs may be something trivial like a loose gas cap, or they can be more serious and costly.

If you have been ignoring a check engine or service engine soon light that has been illuminated, you need to know that this will automatically cause the vehicle to fail the test. Another culprit of a failed smog test is often an issue that many people do not know about. With many vehicles, if you lose battery power or replace your battery, the memory in the computer of the vehicle is erased. It will be necessary to perform a process known as “drive cycles” in order to reset the monitoring system.

The number of smog check facilities in your area will likely be many. For this reason, it’s important to do some good research online and to give yourself the best chance of finding the right place for your vehicle. Most facilities are law abiding and follow the correct rules and guidelines, but it’s also important to find a shop with experienced technicians.

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Mar 192012

Most people now know that solar panels are a great source of efficient energy. Considering the costs for electricity these days, making a one-time purchase is not a bad idea. Those who can afford the initial costs make their money back in significant long-term savings. Alternate sources of power can fluctuate in price, although the fluctuation is usually in an upward direction. However, with the right decisions, you can take advantage of this excellent option and stop fearing your electric bill.

Solar panels collect energy from sunlight, which is fortunately still free. An array of modules is usually used together to provide so much power that a whole home or business can be lit. There are many technical details that can be used to describe how it all works, but the most important thing to know is that they provide affordable energy.

Solar power is something that can be used to heat your home. Many people find this to be an attractive thought, especially after they add up the heating costs for the winter. Some states also offer another incentive, allowing those who use green energy to take advantage of certain tax benefits.

It’s also possible to light up your home, indoors and out. Thanks to ongoing advances in technology, lighting systems are becoming more and more affordable. New batteries are on the market every year, too, which means it’s no longer hard to keep the lights burning all night.

Some people start small, and choose to heat only the water in their home or swimming pool with solar panels. This is a fine idea, because it helps people to become familiar with how the system works. They also see quite a bit of savings early on. This is especially true with regard to the swimming pool, which can be expensive to keep at a comfortable temperature.

The investment in the starting equipment does not have to be off-putting. All you need to do is remember that it will increase the value of your home. One day, you may wish to sell your property, and prospective buyers will be attracted to the benefits of green energy. If they’re not certain, show them the changes in your electric bills.

Most people are happy enough with the savings, but those who are concerned about the environment are happier still. While the debates rage on, those who decide to play it safe can feel that they are doing their part for the planet. Whether or not the air is too polluted, knowing that your carbon footprint is smaller than others is a good feeling. While it helps with your bills, it doesn’t hurt the air you breathe.

If the idea of using solar panels has ever crossed your mind, you might only be waiting to hear some good reasons why you should try them. A quick search on the Net will provide information of all kinds, from products to pricing to additional benefits of clean energy. It’s also a good idea to call a local distributor, and they will be happy to answer all of your questions. The next time you look at your electric bill, you might even smile.

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Feb 152012

Water is an enemy of electric power, that is normally used for various functions. When water touches live electronic components, it upsets their normal working behavior. The wet season therefore brings about a number of electrical problems and the rain water is the main cause. Different circumstances are affected differently by this scenario.

Electronic circuits get affected when contaminated with water. Short circuits occur which disrupts the usual voltage paths that ensure normal functions of a system. In some cases, components are ruined by the higher voltage level. The resultant effect is that they stop working as required. To get such a system to function normally, the faulty components have to be replaced.

Electronic systems made to function in open spaces like outside buildings, are manufactured with rain water in mind. Measures are taken to ensure they are water tight. Age can however affect these protection mechanisms and make such systems vulnerable. Joints and seals can easily lose their effectiveness, making the equipment susceptible to leakage.

Water by itself may sometimes fail to affect a circuit in a sealed unit if it does not come into contact with the circuit. However, the effects of vaporization and condensation can make the circuit unusable. Condensation makes the small water drops to settle on hard to reach areas which may introduce short circuit problems. Such hidden problems are really hard to troubleshoot.

A sealed unit that is suspected to have water in it requires opening up for it to dry. Care should be taken to ensure that all the vapor has been ejected as well. If the unit is resealed without removing the vapor, the problem will not go away. Sooner or later, when the weather changes, the problem will most likely reoccur.

The necessary knowledge is often required to ease the work of working on a system. Individuals who are technically challenged are better off seeking for help from qualified persons. It is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s manuals before working on a system. These manuals have the required instructions to work on the product effectively and safely.

Most electrical problems and the rain are connected in a way, particularly if they are only observed during wet weather. Electric energy is affected by water because it disrupts normal current flow, which makes the energy flow in unwanted patterns. If the water is significantly more, a complete shutdown occurs, often happening together with component failure. This is caused by overloaded components as a result of the haphazard flow of electric energy through the system.

If you’re having electrical problems, you need to find a qualified electrician that can help you out. You shouldn’t ever use electricians that aren’t qualified.

Jan 092012

As environmental changes grow more and more obvious and talk of decisive action to reduce global warming more and more urgent, industries seem to move towards more environmentally friendly practices. This tendency can be seen nationwide as well as world wide, especially with large established companies in prosperous countries. Hybrid cars are so enormously popular that dealers have to manage long lists of customers eager to contribute to the campaign.

Green homebuilding offers an opportunity to reduce energy consumption and this is another area that is growing in popularity. Cities are on the campaign trail to promote more energy efficient light bulbs, city buses, and street lighting. Recycling just about everything has become the norm.

Auto shipping companies are following this path and are attempting to stop the depletion of our natural resources and to reduce global warming. The auto shipping is a rather recent development and is experiencing massive growth in our increasingly global society. Because of their newness, they are keenly aware of modern problems such as environmental pollution of all kinds and have been part of the green movement for years, with very little fanfare.

With the realization that they have become a huge industry, auto shipping companies understand the potential that exists to reduce such terrible accidents that have been in the news for a few decades regarding oil tankers, container vessels, trucks, and railroads. They recognize the need that to survive as a mega-industry, they must do something to stop such crimes against the environment.

It is estimated that a single fairly large auto shipping company can save up to three million gallons of fuel, which means more than 38 million pound less greenhouse gases in our immediate atmosphere. And the number of expanding auto transport companies worldwide is enormous, many of them already gigantic corporations. Their number are likely only to grow with time and globalization.

The benefits derived from environmentally friendly auto shipping companies alone are staggering even using simple math to calculate them. In the theoretical case of only one auto shipping company per state national savings would be approximately 150 million gallons of fuel prudently unused and as much as 2 billion pounds of greenhouse gases prevented from poisoning the atmosphere. You do not have to do the actual math to see that if only half of all existing national auto shipping companies united in the effort the results could be staggering savings and crucial progress towards a greener technological civilization.

There are still too many vehicles on the road and anyone who drives can attest to this fact. No one industry can conquer the pollution problem alone. But those companies that lead the way to a greener future can be very proud of their achievements and stand as an example for the rest of the world to follow. This can only help them to greater profitability and promote world prosperity and health.

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Dec 012011

It’s very easy to look at the world around us and assume that it’s always going to provide us with what we need. After all, it’s done it so far, right? We haven’t run out of anything yet. Mother Nature was meant to be self-sufficient, we don’t really have to worry about that.

Here’s the catch, though. Mother Nature was, in fact, designed to be self-sustaining. Had the environment been allowed to grow and thrive the way it was intended, we wouldn’t have a problem. Natural predatory systems would be in place. Plants and animals would be abundant. The earth itself would overflow with the precious natural resources we take for granted, including the oil we need to make our fuel.

Mother Nature didn’t foresee that human beings would interfere in her plan and screw everything up. She didn’t know how fast and furiously we would consume natural resources without replenishing them. She didn’t foresee that our population would grow exponentially to the point where we are running out of everything on our precious planet in a big hurry.

In short, when the earth’s natural ecological rhythms evolved, it didn’t count on us stepping in and messing things up.

This is where Biofuel can Play a Part

It takes the earth many, many years to replace the natural resources used in the production of the petroleum. It takes considerably less to grow and convert natural oils, which can, and have, effectively replaced the old system of fuel in certain testing situations. Actually, this process is common throughout certain parts of Europe.

Conventional biofuels are produced from sugar, starch and vegetable oils much like those you use in your kitchen. There are programs underway right now geared to the transformation of restaurant waste into biofuel. This illustrates the ease with which we can find the resources to give us a more sustainable energy future.

Biofuel’s Benefits

“We should increase our development of alternative fuels, taking advantage of renewable resources, like using corn and sugar to produce ethanol or soybeans to produce biodiesel.” – Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana

Right now, we find ourselves in fierce competition for the natural resources needed to create conventional fuels with countries overseas. This competition drives up the price, limits the availability of the product and generally makes it a non-sustainable form of energy.

The raw materials for biofuel can be grown domestically rather than having to be imported, which means that we have a longer-lasting supply in a more sustainable system than we have right now. Biofuel is cleaner. It dramatically reduces the amount of damage present-day transportation systems are doing to our air supply. Did I mention production is much cheaper, too?

So Why Hasn’t Biofuel Taken Over the Fuel Business Yet?

With that many benefits in its corner, why isn’t biofuel owning the transportation market in this country? There are a number of reasons biofuel hasn’t run traditional oil companies out of business, yet. Many of those reasons have to do with the way we’re making cars these days. Many biofuel techniques are still in the testing stage.

In short, while we don’t see biofuel taking over the oil industry just yet, it’s only a matter of time. When that day comes, everyone’s going to feel the benefits. Starting with Mother Nature.

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Sep 142011

We have a really big push for people to use some form of alternate fuel instead of gasoline, right now in the United States. This is now happening for a variety of reasons. Aided by the concerns concerning the issue of global warming, people are looking for ways to slow this down and think that using alternative fuels will help. Having a vehicle is becoming more expensive all the time.

This can be causing people to look for new means of lowering their fuel bills. Scientists always research alternative energy sources that will be cost effective for consumers and kind to the environment. People would like new fuel solutions mainly because they’re upset about paying more each time they fill up at the pump. Still the concern about being scammed prevents many from trying new technologies that could actually work.

Utilizing alternative fuels for their cars together with heating and cooling their homes is a great option for most consumers. When people choose something besides gasoline, the environment benefits because not as many toxins are emitted into the atmosphere. Making use of these kinds of fuels has been shown to cause warmer weather in general and winters that are successively warmer each year. Something that is simply not made from crude oil may be the simplest way to explain what alternative fuel is. One more definition is any fuel besides gasoline that is used in operating cars.

Expansion of alternative energy sources has been encouraged since the 1990 Clean Air Act, because the alternate fuels have been demonstrated to reduce pollution and are more energy-efficient. Ethanol is the most well-recognized alternative fuel and appears to have been used for a long time. As it originates from corn, it not only benefits buyers and the earth but also many farmers. Ethanol also can be made out of other waste organic materials along the lines of paper and agricultural waste.

Unlike the alcohol that you get when you order a drink from the bar, the ethanol included in motor fuel is denatured. The objective of that is to add a poison so people will not drink it. Many people doubt the wisdom of producing ethanol because the production process uses up a lot of energy. While technology continues to improve, ethanol will undoubtedly become a good alternative fuel as it becomes more cost efficient. Eventually, the trend will go toward using alternative fuels as more people are educated on the significance of preserving our planet. The day appears to be approaching when something will need to be undertaken without even having a choice. Other energy resources will be exhausted.

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Sep 122011

Fuel economy was thought to be a significant factor in their selection of a new car by a minimum of 1/3 of buyers in America. Given the preoccupation today with pollution, global warming and America’s dependence on international sources of oil, it’s actually shocking to learn that as long ago as 1992 a car that got 100 miles to the gallon was built by General Motors. An additional vehicle, the GM TPC, which looked a lot like the Geo Metro, weighed only 1000 pounds and could get 75 miles per gallon. Unfortunately, to be able to meet American safety regulations, the 3-cylinder vehicle required reinforcement weighing 200 pounds, which ended in further development being discarded.

This was certainly not the only prototype developed by GM which ended up on the scrapheap. These automobiles include the GM Lean-Machine in 1982 at 80 MPG, as well as the GM Ultralite which got 100 MPG. As soon as Honda in 1992 reached 50 mpg with the Civic VX, GM was offering cars that got 20 mpg, while in the background they had vehicles capable of 100 mpg. Undoubtedly this begs the question as to why these cars that are proficient at 100 mpg are not available to the public.

It’s a weird phenomenon that some companies promote traditional vehicles in the US, but sell different, more efficient cars in other countries. For quite some time vehicles that get over 70 miles per gallon have been sold in Japan and Europe. A case in point of a car never offered inside the US and capable of 78 mpg, is the Lupo by Volkswagen. In 2007, Honda in america released the FIT, in other regions known as the Jazz. The Jazz in Japan has solutions to boost fuel economy and a smaller engine, but for the US, the Fit doesn’t even contain a smaller engine as an option.

The automotive producers tell Americans that they love big cars, and that is what they want to create big cars. Building a small commuter type vehicle doesn’t make the manufacturer big money, unlike with a large SUV. Commercials have convinced the citizens of the US that Tanks on Wheels are an absolute must to have. Because options have never been offered shows where the big companies have their interests. Rather than being identified with SUVs, GM today could have been known as a leader in fuel-economic vehicles. Americans weren’t denied merely by GM, but also by all of those other manufacturers who have developed fuel-efficient cars.

We live in a community that has fought wars over oil, that has been polluted, and car makers have never even given the choice to people in this country of fuel-efficient cars. Consider how many people who were never given the option would have been thrilled to have a car that was fuel-efficient? Maybe the instant has come to restart building those cars that were developed only to be abandoned all those years ago.

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Sep 092011

In the event you no longer want to pay out high gas prices and want an alternate source, you’ll like this kit. The Home Biodiesel Kit will certainly teach you all you need to know about making your personal biodiesel fuel and how it works. The goal of Home Biodiesel Kits is to make getting biodiesel easier by providing the biggest selection of biodiesel kits for making biodiesel out of used cooking oil. Biodiesel fuel is actually the recycling from vegetable oil.

It’s an eco-friendly alternative power that is made from vegetable oil. It can be much cleaner than diesel from fossil-fuels, and can be applied in any diesel engine without any modifications, and will even make your engine last longer and run better. By combining with methanol and lye or potassium hydroxide, you are able to turn used cooking oil, algae oil, or even animal fat into biodiesel fuel. When using the appropriate processor and the biodiesel kit, it is simple to make this yourself.

A biodiesel processor with Home Biodiesel Kits, will allow you to make your own biodiesel fuel, using substances which can all be found in your locality. Everything you need will probably be some kind of waste cooking oil, methanol and lye. It won’t take greater than an hour to produce the fuel and it doesn’t take much effort to make it. The vehicle will run much smoother and definitely will last longer plus the fuel itself will not cost very much. The world’s top selling biodiesel processor is found at Home Biodiesel Kits, where they have been designed to be friendly to the earth. Anyone on the planet can order these kits and can get them through special financing. They are continually putting in new products, as they are still growing.

You can also create a fueling station that enables you to transfer your biodiesel fuel cleanly to your car. If you purchase a biodiesel processor, you can obtain a biodiesel starter kit free of charge. The Freedom Fueler is among the more inexpensive systems on the market right now and features a steel frame that is one piece. The Freedom Fueler is usually a closed kit that boosts the used vegetable oil and converts it into clean biodiesel. The other types of biodiesel kits are quite expensive and can require a plumber or electrician to help set it up. Home Biodiesel Kits creates their own merchandise plus they have a full support and sales staff in an effort to provide quality service to their customers.

Their mission has long been to encourage green technology, and promotion of it, and impacting the global climate by improving the environment. They’re decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by 17.32 pounds, with every gallon of biodiesel fuel used as an alternative to petroleum diesel. As part of their marketing, together with every Freedom Fueler processor they sell, they are going to plant 50 trees. This is a company that believes in what they do for the good of the planet.

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Sep 082011

Due to the huge cost of gasoline people are looking for any source that is cheaper and that will work. Biodiesel power is actually one alternative energy source that interests most people. Whilst it may seem slightly odd, biodiesel power controls your vehicle by using vegetable oil. A specific issue with biodiesel is that it is not the existing standard in the United States. That makes it tricky to pick up what you need some times. Many drivers successfully use this fuel in their vehicles. It lubricates the vehicle very well and keeps the oil clean.

With its escalating popularity, it is becoming easier to purchase biodiesel fuel. This is stimulating news for both the people planning to buy these vehicles, and also the manufacturers who want to sell them. The fuel is significantly cheaper and some individuals have been able to use old kitchen vegetable oil without any issues. This ends up being a rather creative way to overcome the prices at the gas pumps. Any time you use that type of oil, you should remove any food debris first.

The great thing pertaining to biodiesel fuel is that it emits less emissions, so it will be good for the environment as it is saving you money. A large number of people are converting their diesel cars or trucks so that they can use biodiesel fuel. There are several top manufacturers who now sell biodiesel vehicles directly. The whole Volkswagen series is available for purchase with the option to use biodiesel fuel. A lot of larger pickups use diesel fuel and a large number of auto producers, for example Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, make them available with the choice of biodiesel. Volvo and Mercedes, and even Jeep has a model ready to take off with production, and these vehicles are all known for their power.

You need to understand that these heavy-duty vehicles will run with the same sort of power, except the energy source will be different. They’ve got the exact same power values but one will run on diesel while the other runs on biodiesel fuel. There is one issue for vehicles in wintry weather places, and that is they can have a hard time starting. The cold weather makes the oil very thick and that causes the vehicle not to want to start. To alleviate this problem, the biodiesel fuel is mixed with an 80/20 ratio of petroleum. This will depend on where you live and how cold the weather conditions, with more petroleum added the colder the climate.

Biodiesel fuel will always be readily available since it is manmade, unlike natural resources which are limited. Once they are gone, there is not a lot to do, but seek out something else. What holds back a lot of car owners is usually that biodiesel vehicles can be very expensive. Oftentimes, growth is delayed because we are disinclined to let go of the familiar.

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