Feb 012012

Have you heard about Sopranos Kitchen? It is a superb restaurant in St. Louis Park’s West End Shoppes and is essentially a neighbor of our CRAVE West End location.

On Tues. night they hosted a extremely unique event. They invited 2 dozen people in for a private, closed event for a Chef’s Tasting dinner. What makes the it unique is who they invited. After Sopranos opened they experienced some Internet unhappiness with their menu. The attendees of this event were the folks that left these reviews across 7 different websites on the internet.

I have to hand it to Sopranos Kitchen. They not only read the feedback that was left for them, they really incorporated it into the continuing development of their menu. As a result of this, last fall they rolled out a new menu with new pricing and on Tues., they invited these folks in for a closed event to taste some of these items. They were also given a few special off the menu options made simply for them.

The callers arrived, were greeted, and seated in a gorgeous non-public dining room. A host thanked them for coming and explained the explanation why they were all there. They were being treated to the great meal they should actually have had the 1st time they came in. JP Samuelson (Executive Chef of Sopranos) spoke with them about the new menu, the meal for the evening, and the way forward for Sopranos Kitchen menu. They enjoyed a 5 course meal, house wine, and some of the best service they've ever experienced. JP personally made and plated every single plate.

As the guests filed out at the end they were all quick to thank Sopranos for the fantastic evening. Several folks feted the Salmon as some of the finest they have ever eaten. Most commented that this was a shining example of first-class client service. The results were wonderful as a half a dozen folk returned online to leave great reviews for Sopranos for their efforts to regain advocacy.

So kudos to Sopranos Kitchen for getting it rightfood, hospitality and particularly the consumer service!

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Jun 082011

You have determined to buy your dream car. You want a Corvette, a cool and powerful sports car you can be proud of.

However, the entire process of finding the Corvette that is right for you can be discouraging. At local dealerships, it is often disappointing finding the perfect car for the right price. Luckily, with today’s computers you can find a broad selection of Corvettes for sale online. Here are a few reasons you should start your car search online preferably than at a brick and mortar dealership.

Reason #1: Choice

Your local dealership is restricted by the size of its property. Even the biggest Corvette dealerships might end up not having the right car.

When you look for for a Corvette online, the world becomes your car dealership. Why settle for a Corvette that’s nearly right when you can find exactly what you’re looking for online? Whether you are looking for a precise model, color, or feature set, you will have a bigger chance of finding it online than anywhere else.

Reason #2: Price

The Internet is excellent because it levels the playing field. The Internet forces car dealers to compete with each other to a previously unheard of degree. Consumers like you benefit when companies have to compete over pricing.

Reason #3: Less Pressure

Local car salesmen are notorious for their high pressure sales tactics. You will come in looking for one type of car, only to have them pressure you into buying something else. When you shop online, you can weigh your choices in the comfort of your own home. Why shop with a car salesman breathing down your neck when you can browse through cars in your pajamas?

Reason #4: Online Delivery Is Simple

Do not worry if the Corvette that is right for you is not from a nearby city. There are plenty of car haulers who can pick up your Corvette and drop it off at your home. If you are uneasy about damaging your Corvette, search for delivery companies with experience handling sports cars. These companies should have enclosed trailers available to keep the rain and grime off your car and extra careful ‘white glove’ delivery services.

Reason #5: You Can Hire Someone to Check the Car In-Person

If you are nervous about buying a car without actually seeing it and test-driving it, you can always hire someone to check your car for you. There are plenty of car inspection businesses who will provide a detailed, reliable, and unbiased report of the car’s condition. With the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) you can also look at the Corvette’s owner history and accident reports through services like CARFAX.


When it comes to buying for a Corvette, having more information is always better. The Internet puts all the sales information at your fingertips. Even if you are absolutely certain you want to shop local, you should at least start your car search online.

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