Mar 042008

By September 2007 all new automobiles below 10,000 pounds sold in the United States will be required to incorporate a direct pressure measurement for each tire. The driver must be notified if any tire is under-inflated by 25% or more than the rated placard tire pressure.

Now that it is 2008 every single car that is sold in the United States must have a direct pressure system for each tire. It turns out the government deems the people to stupid to be able to tell if there tire is low, so now you have to except this addition on each vehicle and also pay for it. This increases the cost for both the manufacturer and consumer. And if the system fails, that’s right, it will cost you again. 

Each sensor that fails has a minimum cost of $100.00 each ( part only ). Also, most systems are set to be sensitive with in 3 PSI. So if you live in an area that changes from hot to cold in different seasons, you may be subject yo have an additional light show up on you dash in the spring and fall top let you know things might need looked at.

Feb 182008


Some 2003-07 U.S.- and Mexican-built Accords(beginning with Vin# 1HG or #3HG) with four-cylinder engines may exhibit a vibration through the steering wheel when the brakes are applied. As you might expect, Honda attributes the condition to excess thickness variation in the front rotors. Machining the rotors with an on-car lathe and replacing the front pads with a revised set ( Part No. 45022-SDA-A51) with new-formulation friction material should eliminate the bad vibes immediately.

Feb 172008


Some 2000-06 Ford Focus models may exhibit excessive vibration while idling, especially when the transmission is in Reverse. Ford attributes the condition to gravel, rocks, ice or snow lodging in the rear engine roll restrictor. Cleaning out the restrictor and installing a special shield (Part No. 2M5Z-16102-AA) over it should prevent further trouble.