Jun 272012

Is the Recaro Seat truly one of the safest car seats on the market? Here is a short lived history of Recaro, a company at the very top of its game.

Wilhelm Reutter set up his first company in 1906, producing luxury automobile seats in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1912 his workshop produced the first Reutter Reform Coach, later renamed Cabriolet. Reutter worked closely with Porsche and BMW, and produced the prototype of the VW Beetle.

The neame Recaro is a play on words, combining Reutter and Carosserien, the German word for Coach. The company as as it is understood today was founded in 1963. The 1st Recaro sporting seat was released in 1965, and the company swiftly found its niche as a leader in motor racing safety.

Recaro is a guru in automobile safety and labor saving comfort. They took everything they learned in one hundred years of safeguarding humans from automobile crashes and changed it to infants. Their Recaro Baby Seat use lots of the same fine quality materials used to produce high performance automobile seats.

The Recaro ProRIDE is the Recaro Baby Car Seat designed specifically for infants as tiny as 5 pounds. Other seats are OK for toddlers from 20 pounds, and booster seats are available for older kids.

These kid auto seats are specifically built to protect against side impact, the most hazardous kind of automobile crash. Foam panels on each side of the head soak up the impact, while the soft head restrainer limits neck movement. The seat is designed to protect the five most exposed areas of your child’s body : the face, head, neck, torso and pelvis.

Mum and Dad will also appreciate the removable cover for simple washing, and the easy handle to adjust the straps to fit youngsters up to eight years or older. It’s also equipped with sections of mesh fabric to help in keeping your baby cool and dry even in the summer.

Both mother and father and children alike will enjoy the safety, convenience and comfort of a Recaro baby seat. The ergonomic shell is intended to be snug for youngsters of many ages. The five-point harness keeps your shild safely in their seat and can be adjusted without rethreading. The Recaro infant auto seat is fairly priced considering its great performance, and will fit your kid or youngsters for several years to come.

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Jan 172012

“No, no, no covers on my toe, Mommy,” screams my adorable little boy while he sits in car seat drinking juice and snacking on a cookie oblivious to the suitcases and apparel that surround every inch of room those of traveling with him have. Traveling is awesome! Checking out different cities and vacation spots is absurdly fun! And even though traveling typically requires a few forms of transportation, I have always believed that hearing others share their travel stories and making your own travel experiences are some of the greatest pleasures life has to offer…. until I started traveling with children! 🙂

In my years before the children, I was naive and foolish enough to see myself as something of an authority on traveling and foolishly imparted my naive travel tips and travel reviews with anyone that would listen.

Tip one – Don’t pick one destination and stay there for a week, it’s so much more awesome to visit several cities one vacation. Our favorite vacation was one in which we flew into Boston and rented a car and toured a few cities in Canada before returning to Boston. Great trip. Great memories. Oh, but that was before I started traveling with children. When attempting a similar style vacation with my husband and young kids, we quickly discovered the our children’s emotional wellbeing was compromised by the constant moving to new cities and new hotels. Now we have learned the art of picking one destination and one rental property and staying there for the entire length of our stay!

Tip two – To save money consider booking a B&B vs. a hotel. Well, this is still a great tip…. IF you don’t have kids, but many of us do and unfortunately we learned from the askance glares we received during one misbegotten adventure which included my sweet eighteen month old little daughter screaming at the top of her lungs during a quaint New England breakfast because we wouldn’t allow her access to a knife, that Bed and Breakfasts while cheaper were no longer feasible for our family. Thankfully, the owners didn’t immediately kick us out!

I could continue with all the dumb ideas I held before I began traveling with children, but thankfully I am happy to report that I have at least now learned that going on vacation with my kids obviously necessitates such things as car seats and so on and has required me to adopt a new way of thinking in order to help us as we transport the family from our house to our chosen spot of relaxation and home again. It helps to bring an array of films, gadgets, songs and other products for our road trip and choosing vacation locales that above are good spots for the whole family is paramount to achieving a successful vacation experience. And lastly, I’ve come to appreciate the silly moments we share as a family, such as my son’s blanket experience… these are the truly great moments in trip.

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Mar 182011

Vehicle safety and the standards created to uphold them in all vehicles is extremely important. Driving is essentially a battle with potentially dangerous elements in the road; hence, safety features in vehicles are paramount.

Automobile Safety and Car Seats

The car seat is given much attention when it comes to vehicle safety. The car seat hugs the person and hence, must be checked for safety because it is truly close or proximate to the body. Hence, a focus on car seats for safety is perfectly logical. When the car seat standards of safety and quality are not met by certain car types or models, a recall order on these vehicles can be given. When the reason for a recall state is due to the car seats, it is often called car seat recalls.

Car seat recalls can be devastating especially to the company’s:

Income – When car seat recalls are made known to the public, the potential customers may turn away from buying these kinds of items. Customers may turn away because of news about this condition. A massive recall will also cost money to the company because of the expenses for refund and repair for those faulty car seats.

Company’s credibility – The credibility of the said companies will also be questioned by customers because of such news. People always look for trusted companies who place a high regard on customer safety and quality of car parts, including the vital car seats. Hence, companies do not like having recalls of any sort on their items.

A car seat recall notice could also mean a few negative things for the consumers. For one thing, your vehicle may have low quality or defective car seats that can predispose you to danger. You are more likely to be a road hazard and a defective car seat may place you and other people’s lives in danger.

How to deal with car seat recalls

The advice or notice is in good faith and you must follow the advice of the company concerned. If they advocate for a repair or replacement of the said car seats, it will be best to comply. If you do not follow the said suggestions, you may be putting your life and other people’s lives in danger.

It is important as a parents or a care giver to be up to date with Car Seat Recalls you don’t want to be putting your child in danger.