Jan 292012

Mercedes Benz make some fine looking cars, but they’re only as good as the person looking after them. If you’re spent all that money on a vehicle that’s one thing, but it’s the time you put into it after the purchase that will see to it retaining its value, and its quality. People tend to know the basics for looking after a car, but that doesn’t mean they always stick to them. Here is a little refresher on those essential tips to make sure you’re making the most of your Mercedes at the moment.

Maintaining the outside of the car is something that especially falls on the driver. There are plenty of ways to make sure your exterior is well taken car of. The sun can really damage the look of a car’s body work over time, and if you have an older vehicle this is even more relevant. Take care of your Mercedes by keeping it in a garage as much as possible, or at least getting some kind of cover over the paintwork. It’s not difficult to arrange, but it makes a big difference.

Winter really takes its toll on bodywork too. Here the tips are simpler than you might think. Car soap and water are the best line of defence you have against the elements, as washing gets rid of road debris and the niggly bits of salt that lodge on the body. People sometimes conveniently forget about the need to wash the car in winter, what with the cold weather on your fingers and the endless nature of the task. But this is actually when it’s most crucial to get your bucket in action.

Under the hood with all modern Mercedes is very much locked down, with no room for tinkering unless you’re a professional. The things you can maintain yourself are straightforward fluid refills. The only one you’re likely to need to refill between services is your windscreen washer, but check the oil and coolant regularly too.

So there you have it. It’s super simple to do those little things that make a big difference for your car. You just have to stay diligent.

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Jan 202012

It takes a special type of individual to serve in any branch of our armed services. These individuals have dedicated a portion of their lives to defending all that we hold dear. Unfortunately being in the military does not guarantee a great pay rate, and sometimes it means these individuals must seek out military loans.

Generally speaking the approval process is no different than when civilians must apply for extra finances. There must be proof of income, ability to repay and proof of residence. They come in both secured and non-secured varieties. The secured loans are made for higher amounts, while the unsecured type is given when only a small amount is requested.

If the borrower is seeking a home renovation, then you can expect it to be covered by some type of collateral. If only a small amount is needed, such as like for minor auto repairs, then it could be issued as an unsecured contract.

Proper preparation is the key to getting business taken care of quickly. One of the first things you should do is plan out your budget to see if you actually have enough income to afford another long. If you find that your income to debt ratio does not support making another payment, then you would be turned down for a loan. You also need to check your credit score to see if there are any errors on it.

Your income and employment status will need to be documented. Your military documents should be able to prove this and your current residential status. Copies of your bank statements will be required also.

Military loans are available to those who serve our country. Before you borrow from any lender you will want to make sure they are trustworthy. You can find plenty of institutions online offering these types of contracts but you must check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate and trustworthy company.

Serving in the military is vital for the country but if there is a family member serving it may result in the pain of separation along with tough financial times. Fortunately there are lending institutions that cater especially to families in such situations. If you’re searching for military lending help then you should contact Just Military Loans.

Dec 262011

Service men and women who work in the army can buy homes, cars, do home improvement and even pursue higher education through military lending. The loans offered through this method are easy to get and usually have a low interest rate for repayment. As always, one must have good credit history to qualify for these loans.

Military individuals with bad credit should not feel intimidated or hesitant to applying. The interest rate may be a little higher however. Those who practice financial restraint are admired by the lenders and usually get funds at a lower rate.

Having good financial history is always an added advantage when securing loans from the Department of Defense. It shows the lenders that one can be trusted to repay the debt and it helps them get loans at very low interest rates.

It is always good to participate in getting the economy back on track by borrowing from lenders who charge interest rate to reflect inflation. However, times are tough and the last thing one wants to do is be stuck with a loan that they cannot repay. Saving money is important because when times are hard, one can tap into their stored funds.

Service members who are not comfortable with having their credit history looked into need not worry because there are no credit loans that one can apply for funds. The lender uses a different standardization to determine if the individual is eligible for the loans.

Military lending is an easier form of advancing of funds for the men and women who commit their lives to serve this country. Because of their increased sacrifices and patriotism, the lenders are usually lenient towards them and do not impose stringent criteria to the applicants. The loan application process for these is usually very easy and can be done online with an answer in two minutes.

Serving in the military is vital for the country but having a family member in the armed forces can result in the pain of separation along with tough financial times. Fortunately there are lending institutions that cater especially to families in such situations. If you’re searching for loans for military personnel then you should contact Just Military Loans.

Dec 262011

For those in active duty in the military, there are many banks who will not lend you money and this is even worse for the lower ranking officers. However, things have somewhat improved markedly with the availability of armed forces loans being offered to military personnel by a great number of lenders.

Before taking up a loan, it is vital that you understand the issues at stake. Ensure you are able to pay up the loan and to get you on track; you will need to find out your income debt ratio in addition to knowing your monthly expenses. When your calculation is positive, then proceed to apply for the loan but should it give you a negative, then you need to reconsider before you apply for the loan.

This is one of the easiest and fastest loan options to secure because a borrower will simply apply online, attach the needed documentation and wait for approval. In the event someone is dishonorably discharged from the military, they will not qualify for this type of loan.

Basically, lenders look into the credit history of the borrower but the ultimate determining factor as to whether or not you qualify for a loan is salary and debts. Besides these, documentation such as proof of being in the military, residence or duty station, and a bank account details will be required.

With only your military ID, and account details, you are able to make your application online. Should your request get approved, the money will be transferred to your bank account and the whole process completed. For those serving in foreign lands, you may have the check written on a family members name and mailed to them directly.

Regardless of the military branch you serve in, you are able to enjoy the availability of these special offers. The lending companies will on the other hand provide you with prompt and efficient armed forces loans as soon as they receive your application.

While military service is a noble and honorable pursuit, having a family member in the armed forces can sometimes put tremendous financial strain on the people involved. Fortunately there are lending institutions that cater especially to families in such situations. If you’re searching for a military loan then you should contact Just Military Loans.

Dec 252011

Being in the military is quite fun yet challenging. Military personnel are not eligible for everyday lending from banks for instance. For this reason, there is a specialized class of lenders who have chosen to focus on providing armed forces loans to those that have need. The lenders typically employ military personnel and thus they understand the demand and needs of this special category of borrowers.

These offers are open exclusively to both the current or active and retired military personnel. Other than this, there are no strict rules and regulations set up for one to qualify for the offers. For instance, there is no stipulated number of years in service that one has to attain in order to be deemed eligible.

This is one of the easiest and fastest loan options to secure because a borrower will simply apply online, attach the needed documentation and wait for approval. In the event someone is dishonorably discharged from the military, they will not qualify for this type of loan.

The money secured from such offers can be used on anything the borrower deems fit such as investing or on education, medication and such like. There are no restrictions to what you can do with your loan and with the flexibility in repayment process, the offers have attracted a large number of service men and women.

There are many lenders out there to pick from, so it is up to you to ensure that you choose ones with good interest rates and repayment terms. You can visit online sites or better still, check those lenders with established business bureau listings.

Regardless of the military branch you serve in, you are able to enjoy the availability of these special offers. The lending companies will on the other hand provide you with prompt and efficient armed forces loans as soon as they receive your application.

While military service is a noble and honorable pursuit, having a family member in the armed forces can result in the pain of separation along with tough financial times. Fortunately there are lending institutions that cater especially to families in such situations. If you’re searching for military loans for bad credit then you should contact Just Military Loans.

Dec 222011

If you have owned a car you know about having to find money to pay for repairs. The ordinary stuff like oil changes and tuneups happen to be but one part of this; occasionally irregular things like changing belts crop up.

Among those belts is the timing belt, and if you even know very well what it is, you probably don’t know if it needs replacing. One area you don’t wish to be when the timing belt breaks is somewhere out on the highway. You can well be pressing the envelope if you have had your car or truck for some time. The life of a timing belt can be anything from 60,000 right up to 100,000 miles, which leaves a daunting margin for error. You’ll be able to learn this information from the owner’s manual, but who ever looks through it before something happens. Despite the fact that a timing belt might fail at any time, you will help keep from being stranded by staying on top of things.

The timing belt’s function is to always spin the camshaft at precisely 50% of the crankshaft’s speed. The camshaft will cause the intake and exhaust valves to open up and shut as the pistons go up and down in the cylinders. Your car or truck won’t go anywhere if your timing belt breaks. Very often a bad timing belt means substantial damage to the engine. People typically only notice the timing belt and the need to have to replace it after it has failed. You would be in a serious area of bother if that happened at some place far from proper help. Since there is no realistic way to look at the timing belt, you should just replace it at frequent intervals.

There are a lot of mechanics who advise you to replace the water pump at the same time, because while you are changing the timing belt, most of the labor will already be accomplished. A water pump will last as long as your car or truck, or go out any time. Updating it by itself entails a big expense, as well as being without your car for a few days. If you are a saturday mechanic, it’s possible you’ll feel relaxed replacing the timing belt yourself. By using a reliable auto maintenance and repair manual to look through, you could change out the timing belt in no time. Shopping at an online wholesaler, such as Timing Belt Pros, you’ll find the right product for your car. You can compare your choices from diverse places, and save quite a bit of money by doing it yourself.

If you are competent to do your own work, you can avoid the expense of going to the repair shop of your dealer or a local mechanic. Obviously you need to have your own tools, or be able to rent them, as well as having the necessary abilities. Regardless of what, though, the timing belt in your car has to be changed at regular intervals.

With the fundamental skillset to execute certain common trouble shooting. You will save some bucks with the labour, and the single thing you will purchase is the pieces which is to be changed. For lots more trouble shooting methods, check-out transmission slipping problems weblog.

Dec 202011

There are many essential aspects to take into consideration when buying a two post hoist.

Your new two-post hoist should allow you to make all repairs effectively and safely. Weather you are planning to use it in a home garage or in a business workshop, we’ve outlined 3 considerations that will help you make the right choice

1. When it comes to two post hoists, simplicity is key

While sophisticated electronic controls may be appealing, it’s always better to go for mechanical operation when choosing your 2 post hoist. By purchasing a 2 post hoist with a simple operating system, you’ll get the best long-term use from your investment. Many 2post hoists incorporate complex systems for releasing the safety locks, however, in humid climates this can often cause the solenoids to stick, resulting in safety locks that are impossible to release. To prevent this from happening, remember the golden rule when choosing a 2 post hoist – less is more.

2. Pick a maintenance-free load bearing 2post hoist, instead of a roller one

Roller bearings are not great because they need constant lubrication all throughout the 2 post hoist‘s life. This means lower turnaround in your workshop and less productivity. On the contrary, maintenance-free load bearings don’t need any lubrication or treatment and they are designed to last event longer.

3. Ensure your 2 post hoist has low profile arms

In Australia, cars are becoming lower and lower. You need your 2 post hoist to be able to handle any type of car, from big 4WD to low Ferraris. Its then essential that you pick a 2 post hoist with low profile arms. If you choose one that doesn’t have this feature, you might find it difficult to service low cars. You may be unable to swing arms under the car, or even drive it into the hoist. Low profile arms 2 post hoist is the perfect solution when you are servicing a wide range of vehicles in a very busy workshop.

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After oil, the most important fluid required to ensure smooth operation of an automobile is the coolant, also known as antifreeze. This is also a relatively simple task that should be performed often as part of any car maintenace schedule. The coolant is generally found in a white plastic bottle that is affixed to one side of the engine area beneath the car’s hood. It usually has level markings on it to indicate what the minimum and maximum levels are for the car’s requirements. The level also needs to be checked at a time when the engine has not been running for some time and has already cooled down. The coolant should always be added to the coolant reservoir rather than directly into the radiator. In fact, opening a radiator cap when the car is still hot is very dangerous, as coolant will still be boiling and under such pressure that intense heat and steam would instantly be pushed out and possibly cause burns to the hand or face of anyone so foolish as to do this.

As the name suggests, the purpose of coolant is to cool the engine down from overheating. Coolant consists of water that has been mixed with antifreezing chemicals; without this, just plain water would freeze up in the winter and be useless for preventing the engine from melting down. Plain water ideally should not be used in warmer weather either, as it causes rust and corrosion to the radiator and eventually cause it to fail. When the engine is running hot, the coolant is pumped through the system and emits any extra heat through the radiator and out the grill on the front of the car. There are valves controlled by sensors that detect the temperature of the engine, releasing the coolant to flow when the engine reaches a certain heat.In heavily snowy weather, many cars actually break down faster from overheating, because their drivers have neglected to brush snow or ice from the radiator grill on the front of the car, and this acts to trap the heat inside, not permitting it to escape.

Many car models also have instruments on the dashboard in the form of warning lights that notify the driver when the level of coolant is dangerously low, or when the engine has overheated.

Other fluids are also important to check regularly, and if necessary, have them filled or flushed. Aside from gasoline, which is the fuel running the engine, there is also brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid.

Another common aspect of car maintenance is tire rotation. This should be done every 5000 miles of travel as determined by the car’s odometer. Many people who are less knowledgeable about car mechanics often mistakenly assume that this has something to do with spinning the wheels around, but infact ‘tire rotation’ refers to the practice of switching the front tires with the rear ones to make sure they wear evenly. When this is neglected, the tires wear in patterns relative to their position on the car. Tires also require a lot of other maintenance, such as inspecting them to make certain they contain enough air inside to make them of use. This can be checked by means of an instrument known as a tire gauge, which gives a reading of the air pressure. If it is below the recommended level, more air can be pumped in. Aside from improving tire performance, this can drastically increase the gas mileage of the car, which means the car can be driven for several more miles before having to refuel if the tires are kept to the correct pressure. Tires firthermore need to be checked for wear, as a badly worn tread means the tire is more likely to blow out or become flat. Tires that have become too worn should be replaced with newer ones. Other important factors involving tires are tire balance and wheel alignment, which are services usually offered by mechanics.

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In the last several years, the automobile industry has undergone such significant changes. A decade ago, today’s popular models, like the Smart, were unheard of, and probably wouldn’t have made it past the prototype stage. As our values have not simply shifted, but have diversified, the automotive world must take pains to cater to the many faces of today’s consumer. In spite of these efforts, manufacturers are simply not capable of anticipating all consumers’ needs, hence the popularity of custom after-market accessories. At the top of this list are wheels.

Replacing the original manufacturer’s wheels with custom wheels to a vehicle individualizes the appearance, enhances the performance, and in most cases, increases the re-sell value.

The word rim is used interchangeably with the word wheel, and while “wheel” is generally meant to refer to the wheel and the tire together, the rim is only the metal part onto which the tire is mounted. Semantics aside, replacement wheels are an easy and affordable way to improve and customize your car. There are a variety of places where you can find new wheels, including tire retailers, custom auto shops, and car dealerships. You can also find a massive selection of wheel sizes and types online, in addition to a dazzling array of rim finishes, colors, and styles. While you can rely on wheels that are made specifically to match your car, custom wheels are made to accommodate several makes and models, so you may have to do a little reading to figure it out.

Buying your wheels online is convenient, in that you can do it any time of day, from anywhere you have access to Internet, and have your wheels shipped directly to you or your service station. Shopping online can also afford you big savings, as many websites offer wheel and tire packages, along with cleaning and maintenance products, at a lower price. But don’t bypass brick and mortar stores completely; they can be valuable sources of information, and, as most tire retailers have huge year-end sales, you might just clean up when you by last year’s model. Another advantage of buying your new wheels in person is that you are far less likely to buy the wrong thing.

A salesperson will work with you to help you find the best product to suit your vehicle, whereas if you are driving blind through the online stores, your new wheels may not properly fit your car. The wrong sized wheels can make for a noisy, bumpy ride, and can even do damage to your car. What’s more, if the wheels on your car are incorrectly fitted, your car could be unsafe to drive. Make sure before you buy that you are aware of the diameter of your wheels, as well as the width. Also, have your tires balanced and rotated after the new wheels are mounted.

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It’s an interesting word “Muscle” when used in conjunction with a type of car. Quite simply it gained its name because of it loose resemblance to a muscular person. Look from the front or rear of a muscle car and you can see wide profiles; the same as when a muscular person pumps their muscles. Muscle cars had eight cylinders, when most cars had four, they were powerful, noisy and everything about them was an exaggeration of a regular car.

The first muscle car is recognized as the Oldsmobile Rocket; it dates back to the late 1940’s. However, it was the 1950’s and 1960’s when the muscle car era took off; in fact it’s often considered that the Chrysler C300, built in 1955, really started the muscle car era that lives on today. The post-war baby boom generation had got to the age when they could drive. They had money, gas was cheap, and a muscle car was an expression of a person’s individuality.

Not to be outdone by Chrysler, other manufacturers rushed to compete. Notably, Ford, Dodge and Plymouth started producing muscle cars during the sixties. Speed was an important factor, so was noise. Another feature specific to muscle cars is the amazingly bright and varied colors the body work is painted. Add these together and you really can’t mistake one; just take a look at an original Coronet Super Bee, a Pontiac GTO, or the Plymouth Road Runner.

The problem for muscle cars was they were driven by young, generally inexperienced drivers. The power of the car meant drivers could easily exceed their own driving ability; accident rates soared and insurance companies got very concerned. The insurance companies retaliated in the only way they knew how; they dramatically increased insurance premiums for muscle cars and imposed surcharges for young drivers. Suddenly, despite their affluence and disposable income, they found it impossible to pay the cost of insurance.

Worse problems were to follow. Muscle cars liked to consume vast quantities of leaded gas; Congress banned it in 1973. To add insult to injury, the OPEC oil embargo in the same year meant finding gas was hard. The Muscle car era was coming to a sad end. Although attempts were made to bring about a revival during the 1980’s, it didn’t compare to the original era of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

However, muscle cars live on and will continue to do so. Looked after and cherished by enthusiasts, muscle cars are kept in locked garages, nurtured and cleaned before and after use. They only get used on special occasions and enthusiasts often tour around together, attending muscle car meets, where they can admire one another’s proud possession.
Muscle cars are now a collector’s item. They are increasing in value and much sort after. Although it’s highly unlikely, the muscle car will ever return, those cars still around today will continue to be around for many years to come.

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