May 152012

While there are many reasons why you would prefer a custom auto upholstery job, you will learn that the most important reason of all is for the increased value in your automobile. Whether you have stains, rips, and tears on the inside of your automobile, you could make it look completely new with a little restoration.

These days many owners of older collectible cars and also just older cars period, are seeing the great advantage of hiring a company that will perform a custom auto upholstery job them. If you observe the exterior an automobile and it is in good shape, you would expect the inside to appear just as great or better. Well, the fact that we are in our automobiles day in and day out implies that we are putting more wear and tear to the cars inside and it does not look as nice as it once did.

A great benefit of restoring the inside of your car is so that the value of the car will increase. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to sell your car or not, having the interior of a car look presentable always gives the buyer a better impression. No one will want to invest their hard earned money into a car where the inside looks bad and the seats are torn with the stuffing of the cars is coming off on the sides. This is simply not a good site for you or for your buyer.

Another advantage for investing in custom auto upholstery work for your vehicle, is because you will be able to prevent it from happening. At times we want to patch up things and expect it to look just as good, but what we have done is spent our cash on something that was not too wise. The reason for this is the fact that once your seats tear, the fabric had become weak and although you may patch it up it is likely to happen again, that means you have now wasted your time and cash on something which was not long lasting and durable.

Appointing a good company that will provide your vehicle a custom auto interior job is like giving a face lift to someone. Your vehicle will appear completely different and will look new again. Therefore, make certain that you go with a company which will know how to do a good job to your vehicle and will have it looking its best.

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May 072012

In this state of the economy it looks like there are millions of people joining the diy market. With a lot of simple and easy to do steps on so many things, we sometimes believe we can tackle any job that we prefer; however one job that you will want to leave up for the pros is the accomplishing a custom auto interior job by yourself. You may have the intelligence in the world and you may consider yourself very particular about the ways that things turn out, but this is not a process that should be left for a novice.

Here are a few reasons why you usually do not do a custom auto interior job personally.

1. Although you may find a few slashes on your seats, sometimes you cannot see the real damage that is coming from under the seats. This could turn out to be a bigger problem if you try and restore them when you are uncertain of how it looks beneath the surface.

2. You may believe that you have all of the components and tools necessary for these projects, but, unless you have some kind of source for all of the materials and equipment that you will need, you will not be able to equal the colors and stitching appropriately. Taking your vehicle to an actual shop that specializes in this sort of work is essential because they have all of the sources to get all of the appropriate materials and tools required for this type of task.

3. When carrying out a custom auto interior job on any vehicle, you will choose something that is able to last and is going to be effective. Specifically if this will be your very first time carrying out this type of work, you may not be able to do it like a professional. In fact, you may just be repairing the rips and tears and it will not be as professionally made as it would if you would take it to a specialist in this job.

Doing projects yourself is a good idea when looking at things that are not as costly as a vehicle. If you are interested to get a custom auto interior done to your vehicle it is in your best interest to engage a professional that has the know-how and expertise in this field.

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Apr 282012

Make repairs to stripped threads and bolts or rotted out ones with a simple and budget friendly Helicoil kit that uses a metered thread. You need just a drill and the correctly sized drills bits so that you can fix up whatever the problem is and have your bike or vehicle running like new again. Doing the repairs saves you time and money so it is a winning option.

You need usually to have the drill to use the kit so make certain that you have got one on hand before you get working. If you asked a mechanic to work on the problem then you have to pay for the labor hours and the parts. Just follow the instructions that come in the kit and you shouldn’t have trouble.

It is completely common to end up somehow with stripped threads and bolts so you need to have them taken care of. The millimeter measurement is the important thing to note when buying a kit so be careful to get the correct sizes. You can then quickly get the things fixed up at home.

If you do a lot of work on older vehicles like maybe one that you are fixing up or even just your everyday car then you might want to have a good kit on hand. This is also perfect for motorcycles and bike work. It is totally simple to manage on your own if you have a basic understanding of what you are doing.

Bolts get naturally worn down and corroded over the years and bolts can get accidentally stripped when doing other work. The kits come complete with the necessary tools that help you finish the job. Once you have it all repaired you might find that it is even better and stronger than aluminum threads.

If you are looking for the kits then you might find it in a hardware store or a mechanic parts shop or auto body parts place. It might actually be more affordable to check online first and order it. You can save money all around with these sets, as they really do provide all you may need.

Helicoil kits meet your budget and are really an affordable choice. You will feel confident that your bolts are holding well in place once you fix them up. These kits are high quality especially when compared to others in the store.

Using a helicoil kit allows you to do simple repairs without the cost of a mechanic’s labor in the bill. You can learn more information about the advantages by visiting today.

Apr 242012

In today’s world being a mechanic is tough enough with all the new technology coming out on all the new models of cars. Along with this new technology comes added safety concerns to employers and mechanics alike. One of the most valuable tools a mechanic has is his hands. Mechanics can help protect their hands with gloves.

Gloves are a great way to protect your hands no matter the job. A mechanic requires gloves that will allow him to still perform the difficult tasks that present themselves on a daily bases. Being a Mechanic for over 20 years, I can tell you I am thankful for some good protection when it comes to my hands. A good pair of Mechanics Gloves can make all the difference between a good day at work and a bad day.

Recently, I had the luxury of trying out a pair of newly released mechanics gloves from Magid Glove & Safety. Of course the first thing you do when you get a new pair of gloves is try them on. The Magid ProGrade Plus MECH108 Leather Palm Mechanics Gloves fit nice and snug and have a Velcro strap to keep them from sliding off. They fit so well that I am wearing them as I am typing this. They allow your hands to breath with the durable goatskin leather palm and stretch spandex back. This helps to prevent your hands from sweating and helps to insure a good grip throughout the job. These Light weight gloves become the protection you need and allow you to retain your dexterity.

Being a Mechanic is hard enough in today’s world. Why not make it easier on yourself and protect your hands with a good pair of Mechanics Gloves form Magid Glove & Safety.

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Using a product could cause damage to your sofa and spots that you do not want. Infomercials, which have been around since the 1960s, became ultra popular during the 1990s and is a method of direct response marketing. The early days of DRTV included products that were advertised both on television as well as offered in retail stores. The difference between direct response advertising and typical advertising is that the consumers are able to contact the seller directly through information provided in the infomercial. It’s cleaning path is up to twenty percent wider than most vacuum cleaners so you cover more floor with each pass. It has a separate canister than can be detached and used on its own on the stairs or upholstery. It has a very powerful turbine head motor and is designed to remove pet hair of all kinds from any surface. It works on hardwood floors and carpet, and also works to remove pet hair from upholstery. However, the cleaner’s lack of accessories does not diminish its cleaning power because many of the designs are comparable in performance with heavier models. Dyson, Hoover and Dirt Devil are some known lightweight vacuum cleaner brands. Robot vacuum cleaners – These cleaners are designed to liberate people from the tedious and time consuming process of cleaning, thereby helping them save precious time. A robot vacuum has the ability to go around safely, overcoming obstacles while at the same time cleaning the floor or carpet. . Over the years, people have tried on different methods of effectively cleaning carpets. When the entire carpet has been scrubbed, it is left to dry for about two hours. This kind of washing technique is perfect for big areas which have consistent maintenance programs like hallways in hotel rooms and so on. However, using shampoo as a cleaning detergent for carpets may make rinsing a difficult task.

However, the type of form used should not cut off the free circulation of air and thus prevent the shoe from airing properly. This removes encrusted foreign matter and permits the polish to be worked in more freely. A brisk rub with a cloth warms the leather, making it more receptive to the polish. Apply a moderate amount of shoe polish and work it in well with an applicator. If you love the idea of a cleaner than clean living environment, consider decorating in shades of white. Many people immediately think, “It will never stay clean”, but that does not have to be the case. Stain Protection – There are fantastic products on the market that really keep materials from staining easily. Scotch-Guard and other brands make great products to pre-treat carpeting and other upholstery. Weighing in at a light twelve and one half pounds, you will never be fatigued and get a sore back. This ensures you can reach most areas in a room, or clean your stairs, without having to change to another power outlet. Also supplied is a heavy-duty brush tool for those really hard to remove stains. Included as part of the package, is a bottle of green-friendly cleaning solution, which contains no phosphates, heavy metals or dyes that can harm the environment. . Using a hot water extraction system and Eco-friendly emulsifiers to penetrate deep within your carpet fibers, they’ll loosen the built-up gunk before sucking the debris and cleaners back out. This wet carpet cleaning technique gets your carpets clean even in the deepest layers while only leaving your rugs a little damp (this helps prevent mold mildew growth). Your carpet cleaners can also use this same system to clean your upholstery. The same particles that collect in your carpeting can be embedded in your furniture and can negatively impact the health and safety of your home.

If you buy harsh supplies for a delicate carpet you can ruin it, whereas a sturdier carpet may need a stronger solution to properly clean it. White berber carpet is going to need a gentler cleaner compared to a dark shag carpet or sports carpet. Whether you are cleaning a stain or the whole floor will also have an impact on what supplies you use. Stain cleaners tend to be harsher than a general maintenance product, but you also must consider what type of stain and whether or not to use a dry or wet solution. To protect the environment against harsh solutions and chemicals, the cleaner may decide to use carpet cleaning products that are environmental safe to clean the carpet. Additionally using environmental friendly products for a commercial clean-up service can be appreciated by business clients. Eco -friendly products do not just preserve the environment but also protect pets and human health. Carpet cleaning refers to beautification of carpet by removing dirt, stains, grit and allergens from it. At the beginning, Dirt Devil was not called by the name that it goes by right now. It has already been around alongside with its contemporaries, which have also been doing well in the market for almost a century. Dirt Devil was originally a hand vacuum model which became the largest selling hand held vacuum cleaner in the United States since its launch in the 1930s. Back then, Royal appliances, the company which owned the product, have successfully sold these appliances to over 23 million households in the United States alone. For commercial cleaners the weight of a backpack vacuum is a crucial factor. Some cleaners vacuum for extended periods of time, sometimes over two hours without a break. In this case the vacuum cleaner needs to be light weight to cut down on worker fatigue and injury. Performance of a vacuum is a crucial consideration to keep in mind when purchasing a unit.

Select appropriate shoes for ‘the purpose for which they will be used walking, working, casual, special occasions, or constant wear. Be Sure of the Right Fit – You can buy good shoes but still end up with painful feet if you are not careful to get a good fit. Helpful in this regard is checking the time of day before you buy a pair of shoes. Why Because if it is very early in the morning, you may not get the right fit. Also, some important instructions must be followed after the procedure is over. The following article provides information about important instructions before and after carpet cleaning. Being the carpet user, you are required to contribute significantly towards carpet cleaning procedures. This involves making some good preparations before getting the carpet cleaned. Knowing what your needs are for a partner and a relationship are expressions of your values and provide the map to finding Mr. If you desire monogamy and he states he only engages in open relationships, this is a values clash and you won’t likely be a good fit as lovers. Or maybe you oppose drug usage and he admits to regular marijuana consumption. Turn away, no matter what your hormones are saying It’s important to not fall into the trap of thinking you can change another person or that maybe someday they’ll have a change-of-heart. Studying the subject of whatever disorder your child has will enable you to understand more and pray with understanding. She also has a mentally ill grown daughter, and she has written much about it. She has given me permission to refer to some of her articles in these pages. So if you are being affected by OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Dissociative Disorder, Epilepsy, or any other mental disease in your family, read on.

To give you a head start in your search, here are some good items to consider. Hoover Wind – Tunnel – You can get the best upright vacuum cleaning experience with the Hoover Wind – Tunnel. A discount shop can now offer around 50 dollars off of its actual price with a year long warranty still intact. Among its features are its fingertip control, self propelling forward-reverse mechanism, powered hand tool, double brush, stretchable hose and adjustable height. . Steam cleaning machines are similar to carpet shampooers in that they use a cleaning solution but it is converted to steam before it hits the carpet. It has rotating brushes that work the stains and a suction hose that removes the broken up dirt. Dry cleaning machines are the least efficient way to clean your carpet as they utilize a vacuum first then a pre-cleaner for the stain, and then you brush the area with the dry carpet cleaning machine. It’s a lot of work that most people just aren’t willing to put the effort into. . So it is good to leave some “growing room” when selecting children’s shoes, possibly three quarters of an inch of space in the toe area. Watch for signs of wear developing in one place consistently, for this may indicate that the shoes are too small or poorly fitted and could produce foot abnormalities. It usually is not a good policy to pass shoes down from one child to the next, for shoes mold themselves to the characteristics of the wearer’s foot. Look for Quality and Workmanship – Especially when shoes are for adults, quality and good workmanship are important, because you want them to last. The most tense moment occurs when Sam discovers that one of his fellow agents had decided to use a picture of him and Janet on a billboard for Nurdlinger milk, using Sam’s wife’s name. Sam also learns that Janet’s cousins had hired an investigator to spy on him. The investigator is mistaken, however, thinking Sam is really married to Janet and sneaking around with Min. Sam is fine with this, realizing that this is much better than him learning the truth.

There were some issues with the initial unit designed by Mr Booths relative to size. It is said that this unit was required to be on a trailer outside the house itself and a long hose would be used to run into the house to do the vacuuming. Over the years with advances in technology and materials available for use various designs have come forth and they continue to do so. Eventually a design was created that allowed the unit to be a portable vacuum and it is said that the person responsible for this was a Mr James Spangler in 1908. Having these attachments will help you do a more thorough job while you vacuum. Now that you have the first and second layer removed, assess the carpets and seats to see if there are stains that need to be spot cleaned. Spray a bit of cleaner on the rag and aggressively scrub the stain until it disappears. If you feel it actually needs to be shampooed, you may want to rent a small machine such as the Bissell Green Machine. The addition of Terrell Owens to the Bills roster bodes well for Edwards since he will now have multiple receiving options on the field. According to the 2009 Bruno Boys Quarterback “Snooze Alarm” Rankings, “The addition of Terrell Owens at wide receiver is going to change the offense dramatically. Teams will no longer be able to double team Evans and third receiver Josh Reed will now work against lower-caliber defensive backs. but perhaps the biggest bonus the Bills will receive from the addition of Owens is that he’s so good in the red zone, where Evans and Reed struggled to catch passes. Things That Last Longer1 – Rechargeable Batteries AA for your digital camera etc. Many cameras don’t even work with regular alkaline batteries, and they are only good for one use then you throw them away. A set of 4 rechargeable batteries can be found online for around 10 and last a long time, so don’t pay 40 for them at the store. 2 – Nonstick Cookware Testing has shown that the “Circulon Elite” brand outlasts others, so if you must buy new make sure you take a look at them.

When you want a Rug Doctor, make sure you go to Vernon Mortensens’ website for the best deals available on all types of cleaners including the famous Bissell Spot Bot.

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Viscous damping has been commonly used to lower resonant vibration in most structures through energy dissipation mechanisms. This technology augments the performance of structures and buildings.

The damping is formed by filling giant openings/openings in “laminar flow viscous damping areas” with high viscosity liquids or by filling the tiny openings (orifices) in “turbulent flow viscous dampers” with low-viscosity liquids.

I’ve made a brief high level view of this damping system below. Read more.

Laminar Flow Viscous Dampers

This sort of damping units are multi-directional and are made from a piston (plunger) and a cylinder (container) filled partly with a viscous liquid. The vibrating motion of the piston through the liquid shears the previously mentioned viscous liquid, melting the vibration energy and turning it into heat.

There is enough clearance and space between the piston and the cylinder and no seals were used in their making. Additionally , there isn’t any metal to metal or metal to rubber contact to cause static friction or any other nonlinearity connected with unattractive solid to solid contact.

Why use viscous dampers?

Viscous dampers can dramatically reduce earthquake-induced motions on structures and buildings. These are some blessings of using viscous dampers:

Less displacement – viscous dampers can reduce drift for at least 50%

Less shear – the inter-story and base-share can be reduced for up to 40%

Lower g-forces (acceleration relative to gravity) – viscous damper can lower the g-force in structures

Less deflection and stress – only viscous dampers can lower both deflection and stress in a structure or building during a seismic quake

Little in size – viscous or liquid dampers are relatively tiny and are self-contained

Simple installation – viscous dampers can be simply installed as part of a base isolation system in a structure or as diagonal braces

Predictable – they are stable and have foreseeable performance even at varying temperatures

Simply produced – viscous damper can be produced easily in forces of 10 mt to 800 mt

Lasts long – this damping system has a very long life and barely needs maintenance

The reduction in forces and displacement can mean less concrete and steel, so balancing the damper cost, and infrequently, the cost.

Elements of a viscous damper

Below are the classic elements of a regular viscous damper:

Piston Rod – is a highly shined stainless steel machined from a high alloy steel. The high polishing extends the life of the seal. Piston rods are made naturally stiff as they are engineered to resist compression buckling. They also must not flex/bend under load to avoid injuring the seal.

Cylinder – full of damper fluids and must be able to withstand pressure as the damper operates.

Liquid – silicon fluid is frequently used as they’re totally non-poisonous, cosmetically inert and is thermally stable.

Seal – must ideally last for a minimum of 35 years. Since dampers sit unused for a very long time, seals must not exhibit sticking or allow damper fluid seepage.

Piston head – the part that divides the damper cylinder into two individual pressure champers.

Accumulator – used to accommodate thermal growth of damper silicon liquids. An accumulator is either a conveyable pressurized piston or a block of closed-cell foam, or occasionally a rubber bladder.

To find out more about a viscous damper, go take a look at the Magnetorheological Damper Lab. For other resources of mine, read more by clicking here.

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Repair shops and many other businesses often use gifts and deals to get first-time customers in their doors – and if you aren’t, you should start. Things like discounts and freebies – a free car wash or a free oil change – pull customers in and give you a chance to connect with them.

Remember that first date mentality? People love gifts, especially on first dates, but many shops see freebies solely as ways to up-sell other, more expensive services to customers. Move away from this kind of thinking. You’ll be much more successful if you think of gifts as ways to start and build relationships with customers.

That Special Something

“Customers forget many things,” says Gerry Frank and Keith McCrone, co-owners of Automotive Profit Pro. “They’ll typically forget a mistake made here or there, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” Frank and McCrone help auto repair shops become and stay profitable and successful. They advise that if you can make customers feel special, make them feel like they aren’t just another customer, you’ll be on your way to building a relationship with them. And people buy from people they like. Strive to get people to like you rather than sell them services and you’ll see your shop grow more and more successful every year.

Obviously not every customer interaction can or should involve gifts, but you still need to work hard to foster customer relationships with every interaction. Think about a stylist at a hair salon. Clients are often so devoted to one stylist that they will follow her across town if she moves shop because they’ve developed such strong relationships. How does this happen? The stylist makes her clients feel good by making them look good and she usually gets to know them personally.

Ask yourself these questions to see how well you’re developing relationships with your clients:

· Do you use every chance you get to remember and use the customer’s name?

· Do you offer free gifts or deep discounts to all customers, not just a select few?

· Do you follow up with customers, either with a phone call or Thank You card? This is a perfect time to get feedback or fix any mix ups to make your customer feel special.

· Do you listen and remember your customers? If they talk about their upcoming wedding during one visit, do you remember to ask them about it later? Keep notes!

· Do you know your customers?

Building Trust

It takes time and hard work to build any kind of relationship. Get to know your customers and give them stuff every now and then. Use monthly activities, holidays, and contests as opportunities to grow and have fun with them. Once you see that you’re in the relationship building business, you’ll see more referrals and more customers.

Feb 242012

Having a successful auto repair shop doesn’t mean sinking a ton of money into marketing and advertising efforts. Rather, employ methods that attract the right customer, which is the repeat customer.

If you own an auto repair shop then you probably have one goal in mind – to pack it with cars and customers. To accomplish this you have likely sunk a lot of money into various marketing strategies, yet nothing seems to work. Possibly customers have responded to some of your efforts, such as offering a free or low-cost oil change, but they never came back for anything else. So they’ve taken your oil for virtually no money and another auto repair shop or auto technician got the big business of installing new brakes, new belts or repairing the alternator.

It is likely that the poor results you received from your past marketing efforts have made you think that there is no strategy that is going to work. Countless direct marketing and advertising mailers, flyers, postcards and emails have gone out to thousands of people and for the most part the only return you received were a few people showing up in your auto repair shop for an oil change. Why keep trying?

The Right Customer

Marketing does work, however, you need to employ the right strategy to reach the right customers. Many of the marketing and advertising strategies that most auto repair shops use bring in ‘bottom feeders’ customers. These customers are impossible to up-sell to, which means that your shop and your technicians are busy providing services to customers who have no intention of spending any additional money on their car in your shop.

“Sending out emails, flyers, post cards and letters is a common way to market for auto repair shops. It’s somewhat simple, low-cost and it doesn’t take up a whole bunch of time,” explains Ron Ipach, owner of CinRon Marketing. “However, the way this method is usually executed – by using a mailing list that includes any and every one in your area – often renders it ineffective.” Targeting the wrong customer, which makes it impossible for you to grow your auto repair shop into the large business you are dreaming it will eventually become.

Top Feeders

Spending all of your energy going after new customers is futile and will not fill your auto repair shop with cars. Have you ever noticed how many customers are coming into your shop as a result of your direct mail campaign? Most likely the few that do show up will take advantage of whatever special you are offering and then you will likely never see them again.

Ipach, who has helped over 5000 auto repair shops turn their struggling business around, recommends focusing on the customers that have actually already spent their money in your garage. “The ability to resell to your existing and past customers is what will make your auto repair shop shine,” says Ipach. Those customers that know you, like you and were pleased with your service are the ones that will lead you to success.

“When you do market to your current customers, you are going to see a much higher response to your advertising,” Ipach explains. An example that Ipach uses with his auto repair clients is the following: A group or marriage coupon mailing can cost you around $500 for each advertisement. If a $500 ad brings in 10 new customers, then each customer cost $50. Throw out the three bottom-feeders and seven new customers now cost $71.43 each. You can see how expensive it is to bring in a new customer. You have to make that money back somewhere so in essence, you subtract that $71.43 from their invoice and there goes all your profit.

However, Ipach warns that bringing in 10 new customers with a mailer is ambitious. More likely, you will draw two or three people into your shop, so your costs are double and triple that $71.43.

Focus on the customers that have already been in your auto repair shop before spending your time and money on new people.

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Nov 172011

There’s plenty of ways to showcase an automobile. From good looks to brawny engines, owning a luxury auto can open your mind when car shopping. One prime example is the behemoth known as the Maserati.

Drivers looking to get confident with their auto can discover it within a Maserati. Maserati vehicles can help fill the void of mundane car searches while giving you and your passengers a thrilling, comfortable ride from beginning to end. Below are just a few highlights with the Maserati brand:

Pretty in Pink or Any Color: How can I describe the Maserati design? Amazing in every sense of the word. Whether it’s the GranTurismo or Quattroporte model, you’ll be reassured to find that the amazing levels of design, comfort and feel are nearly unmatched. There’s a lot to love, from nestled bucket seats, comfy leg room for you and the passenger, exquisite interior designs and on and on. Whether it’s trips to the gas station or some local tire store in Kansas City, the drive itself is an experience for onlookers around you.

Commanding Engines: Aside from the cosmetics, most drivers want the engine muscle between their fingertips. You’ll be happy to know you’ve hit the jackpot with this phase and much more. Both Maserati models’ engines can churn up to 400-405 horsepower, more than enough gusto as you drive up and down the highways and byways. Throw in a slick and domineering V8 engine, and well, what’s not to love in this luxury auto?

I could go on and on about why luxury automobiles like the Maserati are exciting, but it’s best to just give you a sampling, like the two above. Whether it’s the fact of only slightly worrying about brake services and other minor auto maintenance issues on down to the nameplate alone, settling on a Maserati, or any luxury auto for that matter, is an decision worth moving towards. Just open your eyes, your mind, and eventually your wallet, and let the satisfaction flow over you.

Oct 242011

There are several damper solutions for dampening undesirable vibration. A magnetorheological damper and a tuned mass damper, for example. Here we talk about the pros and cons of these two different attenuators.

Tuned Mass Damper Positives and Negatives

The idea of a tuned mass damper (TMD) is to somehow wisely react to shake. A distinction I comply with is that a TMD brings about a counteracting force by shifting a mass at counter phase with the root vibration.

An advantage of a TMD is evidently its capability to generate a substantial difference by impacting a force to the shaking structure via a moving weight. This can also be one of its major down sides. In case you put on the force continuously at inappropriate moment, the vibration system can become instable if the motion of the tuned mass damper takes place in the resonance wavelength. And operation at the resonance frequency is quite typical, as the resonance frequency is many times the one being put to sleep.

Ok, it is a fact that with a semi-active damper there is also the danger of screwing up with something at the resonance point by handling the damper badly, but undoubtedly no supplementary force with a moving mass is used and due to this fact the probable damage is not as dangerous.

A further problem is the higher quantity of moving components. A tuned mass damper is likewise the one that calls for the most hand-operated setup labor.

Semi-Active Actuator Benefits and Drawbacks

The functioning principle of a semi-active attenuator is founded on the substance features. When it comes to magnetorheological damper, the attenuating substance varies its viscosity. The material is a ferrofluid: oil filled with metallic dust. The theory is that if you put on a magnetic field to the content, the metal particles are arranged according to the field lines and make the fluid stiff. This produces in practice a damper that could be turned on and off in only milliseconds.

A disadvantage of the attenuator is clearly its quite low quantity of use. That is predominantly because of the fact that it is quite new alternative on the market and not very broadly researched yet. On the other hand, this is constantly changing since the technological research material increases.

Personally I think the semi-active damper combines the most effective pieces of the previous damper categories:

Small measurements

Only a few moving pieces

Reacts dynamically to lots of vibration wavelengths

Also, as a direct consequence of its small dimensions the magnetorheological actuator can be installed at the side of a present passive damper that is currently attenuating certain wavelengths. The magnetorheological damper will then concentrate on the vibration that can vary over time.

Do you want to know exactly how the magnetorheological attenuator outperforms the tuned mass damper? Have a look at Magnetorheological Damper Laboratory! If you do not really need a tuned mass damper, I recommend a semi-active one.