Oct 102011

Long and sleek! With Elvis as the hero of the day during the 1950s, whatever he drove become the car of the day. And Elvis loved the glamour that shiny new tail-fins exhibited. His fans loved them, too, which led to over thirty heart-stopping models being designed during the 1950s. No one cared back then whether cars were gas-guzzlers or whether the paint job would last, or whether the shiny chrome that protruded out the back begged to have dents inserted within the first few weeks.

The appeal of cars during the 1950s was more than just Elvis. It was prestige and glamour for even the average working person. The feeling of luxury seeped into one’s feelings and emotions, and romance bloomed with respect while riding in these elegant vehicles.

The Chrysler Town & Country Newport coupe which came out in 1950 didn’t have fins (they started creeping into the design around 1952). Yet it wasn’t the typical car of the 1940s. Almost a dinosaur compared to today’s styles, the Newport featured distinctive, external wood framing (referred to as being a ‘Woodie’) and strongly appealed to the hunter and sportsmen.

Pontiac had a mascot – an Indian Chief- whose unsmiling face formed the base of the front hood. His headdress consisted of streaks of chrome sliding back over the hood and being picked up again on the trunk. Sleek looking! Everyone wanted a car with a personality, and the Indian Chief gave the Pontiac one.

Because the cars of the early 1950s had a somewhat dowdy appearance but reflected the potential of sparkling glamour, car designers became aggressive in their creativity. By 1957 and 1958 the designers produced disastrously overblown responses. Sharp clean fins reached in all directions. They were streaked with chrome, and somewhere in the middle a body was grafted into them. Bright yellows! Passionate reds! Baby blues! And regardless of the weather where one lived, convertibles were in, even if you never lowered the top.

The intense competition among the car manufacturers meant that each model became extinct quickly. Planned obsolescence meant the customers had to choose between buying a new car each year or being a social leper. Because of the expense of redesigning all models every year, the manufacturers took to keeping the inner workings of the cars basically the same and only changing the outward look.

By 1958 some models,such as the 1958 Oldsmobile, were beginning to be called ‘ugly.’ Some even said it looked like a brick with a hardtop sitting on it. However, the indented chrome on the doors still caught one’s eye of respect.

All systems self-destruct from within. The era of the glamour cars had outdone itself and common sense dictated that what would follow in the 1960s would be based on performance, a concern for the environment, and conservative packaging. During the 1960s people weren’t impressed with external appearances to the exclusion of what existed underneath. This attitude was reflected towards both people and cars. Yet, who will ever forget Elvis? Or the glamour cars of the 1950s?

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Aug 172011

While assistance out of your storage area or even only your front yard this morning, you actually surely been able to leave several scratches in your car. Not only that but after a couple of kilometers, you seemed to have leaped out of petrol. Luckily, that you were near a new gasoline station and could fill up your own fuel tank.

Nevertheless, it seems good luck has fled from your part for the day. Following filling up, you were able to travel for some mileage when a exhaust of your car or truck went toned. Of course, you experienced to change the actual tire yourself. And while you’re at it, an individual noticed that this hubcap you purchased as well as some Pontiac vehicle parts appeared to have decreased somewhere between your existing location and also your garage. Since you were already late for your work, you hurriedly grabbed the things as well as rushed seem to catch your elevator.

Challenging luck. Now that you need to use your automobile to drive home, you just seen that in your hurry, you neglected to take your vehicle keys together with you. And they are merely where you left them * inside your auto. You may not be a locksmith, but when you own a car that has been developed before the Nineteen eighties or when you may have created a window within your car a little open, possibly you have just the smallest chance of opening up the car by yourself.

You do have to have a wire hanger to do this challenge. Straighten the hanger out there and then bend over an end. Ensure you form a hook or perhaps a triangular deal with. This would perform the duties of the file format of your submit breaking into your personal car. You can even try opening up a windows through spying. Just use some sort of putty knife and slip this between the windows and the front door.

When you have area of the window open, slip your wire hanger you damaged through the item. Your task is always to actually shift the wall mount through your vehicle and try to yank the door fasten open. This might be quite difficult nonetheless it can be achieved.

At this point, if you very own a newer automobile model, well, the best go for you would be to actually call up a locksmith professional and permit him to do the work.

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Jun 282008


I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800 series III V-6. The problem is this. About 3 weeks ago I took the car to my local Wal-Mart for an oil change. I came back to pick up the car and I was told by the tech that he had to jump the car to make it start and he suspected a bad starter. He could not define exactly why he thinks it is a bad starter. Since then the car has started every time every day except I have noticed that about 3 times now the information for date and time are off and I have had to reset everything. Finally this morning the wife calls me and said it is dead. I have checked the battery voltage with my volt ohm meter and have 12.4 volts. Under load when I try to start the voltage drops to just under 8 volts. Also, I noticed just opening the door to get into the car the voltage dropped to 9.99 volts. This car has 54K miles on it. Could these guys have hurt something jumping the car or would it be that I indeed have a bad battery or worse yet a starter issue.  Already Tried: Tested battery for 12 volt. 12 volt is present until I try to start. Voltage drops to under 8 volts. 


This is a classic description of a bad battery. Put in a new battery and all will be good once more. The battery volts should not go below 10 volts under load.