Jan 302012

Country roads can be slightly intimidating if you’re more used to driving around the city. However, safe driving on country roads is perfectly easy if you remember just a few things. Firstly, country driving isn’t fundamentally different from driving anywhere else. You still need to make sure that you’re in a fit state to drive and that your car is in good condition.

Two – keep to a sensible speed limit. Most country roads use the national speed limit, which is 60 mph. Often however you should travel at a much slower speed, especially if you are unfamiliar with the route you are taking or the road is particularly bendy and tight. As always, remember to reduce your speed further in bad weather conditions.

Three – don’t try and match the speed limit. Although the national speed limit is 60 mph, the intention of such a limit is not to have you try and get as close to it as possible. Some country roads are far too narrow and winding for safe driving at such speeds, so make sure you don’t drive too fast, especially when you don’t know what’s around the next corner.

Watching out for other road users is the fourth tip for safe country roads. While driving along some country roads you may well come across pedestrians, people on horses, other animals and large farm vehicles. Make sure when passing pedestrians or animals that you slow right down and leave plenty of space so that country roads can be safe for everyone that uses them.

The final tip is that in spite of the caution you need to exercise, confidence can also help you to drive safely on country roads. Ways of building confidence might include driving in country lanes that are wider and less windy at first or driving with a more experienced driver as a passenger. You might even want to consider extra lessons. With these five tips in mind, safe driving on country roads is possible for everyone.

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Jan 292012

Mercedes Benz make some fine looking cars, but they’re only as good as the person looking after them. If you’re spent all that money on a vehicle that’s one thing, but it’s the time you put into it after the purchase that will see to it retaining its value, and its quality. People tend to know the basics for looking after a car, but that doesn’t mean they always stick to them. Here is a little refresher on those essential tips to make sure you’re making the most of your Mercedes at the moment.

Maintaining the outside of the car is something that especially falls on the driver. There are plenty of ways to make sure your exterior is well taken car of. The sun can really damage the look of a car’s body work over time, and if you have an older vehicle this is even more relevant. Take care of your Mercedes by keeping it in a garage as much as possible, or at least getting some kind of cover over the paintwork. It’s not difficult to arrange, but it makes a big difference.

Winter really takes its toll on bodywork too. Here the tips are simpler than you might think. Car soap and water are the best line of defence you have against the elements, as washing gets rid of road debris and the niggly bits of salt that lodge on the body. People sometimes conveniently forget about the need to wash the car in winter, what with the cold weather on your fingers and the endless nature of the task. But this is actually when it’s most crucial to get your bucket in action.

Under the hood with all modern Mercedes is very much locked down, with no room for tinkering unless you’re a professional. The things you can maintain yourself are straightforward fluid refills. The only one you’re likely to need to refill between services is your windscreen washer, but check the oil and coolant regularly too.

So there you have it. It’s super simple to do those little things that make a big difference for your car. You just have to stay diligent.

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