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Maybe the thought of owning a car cover sounds a bit ridiculous to you. After all, you typically keep your car garaged, right? Besides, who wants to have an ugly tarp draped over a car anyway? Not you! Car covers serve a purpose even for the person who keeps their vehicle sheltered most of the time. Let’s examine the benefits of owning a car cover and how you can go about selecting one that is right for your car.

Keeps the bird poop at bay If you leave your car outside, there is a nemesis that takes aim at your car…birds! Yes, birds are all right, but their excrement is not. If you don’t wash it off right away, your car’s finish can be damaged. Some bird poop is so damaging that even a buff and wax job won’t completely restore the finish. A car cover will catch the poop before it does permanent damage.

Better than sun block While we humans can slap on sun block, no finish can completely do the work of protecting your car. Better to have your car covered over instead of exposed to the sun’s damaging rays.

Not so shady So, you think keeping your car out of the sun by parking under trees will help, do you? Not so fast! Whereas most sun rays may not get through, your tree loves to drop sap, buds, leaves, sticks, and branches…right on top of your car. Some car covers are thick enough to help your car resist those small branches that fall from time to time and take aim at your car!

Who goes there? Funny isn’t it when you own a nice car everyone likes to peer inside to check it out. Leaning and rubbing up against the car’s body can scratch the finish in no time. Besides, do you really want everyone gawking at your car’s expensive audio system? I don’t think so!

Rain, rain go away Some car covers offer top protection by keeping rain, snow, ice, mud, dirt, and dust away. Yes, even if you park your car in the garage, dirt, dust, and indoor pollution can take their toll.

Follow the bouncing ball Your neighbor kid loves to whack his soccer ball around…too bad that it takes dead aim at your car. A quality car cover can withstand small “insults” that can scratch or dent the body.

So, how do you select a car cover? Well, for starters what do you want from a cover? Some covers offer minimum protection and will absorb bird poop, tree sap, and diminish the sun’s rays, but not much more. On the other hand, certain car covers made of four layered breathing material offer the most protection. Even better are those heavy duty car covers that come with side mirror pockets. Why are they a good idea? Well, they offer a snug fit and are crafted with the exact make/model of your vehicle in mind. No worrying that your car cover will work loose because it isn’t fitted properly.

Yes, a car cover can be a great idea even for the garaged vehicle. The whole goal of owning a car cover is to protect your vehicle’s finish and then some. Not all car covers are alike, so do some comparison shopping for the one that is best for your car. Oh, by the way, there is no “one size fits all” car cover [you want one custom sized to your vehicle’s dimensions]. If someone tries to sell you one, you would do better to run to your home supply store and findng a tarp for your vehicle!

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Mar 262011

Buying a car is a very big enterprise that involves taking many different factors into account. If you have decided that you wish to buy a Dodge then your selection is automatically narrowed down. There are bound to be many dealers selling cars but you need to know which one can help you meet all your requirements. You need the help of a good Toronto Dodge dealer because of this reason. This is the best way to ensure that you get the most suitable car.

It goes without saying that the dealer should be able to offer you a good selection of cars to choose from so that your choice is not restricted. Every manufacturer brings out different models and the dealer should therefore be able to understand and meet your need irrespective of whether you are looking for a new or used car. It is not surprising that most car dealers do business in both types of cars since there is immense demand for each particular type.

You should be very suspicious if the Toronto Dodge dealer you approach tries to push you to buy a certain car without really understanding your needs or your budget. A good dealer will find you the exact car that you are looking for rather than trying to use you to meet their sales targets. You should never feel compelled to buy a top end car if it has features you don’t really need however attractive they are.

Many people select a vehicle dealer based upon location, but this is not always the best way of making a selection. It is certainly convenient but only if the nearest one is also the best one. You might be better off going to another dealership if it has better working hours and offers you a more comprehensive range of services. You will save time and money in the long run if you select a vehicle dealership on other criteria instead of only location. On the other hand, location is very important if you have trouble managing your schedule and cannot always get a lot of time off work.

It makes a lot of sense to only deal with a Toronto Dodge dealer who has an outstanding track record. There are many dealers that are not particular about their sales methods and you should not be one of their customers. Go online to check for customer feedback, making sure that you detect a pattern of behavior rather than a one off incidence of customer dissatisfaction. The best way to do proper research is to spend the time to visit a variety of different websites.

Personal recommendation is a great way to get information about a particular car dealer. Ask your friends, relatives or co-workers about the vehicle dealership they went to in order to get a Dodge car. The experience they had with a particular dealer should help you make your selection. They should also recommend a particular salesperson to deal with because this can make an immense difference to your experience of buying a car.

It is very important to know how to select a good Toronto Dodge dealer to buy your vehicle from. This will have an immediate impact on how much money you spend because a dealer has a big role in determining which car you eventually buy. Your association with the dealer will not end with this because you will have to keep going back for repairs and maintenance if you have not selected your car well. Be sure to follow these tips so that you are satisfied with your vehicle.

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this is a very common problem with the newer dodge trucks,you need the defrost door in the heater breaks causing alot of problems,your best bet is to take it to the dealer and have them fix it