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Trying to find a car to buy within your budget can be hard, let alone trying to find one that also covers all family car safety points that you want. It can also be a struggle to know what you are looking for when it comes to finding a vehicle that is safe for everyone in your family and here are a few things to look out for.

The first thing that you need to ensure is that there are enough seats in your vehicle for your whole family. There is no point in buying a two seat car if you have a family of five. You should not have your children sitting on other people’s knees and you should definitely not have them laying down in the back of the car. Imagine what would happen if you did have an accident and just think about where your children would end up.

Each seat such has its own belt and these should all be in top condition. The seat belt prevents you and your passengers flying forwards in an accident and lap belts have been questionable about this. The middle seat in the back of the car may now come fitted with a normal seat belt to help with better safety. You may also need to consider adding a better seatbelt for that middle seat.

Every year there is always a car that has to be taken “off the shelves”. These are always because of a safety aspect and the car name will be added to a long list of other cars that the government or manufacturer has decided to recall. You need to check this list before you buy anything to ensure that the car you are looking at is not on that list.

You will not be able to see all of the safety aspects on a car and you will also need to consider how to use these features correctly. Airbags are now becoming very common but there are some rules when it comes to having smaller children and car seats in the car. Anti-lock braking systems are also increasing popular along with other aspects.

When it does come to looking at the possible additions to a car to ensure its ability to protect your spouse and kids, you should consider speaking to the people at the dealership that you are looking at. You should ask where all of these additions are and what they are able to do. Any salesperson should be able to answer all of your questions.

Family car safety is extremely important but at the same time it can be expensive. You will generally find that these features will cause the price to increase considerably so you should be prepared with your budget size. Remember that your family’s life is priceless and you should not negotiate on their protection.

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Apr 252012

To achieve family car safety you will have to look at several things. The condition of the vehicle is the most important. This may be achieved when purchasing a vehicle. If you already own the automobile you may have to pay a visit to your mechanic to get an upgrade. The issue of the safety of your family is very important and it is your responsibility.

When buying a car there are several factors to look at with regard to safety. First of all consider the number of possible drivers for the car. The features of the vehicle should be within their driving capability. Secondly consider the number of passengers that shall be regularly transported. With this you should also have their ages in mind. You should also consider if you shall have to install child seats in the car.

The car you shall buy should have the following features in top notch condition. Manual air bag switch, built in child seats, shoulder or lap belt for the rear center passenger seat, adjustable seat belts, safety seats tethers and anchorages and an interior trunk release. If you are buying a used car you can get all these renewed at your garage.

Child seats are determined by the ages and the weight of the children in the family. Rear facing child seats are designed for children who weigh less than twenty pounds and these are kids below the age of one year. Forward facing seats are for children between the weight of twenty to forty pounds who have attained the age of one year.

Belt positioning booster seats are for children of weight above forty pounds. These belts are to be fitted across the chest and shoulder and also across the laps of the child. Children who are big enough to use the regular seat belt should begin using it. The parent should make sure that the belt fit across the thighs and the chest and shoulder. The child must always be on the back seat.

There are a few more things that should also always be checked regularly. The condition of the tires and its pressure should be given a routine check. Fluids of parts of the car that require fluids. These are the oil, brake fluid, greased parts and wiper blades. Ensure a professional checks on the brakes from time to time.

Finally you should always have a family car safety kit in the car for roadside emergencies. Have a flashlight in case you get a night time emergency. You can include flares to alert people in case of an accident. Always have a first aid kit in the car and learn some basic first aid.

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Amongst my first recollections of driving were having to make arrangements with my parents about when I would be able to drive the family car. I was saving hard and spent ages calculating when I would be in the financial position to buy my own car. Being asked if I was fit to drive did knock me back a bit because I clearly did not understand the quality of content that would satisfy as being a good answer.

Realising what kind of illness and what degree of feeling poorly that would deter someone getting into the driving seat of their car is surely an indivdual decision and this situation probably alters from person to person. Considering alternative transport for any journey most people find necessary to make, is possibly not an option they would consider and they would rather enjoy the comfort and security of their own car.

Each and every time you contemplate driving a vehicle do you ask yourself, if you consider yourself fit to drive?

Having the correct documentation, driving licence, MOT, Road Fund Licence, insurance etc all seem to be fairly obvious for the seasoned driver. Whether documents are up to date is another issue, a driving licence would need to be renewed because the photocard is limited by time. Have you been driving without incident since taking out car your insurance cover.

Let us say an accident happened, undertaking any journey by driving e.g. a car would be at great risk to the driver, any passengers or other road users if the insurance company had not been informed beforehand of any driving offence. This is a very important subject because a driving offence is considered to be a material fact, the insurance company should be informed. An investigation carried out by the insurance company would reveal a lack of factual information that information that has been witheld by the policy holder. Similar incidents have resulted in insurance companies refusing to pay for any repairs or damages.

Before using any vehicle on the highways how is road and legal fitness determined?

But what does Vehicle Fitness mean? Let’s have a look at some of the items we need to be knowledgeable about.

It is good that learner drivers have to learn a variety of simple maintenance checks that they will be tested on during their driving test. Around 19 aspects cover under the bonnet engine bay, in-car checks and exterior safety items. This is part of a positive move towards new drivers having a greater amount of knowledge and awareness about the vehicle that they not only drive but are expected to maintain simple maintenence. Although their driving examiner will only ask one show plus one tell me questions it is more likely that new drivers will continue weekly maintenence particularly when they get their own cars. In addition it is recommended that new drivers study the car handbook before taking to the road.

Some cars carry a small toolkit including small items e.g. spare fuses. Taking delivery of a new car even if this is a second hand one is usually creates a bit of excitement and during this time you will no doubt set about exploring what the array of switches operate. Under the bonnet check are made simple now that car manufacturers have colour coded those items that the driver should check. How often they should be checked will be found in the car handbook. It’s all about familiarising yourself with your new car, seating, head restraint and steering adjustments. Finding the car jack and where the toolkit is located is probably one of the last things on your mind but it should be one of the first. Out on the open road you unfortunately have a puncture, yes you could phone for help but on this occasion you cannot get a signal on your phone. Not knowing where the toolkit is located or how to change a wheel places you in a vunerable situation. So, read you car handbook, if there isn’t one in the car then contact the manufacturer, you can often download a handbook from their website or if not available, from specialist supplier who supply a whole variety of car handbooks via their website.

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Many thousands of families have discovered the particular joy of going on vacation with their own accommodation. Mobile homes have become extremely popular and advances in caravans over recent years have caused even more people to consider the many advantages offered by caravanning. Models are available in many different sizes and price ranger, making them attractive to a wide variety of people.

Older models were usually rather heavy and difficult to tow and handle. They were also fragile and easily damaged. Modern mobile homes, however, are lightweight and they are manufactured from superior materials that are able to withstand the rigors of towing and even extreme weather conditions. This is also why newer versions are safer and roomier.

Older, heavy models were expensive to tow, but modern designs have resulted in significant fuel savings because they are much lighter than before. Conventional holiday accommodation has also become much more expensive, making caravanning increasingly attractive for many people and families. Storage facilities have also been redesigned, allowing for better weight distribution and much better use of the space that is available.

For many people one of the biggest disadvantages of this type of holiday used to be the fact that it was necessary to do without any modern conveniences. Cooking and cleaning took up a lot of time and space was extremely limited. No more, however. Modern models are equipped with everything that is needed to make the holiday as hassle free as possible and to make sure that housekeeping chores are kept to an absolute minimum.

It is not only the mobile home that has seen significant improvements. Facilities for this sort of holidaying adventure have also sprung up everywhere. There is hardly a destination where provision has not been made for caravanning families. As with other types of accommodation there are facilities to suit just about every pocket and taste. Most modern facilities offer all the amenities, including electricity and water.

For many people the primary drawback in using conventional holiday accommodation is the fact that they are limited in terms of where they can go. It is not possible to simply decide to move on or to go elsewhere without losing deposits and other payments that are normally made in advance. Mobile homes provide freedom to come and go as one pleases.

There has been many advances in caravans over recent years and many families have come to realize that this type of holiday offer the best opportunity for truly enjoyable vacations at affordable prices. Women, especially, appreciate the fact that modern mobile homes are comfortable, easy to maintain and equipped with everything that could possibly be needed for enjoying a holiday.

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Keeping loved ones safe while travelling should be the highest priority for any conscientious driver. Family car safety involves a few simple checks to ensure that the risk of accidents and injury is minimal. These will give you peace of mind while on the road and protect the lives of your most precious possessions.

Vehicles should have regular maintenance checks to ensure that all safety features, particularly brakes, lights and tyres are in good working order. In most countries, it is a legal requirement to have a fitness test performed by a qualified mechanic every six months. However, it is also a good idea to have a basic check done before any long journey. You should also keep an eye on the water level, oil and tyre pressure yourself.

Wearing seat belts is another legal requirement. Almost all cars these days are fitted with front and rear belts and these should be worn on all trips, however long or short. Some adjust to the passenger’s size automatically, but the old fashioned styles still need to be tightened or loosened manually. Always ensure that belts are adjusted accurately to provide maximum protection in the event of a collision. Air bags are another modern feature which help protect travellers.

Age appropriate child restraints must be used for babies and children. Infants under 1 year old need to be in a rear-facing seat, in a semi-reclining position. Toddlers can sit forward in a seat fitted with a harness and older children usually just need a booster chair.You can attach a separate harness for extra security. Wait until the child is tall enough to sit with the feet on the floor, and back against the seat, before removing the booster.

Older children should use a booster chair until they can sit comfortably with their feet on the floor and back against the edge of the seat. A separate harness, attached to the car can be added for extra security.

The last, but certainly not least, consideration is safe driving. Keep to the speed limit and take particular care when travelling at night or during bad whether when visibility is likely to be reduced and the road condition dangerous. Avoid overtaking if possible, and do so only when there is a clear stretch of road ahead with no oncoming traffic. Stop and rest or switch drivers if you feel yourself getting sleepy and never consume alcohol prior to driving.

Keep these points in mind, and you will enjoy a safe and happy journey.

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Today the traveler often finds they are on super highways with hundreds of cars moving at one time. Having your family arrive safely at their destination requires good driving skills. Your vehicle should have all the latest in equipment installed for family car safety.

SUV lovers can now rest easier traveling in high winds or at top speeds. Full size sport utility vehicles are higher than average and prone to easy rollover. The SUVs now come with stability control as an added feature. The data received from the steering and brakes will detect a problem and immediately slow the SUV by using the braking system or taking power from the engine.

On some vehicles a rear camera is part of the standard equipment package. It allows driver’s to look past blind spots and detect if anyone or anything is behind the vehicle. Some family cars have systems that sound off when an object or person is detected while backing up. They have their place, but they cannot replace the rear camera.

The technology of airbags have made huge advances since first being introduced, With today’s different forms of wheels all over the roadways the airbag has become a sophisticated piece of equipment. They can detect a person’s weight, size, and how near they are to the bag. They are not just in the dash, but also in the doors to protect passengers from side impact. The ultimate in airbags will even calculate the force of impact from a collision before the bag deploys.

The anti-lock braking system, or ABS, has been in cars for a long time. The ABS has received as much advancement as the air bags. Without it wheels will lock and drivers lose control veer all over the roadway. ABS keeps the auto in a straight line and has prevented of many vehicular mishaps.

Almost every vehicle has seat belts and it is now against the law in all states to not use them. In every test that has been performed, it has been proven repeatedly that seat belts save lives. The newest models come with a tension minimizer that is responsible for restraining an occupant while improving shock absorption.

Vehicles should be chosen for the proper capacity. Never fit a family of six into a car that holds four passengers. Look into the amount of storage room for the long vacation rides. A car top carrier is a great way to keep everyone comfortable. Choosing a car that has proven itself to be durable is another plus. Being stranded by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck is no one’s idea of a good time or family car safety.

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In previous years, caravans were mainly for use during getaways and vacations and very rarely as permanent living quarters. The vans are also used in low income areas where people live in caravan parks. They have since come a long way with several advances in caravans over recent years.

The vans made before had the limitation of space. They had just enough room for the basics like a bunk to sleep on, a divan, a small kitchen top and a small cabinet for holding food and utensils. The models of today are much roomier in the different sections and they can comfortably hold more people without cramping.

In the living area, for instance, it is possible to have a full set of seats rather than only a divan. There is also space for a large television as well as other entertainment amenities like stereos and DVD players. The kitchen can hold more and bigger appliances and still leave adequate room for cooking. Luxury models even have a full sized bath tub rather than only a shower stall.

There are also those that have room for a working area. The section has a desk and chair where one can place a computer, a telephone, a fax and other office machines. One can therefore keep working as they go especially as wireless systems are used so that disrupted connections are not a problem.

Electricity is needed for all these machines to run and modern vans come wired. This makes it possible to also have other advantages such as always having hot water in the kitchen and bathroom. There are also green vans which use energy harnessed from the sun, natural gas and other natural sources.

The advanced vans being made nowadays are also of more superior quality. They are being built so that there is minimal damage when calamities like fire, hurricanes and storms strike that can otherwise make a van a write off. This is taken into consideration when taking out insurance with well constructed vans being charged lower premiums as they represent low risks.

These days, there is also the option for chauffeur driven caravans just like it is done for limousines. One can hire a van for a weekend, a week or any duration one wishes and choose a location to go to with stopovers at landmark or attraction sites if so wished.

Thanks to various advances in caravans over recent years, they have become a comfortable and enjoyable way to go for a break or even to live permanently.

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With advances in caravans over recent years, families can travel with the comforts of a home on wheels. Traveling can be an expensive venture because of the cost of lodgings. Using trailers for traveling or camping can cut down on expenses and make the trip much more comfortable.

The development of lightweight construction materials for trailers is only one of the innovations improving the quality of travel trailers. The newer materials make them lighter, making them easier to tow and more economical on fuel. The composite materials, borrowed from the aviation and automotive industries make the trailers stronger as well.

When traveling, fuel costs are an important factor. Lighter weight materials, technology borrowed from the aircraft and automotive industries, have made trailers easier to tow and help save on fuel. Using these materials in construction of the trailers have made them stronger as well.

Stability of trailers is important while traveling on highways and new devices help with detecting dangerous amounts of sway in the vehicle. Too much sway can cause a towed trailer to fish-tail or flip over. These devices detect and correct the sway automatically.

On board electronics have been improved as well. Entertainment systems provided in trailers allow conveniences to be taken on trips. These include state of the art stereo systems and satellite television. Many of these devices are designed to be controlled remotely using cell phone and tablet PC technology.

Satellite television and radios are installed in most new caravans helping travelers keep informed about weather conditions or allowing them to watch their favorite programs while on the road. Most of these entertainment systems are designed to work with smart phones and tablets. There are also apps for certain devices that will help guide a trip by providing information and directions to popular travel destinations.

With the increasing popularity of caravanning, more RV parks are now available in most countries. Many of these parks provide amenities such as Wi-Fi to provide internet for travelers. Also, electrical outlets are available to charge the travel trailers generator so power is not lost when using on board electronics.

Advances in caravans over recent years have improved their quality and durability. Lighter weight composite materials help save fuel and make the trailers stronger. Improvements in interior materials give them a more stylish, homey feeling as well. They provide all the comforts of home while camping in the wilderness or touring in them across the country.

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Wiring in old buildings is not advisable to stay with as it is not a match to current electronic appliances and may tend to be hazardous. By this, one does not have to rewire their entire house as it is very expensive to do this. It may also be inconvenient as only a few parts are to be rewired. A person opting to rewire their house should consider only rewiring a few areas to save up money.

If the old building does not have an equipment grounding conductor, then one should rewire all circuits. This may be in the case of buildings that are close to 50 yrs. The grounding conductor may be found in the form of a metallic cable or in form of a separate grounding conductor.

The difference between old work and new work is normally negligible but highly important. This is so as it is only carpentry in wiring that is different. In changing wiring one should avoid damaging and tearing up ceilings or large parts. This can be done by cutting open where one intends to install a fixture and cutting the other end where the switch is to be fixed. The wire can then be removed between these two joints and replaced with a new one.

In rewiring, there is no specific guideline. This can be proven as different houses have different carpentry due to their different periods of being built. Due to this, each house will need its own unique method.

In terms of advantages, modern houses are far much advantaged compared to old buildings. This is so as most old buildings do not contain the wiring underground conductor with makes life safer around electricity. There is also more engineering in new ones, which can be vividly seen with the use of breakers and fuses. Also modern wiring is faster as when modular components function together, the process is faster.

Old wiring is a disadvantage because it may have been done it to codes which are past standards, yet the codes may have changed over the current years to increase safety. Old ones should never be mixed with new ones as some codes may not mix. It is wise to update one’s codes to the new ones to match with current appliances.

Thus to avoid future electric problems or casualties people should opt rewiring the wiring in old buildings to new ones. This will be a wise move to avoid future problems that may erupt when using new appliances and more so to protect their current electronic appliances.

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The assimilation of new Technological innovations has led to advances in caravans over recent years, which have taken on-road touring to a whole new level. These improvements mean that a caravanning holiday is far safer and more comfortable than it was a couple of generations ago. In fact, one of the most important advances in towing caravans is the vehicle now available to tow them.

There is an incredible variety in modern caravans. From a no-cat-swinging camper trailer to those fifth wheel monsters; there’s a wide array of choices. Modern space-age, ultra-light-weight, but still strong and resistant materials, have found their way into the humble caravan. The new wind tunnel tested designs offer far less resistance at higher speeds and the new braking systems result in far better road handling and general safety.

Enhanced comfort in today’s van may be as good, or better than your home. Advanced electronics may be present if you’d like, in addition to a comfortable bathroom, together with an efficient kitchen area and a fantastic view of the little bit of countryside you decide to pull over in. The present day caravan is undoubtedly a residence out of the house.

As mentioned previously, the modern auto is well up to the task of towing. Many of the four wheel drives are perfectly suited to the task. With their superior traction, more rubber on the road and enhanced safety features, They just generally give you more control of what’s going on.

It might be worth a mention about not exceeding towing weights suggested by manufacturers and the law. Ensure your tow bar is in good condition too, and your lights. Play safe to stay safe.

There are great cars and and many great van products, but making sure that the combination is both safe and comfortable on the road is art in itself. Almost any car will tow most vans but getting the balance right will make your road trip so much more relaxed and leisurely. The tow bar height needs to be set up so the caravan is towed on a level and its weight must also be balanced to complete the formula.

Once you are out on the road and arrive at a tranquil beach-site or riverside, the joys of a caravanning holiday will sink in. You’ll see why caravanning is one of the most popular forms of holidays. Advances in caravans over recent years will be something you can just lay back and really enjoy.

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