Aug 092012

Ford’s Mustang is probably the world’s most frequently restored automobiles. This can be due to both cars’ exceptional recognition cheap Ford Mustang parts are frequently on current day market. However, repairing this kind of vehicle might be a challenging endeavor.

For this reason it is important for the person completing the project to formulate a plan for the restoration. Many times, however, this essential step is overlooked. The latter is a mistake, as auto restoration often turns into a lengthy process during which a person can quickly start to feel overwhelmed.

This is why one’s first step should be to generate an itemized list of the classic Mustang parts he or she will need to complete the job. Next, the individual should plan each step of the restoration in order. For instance, a person must determine if the interior or exterior should be restored first. One must also decide if cosmetic detail or engine and suspension work should be first on the list of tasks to complete.

The time line of the project and how it is planned will largely depend upon the person completing the work. If the car is not mechanically sound, this is usually a good place to begin. However, each person must create a schedule with which he or she feels comfortable.

Prior to starting mechanical repairs, it is important to understand exactly what is essential to repair the suspension or engine from the vehicle. Such tasks can involve an easy fine-tuning, or many find the engine should be reconstructed. Obtaining the right group of mechanic’s tools is another extremely important consideration.

As formerly stated, a range of components is available towards the restoration of those cars. Whether or not the very first is looking for 1965 Mustang parts or components for just about any newer model, such items are often not so difficult to get. Generally, they are recognized to as aftermarket parts, in addition to their quality will change in a single distributor to another.

When the model was produced, its manufacturers’ intended to ensure that it’s an affordable vehicle which will attract the general public. Although now regarded as just like a classic vehicle, because of why it absolutely was intended it’s not all parts for such cars fit together correctly. This problem is often increased when clients choose cheap restoration components.

This general rule especially applies to pieces made from sheet metal, such as fenders and doors. For this reason a person should only buy supplies such as this from responsible dealers who are willing to offer refunds on merchandise that does not fit one’s car. The purchase of quality Ford Mustang parts and properly organizing the tasks involved in the process will ensure that one’s project will have the desired outcome. Regardless of which model a person is restoring, almost everyone would agree that the project is an enjoyable and interesting activity.

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Jun 182012

Recently Earth-friendly alternative-fuel and hybrid vehicles have gained major attention and an increasing market share.

But you don’t need to have old batteries lying around or buy a different vehicle to protect the environment. All you really need in the playbook of environmental consciousness are two “sets” of “plays” – maintaining your vehicle and practicing good driving habits.

Here are the “plays”, or should we say tips that could help you score a touchdown in the field of Earth-friendly auto maintenance. The first tip would be to make sure your car’s engine is in top condition at all times. Perform regular vehicle maintenance at the intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. And make sure you have your engine checked in an expedient manner if you see the “check engine” light.

To find a trustworthy repair facility, ask friends for recommendations or search online for auto repair facilities near you. Closely monitor the pressure in your tires. An underinflated tire, or tires would cause your engine to push farther than it could and, as a result, guzzle more gas in order to keep your vehicle moving.

Don’t have your car’s air conditioning serviced by just any Joe Blow in the neighborhood – the technicians must be properly certified to handle automotive AC systems. Older air conditioning systems contain ozone-depleting chemicals that could be released into the atmosphere.

Speaking of older cars and dangerous chemicals, some of them have switches that contain mercury that are used to activate lighting systems. However, you can have this substance eliminated from your vehicle, as many shops have “mercury switch out” programs that allow you to change these switches for those that are made out of more environmentally friendly substances.

You’ll only end up wasting gas and risking a traffic violation if you put the pedal to the metal and try beating the speed limit, red light, or whatnot.

If you need to change fluids or batteries, dispose of them properly. Make a quick call to your local waste management agency if you need some help. Do not, and I repeat do not spill engine fluids on to the ground, because they may eventually find themselves mingling with otherwise fresh water in a nearby lake – not very Earth-friendly at all.

If you follow the tips above and make sure you are driving environmentally safe, then you will be rewarded with an automobile that will last the long haul while not doing anything harmful to Mother Nature. In other words, when you “go green,” the Earth wins, your car wins — and you are the biggest winner of all!

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Jun 182012

The tires are considered to be the part of the car which is prone to wear and tear. Imagine all the rough roads that it has to roll on and the slippery streets that it has to pass during the rainy and winter season. It is the reason why every tires should be in its best condition before using it and not by the looks of it. Tires should give you enough traction to the ground in order for you not to skid or run into an accident just as your tires needs replacement. Hence, changing your tires regularly is a must to make sure that you and your passengers are safe on the road. Consequently, buying tires online is an option that you may would like to consider.

Replacing your tires is not exactly the most fun part first because it can be quite expensive. Nonetheless, is there a price too much for your safety? I think not. Nevertheless, there is nothing compares to a good quality tires in a good price, and also in this article i will tell you on how to get this. Consider shopping for your tires online. I know you are having a second thought on buying tires in the internet as you wanted to touch and feel the tires first before committing on buying. Still, these include the benefits and advantages of online tire shopping that you may possibly want to experience for your self.

The primary reason why people resort to buying tires online is that it comes out cheaper than purchasing it from a traditional store. The reason behind this is that online stores do not need to pay for their expensive rent just like many actual store that needs to pay them regularly. For this reason, they are able to give the best possible price for the consumers. that way, you will get the even more for your hard earned money.

Next, buying tires online enables you to compare prices between websites. This saves time and the hassle of having to go from one tire store to the next just so you are sure that you are getting the most out of your money.Try doing a price comparison yourself and see which product suits your favor with just a click of a mouse.

Additionally, increasing numbers of people are purchasing tires online simply because internet retailers offer you more choices as compared to the typical stores. Common stores usually offers limited selection as they confined to their on-hand stocks because their stockroom could only handle too much. Online shopping is actually shopping around the world considering that things are available in there. Why should you limit your choices while you can have a wide array of choices online?

Last, it truly is convenient to make an online purchase since you are able to check the feedback of people who bought a certain tire at forums as well as web logs. Doing this, you are sure that you are buying quality before choosing tires online. This is a proven fact that nothing at all can easily convince a person better, not even paid for advertising, as compared to recommendations. That is what exactly the internet digitally offers.

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Jun 012012

Be honest, when you read an article about national gas prices and find that your costs are less than another region, you feel smug. It’s a short lived joy because the same article probably told you that gas is less than a quarter a gallon in Venezuela.

Chances are, you’ve never seen gas that cheap in your lifetime. You’d wish things would be this way back home due to the low, low gas prices. Crude oil costs, unfortunately, are the scapegoat for most governments when it comes to high gas prices.

That’s the price per barrel than OPEC controls. The OPEC, like most other monopolies, controls crude oil prices like they control most of the supply. The OPEC can be quite shrewd about this, setting “output restrictions” to jack up prices – by producing less oil, they now have an excuse to increase the prices.

Think of it as asking your boss to sign your own paycheck after you’ve written it. The oil situation here in America can be described as a war between breathing clean air and driving. Most oil price increases are blamed on EPA Tier 2 regulations – a convenient scapegoat for most oil companies.

These new regulations, however, are designed to improve the state of our environment. As a result, it becomes a tug-o-war between breathing fresh air and driving a vehicle. Do we care more about breathing or driving? Another factor that has hindered oil production are recent natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina and other powerful storms that have hit America. Regardless of the environmental impact, the refining capacity is lower.

Demand for gas worldwide is increasing. This applies for the US as well as most parts of the world. India and China are rapidly becoming major gas consumers. These are the new challengers in the gas consumption race, as they compete for a share of what OPEC has to offer.

Some oil producing countries aren’t under OPEC control, but are subject to internal problems. For instance, Venezuela and Nigeria are both prone to political tensions, and a revolution can easily put a halt to oil production for a while.

Supply and demand plays a large part in determining gas prices. When demand is great and supply is smaller, prices increase. Since OPEC can control a substantial portion of the world’s oil supply, they have the ability to work this ratio to their benefit.

However, you have a choice, as you can always do your part to reduce gas demand. Many people are starting to do this due to the rising prices. Developing alternative fuels is an important way to change from primarily fuel users to major fuel producers.

Back in the 70s when OPEC learned how to flex its economic muscles, U.S. consumers demanded alternative fuels. The idea died a natural death when oil prices became reasonable and the oil crisis became less of a concern.

Almost 40 years later, alternative fuels are again being mooted as a safe and affordable alternative to the OPEC’s oil. Alternative fuel made from corn or other agricultural products not only can reduce fuel prices but also provides a new market for America’s farmers. With alternative fuels, farmers could become the new OPEC, providing fuel to an increasing world market.

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May 122012

If you watch the news or read it online, you should be familiar with the recent batch of car recalls. You may think your car is safe from the recall menace, but don’t celebrate just because your dealer hasn’t sent you anything in the mail. However, there are still ways that you can do your part in ensuring the safety of your car.

If you bought your car new from a reputable dealership, contact them to see if you car is on the recall list. Get in touch with other dealers who also carry the make and model of car you purchased if your dealer’s out of business. The manufacturer’s website is one of the best authorities when checking if your make and model is up for recall. You will most likely be pushed back to the dealer, so be prepared for this should your car be up for recall.

If your car is on the recall list, that’s the time to set up an appointment for the repair. It would be more polite to schedule an appointment rather than just walking in. This gives the dealership time to order parts, staff accordingly, and ensure that they’re giving your vehicle enough time to make the repair. You just might fall asleep waiting if you walk in.

Next thing to do is to have all your ducks conveniently in a row – ask them how long the repair would take, if you would need to loan a car, and if the repair is going to cost you – it shouldn’t. You shouldn’t pay because it is their defect that led to the recall. Their fault, they pay. The dealership, though, may not be able to let you rent a car for free if the repairs would take one night or more. You should have other choices. One such option would be a shuttle service. A shuttle service would be able to drop by for you before work once you drop off the car, then return for you after work. Regardless if you wait, take the shuttle or rent a loaner, being without your car, even for a few hours is tough, so plan ahead.

Documentation is essential whenever your car ends up on the recall list. Keep every piece of paperwork that you get regarding your car. Print out and save any email correspondence you have with the dealership or manufacturer, as well as any vital information found on a website. Also keep any estimates or receipts for the work. This may be the most important part of the recall process, so keep everything in order! If you have disputes regarding the cost of repairs or safety of your car, you will need this file.

All the tips above are applicable only for newer vehicles. If you are driving a used car, you will need to verify whether it is still covered by the recall. Don’t jump into any hasty conclusions. And take note that different models would have different reasons behind the recall. Don’t go rushing in like a fool, read up on the issue at hand and find out what it is before having your car repaired. Know what the problem is going in, how they intend to fix it, and keep any proof that shows the issue has been repaired.

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May 082012

There are a few simple ways to perform little tasks on your car without destruction or complexities. Every level of experience for car repairs is addressed in several different manuals whether online, or in a book. A drastic improvement in the resale of a car and the overall performance can be achieved through small maintenance performed by the owner.

Although DIY automotive maintenance cannot replace a regular service at the shop, it can help maintain a car between services, and help stretch out the service intervals if budget constraints require more time between servicing.

Clean battery posts, new windshield wipers, and properly filled fluids under the hood of the car are all easy maintenance jobs that can be performed by the car owner to save a trip to the mechanics.

A radiator flush keeps corrosion from building up inside the radiator, ensuring that the cooling system in the car works properly. Radiator flushes are an easy way to participate in DIY maintenance of your car, using the right items, from the comfort of your home.

Changing brake pads and discs is pretty straightforward for most people who can handle tools. Pad replacements can be pinpointed by how much pressure you have to apply before your car stops, or a squeaking sound your car makes every time you brake. Many local automotive parts retailers have a variety of brand name and off brand items for your car.

Keeping the ABS sensors clean can prevent the ABS warning light from switching on and leading the owner to believe the brakes needed to be serviced. After you realize where the sensors are, it is easy to wipe them off to keep from having another false alarm. Often this simple job prevents an expensive trip to the repair shop. Take the car into a dealership or shop to check the performance of the car after a maintenance light turns on.

Improving fuel efficiency, car performance, and the prevention of costly affairs are easy to do by the replacement of fuel and air filters. In conclusion to changing air and fuel filters, it is important to have common knowledge about the tools being used.

Oil changes requires the removal of all old oil and for the sump to be filled with clean oil. Oil changes are rather filthy tasks that will clean and maintain the life of the engine.

Practice safety by making sure the car will not roll or move with proper security of tires before beginning. Use an extremely low skateboard or slider for under the car. Otherwise a rubber mat on the ground offers protection from dirt and scrapes.

Car parts are not as hard to replace as it may seem. Just remember the order in which everything was removed, put it back in reverse order, and make sure you use every nut and bolt you took off. Every part of a car is just as important as the next one.

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May 082012

It’s not impossible to slid across an icy road or be unable to see out a foggy windshield.

During the winter months, dangerous driving conditions will increase. Be positive that your car will be up to the test.

Your tires are the first things you need to think about. If you want to avoid feeling frightened that your car has little traction during these weather conditions, then it’s best to put on a set of winter tires. The winter tires today are designed to reduce the risk of slipping and also allows better traction. Keep in mind that the tires are the only part of your vehicle that touches the ground.

Besides getting the right tires, appropriate car maintenance is also important. If you want to be safe on the icy roads, then it’s good to adopt good maintenance practices.

Making sure your tires are properly inflated, rotated, aligned and replacing them whenever necessary is an important thing to consider, regardless of the season. But pressure is reduced when the air inside a tire contracts, and this usually happens when temperatures drop. That’s why it’s vital to check your tire pressure often during winter months. Over inflation or under inflation will cause trouble because it will lessen the gripping action due to the tread not meeting the road surface as it’s supposed to.

When tires have not moved in at least 3 hours or have been driven less than a mile, then they should be checked weekly.

A certified automotive technician should also check components like exhaust, batteries, heating and defrosting systems, and engine. Also remember to keep the vehicle’s main fluids filled to the recommended levels.

Keeping your gas tanks full is also a good idea because not only does it add helpful weight, it also helps to lessen moisture problems within the fuel system.

You’ll feel safer and thankful for the feeling of control while you’re driving knowing that your winter tires are given the right maintenance.

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May 062012

Even though installing speaker is an easy process, cars have their own type of car speaker installation. Installing speakers usually take about an hour or even less. Depending on the vehicle, the intricacy of the installation will vary. Speakers can either be installed in the dash, doors or rear deck, and it’s also depending on the vehicle.

You should also consider safety when installing speakers. Damage, injuries, and added costs can be caused if speakers are not installed properly. As for the protection of hearing/vision, it should be used as necessary.

Here are some fundamental steps that should be considered when you install speakers. But keep in mind that extra steps may be required for some vehicles. Regardless of the location of speakers in your vehicle and the location for mounting that’s noted here, in the end the methods should still be comparable.

Ascertain if the vehicle has speaker grilles that are removable if you are to install on the dash or door. If the grilles are removable, then here’s what you have to do: utilize appropriate tools to remove the grilles, remove the screw that are holding the speakers in, disconnect and connect the speaker harness to the new speaker, plug speaker harness, set speaker in the opening, reinstall using the screws for mounting, then replace the grille. You need to make sure that window operation won’t be interfered and affected by the speaker’s depth once you’ve installed in the door.

The dash pads or door panel will have to be removed if the grilles are not removable. Just pay close attention to any screws or clips that are removed. Aside from following the same steps above, you will also need to reinstall the door panel or dash pads. The screws that can be mounted in the armrest, behind the trim panels or inside the door latch space are what you need to be aware of when you’re removing the door panel. Raise the panel up after all the screws are removed so you can disconnect any wiring harnesses.

Determine if the speakers are top-mounted or bottom mounted if you’re installing rear deck speakers because this will help you determine your steps. For top-mounted speakers, what you need to do is remove the grilles and screws that’s holding the speaker in, disconnect speaker harness then connect it to the new speaker, plug in the harness, mount the speaker and replace the grilles. Reach in the trunk then remove the screws mounting the speaker if these are speakers are bottom-mounted. When that’s done, follow the basic steps above.

To check the operation of the new speakers, turn on the radio.

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May 062012

Most cars have AC in order to make summer driving more enjoyable. Everyone suffers when an AC goes in a vehicle in the Summer. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in five o clock traffic with no air conditioner.

In order to conserve fuel, turning on the AC is a no-no, but it’s it’s hot, you may have to. If the car overheats, dangerous things can happen, but if the driver is overheated, road rage can happen. The air conditioner of your vehicle requires almost eight horsepower to function. This does consume fuel. You may need to turn the AC on. When the window is down, a drag will be created, forcing the car to work harder.

How does it all work?

Your air conditioner for your automobile works in the same way your window A/C works. Freon gets sealed. Then, a compressor pressurizes the Freon. The heat around the unit is absorbed as this happens. The hot gas is then dispersed over a series of coils and tubes. Contrary to popular belief, the unit doesn’t produce cold air, it just absorbs hot air. When pressure on the Freon is reduced the gas gets extremely cold and turns to a liquid. Newer models of vehicles use environmentally friendly Freon. It is now not illegal to work on these systems without a special license.

There are several components to the operation of the coolant system.

There is the compressor which is the main part of your air conditioning system. The compressor compresses the Freon. To run, the compressor is connected by a belt to the engine. The clutch is in the compressor and gets turned on when you flip on the AC.

The A/C unit has a condenser that is like a tiny radiator usually located next to the vehicle’s big radiator. The radiator pushes cool air in the car. This air can get super cold so there is a thermal expansion valve that controls the super cool air flow. This is how you will choose the temperature. There is an accumulator that acts as a safety for your system, a filter to collect sludge that collects from the system and different sensors depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle.

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May 042012

Hybrid cars, quite plainly, are environmentally-safe cars, and owning one can make the owner look like a forward-thinking sort to people in the community. But what is it exactly? Does it run on gas, electric, both? If it’s electric, how do I charge the battery? That’s too big for our living room, my folks would kick me out! And is it really as environmentally friendly as it’s cracked up to be? If these and other questions have been puzzling you, read on.

Distinguishing Hybrids

A hybrid is a car that uses at least two power sources to operate. The typical hybrid car is electrically powered, as well as gasoline powered. Hybrids are typically classified in one of three categories: mild, full, and plug-in.

Mild hybrid vehicles rely heavily on the internal combustion engine to power the car. The electric motor would be more of an additional source of electric power than anything else. You can use the electric motor to fully control a full hybrid. This wouldn’t happen too often, as the electric motor can only be used exclusively if less power is required. Most of the time both engine and motor would work in tandem. A Plug-in is a similar to other hybrids but with a much larger battery. It will be your option whether to use a charging station or to charge the battery at home. In this case, the internal combustion engine is more of a backup engine, meaning this type of hybrid would be the most fuel-efficient.

How Can A Hybrid Car Help You?

First of all, you can benefit because of the average hybrid’s outstanding fuel economy. Ergo, you get more bang for your buck, traveling longer distances and spending less money for gas. But for the green-thinking amongst us, hybrids also reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. Consider these figures – hybrid vehicles normally emit 80 percent less contaminant gas when compared to standard vehicles. Motor vehicles are a major contributor to an air pollution called greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases are indeed a buzzword in the earth-friendly community – a bad one, because they are believed to be the main culprit behind global warming. Global warming is said to affect weather patterns, causing more frequent and damaging storms. This is a direct result of greenhouse gases damaging our ozone layer, the part of our atmosphere that protects us from the sun’s cancer-giving ultraviolet rays. You kill two birds with one stone through hybrid vehicles – one, you save the environment, and two, you save on gas money with much better mileage.

Hybrids are smaller cars, often compact ones – something to bear in mind. If you are very tall or have a larger stature, you may find that many hybrids are not comfortable for you to handle. This would hamper one’s capacity to go at a safe and slow pace. Safety outweighs all other benefits when it comes to driving. And before you set some money aside to buy yourself a hybrid just because your neighbors, friends and coworkers have one, don’t do so without researching! The hybrid market is one that is ever-growing. An SUV hybrid may be a better bet for you.

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