Jul 192012

When you have to leave your car out during extended trips away from home, one basic precaution is getting the right protection and care for the vehicle while you are away. UV rays, insects, falling branches, weather, bird droppings and more can cause damage unless the car has been parked in a garage. After you return from the trip you may not notice the damage, but it is probably there. However you can protect your investment and prevent that accumulated damage with a custom car cover. Remember that not all covers are created equal, so it is important to know what you need before purchase.

These covers are either loose, or are designed to conform to all the lines of your vehicle depending on the make and model. A loose fitting cover on the car can create more issues bye allowing debris, moisture, and dangerous UV rays to get inside and damage the vehicle anyway.

Ready or universal fit, and semi-custom, and custom, are the three main types of car covers. Custom covers are designed for a particular year, make, model and body type, so they offer the best overall fit and thus, the best protection.

Know the exact year, make, model, body type, and seat type of the vehicle you need to cover before buying, as otherwise you can’t be sure you’re buying the right cover for the your car.

Assess the main threats to your vehicle to decide what kind of protection you need. Custom covers vary in levels of protection against different threats. If water damage is likely, make sure you buy a waterproof car cover. On the other hand, if sun protection and UV rays concern you more, choose a reflective cover car cover to protect your car.

Both manufacturers and retail stores set the prices that car owners pay for custom covers. Figure out your budget to narrow down the options. You might want to comparison shop at different retail chains. Search engines like Google help you compare retailers’ prices. Never forget to check all the details of the product before you buy it, and finally, if you still have questions about which product to buy, contact your dealer. A custom cover usually cannot be returned, so you need to be sure to get it right the first time.

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Jul 032012

It may be a surprising fact that not all car covers are made the same. There are varieties of covers that are made to cater to the requirements of different cars. Having the wrong type of cover can result in significant damage to the tires, paint, hubcaps or even the interior of the car. The four different types of covers are discussed below:

Indoor covers are basic car covers like sheets or tarps. These so cheap and common many people use them for all car cover purposes. However, this type is effective only when your car is already sheltered in a garage or covered area. Why does a car need to be covered when it is already inside? Simply put, chemicals and dust in the air can damage the paint or cause rusting on the car body.

Another type is outdoor covers, which, as the name implies, are used when a car is parked outside without any shelter. The basic and the most common cover are made of three layers, which is good for everyday use. The features offered include protection against ultraviolet rays as well as water. However, if you are living in a place where the weather conditions are extreme, it is necessary that you get a more fancy cover.

Waterproof covers are made with an additional layer of fabric so the car remains protected against water damage. Moreover, special additives also give a special softness to the cover. A good quality cover offers four-layered protection against snow, rain and heavy winds. It is always advised to go for soft materials because hard and abrasive materials can cause damage to the vehicle. Also, make sure that they have some weight to them and do not fly off with strong gusts of winds.

Lastly, the sun-proof cover is also waterproof, but the UV protection element is a bit increased than in covers that are just waterproof. The weight of the cover is lighter because the car needs to have breathing space during hot seasons. Having a sun-proof cover of high quality will protect the exterior of the car as well as the interior, as many materials in car interiors tends to get damaged when exposed to direct sunlight.

After going over the types of covers available, it seems the cover for your car should be appropriate to the weather in your area as well as other environmental conditions. Damage prevention is important as a car is a big investment and you definitely do not want any unnecessary losses in value.

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Jan 122012

Often, it is crucial for one to park his or her automobile for an extended period of time, and in those occasions it may be smart to make use of a car cover. Such car covers are important as they prevent plenty of damage on the car’s exterior. Many individuals take car covers with no consideration, thinking that they’re not useful in many situations. This, sadly, isn’t the scenario. A car cover is among those ideas that appear to be useless, but which can conserve plenty of difficulty in the future by controlling harm to your automobile today.

As an illustration, when you park your vehicle outside the house, it might have rained on regularly. Whilst driving a car, rainwater may not lead to significant injury, given it just rolls down the vehicle when you are driving along. So if you are just parking for the short period of time, it will not produce much sense to conceal it with a car cover. However, if you don’t use such car covers any time parking for long length of time, the water may accumulate in areas of the car, and could get started damaging in to the car surface.

The value of car covers is increased if you think about such issues like acid rain. If your home is within a heavily polluted area, the rain fall could mix together with manufacturing waste products, producing acid rain. Without the use of car covers, this sort of rain has got the capacity to damage into the car’s paint job and frame, regardless of whether it has a protective layer of paint on it. When this happens, consequently, the presence of a car cover gives shielding function that should not be neglected.

Another reason why it is always good to park your vehicle and cover it with a car cover is the issue of harm caused by animals. Typically without a car cover, animals such as wild birds and tiny rodents may end up generating small scuff marks in your car’s paint job. To illustrate, a bird landing on one portion of your vehicle may cause scuff marks on the car paint where its talons grasp the vehicle’s body. In such a circumstance often, the scuff marks gradually increase, and the paint job will lose its shine. To prevent this, you can easily utilize a car cover, which prevents contact in between the bird’s feet and the car’s body.

By the end of the day, therefore, using car covers is vital to the safety of one’s vehicle. However, the benefits of car covers is not confined to the exterior. By preventing sunlight from reaching the inside of the vehicle, the car covers may also avoid such issues as dashboard chips which can be the result of repeated heating and cooling. This is one of the most compelling factors to utilize car covers on a short-term basis, including when park your car to go to work. At the end of the day, it is obvious that car covers aren’t products that ought to be neglected; they’ve got a lot to deliver!

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Jan 042012

Shopping for car covers, just as with most other products, happens to be one thing that needs one’s total interest. Many individuals seeking to obtain car covers usually do it in completely the wrong manner, and frequently find themselves buying goods that they do not like in the least. For example, they might purchase car covers that don’t go with their vehicles, or they might purchase exceptionally low quality car covers that end up getting frayed or discolored within an extremely short time. When you need to purchase a car cover, you should approach the wish in a particular manner to help you find the fitting product at the right price.

The first thing you must prepare if you end up making an attempt to buy such car covers is to consider the size of your vehicle. Typically, different agencies sell car covers in numerous measurements, and a few of them may not suit your vehicle. That is very true if you have a big car, like an SUV. Ideally, a good car cover sales person is going to ask what kind of car you might be acquiring a car cover for, and then present different options to fit this vehicle. If they do not, you ought to request car covers that are for the type of car that you currently have.

If you are pondering of buying car covers and it is your initial time doing this, there are lots of options you should use so as to acquire further information about the way to find an excellent car cover. The very first of those is to make use of the Internet to intermingle with additional people who have utilized such car covers beforehand, and then ask for their thoughts or suggestion on the subject. Through this manner, you ought to in a position to discover a lot of details about the car covers such as:

* The common value of the car covers that you’re concerned about.
* Ways to acquire the car covers inexpensively
* Ways to utilize and care for the covers
* Which brands are incredibly sturdy

All this info can simply be located in places like discussion boards. If you expect to locate a forum that would offer you all of the above info, it is sensible to use a motoring forum, which is where quite a lot of individuals with comparable pursuits in motoring meet up and confer in regards to the points affecting them.

Overall, looking for car covers needs to be more than just walking into a shop and buying the first one that you make out. Should you intend to find the greatest of such car covers, it is advisable to make sure that you’re meticulous about the buying process. This may appear to be a lot of exertion to proceed through only to buy car covers, but the truth of the substance is that when you see to it right the very first time, the car covers could last you for a long time. Principally car covers can be an excellent investment and may serve a necessary goal in making certain that your vehicle happens to be covered.

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Aug 202011

Maybe the thought of owning a car cover sounds a bit ridiculous to you. After all, you typically keep your car garaged, right? Besides, who wants to have an ugly tarp draped over a car anyway? Not you! Car covers serve a purpose even for the person who keeps their vehicle sheltered most of the time. Let’s examine the benefits of owning a car cover and how you can go about selecting one that is right for your car.

Keeps the bird poop at bay If you leave your car outside, there is a nemesis that takes aim at your car…birds! Yes, birds are all right, but their excrement is not. If you don’t wash it off right away, your car’s finish can be damaged. Some bird poop is so damaging that even a buff and wax job won’t completely restore the finish. A car cover will catch the poop before it does permanent damage.

Better than sun block While we humans can slap on sun block, no finish can completely do the work of protecting your car. Better to have your car covered over instead of exposed to the sun’s damaging rays.

Not so shady So, you think keeping your car out of the sun by parking under trees will help, do you? Not so fast! Whereas most sun rays may not get through, your tree loves to drop sap, buds, leaves, sticks, and branches…right on top of your car. Some car covers are thick enough to help your car resist those small branches that fall from time to time and take aim at your car!

Who goes there? Funny isn’t it when you own a nice car everyone likes to peer inside to check it out. Leaning and rubbing up against the car’s body can scratch the finish in no time. Besides, do you really want everyone gawking at your car’s expensive audio system? I don’t think so!

Rain, rain go away Some car covers offer top protection by keeping rain, snow, ice, mud, dirt, and dust away. Yes, even if you park your car in the garage, dirt, dust, and indoor pollution can take their toll.

Follow the bouncing ball Your neighbor kid loves to whack his soccer ball around…too bad that it takes dead aim at your car. A quality car cover can withstand small “insults” that can scratch or dent the body.

So, how do you select a car cover? Well, for starters what do you want from a cover? Some covers offer minimum protection and will absorb bird poop, tree sap, and diminish the sun’s rays, but not much more. On the other hand, certain car covers made of four layered breathing material offer the most protection. Even better are those heavy duty car covers that come with side mirror pockets. Why are they a good idea? Well, they offer a snug fit and are crafted with the exact make/model of your vehicle in mind. No worrying that your car cover will work loose because it isn’t fitted properly.

Yes, a car cover can be a great idea even for the garaged vehicle. The whole goal of owning a car cover is to protect your vehicle’s finish and then some. Not all car covers are alike, so do some comparison shopping for the one that is best for your car. Oh, by the way, there is no “one size fits all” car cover [you want one custom sized to your vehicle’s dimensions]. If someone tries to sell you one, you would do better to run to your home supply store and findng a tarp for your vehicle!

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