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Apr 032012

As of late, some reports have been published about plans for Children’s Services and social care sector about recruiting social care. Taking into account the current climate, what’s the best way to build a career in Children’s Services?

In 2008, eleven plans for social work remodeling, which were intended to improve that service sector, were piloted in the UK. With these types of programmes, social care has been looking into increasing development, including increased investment in recruitment and adding new positions in the social care field.

Just what is the implication for you? Well, with further investment and overall service revision come increased opportunities for social care service professionals, including those with expertise in Children’s Services.

Children’s Services is a diverse area of social care, full of potential opportunities for professionals with a range of skills and experience. Social care recruitment will allow you to follow a number of different routes if you are looking in the Children’s Services sector:

Exercising prevention and intervening early on

Child protection

Mental health issues in children

Kids that experience issues with physical health

Kids that live in care

Youngsters who no longer qualify for care

Children in residential housing

It will depend on the specific area in which you are interested or are an expert. If you’re already working in social care, you might very well have whatever skills you need because they are transferable.

If you have no background in social work or if you are thinking of making a change, it would be wise to take the time to list the skills, both professional and personal, needed to succeed in the field of social work as a Children’s Services worker.

When considering Children’s Services as a vocation, you should keep in mind that you will likely work with a wide age range of young people, from infants to teenagers on the cusp of independence. Most likely you will be working with young people who have issues because of things that happened to them in the past.

Working with vulnerable children requires compassion, patience, open-mindedness and dedication. Children of any age group who are traumatized by neglect or emotional, sexual, or physical abuse are often difficult to manage. The potential for harmful behaviour or complex needs in some of these children is something worth taking into consideration before you pursue a career in the Children’s Services field.

Some of those skills may be built up from experience outside of a professional setting, such as an experience caring for a loved one. However, a career in Children’s Services also requires certain qualifications. In order to be a social worker located in the UK, it is necessary to be approved by the General Social Care Council (GSCC), meaning you must have a social care degree acceptable by the GSCC. You may also be required to have certain educational qualifications, such as GCSEs, depending upon the hiring body or organisation, and an up-to-date criminal record check from the Criminal Records Bureau.

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Apr 012012

Interim management has long been the career path of choice for ambitious, successful professionals who are experts in their field. Because of the high wages, varied projects, and opportunities to develop new skills, many top executives are looking to this as a way to work into new options.

Interim management is a field dominated by men, since 85% of them are men and in the over 50 crowd, as reported by Executives Online in March 2011. So is there a place for female professionals to take back this market?

Interim management is no different than many other professional careers across the UK, in that there is a gender pay gap. In a six-month report released by Russam GMS in June 2011, the recruitment agency found that an 8% gap in favor of men remained in the rates of pay awarded to professionals at the interim management level.

Average pay for male interim managers is 613, while average female pay for interim managers is 567 per day, which is down from the 11% gap reported in December 2010.

But this does not necessarily indicate that unequal pay is pervasive throughout the field of interim management. Chairman of Russam GMS, Charles Russam, speculates that the discrepancy is influenced by the average rates of pay in the different sectors male and female interim managers are traditionally attracted to.

When looking at the contracting sector, a pay discrepancy of only 3 was found when comparing men and women working as interim managers, as reported by Executives Online in March 2011. To be sure, it is best to have no pay discrepancy at all; nevertheless, myriad other UK industries have far more significant gaps.

So if rate of pay doesn’t necessarily have to represent a barrier to female interim management, the question remains as to whether or not it is right for women?

1600 females working as interim managers were recently surveyed by Interim Women, a business forum, to determine the profile and motivations of women working in the field of interim management.

The survey found that the average female interim manager had 22 years’ experience in business and came from a top executive level position. The drive to move towards becoming an interim manager was found in a desire to control their own destinies, improve work/life balance, develop and improve business skills and flexibility.

However, the women’s group warns, a certain level of financial instability must factor into anyone becoming an interim manager, male or female. It often takes a great deal of networking and professional connections to win contracts, and this can take a long time.

As a historically male dominant industry, interim management does still have a pay gap based on gender. However, the role has been found to be equally suited to ambitious, determined and creative female professionals who are seeking to develop their careers, their skills and their opportunities for the future.

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Mar 152012

It is vital to find the right staff when it comes to social worker recruitment, particularly during periods of a downturn in the economy.

Focusing on the objectives you hope to achieve and the sort of people you need to realize them will be of benefit when recruiting social workers for your organisation. As you go through the candidate selection process, you might find the world of social worker recruitment full of potential pitfalls; here are just a number of the things you may need to avoid.

Believing you are not likely to find the right person

Just because the economy’s struggling, doesn’t mean you can’t fill the social worker role required or that you have to settle for second best. It is not often easy to find the right staff for your social worker jobs, but the current economy will mean there will be a lot of eager and qualified people looking for an opportunity. In order to fill your social worker posts with relative ease you will need to make sure you have a budget in place for recruitment and plenty of time to allocate to this task.

Looking in the wrong places

Social worker recruitment is much like any other hiring process, it requires time and consideration in order to identify the best candidate. Knowledge and guidance can come from a recruitment agency or consultant to help with this process. If it is true expertise and the most relevant working experience you’re looking for, it will be worth speaking to a dedicated social worker recruitment expert who is dedicated to providing candidates that suit your specific needs.

Listening to the wrong advice

If a recruitment consultant suggests a certain recruitment path or candidate which you hadn’t envisioned, keep in mind that your don’t have to go with it. You may need a high level of input into your recruitment practices but if you know what you need and who you’re looking for, don’t be bossed around. You do not have to go along with their ‘best option’ if you do not believe it is the right choice. Only listen to those if you feel they have listened to you and taken your requirements on board.

Being unprepared for selection interviews

It is important to prepare interview questions for when the candidates have been shortlisted, be sure to come up with questions which will inspire the answers which you are looking for. Be aware that people may say what you want to hear for the right job, but there will be a lot of qualified people on the ground looking for a new role. Be careful when ruling out interviewees. Be prepared to ask unexpected questions, think outside the box, and consider what really matters to you.

Trying to fill a post too quickly

Don’t rush into hiring once you’ve identified some viable social worker candidates. It is fine to request a second interview or practical assessment to help you make the right decision. Candidates should be prepared to come back for another interview if required, as social worker jobs are few and far between and if you’re offering a good opportunity with development potential then it is not too much to ask to get them to wait a little longer.

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Aug 152011

For all those folks, who might have to have some fast cash prior to their next payday, a handy pay day loan might be the answer. This is a short-term loan that individuals utilize for unforeseen emergencies, unlike long-term loans which men and women generally utilize for such things as vehicle payments or house purchases. Another difference is, for most of them, you do not need a credit check. All that is needed is that you be at least eighteen years old, employed and have a valid banking account.

The money, that consumers can easily get with a pay day loan, varies depending on how much they ask for, and exactly how much their income is. The money will need to be paid back with two weeks or thirty days and are frequently for modest realistic amounts. There are quite a few things which borrowers can easily utilize these loans for and following are just a couple examples.

When the monthly bills begin to accumulate. If you fall behind for some reason and need to pay utility bill or rent an emergency loan can easily help. You definitely do not wish to risk eviction or getting the electricity disconnected. Getting a short term payday loan to pay these charges will also help keep any negative marks off consumer’s credit history.

If you run out of gas money. A short term payday loan will help people, who are short on money, pay their automobile payments and avoid having their cars reclaimed. Of course your automobile never breaks down whenever you have lots of cash available. Short-term cash advance loans can easily get you operational in no time at all.

Home improvements can easily be one other reason. If the air conditioner goes out or there’s a plumbing problem which can easily be expensive also. With cash advance loans, men and women can easily solve these problems quickly and easily.

In conclusion, when men and women have unforeseen issues or other needs which need to be satisfied, and their payday is a week or 2 away; this kind of loan may be their solution to obtaining the dollars they need.You’ll find quite a few things that folks can utilize pay day loans for and this short article lists a few of the leading things.

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Aug 132011

Life does not always follow a pleasant, foreseeable path. Sadly there are expenses that occur every now and then which make an emergency payday loan absolutely essential.

You’ll find numerous things which can take place that can cause car difficulties. The clutch may go out and your car is the only way you’ve got of getting to your workplace. Whenever such things as that occur, and you do not have cash in reserve, it can be a catastrophe. That’s where an emergency payday loan can come in rather handy and get you back on your way.

Where To Get The Cash You Need

Just how do you know exactly where to go for assistance when these things occur? An emergency payday loan is the solution. They can help you along in between paydays. These loans provide a way of getting money in immediately, offering cash in as little as twenty four hours in some cases. This can easily be a total life saver for men and women who wind up broken down through the month. Occasionally emergencies don’t cooperate with pay days, so you have to locate an alternative choice to make ends meet.

How Will An Emergency Payday Loan Work?

It’s not a complicated procedure at all. You need ID, a job and a banking account. In the majority of cases you’ll find no credit checks. Just because you can’t get a standard bank loan does not mean you cannot get a payday loan to help with the repair of your vehicle. It really is simple to get a payday loan if you have all the things listed above. You simply repay it within thirty days. The loan providers will include a small fee to the loan.

Making a Smart Choice

There are many explanations why it is practical to use an emergency payday loan to purchase car vehicle repairs. One of the primary benefits is precisely how convenient it really is. It is the swiftest method to get the money you need. Payday loan providers offer money immediately, meaning which you won’t need to struggle without a automobile for longer than a day. Whenever used in the right way and used responsibly, payday loans are a suitable substitute for borrowing money from family members or something of that nature. You’ve got to drive, so using an emergency payday loan just is practical.

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