Jun 262012

If you happen to be looking for a new dog and like the concept of a tiny lap dog with masses of personality you might need to consider a Jack Russell terrier. Tiny in stature but huge in personality this small terrier is excellent fun. From people, there seems to be two sorts of reaction when you mention the Jack Russell as a breed.

The first one is horror, frequently described as nippy tiny dogs, just about everybody knows someone that has had a horrid experience with the JRT. Regularly this experience is being accosted by a barking, ankle high, ball of what seems to be fury. Admittedly they are one of the more reactive breeds and can be yappy they actually let you know about prowlers in the area. Well socialised and trained the Jack Russell is no more a threat than any other dog.

The second reaction is reserved for individuals that have loved and lived with a dog of this breed. Their eyes become a little softer and a grin which seems nearly uncontrolled appears on their face. Different breeds of dogs are preferred for their genetic characters and the JRT is a comical, intelligent and brave dog. The most prominent positive characteristic is this dog’s fierce commitment to his owner and handler.

Bred for catching rats and other little furry creatures in the part of pest control many pet Jack Russell’s can develop chase behavior. This is evaded by coaching good recall using positive reinforcement. A squeaky toy is a great recall tool for this kind of dog because it is appealing to his nature that wants to make things squeak. This is a very responsive breed of dog.

So if you're considering supplying a home to a little dog of any age don't go by the Jack Russell with no further consideration. Talk to owners of the breed as many gather multiple numbers of them. Most will tell you that your first Jack Russell will certainly not be your last.

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