Apr 232012

In January 2011, Tom Mele and LJ James came up with the crazy idea of being on the Radio together! The Show Started off at Long Islands Oldest Radio Station WGBB 1240 AM with the idea of doing a Radio Show in a classic style but at the same time it would be a party! The idea was to throw a party and invite everyone on Long Island and see who showed up! [I:http://autorepairarticles.com/autorepairarticles/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/MaddieHousier1.jpg]

After just over a month, Tom and LJ where in talks with one of Long Islands Premier FM Rock Stations, to bring their brand of insanity to FM Radio. LJ and Tom came up with the idea to take the Saturday Morning 8am to 10pm spot and make the show a Long Island Saturday Morning Comedy Radio Show for the hard working Men and Women of Long Island who need to work Saturdays to keep Long Island Running.

Tom and LJ gambled that if Monday through Friday Morning Shows where successful why not a Saturday morning Show? The Show brought to its listeners every Weekend The best Events happening on Long Island, it Spot Lighted Local LI shops and businesses, Interviews with well known and not so well known Long Islanders , Live in Studio each Week the best talent from the LI Music Scene and Long island news and Off the wall Comedy in the way only Tom Mele and LJ James could bring you. Soon the Show was reviewed as ‘The greatest thing to happen to Saturday Mornings since Cartoons”

Things went great and the listening audience grew faster then anyone could have hoped for. The Party was getting Crazy. It seemed everyone was showing up to be a part of it! Things seemed perfect.

At first there where just a few Suggestions from the Stations management, little things like play more of this band, How to sign on and off, nothing out of hand. Then it seemed everyone had a suggestion and then everyone wanted to be involved and tell them how to run the show. All of a sudden there where just too many different people from the Stations management involved trying to make The Long Island Old School Radio Show what they thought it should be.

Even now no one is sure if these people wanted credit for the success of the show or the reason or logic was behind it all. Because of it Chaos ensued. After talking LJ and Tom realized as much as they both Loved being on a well known Long Island FM Radio Station and making Saturday Mornings better for all the working Men and Women of Long Island, They could not continue with the Stations demands and interference. After talking to the Stations owner they parted ways with Long Islands 2nd best Rock Station.

Right away LJ and Tom started going to meetings looking to bring the show some where else. Before they could even get their feet on the ground and catch their breath, Tom and LJ got the phone call that Marc Hauptman the shows web designer, Board operator and close personal friend had crashed on his Motorcycle and was gone!

Have you ever seen the yin and yang symbol? There is a thin line in the middle that keeps yin and yang separated. That line was Marc always between Tom and LJ. With out Marc every thing just blended together into one big mess!

For a while things looked as if the party was over and the Boys would go their separate ways. There where phone calls and meetings with production companies about Radio Shows and TV Shows. With the lose of Marc so fresh neither Tom nor LJ really had their hearts fully into the meetings and it seemed as if they all wanted too much creative control.

After a while Tom and LJ started talking again about a Show and what they wanted to do, neither where ready to do the same type of show again right away. They talked about something different the idea of doing an online show started forming. They told each other that by doing an online show They would have full creative control and they would own everything! After hours of brain storming they came up with a new name for the show “The Tom and LJ Show” With only a very basic idea of what they where doing Tom and LJ started inviting everyone to the new party!.

In truth the online show was more for Tom and LJ to find there way with out Marc in between them. Because both Tom and LJ are too stubborn, or too stupid to give up. Most people who know them would say its 50/50.

Soon Tom and LJ received a call from a guy named Vince Alcarese who said he had the skills and the drive to help them take the online show to the next level. Vince met with LJ and Tom and showed them what he could do. Vince had done Pod cast shows for years and had experience! Vince was also very different then Marc and was exactly what the show needed. There would be no replacing Marc, but there was now a way to move on with the show in Marc’s Memory as He would have wanted. Soon Vince was part of the Family and as the shows them song says the Boys where Back in Town!

Things have grown and changed a lot in just over a year the “LI Old School Radio Show” in now “The Tom and LJ Show” and the Tom and LJ Show is now under “Madhouse TV”(MadhouseTV.com) with many new shows looking to come on board with them ! [I:http://autorepairarticles.com/autorepairarticles/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/MaddieHousier0.jpg]

Tom and LJ have had as many ups and downs in just one year as some shows threw in 10 years, the Boys have shown they have the true spirit of the entertainment world and that no matter what the up coming years may thrown at them “The Show must always go on!”

Tom and LJ have built a State of the Art Studio ans with Vince running the Controls. They Curently do a weekly show on Thursdays at 8pm EST. The show might not be for everyone, but for Tom , LJ , Vince and the Thousands of fans world wide who tune in every week for a Show so out there it can not be defined, it is a #1 Hit !

Is a return to Long Island Saturday Mornings a Possibility for Tom and LJ in the near Future? No one can say for sure. But the one thing we do know is that these Boys never left Town. !!!

Maddie Housier is a huge participant of lots Online Show Maddie Housier also enjoys Ed Hardy style Clothing. Check here for free reprint license: Tom Mele And LJ James Best Comedy Duo On TV.

Mar 012012

There are lots of benefits associated with owning your own home or business. From the convenience you get, to the tax breaks, you’ll find lots of things you can list when it comes to positives. Of course, there are also a few negatives from time to time, namely being in charge of whatever happens to your property, like plumbing problems.

Yes, all it takes is one burst pipe to turn the floor of your San Antonio residence into a wading pool. And it’s not only burst pipes that you have to deal with relating to plumbing, but also plugged sinks, baths and toilets. If you lease a house or condo you can simply call up the landlord to get a San Antonio plumbing company to help out. Being an owner, though, you should research and find someone yourself, which can be somewhat stressful the first time that you need one.

When it comes to a dripping tap or a small clog in the shower, you can typically take care of the predicament yourself. If, on the flip side, you are working with water lines that cannot be stopped or a clog that doesn’t react to even the most robust of liquid drain de-blockers, you need some assistance. Hey, even the weekend warrior that knows their way around a ratchet set may meet their match when water is gushing out of a pipe and seeping into your floor.

There are plenty of companies out there that can help you fix any issues that you have with your home heating system Asap. Whether you’ve got a furnace in your home that creates heat, or you have heating coils in your ceiling or floors, you can get someone out there quickly and easily before the cold temperatures turn into a real problem.

So who should you get to help you out with your san antonio heating issues? You want to ensure that you get someone who not only knows what they’re doing, but can get the job done in one visit. This doesn’t just mean turning the temperature back on, but also figuring out why it shut off to begin with. Small problems can be precursors to bigger issues; problems that you want to take care of before they become more serious.

Of course, since plumbing doesn’t follow a 9-5 schedule, you also want to be sure that you find a plumbing company that is open on weekends, and has some special overnight service. While you may have to pay a little more for “after hour plumbing”, you often don’t have a choice when water is spurting out of a leak.

One of the best things about residing in a large city like San Antonio is having so many options when you are searching for a service like san antonio heating companies. Obviously, options aren’t always the good thing, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for. Knowing that, use the internet to not only look for local heating companies, but also to do research on said companies also.

The more research that you are able to do online, the better chance you will have when it comes to locating a company that fits your needs. It’s not just about finding the lowest price; it’s also about finding a company who’s worth the money.

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Jan 092012

At least one third of new car customers in America considered fuel economy an important factor.. With so many people now very concerned with global warming, pollution and dependence on foreign oil, you might be surprised to know that in 1992 General Motors built a car that actually got 100 miles per gallon. Yet another automobile, the GM TPC, which looked a lot like the Geo Metro, weighed only 1000 pounds and would get 75 miles per gallon. Balanced growth of the vehicle, the engine which had 3 cylinders, was dropped because, in order to meet American safety specifications, it had to be reinforced which added 200 pounds to its weight. When you have to buy wheels it is best to consider the style as well as your wallet.

This was certainly not the only protype designed by GM which ended up on the scrapheap. A few of these were the 1982 GM Lean Machine which performed 80 miles per gallon, and the GM Ultralite which did 100 mpg. In 1992 Honda was attaining 50 miles per gallon with the Civic VX, and at the same time General Motors had vehicles behind the scenes getting 100 MPG, while selling the public cars that were getting 20 MPG. Because cars have already been developed that get 100 miles per gallon, then why are they not being sold to the general public?

What makes standard vehicles sold in the US, while at the same time, the same companies are selling different vehicles far away in other countries? Vehicles that achieve more than 70 mpg have been sold in Europe and Japan for a number of years. The Lupo, a Volkswagen, is a great instance of a car that gets 78 MPG, but has never been sold in the US. In 2007, Honda in the united states released the FIT, in other places known as the Jazz. There are economy-boosting selections with the Jazz in Japan, like a smaller engine and other ways to reduce consumption, but not so with the Fit in the US.

The auto manufacturers tell Americans that they love big cars, and that is what they want to make big cars. It is obvious that manufacturers don’t make a lot of money selling a small 2-person commuter vehicle, but they certainly do selling big SUVs. Commercials have convinced the citizens of the US that Tanks on Wheels are an absolute must to have. Fuel-saving choices from the large companies are uncommon, so it’s pretty easy to deduce where their motivations lay. The top in fuel economy could have been General Motors, but they opt to be the leader in SUVs instead. Americans haven’t been denied just by GM, but also by all of those other manufacturers who have developed fuel-efficient cars.

That can be quite powerful if you take what is known about buy wheel and put it to use. Most people, the majority of them, do nothing all throughout their lives and nothing good happens from that.

Of course people are aware of their conditions, which most do not like, but there is some kind of habit of never doing anything about it. There is really a form of momentum in our lives, and the hard part for most is just simply getting started.

Half the battle with anything is making decisions and following through with them. We are about halfway there, so let’s press ahead and discover some more. American auto manufacturers have not given the US people the choice to acquire a fuel-efficient car, despite the world having beem embroiled in oil wars and being severely polluted. The question comes up: how many Americans would’ve welcomed the option of acquiring a car with good gas mileage but weren’t ever offered it? Might it be time to retrieve those dumped designs and, again, start building those vehicles that were once built a long time ago?

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Sep 162011

You are actually ready to take holidays and you made a decision to rent a car in New York. A simple tiny tip before you go will save you some dollars. You can just reduce your cost using your motor insurance by checking an alternative policy on the web.

With you are in the comfort of your home or office, and you never have to worry about much else as you sign up for it. You could change insurers at will if you want to, or you could just renew your old deal. It works perfectly either way you look at it.

Getting online car insurance is simple. If you are looking for a new auto insurance company, you can search arbitrarily and pray that the results you get are what you are looking for. If you happen to already have insurance with a firm you trust, just go to their website.

You may worry about the verification of your personal data when you are shopping online for your car insurance, but the insurance firm is definitely not worrying so much. They have contact lines listed on their website that you can call if you must speak with someone. You can have your details faxed over for verification.

Before signing up for online car insurance online, you may want to take a look at the rates that are offered by various car insurance outfits. That mean you will need to take a look at the various websites out there. But since this can be done within minutes, you can be through with your decision in no time at all.

The rates offered by online car insurance are easy to peruse and decide if you like them or not. The best part is that you don’t have some insurance agent breathing down your neck while you are it to make a decision already. As such, your decisions are more your choice than choices made under duress.

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Aug 182011

You are actually organized to be on vacations and also you opted to rent a car in Cancun. A fairly easy small tip before you go will save you a few bucks. You can just put some money aside using your car insurance policy by searching a brand new insurance on-line.

Insurance is always about the quote, especially when it comes to auto insurance. If you cannot find a quote that works for you, you should very well look elsewhere. Afterall, there are a million and one companies out there that will gladly work with you.

There are more companies supplying auto insurance the country than you even want to know. They all have their quotes for covering you, which provide you with the basis for comparison. You are meant to use that car insurance quote from these companies to decide on which of them would be the best to carry your auto insurance.

You are a very smart person, you know better than to settle for a car insurance quote that does nothing to help you. Remember, the ultimate goal is for you to save money on the long run. If the quote does not do it for you, you want to look elsewhere.

You know better than to study a car insurance quote without your lawyer present. Even if there are things that you see that the lawyer does not, there are also bound to be things that you miss and they will be the one to point it out.

On the Internet, you can get a car insurance quote from any insurance company just like that. All that it costs you is heading out in the right directions, such as doing your search with a search engine that you can trust. When you have your options, you need only ask for the quote to be made out to you. Perhaps you should ask a friend to help out.

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You are prepared to take holidays and you just decided to rent a car in San Francisco. A straightforward small strategy before going can save you a few bucks. You can just reduce your cost on your motor insurance by researching an alternative insurance policy over the internet.

Fussing about a car insurance quote will certainly cause the insurance firm to see you as someone who really has a clue what they want. They may not bend as far backwards as you want them too, but they may bend a bit further than they have so far. They will cut to the chase and offer you the best deal in a hurry, which is worth all your time and trouble.

There are details you have to provide before you can get a car insurance quote. You might need to tell them things about yourself that they need to include in their computing. I only suggest that you be quick about it.

Insurance has grown to a place in which there is keen competition in the industry. That is why you can take your time to be corky about the kind of auto insurance you want. If they don’t give you the best quote possible, threaten to walk away. They’ll cooperate in a hurry.

Seeing the price tags on a car insurance quote need not drive you crazy. Hey, they are just figures, and they are not transcribed into money or an automobile insurance policy just yet. Save the cardiac arrest for later and work on negotiating for better terms with the auto insurance provider. Perhaps you can still get them to see things your way.

There are more people on the internet seeking car insurance quotes all the time than you realize. Honestly, that kind of demand can drive the prices up; you know how the laws of economics work. So you want to be quick about it, and conclude the auto insurance business as soon as you can make it happen. Consider that the best advice you have gotten all year.

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You are actually completely ready to take holidays so you decided to rent a car in Punta Cana. An easy tiny hint prior to going will save you some euros. Just reduce your cost along with your automobile insurance by searching an alternative insurance policy on the Internet.

There is nothing that works for you quite like keeping your driving record clean. Even a mere parking ticket may ruin that record, especially if you are looking to get cheap car insurance. I say, whatever it costs you, always do the right thing and stay within the confines of the law.

When you need to compare different insurance companies and their car insurance plans, you have to see their car insurance quote. These include all the parameters that may matter in the deal, and those that may not. You get to have a clue then what it will cost you to transact with them. Based on the size of your pocket, you may decide to go on or go elsewhere.

On several websites over the internet, you can apply for and get your car insurance quote with an ease that may even put phone calls to shame. It is where technology has gotten us these days, and we have absolutely no reason to not cash in on it. If your car insurance policy can be taken out that easily, it’s better pickings for you.

With a car insurance quote, you are meant to compare different rates being offered by different companies that provide car insurance coverage. If you thought the document was anything more or less, you would have been mistaken. You will do well to get your lines straight already, and see about using the information the way it should be used.

Even before you can lay your hands on a car insurance quote, free or otherwise, you do need to provide certain information online. Some of it will be personal, and some of it will be about your car and what you do with it. You have to be sure you give real information, otherwise you are giving power to the insurer that you don’t need them to have.

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Jul 162011

You are prepared to take vacations and you just wanted to rent a car in Los Angeles. A fairly easy small idea prior to going could save you a few bucks. You can easily save some money on your auto insurance by checking an alternative insurance policy on the web.

The internet is great and all, but even for something as trivial as a car insurance quote should not be done when you can’t look into their face. You want them to know that you know what you are about. So, go to the office and let them feel you.

You drive; you could get hurt sometime in an accident. You don’t want it to be your nonchalance with the car insurance quote that does you in here. I suggest you take as much care with that one as you can. I’m sure you understand.

Before you sign up for auto insurance, ask to see their car insurance quote. Some companies might prefer you to remain ignorant about that; and to your detriment too. But you are smarter than that.

When you have, say thousands of car insurance quotes to browse through, you are in more comfortable territory. Without them, it is so much harder to be confident in the auto insurance carrier you just signed on. You need that confidence.

The car insurance quote is the only way to get an early clue about the monthly premium you have to pay for your auto insurance, and what kind of coverage you will be getting for it. A lot of Americans hurry into the signing part of the deal without asking for the deal, but that is why they get cleaned out all the time. You ought to know better.

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