Jul 312012

Life of Pi, written by the Canadian author Yann Martel and first published in 2001 is a Man Booker Prize winning novel along with being a winner of the Asian American Prize for Literature. It tells the story of a young boy named Pi who spends 227 days out on sea on a small raft with a group of animals after their ship sinks and is a tale of his journey towards survival.

Life of Pi is the story of Piscine “Pi” Molitor Patel, a boy who follows three religions of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity and who lives in India where his father owns a zoo in the city of Pondicherry. After a brief stay in India, the Patel family decide to close their zoo and move to Canada due to the political turmoil in India.

However, due to bad weather, the ship carrying the family along with the zoo animals begins to leak water and ultimately sinks. Pi along with an orangutan, an injured zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker are the only survivors who take shelter on a small lifeboat.

A few days into the journey, the hyena kills and eats the injured zebra and then the orangutan. The tiger, Richard Parker, in turn kills the hyena and so Pi is left alone on the boat with a hungry tiger. In order to stay alive, Pi soon establishes himself as the alpha male of the group so that the tiger does not harm him. He, in turn, begins to fish and feed the two of them since he, too, doesn’t want to be alone on the boat for fear of going mad.

Life of Pi begins its last phase when Pi’s lifeboat washes up on the coast of Mexico after a nightmarish 227 days where the tiger, Richard Parker, escapes into a nearby forest. Pi then comes up with another story involving his mother, a sailor and a murderous cook instead of the animals because the authorities refuse to believe his original story.

However, the authorities prefer listening to the first story even though they do not believe in it, leaving Pi to end with a remark saying that it is the same way with God – those who do not believe in him miss out on something in life!

A must read book, Life of Pi is for all those book lovers who like a story that takes its time to build up. Although available at all leading shops, it is much better to purchase it online where one can get a great discount on it.

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Jul 252012

Written by the Australian, Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram is an autobiographical novel that was first published in 2003 and has sold more than a million copies the world over. It is the story of Roberts who escaped from an Australian prison and made his way to India where he lived for ten years amongst Indians.

The novel begins with the escape of an Australian convict called Lindsay who escapes from jail and lands up in the city of Mumbai, India. Although intended as a stop-over, Lindsay stays on in India for the next ten years and the book revolves around his experiences there and his journey to find a purpose for his life.

Here he befriends an Indian called Prabhakar who introduces him to other people and finds Lin a home in the slums of Mumbai. Since he is perceived as a peaceful foreigner by the Indians, it is here that he gets a new name called Shantaram, meaning Man of Peace. Lin then becomes accustomed to his life in the slums and learns to live along with other locals.

All along the novel, Shantaram tends to return to his old ways of crime and violence but each time returns back to the good side becoming a better and more learned man. He befriends several local people, movie stars, criminals and also begins to love an American woman by the name of Karla.

Lin also manages to travel abroad to Africa and Afghanistan through his connections where he deals in the illegal trading of weapons and arms. However, when his mentor dies, Lin regrets his crime filled ways and decides to live a better life. He returns back to India, shunning his old ways and tries to become a better man and changes himself from within.

The story ends with Lin deciding to travel to Sri Lanka where the sequel of the book is planned. Available at all leading bookstores, this book is still on every major best-seller list worldwide. In case you’re looking for discounts, then one should order online from some of the online retailers. Shantaram is a must read book for everyone who is looking for a purpose in life.

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Feb 172012

Ravinder Singh, the author of I Too Had A Love Story, is now back with his second novel titled Can Love Happen Twice. Both these books have become very popular with the masses mainly because of the honesty and simplicity with which they’ve been written.

The USP of this book is the honesty with which it is written – a tale of true yet painful love. It touched a chord deep within my heart and also that of readers worldwide. It has gone on to become a national bestseller with thousands of copies in print.

The first touch, the first kiss, the first of everything in any relationship is something that is always remembered. These moments have been captured brilliantly in the book thanks to its author. I Too had a Love Story will move you to tears due to the emotions attached with the story and the heart-wrenching words associated with it.

The book, I too had a love story, takes off when four old friends decide to meet each other for the first time after a few years out of college. Their topic of discussion, like all boys talk, soon moves to girls when each of the four friends discuss about marriage and the girl of their dreams. Once they go back home, Ravin, the protagonist, sees an online matrimonial ad and registers for the same just for kicks.

However, as fate would have it, he soon meets a girl named Khushi online through the site. Their friendship begins over the phone and even though they have never met each other, this friendship soon blossoms into love after they chat over a long period of time. This part especially has been very well written by the author and he captures each nuance of the budding romance in a captivating manner.

They both decide to meet after some time and take their friendship onto the next level of marriage. The cute and sweet conversations between the two protagonists is sure to melt one’s heart and make readers fall in love with the characters. I too had a love story is a book that echoes with the innocence of pure, unadulterated love and that is the reason for its popularity.

The climax of the story is one that will move you to tears. I will not reveal the climax but it is commendable in the way in which the author touches those painful chords inside all of us. I too had a love story is definitely a must read book for every person who has been in love and especially for those who have loved and lost someone special. I Too Had A Love Story is a must read book for everyone!

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Jan 062012

The Lotus Code, Method Of Getting All That’s Necessary..

I realize there’s a lot of hype the on whole Think and Grow Wealthy idea.

You’ll find all kind of books that discuss this. However that ideas with-out action is just imaging.

I merely finished reading through with an excellent book “The Lotus Code” by Mark Yarnell and Valerie Bates.

Here is a summury,

The Lotus Code Methods for getting Whatever You Want while using the 6 Steps in the Lotus Code.

The Lotus Code The First Step: To Cultivate Your Opinions

I realize I stated thinking is not everything, but it is step one inside the 6 steps in the Lotus Code. Yarnell is constantly on the describe you have to challenge your thinking about what’s possible. You are prepared to examine relative it’s. When ideas go unchallenged, they end up being the truth. Therefore I challenge you to definitely certainly be free from outdated ideas and replace these with new options.

The Lotus Code Second Step: Ideas Manifest to Words

When you’re getting a ideas right you most now begin to discuss your dreams and concepts to others. The traditional within the ideas we hold within our minds equals the traditional within the words we speak. Words have energy, intent and meaning within it. Are you aware the body responds to each thought in your mind and each word out of your mouth. So ensure that you retain just the ideas you’ve along with the words you speak which are assisting you to progress towards your goals. Yarnell mentions this is essential because after we begin to discuss our dreams to others it forces us by way of saying because of action on people words. This leads us to another step.

The Lotus Code Third Step: Your Words Manifest Action

Each time a vision is apparent, compelling as well as the dominant picture inside our subconscious, the very best significant actions become apparent. Right Actions reference doing what matters most. You most do stuff that could make the finest impact on what you are trying to attain.

The Lotus Code Fourth Step: It is Your Actions That Manifest Habits

Right Actions need to become “Habitual” to have the ability to manifest perseverance. Only when you internalize a large alternation in a subconscious level does a habit develop. And also at these occasions be cautious happen to be on a downward slide towards having your goals and dreams.

The Lotus Code Fifth Step, Your Action Manifest Perseverance

Perseverance can be a by-product in the first four steps in the Lotus Code. It naturally comes about when we’ve applied people steps with unwavering dedication while focusing

After we persevere, we grow knowledgeable inside our capacity to create unpredicted unexpected things happen. we be efficient at everything we undertake.

The Lotus Code Sixth Step: That Your Perseverance Manifests Attainment

You understand you’ve adopted the Lotus Code, if you have enhance your considered “the truth Inch relating to your existence and extended relative it’s of goals inside your achieve.

If you loved this summary go get yourself a copy of “The Lotus Code.”

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Dec 242011

You must’ve seen the Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits from Home television infomercial unless you’ve been hibernating for 2 years. Everyone’s seen it right?

Half an hour of buzz buzz buzz.

“You can be rich like me, I’ve made millions, and my dad’s made millions of dollars it’s your turn now! For only $39.95+ shipping and handling you also can be rich the same and be exactly like me! Call this number now! Operators are waiting to take your call!”

And doesn’t he make it sound oh extremely simple and inexpensive to do, so we decided to buy the course and take a look at it. Scrutinize it. And this is what we found.

The Anthony Morris “Advertising Profits from Home” System

What you get for your $39.95 ( and shipping and handling of course ) is 2 skinny manuals and some DVDs which present the basic outline of promoting online, some reasonable info about the entrepreneurial mindset, and it offers some info about cost per action ( CPA ) affiliate marketing and pay-per-click advertising methodologies. (if you are looking for mlm leads you won’t find then here).

This is information you can find online while not paying a cent. There aren’t any huge secrets in this course and you most likely will be very disappointed .

Save yourself $39.95 ( plus handling and shipping naturally ) and read the following:

There are thousands of products made by firms who will be glad to pay you a commission to force traffic to their internet sites, where they capture these people’s info and turn those leads into buying customers. You sign up to become an affiliate, you get a tracking code and a choice of banners and links so you can become an affiliate marketer. You have got to focus on driving free traffic, which of course involves building a blog or site and also becoming adept at SEO, or naturally you can use paid advertising strategies to promote these affiliate links and banners.

You get paid for the results just like every other affiliate. If you’re an expert in driving traffic and making sales you may make royalties. If you do not know the way to do this, you’ll make squat.

Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits from Home The Real Truth

Were there any real secrets to making money with the Anthony Morrison Profits from Home program? Oh yes, and finding the secret means spending far more money.

What’s the Anthony Morrison real home money generating secret? The answer to that’s costly backend sales! Inside a couple of days after receiving the material in the mail we started being badgered by high-pressure sales representative who were offering to sell us all of the “missing information” that they guaranteed would be the final key to making a big earnings using Mr. Morrison’s promotional system. They even offered a private coaching programme and wonderfully costly instant websites which together added up to thousands of greenbacks. $3-$5000 actually. As you can imagine we passed politely, and from seeing the majority of the other reviews of these scheme online we are satisfied we probably did!

This is the thing in a nutshell. Cost per action networks are very tough to get into, very competitive and use extremely pricey software to spy on the competition. The cost to get into the system is gigantic and unless you’re happy to go one-on-one with the execs in this business, do not even trouble with the Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits from Home program, flip the channel instead .

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