Jul 272012

The demonstration Chevy Volt models have been authorized by Chevrolet to be sold if needs be, to get more consumers into the cars. Sales have been de-cent, but there’s concern that models with the preferred possibilities are not accessible.

Everything for Volt to do

The Chevrolet Volt, the plug-in electric hybrid, was published last year at a higher cost than other hybrid automobiles and the totally electric Nissan Leaf. The Detroit News reports that the Chevy Volt is doing very well in sales. Still, the Nissan Leaf is doing better. A “range extending” gasoline powered generator is discovered in the Volte while the Leaf is all electric. Chevrolet expected that in 2011, 10,000 would sell. Between Jan and October, only 5,003 had been sold. Nissan Motors sold 8,048 Leafs in that time.

The Leaf is not as costly. The asking price is lower. For $32,780, you are able to get the base 2011 model. The base 2012 model is $35,200. If you need the base Volt, it will cost $39,995. Both of them get the green automobile tax credit. This can be a $7,500 credit on your taxes.

Get a demonstration unit

Chevrolet authorized retailers to begin selling to customers the Volt to be able to boost sales, as reported by USA Today. Dealer surveys indicate that up to 72 percent of consumers were put off from buying the Volt simply since the model they wanted wasn’t accessible. The supply is limited at each dealership, which is also an issue. There were 2,600 Chevrolet dealerships authorized to sell the Volt. About 700 of them cannot do this because they do not have access to a Volt.

Vehicles have to sit on the lot for six months before they could be sold, which about 2,300 Volts have been doing as demo automobiles. After the demonstration units are involved, there are 4,100 Volts that can be sold. AutoBlog reports that there are around 1,800 being sent to shops right now. They can also be sold.

Getting green cars

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the DeLand, Fla., City council authorized new city vehi-cles. They can buy five Chevy Volts for this. A $1.3 million federal grant will be given to the city. This is because of the green changes. The Volts will be used alongside Toyota Prius and Camry hybrids already in use.

The Chevy Volt was purchased by a hybrid automobile and green rental service in LA, MPG Car Rental, according to the Sacramento Bee. More rental agencies and cities are sure to add them as more become accessible.

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Feb 112012

If you ever have been driving with a chevrolet extended auto warranty for any stretch of time it is easy to become complacent about car safety and start to feel that accidents wont ever happen to you. As soon as kids enter your life, you instantly become more aware of your driving and your concern for safety. Because of the unique challenges of driving with children, there are a few things you need to do to ensure their safety. In this article we will look at some of the considerations you need to take account of when driving with children in your car. Take advantage of your chevrolet extended warranty it can make all the difference in the life of your vehicle.

The maintenance of your vehicle is an area that can easily be overlooked and this is something you need to take seriously once you have kids to consider. If you are contemplating upgrading your chevrolet extended auto warranty in view of the fact that you might be starting a family, it is a good time to look at the safety record of particular models. It’s important to see how well the chevrolet extended auto warranty is in rear-end accidents since your children will be in the rear. It’s important you take your time and conduct some proper research to find the safest car for your family. Regardless if you will be replacing your car or not, take extra care to make sure essentials such as tires and brakes are in good working order.

Among the main considerations when you start to have children is fitting a good car seat into your vehicle. Just as before, be diligent here and although budget may have to be taken into account, you do not want to compromise safety. After you get your seat, the thing is to ensure that the seat is properly installed in your car. If you fail to do this appropriately, a car seat that is not installed the right way is worse than not having a car seat. If at all possible, you might want to have the sales consultant or dealer show you how to install the car seat. As your child gets bigger and older, you will need to switch out the car seats so be sure to research each time.

You may also want to examine your present driving habits to see how safe you are. It is always vital that you drive safely and responsibly but it is easy to succumb to bad habits. You should contemplate if you drive too fast or you tailgate typically. You will find that children in your car can be a distraction so it is essential that you remain calm and focused. An alternative is to add a sign saying that you have children inside so other drivers will be more tolerant.

The safety of your children in your car definitely comes down to the condition of your vehicle, the equipment required such as car seats and the way you drive. You’ll have great command over the protection of your children as a result.

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Jan 142012

Manufacturers and advertisers have always been eager to win young adults dollars. Millions have been spent over the last few decades trying to figure out exactly what college students and 20 something, often called Millennial’s or Gen Y, want in a product. After all, if you can win a consumer’s loyalty when they are young, they will spend the rest of their lives buying your products. In fact the under 30 demographic is roughly 80 million people in America and can account for $1 trillion in purchasing power.

This is no different for automakers either. So far few automakers have really captured that market but GM and Chevy think they have some clues. In fact, they have gone so far as to test drive and research at universities and high schools.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that unlike decades pass, Gen Y shoppers are sticking mainly with used cars. With today’s economy few want to start making car payments. Those that do want new cars, have come up with some interesting ideas. The usual smaller cars and hatchback are out. The 20’s crowd wants a car with style, room in the back seat and some pep to it.

This can be seen in two similar but different concepts. For one, coupe type cars are in. Think similar to the Mini or the newly released Fiats. They are small, affordable and efficient yet stylish. Another option is a design that is a little boxier in the back with a front that faintly resembles a Camaro, Dodge Charger or similar “tough” cars. There were the prototype concept cars that Chevy and GM displayed recently in the famous Detroit Auto Show. They will be priced around 19k – 24 and GM hopes to start producing them within the year.

In the past, most people, especially the under 30 crowd, were really into cars to one degree or another. Cars were seen as a sign of independence, adulthood and freedom. As soon as young adults turned 16 they would race out to get their driver licenses.

Gen Y has proven otherwise. Only 30 percent of them are getting their drivers’ licenses right when they turn 16 and many are waiting until later. Not only that, but they have little interest in owning their own new, fancy car and are far more likely to share a car with friends or family.

Truth be told, Gen Y is much more into technological gadgets instead of cars. They would much rather have smartphones and Apple products then a car. In fact, one recent survey showed that they preferred not to drive because it meant less time online or texting. Japan’s youth culture began this trend a couple of years ago so it should be no surprise that it has spread over here. Still, for whatever market there may be for Gen Y and cars, GM and Chevy are determined to be a major player in it, both domestically and internationally.

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Jan 082012

When thinking about road safety, a lot of drivers will not admit to their faults. Motorists would most likely complain about the carelessness of other drivers without thinking if they drive safely themselves. By driving safely, you’ll avoid physical harm to you and to others and you will probably receive lower insurance payments. If you want to be accident free, stick to these basic tips. It can be important when purchasing a chevrolet extended warranty to do your research.

The first two factors I want to talk about are both major contributors to accidents on the road and these are speed and distance. Speeding on roadways or city streets will obviously raise your chances of having a serious accident. However, the conditions of where you speed could have you or others in mortal danger. There are clearly appropriate speeds that we need to conform to but often drivers fail to adapt based on where they are driving and the actual conditions of the day. For instance, on a pleasant sunny day on a clear road, cruising at a fairly high speed can be enjoyable and pretty safe. So far, you have discovered a few things concerning chevrolet extended warranty along with the significance it has for you. We encourage you to seriously look at the backdrop of your own life and how what you are reading about will help. Whether or not every single point or item will totally apply to you is unknown to us, so we try to present a good overview. You will be best served if your knowledge is broad, and then you can fill in any details with further research. If you are really pressed for time, then choose quality information over quantity, always. So just find what ever spare time you have, and be sure you pay attention to the most important issues. What we mean by that is some aspect will have greater meaning for each of us, and then you can go off and discover more for your self on that one thing. However, if the weather transforms to snowy or wet, you will have to drive slower and safer.

Therefore if we accept that speed is something we need to assess based on road conditions, then what about distance? When driving, we have to keep a specified amount of distance between each car but no one seems to do that. This happens when people are rushing to get somewhere. It is an illusion to think you get anywhere more quickly by driving too close to the car in front and in the worst case scenario you may not get there at all. However if the car in front of you abruptly brakes hard, do you have enough room to stop yourself?

The state of your car can be easily taken for granted or overlooked. Doing routine car maintenance is an important part of car safety. This will once more become so important when weather conditions change and the condition of your tires and brakes can become lifesavers. Vehicle maintenance can be expensive so you need to make sure you budget each month for it.

When you are considerate and mindful on the road, then you will keep yourself and others from getting hurt. You want to always drive in a manner that makes sure that you will get to your destination in one piece. It is crucial that you focus on your driving and cut down on distractions such as eating on the go or trying to read something casually. You’re going to avoid severe accidents on the highway if you follow these tips.

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Jan 062012

In the year of 1969, Chevrolet designed the muscle car for the ages in the Camaro. Chevy identified that the American public desired to have more style in addition to the power, but coming at a more reasonable selling price.


This special Camaro acquired a extremely creative longer, slimmer look directly from Chevrolet’s upscale auto cousin, the Corvette. Chevy wanted to be sure that they gave it the Corvette power on top of that, because Chevy the engine was an incredibly powerful 210-hp 327 V8 powerplant with the choice to add a even more powerful 325 horse power Turbo-Jet 396.

The 69 Camaro was a remarkable muscle car. This piece of automobile history was basically engineered with absolutely nothing but performance & stylishness simply being the final result. In my personal opinion, the quintessential result was obviously a work of genius that will stand alone in the field of modern-day auto engineering

When you decided to go inside the car dealership to get a brand new 1969 Camaro, you would have had the option to certainly make it more to your preference to suit your driving technique. It had 4-wheel power disc brakes, a 3-speed Hydr-matic Turbo transmission, as well as an AM-FM radio!

This incredible 1969 Camaro had the moniker, “The Hugger”, and for good reason. This car had a wide profile accompanied by a particularly agile wheelbase designed for very manageable maneuvering, allowing it to be extremely favored by the road-racing adolescents of that era.

Inside of the 69 Camaro, you’d probably have had the thought that you were in a high-class automobile in that year. This pioneering muscle car showcased extensive carpet all through the interior coupled with cushioned vinyl car seats. The result was that this Camaro in fact was endearing to even the the entire family because the wives appreciated the ride too (I know what you are thinking! I didn’t mean it in that way, but I’m sure it was true sometimes!).

Consequently, I really love this excellent car. If you ask me, the 69 Chevy Camaro is considered a timeless muscle car that was a blueprint for just about anything muscle. It is just about everything a muscle car enthusiast could possibly ever want or need.

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Dec 202011

If you’ve ever had a conversation about car dealers chances are you’ve heard something or other about how they’re not to be trusted. The auto retailing industry suffers from unfair generalizations and has been haunted and dogged by a persistent stereotype for many years. Today auto retailers are doing everything they can to change these views around and restore people’s faith in car dealers.

One of the things that dealers are doing to change how people view their business is increase the amount of information that is available about their vehicles and about the products and services that they offer. The more that people know the more bargaining power they have, so this is intended to put the power back in the hands of the clientele, and for the most part it is working well.

A lot of dealers are also trying to be more open and honest about the sales that they put together, ensuring that their clients understand all of the details of the transaction and are in full agreement with the terms. This makes good business sense but it wasn’t always common practice, as many dealerships tried to deliberately hide some elements of a sale.

Dealers are also trying to hire better employees, people who have a background in other forms of business and are going to be more open to softer sales tactics and aren’t going to be so much in their clients faces throughout the process of a sale. Instead of being right there, aggressively making a sale, look for sales people who only want to help you find the right vehicle for you.

So if you were characteristically wary of what these institutions had to offer you, you might be able to relax a little bit and give them another try. There have been a lot of important changes to how these businesses are run and the chances are they are doing much better work than they used to be doing when you initially formed your negative opinion.

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Dec 192011

When the time comes to pick out a new vehicle, your most important ally in this process is going to be your dealership. A dealer is going to guide your purchase every step of the way, providing you with a selection of vehicles to choose from, giving you access to plenty of information about each one, and ultimately providing you with the financing options. That’s why it’s important to pick the right dealer for you.

Often the first thing you need to do is narrow down your list of options. If you think of every single dealer in the city as a viable choice, it can be next to impossible to decide which one is right for you. That’s why you really need to cut down the list of candidates that might work for you and free yourself by limiting your overall number of choices.

A good way to start the process of narrowing down the list of candidates is by going around asking for referrals from your friends and family. Although this is a typically old-fashioned way of looking for a new business, it is actually hugely effective. It’s important to try to look for a recommendation from someone who has been using the same dealer for years as this constitutes a great referral.

Once you have a handful of referrals and you have a few car dealers that might be right for you, the next step is to verify what your friends and family have said. As nice as it is to take your friends word for it is usually a good idea to make sure that everyone who uses the dealership is having a similar experience. Luckily there is an easy enough way to do this.

The easiest way to do this is by checking third-party consumer reports and reviews which you can track down quite easily using the Internet. Most of the time if the dealership you’re interested in is listed on a business directory such as Google Places you will be able to easily look at what other clients have been saying and find out if they have been making good on their promises.

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Oct 312011

Do you love your truck? Do you want more unique designs on your personal checks? Your truck is your baby, your pride and joy. It’s more than just a vehicle-it’s part of you. If you love trucks and you want to spice up your personal checks in an inexpensive way then carrying truck checks is a great cost-effective manner to do it in.

There are lots of truck checks to select from so whether you want something conventional, vintage, or recent you’re sure to locate something that you truly like. There are many different trucks on the road, and similarly, there are lots of different sorts of check series to boot.

It’s not just truckers that love their trucks. Whether you drive a 4 wheel vehicle or an 18 wheeler, it’s never been easier to show the world where your heart lies. Your truck doesn’t just take you to work and back, nor does it simply transport you down the road: it carries you to destinations that you yearn to visit.

A few of the most popular kinds of checks include antique fire truck checks, Chevy checks, Ford checks, and even dump truck series. Naturally, vintage truck checks can remind you of the good old days when you could travel down country roads in the back of the pickup truck on blistering summer days, without a consideration to seatbelts or anything other than the feeling of the wind against your face.

If you like both trucks and firefighting then an outstanding way to unite your interests is with the antique fire truck personal checks. You can journey back to the early 20th century with these designs and respect the history of firefighting with some imaginative images of the earliest American fire engines.

If you like driving off road and taking the hardest route then the Chevy checks might be the ones for you. You can conquer the toughest terrain with these great looking designs. With 4 rotating images, it will be some time before you repeat a check image, too.

Those who drive Fords are usually dedicated to the name and won’t drive anything else. If this applies to you and you’re ready to roll then you’ll love these designs that feature Ford F-150, F-250, and F-350 Super cab models.

For the most part, the checks can be purchased with corresponding accessories such as leather checkbook covers, contact cards, address labels and more. These can look wonderful when carried along with your new truck checks and they don’t have to cost a ton of money either when you know where to get them.

Don’t forget that when you buy your new checks from a trustworthy website you can save as much as 50%. Plus, you’ll have many designs to pick from as well and you won’t have to settle for a boring design that you don’t like, like you might have done at your local bank.

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Oct 282011

Lots of people on the different Chevy forums are speaking about the old school type cars like the Camaro. These kinds of autos which you loved like a teenager is back having a new look. No matter whether a diehard Camaro enthusiast or simply a fan of the newest cars, maybe due to the appearance in Transformers, welcome to the family. The brand new Camaro offers something to provide to almost everyone. For all those men and women nerds we are able to even order the Transformers model using the black racing stripes and in addition the yellow body.

You are definite to get turning some brain while you roll outdoors since it is. If you would like most to see you and not only a number of them you will require tell them you might be coming. Many individuals will hear one thing far before they’re going to view it, so beefing inside the sound of the Camaro is a sound to determine. An MBRP Exhaust system will be the response to putting kinks inside your friends’ necks. All the Chevy forums are great places of information.

The outstanding system is really a completely bent stainless-steel polished to some reflection finish system in which wont rust, certainly not the area within the T-304 kits. MBRP can also be the very first company to make a 3″ exhaust for your 5th technology Camaro. Additionally, it includes an eternity warranty. As well as the warranty on these cars they’re going to never be void after you install it, and since the factory’s catalytic converters are being reused. The MBRP ehaust will definitely provide you with more strength, more nicely far more muscle.

Now let us enter into the actual meats and potatoes from the mbrp exhaust. Everyone loves the way in which much more their own car look nevertheless for many of us, we love what much more our auto seem like. It had been designed to be aggressive and loud if you want it and mellow if you don’t wish to wake anyone up. Or possibly you are doing wish to wake the spot up! The Dyno benefits include 20 hp in the rear wheels and 24ft/lbs involving torque that is the very best we’ve seen for any cat-back package. For individuals who will keep his or her foot from the flooring they may be gaining about one to three mpg.

Adding an exhaust such as the one we are speaking about MPE78tCFm can actually be carried out in your own personal home because you should get everything you need which will consist of hardware, instructions and almost everything to fix it to the car. It really is easy and can be carried out which includes fundamental hand tools. Nearby trust yourself then almost always there is the local body shop as well as muffler shop. Save the money and do-it-yourself! It truly is not that hard.

You may be a lot more than amazed using the added functionality of the you new car with these excessive new type technique. Using the MBRP exhaust system you may be getting all the basics to strengthen the power of the vehicle. The system is made of stainless-steel and is then polished to a pristine reflection finish that will not rust also it does not void your Camaro’s warrantee.

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Oct 282011

Many individuals on the different Chevy forums are talking about the old school sort cars like the Camaro. These types of autos which you adored like a teenager is back having a new look. Whether a diehard Camaro supporter or simply a fan of the modern cars, maybe due to its appearance in Transformers, here you are at the family. The brand new Camaro offers something to provide to almost everyone. For all those folks nerds we are able to perhaps order the Transformers release using the black racing stripes and additionally the yellow body.

You are definite to get turning some heads while you roll outdoors since it is. If you would like most to see you and not alone a number of them you will require inform them you might be coming. Many people will hear one thing far before they’ll view it, so beefing in the sound of the Camaro is a sound to learn. An MBRP Exhaust system is the response to putting kinks within your friends’ necks. All the Chevy forums are great locations of information.

The incredible system is really a completely bent stainless-steel polished to some reflection finish system in which wont rust, definitely not the area within the T-304 kits. MBRP can also be the very first company to make a 3″ exhaust for your 5th generation Camaro. Additionally, it includes a very long time warranty. As well as the guarantee on these cars they will never be void as soon as you install it, and since the factory’s catalytic converters are now being reused. The MBRP ehaust will certainly provide you with more energy, more nicely much more muscle.

Now we will enter into the actual meats and potatoes from the mbrp exhaust. Everyone loves the way in which much more their own car look however for many of us, we love just what much more our auto seem like. It had been built to be aggressive and loud if you want it and mellow whenever you don’t wish to wake every person up. Or possibly what you are doing wish to wake the spot up! The Dyno results include 20 hewlett packard in the rear wheels and 24ft/lbs of torque that is the best we’ve seen for any cat-back package. For individuals who will keep his or her foot from the floorboards they may be gaining concerning one to three mpg.

Adding an exhaust such as the one we are talking about MPE78tCFm can actually be carried out in your individual home because you should get everything you need which will consist of hardware, instructions and everything to fix it on the car. It really is easy and can be carried out which includes standard hand tools. Nearby trust yourself then almost always there is the local body shop or muffler shop. Save the cash and do-it-yourself! It truly is not that tough.

You may be a lot more than impressed using the added overall performance of the you fresh car with these intense new type method. Using the MBRP exhaust system there’s a chance you’re getting all the essentials to strengthen the power of the automobile. The system is made of stainless-steel and will be polished to a pristine reflection finish that don’t rust also it won’t void your Camaro’s guarantee.

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