Mar 242012

My family started over 30 ministries so I’ve been a member of church after church during that time, some of which were more than a century old , and that makes for a lot of returnees to an even they call Homecoming . Coming home is a favorite human activity; the High School Homecoming , or home for the Holidays. Many churches share the Homecoming Sunday tradition. One Sunday each year a huge preachers list , deacons, and teachers return for a day. There’s extra preaching, stories, music, and of course special church homecoming bulletins It’s one part Spiritual, and one part family reunion .

How to Advertise a Homecoming

First you must know who’s missing from home , which is no small task . An unassuming office volunteer gets the task and spends a week on the telephone, and yelling Christian obscenities on their commute home . Then formal invitations must be printed , and of course design the “Happy Homeliness” cake.

Who wouldn’t want that job? If it’s you, check out these possibilities. Email made this job somewhat simpler , but phones are still involved. Unless you stole a McDonald’s drive-thru headset you’ll be at your desk a lot and your children will wonder why you’re home so late . You might try Googling their name of each 75 year old former Sunday School teacher , hoping you do don’t find it under obituaries, or you can use the free White Pages thing online, I recommend the latter. Keep samples of the various church bulletins you have used. Definitely keep a notepad ready of those names, addresses, and phone numbers. It makes next year’s job easier, and it could be sold to any new admin!

Homecoming The Next Generation

A big reason to have a Homecoming event is so people can follow up. Try these ideas: Have a section that’s blank on for autographs and emails. A lot of them are boring and empty, but there are hundreds of covers – Bible verses, laughing children, or the standby little white church with a steeple. Get extra for the overflow crowd, and watch the fun.

For a short period, while there is still time to either order, or run – select online Christian stores are offering all church bulletins 25-50% off! Select from hundreds of designs for every occasion. This year, keep the trauma to a minimum, take time to research , and get a pad to write on . Be blessed! Godspeed.

Feb 052012

If you’re looking a little something to pep up the church or worship service, one may prefer to investigate prefabricated Church Bulletins. Simply distribute all the details and unique details for virtually any service, any congregation, and any denomination! Church Bulletin Templates are actually offered in numerous formats, frequently downloadable, and sometimes free, which makes printing swift and effortless.

Church Bulletins are made to make things much simpler for you and the team to notify the congregation about what is happening in the church life throughout the week, as well as in the worship service; that way events stick better in folks’s minds. Members have a hands-on reference for upcoming weekly or monthly events: outreach to your town, weddings, Easter, and other holiday commemorations, vacations, graduations and much more.

Custom Design Bulletins

Prefabricated Church Bulletins are attractive and picturesque! Your weekly services integrate attractive impressive photographs, enhanced with Scriptures. Think of reading, “Be still and know that I Am God” (Psalm 46:10, NIV) overlaid on a quiet, introspective snapshot of sunlight bursting through an evergreen wood. Or, “Great is Thy faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:22, KJV) on a glorious sunset, and a single tree far off in a green field. The images on a Bible Bulletin are actually dynamic, even moreso when tied to God’s awe-inspiring attributes.

Specialty Church Bulletins come two types: those for particular holidays as well as those for your own Church Celebrations. Easter versions are emblazoned with the cross, the vacant tomb, or hints of early spring, overlaid with cheerful proclamations that Jesus is, indeed, alive! Advertise the church’s special events: congratulatory bulletins with respect to Bible college graduates, memorials of Christ’s sacrifice for communion, and Wedding Bulletins are all available.

Now For The Lighter Side

Of course, one could wish to feature a lighter side for the congregation: jokes, stories, parables, and the like. Several assortments are available along these lines; one of the most comprehensive and, dare I say, funniest– is actually the collection, A Box of Delights, A Barrel of Surprises, and A Bundle of Laughs, assembled by J. John and Mark Stibbe. J. John is a Canon of Coventry Cathedral– a title in which he delights, for its alliteration and his sense of humor. Incorporate that with his buddy Mark Stibbe, and you have 3 volumes of long and short tales – both hilarious and inspirational; excellent for spicing up weekly bulletins.

Accept only the most respected Church Bulletins! Find the largest selections, for every holiday and church event – hundreds of styles at savings up to 50% off, available only from Quality Online Christian Retailers.