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Driver’s education is a course that is meant to prepare a new motorist to secure a provisional driving license and eventually a full license. Driving lessons can be done in the classroom or inside the vehicle, but experts agree that a combination of both is more beneficial to pupils. Some schools offer the theory component online, and just schedule practical lessons at your convenience. During classes, you will be taught on traffic regulations and the basics of operating a vehicle. Instructional videos may also be presented to show you the right way to drive and the consequences if you do not adhere to them. Driving lessons will also include discussions on various dangerous conditions in driving such as road conditions, driver impairments, and hazardous weather. In essence, driving lessons will help make you a better defensive driver and a more responsible road user.[youtube:BSYzNr0mSc4;[link:Driving Lessons];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSYzNr0mSc4&feature=related]

Who should enroll in a driver’s education course?

Many experts say that the younger you are the more essential it is for you to take up formal driving lessons. While fatalities among teen drivers have been in continuous decline over the last decade, it is still the primary cause of death in this age bracket. This underlines the importance of teaching teens about defensive driving. Driving lessons are not limited to teens; it can be taken by older people if they do not have prior experience in operating a vehicle. Refresher courses are also available for adult expats who want to familiarize themselves with driving procedures or maneuvers that are different from those they’ve been used to.

How do I pick the best driving school?

With so many driving schools in Glasgow, deciding which one to enroll in can be challenging. The best way to find a driving school is to ask from family and friends who have recently taken driving lessons. If you’re new to the area and you don’t have people to ask recommendations from, you can just do a search on the Web. The UK Driving Standards Agency website has a register of approved driving instructors or ADIs to help you find those near your area. You only have to supply your full post code on the tool’s search bar. The cost of tuition can vary widely from school to school, so it pays to do a lot of comparison shopping before settling on one driving school.

The least expensive driving school may not be the best choice. Comparing driving schools is no longer difficult to do as many of them have websites. One driving school in Glasgow that has a website is Top Gear Driving Tuition. Their fees start 21.00 for one hour lessons to around 600.00 for 30 hour courses. There are both male and female instructors at Top Gear Driving Tuition and they are all DSA-approved.

It is important that you get on well with whoever is teaching you to drive. If you are not comfortable with the instructor after your first lesson, try to look for a different one. Try to find someone that suits your personality and learning preferences.

One of the most reputable Glasgow-based driving school is Top Gear Driving Tuition and they have several male and female DSA approved driving instructors. Go here for More info about this driving school.

May 212012

As soon as possible after any accident or injury, take your notepad and start to get information down from folks at the scene. Start with witnesses, since they are more likely to want to leave fast. If your case is one of absolute, clear responsibility, you most likely don’t need to contact witnesses and get their statements. Nevertheless if there’s or might ever be even the tiniest question about culpability, read on and be in touch with those witnesses.

Do not dominate witnesses by asking their mother’s maiden etc.! All you need is a quick appreciation of what they saw, together with their name, address and telephone number. You can request an official statement later. However, if they’re prepared, it would be best for you if they can each sign a little three sentence paragraph telling what they saw. This is going to help to refresh their memory when the insurance adjuster attempts to sandpaper them for an auspicious statement later on.

If you are hurt or alternatively unable to talk with witnesses, ask a mate to do that important task for you – either at the scene or as soon as possible after. Witnesses can be a vital help in presenting your case.

If you are hurt or otherwise unable to talk with witnesses, ask a mate to do this important task for you – either at the scene or straight away afterwards. Also, infrequently a formalised contact by an investigator does not yield the same cooperation as you could get alone.

The purposes of witness statements are countless however essentially; they support either your version of culpability or your appraisal of damages. You can mention what the witness would say in your conversation or letter to the insurance adjuster give him the name or contact information for the witness for follow-up purposes.

You can talk with the witness and prepare a letter for her to sign that will be included with your demand package. You can prepare an official stipulation or certificated statement, made under penalty of perjury of the laws of your state, with a caption format (even if you’re not in legal action) and include that with your materials as something that carries the same weight as exact testimony.

Are you able to take images at the scene? If not, did some other person take them and are you able to get copies? If not, you need to return with a chum and take an entire set of photographs.

An n insurance corporation can’t contradict photographs. They may disagree with how you assert an accident occurred, or how badly you were hurt, but they cannot deny what was in your image. When you take a picture of the surrounding circumstances in the grocery store, you can show the adjuster in dramatic fashion that your eyes were attracted away from the floor. Photographs show things better than you can describe them. They exhibit details that somebody may not notice initially, or in any way. Better yet they preserve the scene, the proof and visual proof of injuries, although our memories will change all of that over time.

When you present your stills, they help to increase the value of your claim because they let the insurance adjuster know that you have developed your claim in an n organized and considerate demeanour.

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Everyday the world forms new connections and advancement of civilizations leading to substantial increases in available services and giving us extensive choices. These choices may complicate our need to allocate expenses prudently but the benefits far outweigh any negative aspects. A fine example is the ability for more and more people to own cars. Cars are not just for the rich anymore. Due to their popularity, the auto servicing businesses are also on a growth spiral, like the auto shipping industry to name just one of these services.

Auto shipping used to be primarily domestic, now it is full-blown global. This very global nature has brought forth some real concerns and drawbacks. With opportunities come some serious hurdles to overcome. With a review of the basic procedures that can be put in place before delving into the subject of international auto shipping, and some of what is faced when transporting a vehicle across oceans or country boundaries, we can make more intelligent decisions about the industry as a whole.

Firstly, you need to get all your documentation together to hand to the auto shipper. Documentation such as title, registration and any other proof of ownership that you can supply. Your own personal identification to prove who you are and who your company is, if applicable, is also a necessity. Such papers include a driver’s license, articles of incorporation, commercial invoices, birth certificates, passports and anything else you can muster to prove you are you and your company is a true, living entity.

Another factor to consider in international auto shipping is ensuring that the information on the receiver of the vehicle is made clear and whoever that entity is is easily identifiable. The shipping company most certainly does not want the auto delivered into the wrong hands. Of course, insurance and tax paperwork must be part of the auto shipping preparations. These documents are always required in international shipments. Those are the basics, let’s get a bit more advanced.

Each country has its own customs procedures and regulations. Cambodia wants a detailed list in English of every car shipped in. France requires imported vehicles be operable and that they cannot be disposed within two years of entry. India boasts the odd restriction that vehicles exceeding 1600cc must be registered in the name of the importer for at least one year. Venezuela demands the recipient of the vehicle be in port with a valid driver’s license in order to release the vehicle to them.

A little knowledge of the intricate nature of international auto shipping and customs laws should help you to understand what the industry is faced with so you can do your part with the proper documentation, etc. when it comes to the cumbersome demands of the destination countries. One more example of weird regulations is in Venezuela where the recipient must be in port with a valid driver’s license to get the auto released. No matter how peculiar the customs laws are an any destination, you must comply or risk loss of your vehicle.

I think it is obvious that there is no specific outline to follow to successfully guide your car and the shipping company to any international destination Knowing that variables are the rule will help prepare you for international auto shipment. Be aware that new wrinkles may show themselves along the way and be prepared for that situation too. In sum, international auto shipping is an industry of hundreds of variables and infinite detail.

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The world is growing smaller, internet and new technologies advance and the criminal?s ability to commit evil deeds against law-abiding folks has advanced along with them. Most crime is for the financial benefit of the perpetrators making businesses the preferred target. The auto shipping industry has not escaped the criminal endeavors of those who would do harm. Auto shippers move expensive possessions through exploitable channels and this does not go unnoticed by evildoers. Two major threats for the auto shipping industry are carjacking and vandalism. To prepare your car against these crimes you must take preventive measures and prepare yourself and your car every way you can.

It?s common knowledge that carjacking is on the rise and so is carjacking using force and weapons. Auto shipping carriers can load multiple vehicles on one truck and travel any road that gets them to their destination the quickest. This route will include some lonely, remote and unprotected roadways exposing them to both vandals and carjackers. Besides being ever watchful, there are some things you and car shippers can do to ensure a safe journey for your car. .All apertures that can be locked must be locked to avoid illicit entry. This includes not only doors and windows, but the trunk and hood as well. Drivers must always be aware of their environment and their surroundings. Anyone approaching your vehicle that appears unusual given the circumstance should be held under the utmost suspicion and treated accordingly. Park in public, well lit streets or lots. If driving, drive on roads with substantial traffic that are well marked so you always know where you are.

A back up plan and emergency exit strategies can help thwart carjacking attempts. Some simple steps to begin with are storing important keys on separate chains and hidden automatic openers are good ideas that may save you in some situations. If attacked, your job is to survive, not to hold on to your material goods or nab the criminals. Save yourself, notify authorities of the crime and work out the details of nailing the thugs and redeeming lost property at a later time with the proper authorities and let them handle it.

Vandalism occurs for many reasons to auto shipping companies, thereby to their customers too. It is difficult to determine why or where the vandalism took place. Vandalism is a random act. A way that vehicle transporters can avoid vandalism is to park in unobstructed lots away from high crime areas and leave vehicles locked up.

Vandalism can be avoided by auto shippers by parking the carriers inside garages whenever available and never leave the vehicles unattended in public places. Safety technologies are more advanced and cost effective than ever before. Many auto shipping companies have turned to cameras and complicated alarm systems to thwart those with ill intentions. From the customer?s view of auto shipping safety, hiring a transportation company with the option of closed containers and using one can work miracles in stopping any potential issues of harm to their vehicle or loss. Whatever you do, it is wise to be aware of threats along the way so you can do your best to prepare for them, and hopefully prevent them altogether.

Cars are very valuable and can present lucrative opportunities to the corrupt mind. Working with an auto shipping company that understands this can provide a huge advantage to the consumer. For car transports getting the job done right is mostly centered around moving the car from one point to another while keeping it in the same condition. By taking measures to stop potential car jackers and vandals, auto shippers can provide unparalleled service to their patrons. Staying safe and protecting assets is a huge part of successful car carrying and something that should never be taken lightly.

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People who have a job, any job, in today’s economic slowdown are fortunate. The unemployed and underemployed are looking into previously ignored industries to find work. Even the most driven job seeker has substantial difficulty finding a job that stirs his passion. With jobs scarce and well paying and satisfying jobs even scarcer, a look into the auto shipping industry might become a happy discovery.

There are a huge number of people who have set their goals toward higher achievement who have had to settle for jobs taken solely for survival. This is a sad situation but the worker at least is responsible enough to show up for work, do the job effectively and get his regular paycheck allowing him to handle personal needs, like feeding, clothing and putting a roof over his (and possibly his family’s) head.. There are many roads to take in life and the turns we choose to take along them greatly impact our existence.

Jobs touch every aspect of life, and even now, there is a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to making a living. An option of note is the auto shipping industry. Auto transportation has become a viable and thriving industry with loads of opportunities for the job seeker to make his mark. The following paragraphs will take a look at jobs in the car transportation field from entry level to technically skilled to executive.

Beginning with entry level positions, the customer service representative is an extremely important one to the company. The manner is which they deal with customer issues can result in either the loss of that customer’s business or positive word of mouth advertising for the company. Yet another starter job is that of dispatcher. A critical position that controls the movement of shipping transactions to keep the traffic flowing smoothly and on time. At a somewhat higher level in the company’s organization chart is the broker, a middleman between the customer and company responsible for relationship management, conflict of interest resolution, new business development and the well being of both customer and company.

The auto shipping industry would be nothing without responsible employees at all levels. Chief among them may be the CDL drivers whose duty it is to get those mighty rigs down the road. Driving big rigs loaded with expensive, heavy automobiles is not for the fragile flower. It is a physical task involving diligence, alertness and accountability of those who undertake it. These drivers must be cognizant of current traffic laws, safety and road signage wherever they go. Truck mechanics with their certification earned after extensive schooling are essential to the driver’s safety and that of his cargo.

At the top of the company chart is the Chief Operating Officer. This executive has to handle the constant scrutiny of government regulators while keeping on top of his company’s operations and personnel.

All the customer is aware of is that the auto shipping company is performing a valuable service in a professional manner. Only the employees are aware of the risks involved and the overwhelming organizational demands of the industry. All of them that survive and thrive in the business are extremely competent in what they do, highly motivated and energetic. Does this sound like something you might be interested in?

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There was a time when people who wanted to broadcast themselves were restricted to making their own pirate radio stations. Indeed it is said that this was how the popularity of rock and roll music became more widespread. However the arrival of the internet has meant that it is not only possible to create your own audio content but it is also possible to learn how to make money with online radio talk shows.

The first thing to do is find a company that offers this service. They work like a switchboard, allowing you to broadcast your show via them. Like a lot of other services of this nature there are various ones to choose from.

With online content there is the possibility that you can get a very wide audience but often it is easier to focus on a target demographic. This then affects the tone of the program and what kind of content is suitable. For example if it was directed at local people then it would be best to look for local sponsors in your area.

This then makes it easier to promote to them. If you want to promote your own business then this becomes even simpler. All you need to think about is who purchases your products or uses your services.

You can also earn more by endorsing products. These should be relevant to the target audience. Therefore if you are making a program for first time mothers then you may want your program to be sponsored by a company that makes buggies or a publisher of baby books.

Some people may not be comfortable about having their program sponsored. An alternative is to run advertisements. This is also quite useful from a production point of view as it gives you a break and allows you to have specific topics that can be spread throughout the program.

The good thing about this type of broadcasting is that it does not require a lot of equipment. You simply need a microphone and a lot of enthusiasm. If possible you may want to consider bringing in special guests in order to help enliven the program and give people someone else to interact alongside.

In short learning how to make money with online radio talk shows is a matter of deciding the content and who it is aimed at. You also have the option of whether or not you want sponsors or advertisement breaks. Look online for more tips and information from other people who have made their own programs in order to help you create your own.

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As of late, some reports have been published about plans for Children’s Services and social care sector about recruiting social care. Taking into account the current climate, what’s the best way to build a career in Children’s Services?

In 2008, eleven plans for social work remodeling, which were intended to improve that service sector, were piloted in the UK. With these types of programmes, social care has been looking into increasing development, including increased investment in recruitment and adding new positions in the social care field.

Just what is the implication for you? Well, with further investment and overall service revision come increased opportunities for social care service professionals, including those with expertise in Children’s Services.

Children’s Services is a diverse area of social care, full of potential opportunities for professionals with a range of skills and experience. Social care recruitment will allow you to follow a number of different routes if you are looking in the Children’s Services sector:

Exercising prevention and intervening early on

Child protection

Mental health issues in children

Kids that experience issues with physical health

Kids that live in care

Youngsters who no longer qualify for care

Children in residential housing

It will depend on the specific area in which you are interested or are an expert. If you’re already working in social care, you might very well have whatever skills you need because they are transferable.

If you have no background in social work or if you are thinking of making a change, it would be wise to take the time to list the skills, both professional and personal, needed to succeed in the field of social work as a Children’s Services worker.

When considering Children’s Services as a vocation, you should keep in mind that you will likely work with a wide age range of young people, from infants to teenagers on the cusp of independence. Most likely you will be working with young people who have issues because of things that happened to them in the past.

Working with vulnerable children requires compassion, patience, open-mindedness and dedication. Children of any age group who are traumatized by neglect or emotional, sexual, or physical abuse are often difficult to manage. The potential for harmful behaviour or complex needs in some of these children is something worth taking into consideration before you pursue a career in the Children’s Services field.

Some of those skills may be built up from experience outside of a professional setting, such as an experience caring for a loved one. However, a career in Children’s Services also requires certain qualifications. In order to be a social worker located in the UK, it is necessary to be approved by the General Social Care Council (GSCC), meaning you must have a social care degree acceptable by the GSCC. You may also be required to have certain educational qualifications, such as GCSEs, depending upon the hiring body or organisation, and an up-to-date criminal record check from the Criminal Records Bureau.

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Interim management has long been the career path of choice for ambitious, successful professionals who are experts in their field. Because of the high wages, varied projects, and opportunities to develop new skills, many top executives are looking to this as a way to work into new options.

Interim management is a field dominated by men, since 85% of them are men and in the over 50 crowd, as reported by Executives Online in March 2011. So is there a place for female professionals to take back this market?

Interim management is no different than many other professional careers across the UK, in that there is a gender pay gap. In a six-month report released by Russam GMS in June 2011, the recruitment agency found that an 8% gap in favor of men remained in the rates of pay awarded to professionals at the interim management level.

Average pay for male interim managers is 613, while average female pay for interim managers is 567 per day, which is down from the 11% gap reported in December 2010.

But this does not necessarily indicate that unequal pay is pervasive throughout the field of interim management. Chairman of Russam GMS, Charles Russam, speculates that the discrepancy is influenced by the average rates of pay in the different sectors male and female interim managers are traditionally attracted to.

When looking at the contracting sector, a pay discrepancy of only 3 was found when comparing men and women working as interim managers, as reported by Executives Online in March 2011. To be sure, it is best to have no pay discrepancy at all; nevertheless, myriad other UK industries have far more significant gaps.

So if rate of pay doesn’t necessarily have to represent a barrier to female interim management, the question remains as to whether or not it is right for women?

1600 females working as interim managers were recently surveyed by Interim Women, a business forum, to determine the profile and motivations of women working in the field of interim management.

The survey found that the average female interim manager had 22 years’ experience in business and came from a top executive level position. The drive to move towards becoming an interim manager was found in a desire to control their own destinies, improve work/life balance, develop and improve business skills and flexibility.

However, the women’s group warns, a certain level of financial instability must factor into anyone becoming an interim manager, male or female. It often takes a great deal of networking and professional connections to win contracts, and this can take a long time.

As a historically male dominant industry, interim management does still have a pay gap based on gender. However, the role has been found to be equally suited to ambitious, determined and creative female professionals who are seeking to develop their careers, their skills and their opportunities for the future.

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There are a number of pros and cons surrounding every career choice, and choosing to become a driving instructor is no different.

This post is intended to be a quick fire list of the pros and cons of learning to be a driving instructor, to assist you in making a decision.

Some of the advantages of working as a driving instructor:

As a driving instructor you’ll be working for yourself, this has many advantages if you have the right attitude. You are in complete control of your day and working week, as well as being able to choose your own hourly rate are very nice benefits.

Depending on your success, your earnings will be more than decent. Because you are setting your own hourly rate, your salary is entirely in your own hands.

If job satisfaction is important to you, then a career as a driving instructor may be ideal. As you are teaching, you can take a lot of satisfaction from seeing your learners improve and eventually pass their test.

While you’ll spend a lot of your time in the passenger seat of a car, it beats being in a mundane office environment. You’ll need to stay alert, and need to have good communication with your learner, so there’s very little chance you’ll find this job boring.

Each lesson will not be only be an education for your clients, but also for you as an instructor. With each driving lesson may increase your ability to instruct, communicate and aid your learner.

There will always be people looking to learn to drive, from teenagers just turned 17 to those looking to get back on the road.

If you’d prefer to not go at a driving instructor career completely solo, then you can consider working under a franchise. Franchises can provide added benefits and advice for a monthly fee.

What about the disadvantages of being a driving instructor?

Being your own boss means that you have to be self-motivating, and self-assured in your abilities. You’ll be able to set your own hourly rate, but you should also be on top of your own records and taxes.

You should be aware that the cost of becoming a driving instructor can be quite steep depending on the route you take. Expenses surrounding exams, registering and training may be a big factor in your decision.

Be aware that from time to time your students will cancel lessons on you with very little notice. Unfortunately this is a scheduled slot that you won’t be getting paid for. This won’t happen often but you should be aware of it.

Despite the fact that nearly all of your students are going to be brilliant, it goes without saying you’ll not like every one of them. This should not sway your performance to teach and perform as a driving instructor.

In summary, there appears to be more ‘pros’ than there are ‘cons’ in the above, which can only be a good thing. Its up to you to decide how much weight each carries.

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Being aware of the running costs associated if you decide you’d like to become a driving instructor will allow you to obtain a better idea of just how much income you will profit.

Though the teacher car is comparatively low powered and quite efficient you’ll use a significant amount of fuel, this is a clear cost of operating your business that should be considered.

The actual motor insurance will be more expensive than the average driver’s if you happen to become a driving instructor. Some may argue that a car driven by a learner while under instruction is in fact much less risky rather than a car being driven by an experienced driver… regrettably this is one more truth you would have to bear in mind.

Understandably, if you intend on using individual cars for work and private use you would have to pay for 2 car insurance policies.

Because of what can certainly be viewed as strange reasoning, you could find whenever it’s time to replace your driving instructor vehicle you get less compared to what you might typically expect to gain. This is a harsh truth, and even while generally the car isn’t different to others, there can be a real misconception that the vehicle has been abused by new drivers, and so is regularly seen as broken…

If you are planning on becoming a driving instructor that operates within a franchise you should expect costs included. The fees change based on the franchise you might work under therefore you would also will have to factor this within the career goals.

These expenses can be justified once you look into a car being included for instance, and additional support you receive as opposed to working entirely for yourself once you become driving instructor.

As a driving instructor you are owning your own company and need to get your name on the market. Advertisement expenses will be substantial conditional upon the publication or media.

Without a doubt, you’re able to end up as a driving instructor that your students highly recommend to their work colleagues. It’s a real possibility to secure more students entirely on word of mouth so because of this not have to be concerned about incurring costs involving advertising your business!

To sum up, it’s for you to consider. It is best to weigh up these costs against the advantages and salary of being a driving instructor.

Deciding to become a driving instructor should not be taken casually, and I advise you to read up as much on the topic as you can. It would possibly be valuable looking at driving instructor training you just read the expenses involved.

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