Hary Molnar

Jul 212011

I am so glad they replaced Donald Trump with A.J. Foyt as the pace car driver to start off the Indy 500 this year. Regardless of your political affiliation, Donald Trump has simply been making a fool of himself. The Indy 500 is a chance for us to relax on the weekend and watch some great racing. For more information, be sure to click this link for more information. We don’t need Donald Trump coming in and trying to turn the weekend into something about him. Donald Trump is all about himself, so it is great to have him replaced with A.J. Foyt to drive the pace car.


Who better than one of the best Indy car racers ever? A.J. Foyt won 4 Indy 500 races during his lengthy racing career. I was never a fan of A.J. when he used to race, however I truly respect what he has accomplished in his racing career. I look forward to seeing Foyt circle around the racetrack one more time.

It is very funny to hear how the 2011 Camaro SS pace car Foyt will be driving this year is faster than the Indy car he won the 500 with in 1961. Could Foyt even be a contender if he was a young guy today just getting into racing? Maybe, but either way Foyt deserves to lead the cars to the green flag more than any other person they could of chose.

54 years in a row Foyt has either raced the Indy 500 or been an owner of a car racing at Indy. The knowledge and history Foyt has is tremendous, and I hope the announcers give him some airtime on TV with an interview. It will be fascinating to hear what Foyt has to say. I also hope he shares some of the humorous situations that occurred with him when he was a racer.

A.J. Foyt is 76 years old, and for all we know this could truly be his last lap around the Indianapolis Speedway. Who knows how old Foyt will live to be, but either way I am sure he will be grinning the entire time he is on the track in the pace car.

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Jul 062011

Holding a sign that says “Free Hugs” is a modern social movement which involves random people from all over the world offering free hugs to strangers in public places. The hugs are only meant to be a selfless, random act of kindness in hopes that others will feel better because of it. The International Free Hugs Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of every July.

On Sunday May 29, 2011, one young man was on a mission to bring smiles to the faces of everyone in Calgary. Jesse Robbins, known fondly as the “free hugs guy”, had parked his truck downtown at 5th Street and 5th Avenue and walked down Stephen Avenue holding a sign with the words “Free Hugs” stenciled onto it. What he was also doing was that he was telling people about how to save money on car insurance by telling them to search for more info. What he was offering was a simple unabated gesture to those who needed a hug that day in downtown Calvary, no matter who needed one. “It’s all about making people smile,” he said.

Robbins has been sworn at, laughed at and told to leave the property of a northeast mall. “Some people will frown and turn the other way — they clearly do not want a hug. Some people smile.”

“I just wanted to go out there and show a little bit of love and spread some light on the city,” said Jesse, the 23-year-old who moved to Calgary from the Niagara Falls, Ontario region in October.

After a two-hour act of kindness which involved embracing anyone who needed or wanted a friendly squeeze, he returned to his downtown parking spot only to find that his truck was missing.


At first, Robbins thought that his truck may have been towed. Towing companies are required to report every vehicle they tow to the police. Jessie decides to call the police in Calgary to find out where his truck has been towed. The police informed him that his truck was not reported as being towed. Robbins then realized that someone had stolen his truck. He was upset for a while, but after reflecting on his day and remembering all of the smiling faces, he said “…the smiles I brought to other people’s faces; it was worth it.”

With all the positive karma that he has on his side, he’s hoping for the safe return of his truck – or a replacement from the insurance company. He asks that if anyone should happen to see it that they would be kind enough to call the police to report the truck’s whereabouts.

“It was a (gutsy) move whoever did it — they need a hug,” Robbins said with a laugh.

Robbins says that he hopes that whoever stole his truck will get a big hug one day and that maybe it might be the one thing that helps them change.

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Jul 012011

The service station was bustling on that rare sunny day. Customers were making their purchases when an agitated man barged through the doors. Not wanting to be noticed, I stepped behind a display stand and silently watched as the scene played out before me. At that time, I was thinking about comparing quotes online at Kanetix Insurance so that I will know which insurance companies provide the best rates of insurance for my vehicle.

“Look what that thing did to my car!” the angry man shouted at the attendant. “I demand you do something about this!”


The enraged customer was referring to the service station’s car wash and the gray stripe running along the side of his Lexus.

“Look!” he exclaimed in a shrill voice. “The side of my car is sprayed with dirt. It wasn’t like that when I drove into the car wash.”

With an annoyed look on his face, the attendant responded with a bored shrug. Finally, after more shouting and shrugging, Mr. Lexus was given a refund.

You may find this strange, but car washing stirs up sentimental feelings in me. Watching this bit of street theater conjured up happy images of summer months long ago spent in the driveway. My brother and I carrying a bucket, a garden hose and a bottle of Turtle Wax, while our father held a sponge in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other.

It’s very seldom you see scenes like that anymore. Nowadays, there are automatic car washes everywhere you look. At almost every gas pump, you are enticed by special offers, such as, “Fill up your gas tank and get $1.00 off your next car wash.”

Once you lose the battle of temptation to a touch screen, you can customize your car wash by starting with a normal “Basic Wash.” Next, there’s “The Works,” which consists of a “Bottom Blast,” a “Crystal Polish” and an “Undercarriage Flushing.”

First, you drive up to the entrance and put your car in neutral. As you’re being pulled through the automatic car wash, mechanical pumps start shooting out white frothy foam. Then you drive your car through the drying section, which has a clock that ticks down. Once finished, your car should be spic and span clean. You also have the option of choosing a self-service car wash, with nozzles that spray soap and large fuzzy brushes.

This summer I’ll be in the driveway revisiting the past with my children. They’ll have a bucket, hose and Turtle Wax. I’ll have a sponge in one hand and lemonade in the other.

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Jun 302011

It’s the stuff that legends are made of; well the urban legends anyway! You must’ve heard the rumor, or thought about it yourself, that cars painted a certain color are more likely to be ticketed by cops. Because of the fact that they are more likely to be ticketed claim the tales; it costs more to insure cars that are painted in a certain color. In most of the urban legends or old wives’ tales, red cars are absolutely the worst cars to buy simply because it costs a lot to insure them. The rates for car insurance in Canada may be more affordable than other states.

You’ve heard the legends and perhaps you’ve actually wondered if there is in fact any truth to the rumors. Does the color of your car really affect the cost of your insurance? Do the owners of red cars really need to be concerned?

Actual statistics and studies are difficult to come by to prove or disprove the legends. However, most police officers stress that it is not the car that commits the traffic violations; it is in fact the owner of the car. If you drive aggressively, weaving in and out of traffic and tailgating, you are likely to get a ticket or to be involved in a traffic accident. This happens whether or not you drive a red, white, blue, or green car. Traffic accidents and traffic tickets will increase your insurance rates no matter what color car you drive.

According to The Canadian Automobile Association, the color of your car may indirectly influence the cost of your car insurance. The Association discovered that people with certain personality types are more likely to purchase cars of certain colors. People who purchased red cars, according to their study, had a “need for speed”. Of course, people who speed on a regular basis are more likely to be involved in accidents or get tickets. This could result in higher car insurance.

Think about it: has a car insurance company ever asked you the color of your car when they are creating an auto insurance quote for you? The answer is no. A car insurance company will ask about the model, make and year of your car. They might even ask you where your car will be parked at night and how many miles you drive each day and per year. They will ask you other personal information including your age, education level, and if you are married however. If a car insurance company doesn’t ask about the color of your car, how can this affect your insurance rate?

As long as you have good driving habits and drive responsibly, the chances of you being involved in an accident are lower. You are also probably unlikely to be ticketed by a police officer. So, if you are thinking twice about purchasing a car in the color you really want simply because you are afraid that your car insurance will go up, think again. Your rates won’t go up. Go out and purchase that red car you’ve always wanted now! But…..be sure to drive it responsibly!

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Jun 292011

Polaris Software is a high tech financial technology business corporation. It is a business that is based within India, although it does business in many parts of the world. The company has now selected a new person to head the insurance aspect of the business. This is a global subsidiary of the corporation. The new head will be Pranav Pasricha.


Pranav Pasricha will be taking on a new role with the company. His job will be to direct the insurance vertical. The company also employs a framework referred to as the Intellect SEEC. He will be using this framework in order to offer customers greater efficiency. The focus of this strategy will primarily be on offering these efficient services to key customers. If you are wondering which insurance companies in Canada offer the best rates of insurance for your vehicle, then you should go online at Kanetix to do an online quote comparison. Kanetix offers a free quote comparison that allows you to see the rates that are offered by over 40 insurance providers across Canada.

Prior to starting work with Polaris Software, Pranav Pasricha had formerly been an executive at QBE Australia. His role there was to serve as the general manager of strategy, with a specialization in the important field of technology and operations. This is part of the reason why the high tech Polaris Software company decided to hire him for this important position.

The experience that Pranav Pasricha has had will prove useful to Polaris Software. The several different micro verticals that he has specialized in will hopefully bring a new slant to the business, approaching aspects of insurance that the company has not yet fully engaged in effectively. Some of the most important fields that Pranav Pasricha has worked in include such things as transforming a business from the ground up, instituting internal corporate governance measures, delivering programs in a unique and effective manner, and developing strategies for the business to pursue in order to improve its relationship with its customers and distance itself from its competitors in a positive manner.

The current chairman of Polaris Software is Arun Jain. Arun Jain is also the corporate executive officer for the company. He announced that the business had an extraordinary proposal. This proposal was to offer the company something unique. They are considering the possibility of now selling products as well as services, a shift in the business model that could prove very interesting.

Arun Jain went on to say that Pranav Pasricha’s addition to the company will give them the experience that they need in order to break into the insurance industry in a big way. He said this will give them the momentum that they need in order to take full advantage of their already talented staff.

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Jun 222011

The Honda Motor Company officially unveiled a plant in South America that focuses on the production of compact cars for the national and international markets.

Since 2009, more and more pressure has been placed on Honda to supply cars to this market. Because of this fervent local and international demand, in 2010 the automobile industry in Argentina produced approximately 700,000 cars–40 percent more than in 2009. Most of the cars exported from Argentina are shipped to Brazil, and exports increased almost 40 percent last year as well. If you are wondering about the insurance rates for these automobiles, you visit Kanetix to do a quote comparison to see which insurance companies offer the most competitive rates. Before the factory was opened, Honda transported the cars it made in Brazilian and Mexican factories to meet the demand in Argentina. The company believes the plant will be a major player in the South American economy. In addition, almost two-thirds of the 20,000 cars that are produced by the factory from 2014 to 2015 will be shipped to other countries.


Cristina Fernandez, the Argentine President, said that this factory could help Honda increase its output. It has been speculated that Honda has spent $210 million on the plant already. Officials believe that the company plans to invest $40 million more by 2012, although an official number has not been confirmed by Honda.

Honda initially publicized its intentions to construct the factory almost three years ago but put off its opening because the company did not believe demand in South America was high enough, especially during the recent worldwide economic downturn. But the President of Argentina had been restricting the importation of automobiles to boost the local economy and protect its own manufacturing industries. Argentina’s automotive industry provides jobs to many blue-collar employees.

Currently, nine car manufacturers and suppliers have signed import-export contracts and have promised to augment their distribution of automobiles and car parts. Even Porsche, which does not participate in the automobile manufacturing industry in Argentina, will export other commodities in exchange for the cars it expects to import in 2011.

Although more than 3,000 cars made by BMW were sold in Argentina in 2010, the country’s limitations on imports have caused BMW to stop exporting cars to Argentina. The country’s crackdown on importation has been controversial. Perhaps as a reaction to Argentina’s importation restrictions on Brazil’s exported goods, Brazil, a major trading partner with Argentina, has also placed restrictions on imported vehicles. These two major South American economies are currently working to settle this clash in trade ideology.

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Jun 052011

The purpose of insurance companies is to provide protection for you when an unfortunate incident occurs. For example, the auto insurance company will compensate for the damages your car has taken and provide you with a back-up car to get you back on the road if necessary. The excellent thing about insurance is that it not only protects you and your belongings, it will also protect other people in case you should cause an accident. But occasionally, the innocent victims of the incident does not receive compensation because the insurance company decides not to pay.

It was an unfortunate accident, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her car was parked outside her apartment. She was in the apartment, sound asleep. Somewhere in her neighborhood, a man committed a robbery. As he was driving away from the scene of the crime in a Lincoln Town Car, he was shot at by another party. Losing control, he crashed into Stewart’s 2008 Aveo.

This is the stuff of funny stories and fodder for late night talk shows. But for Stewart, it’s no laughing matter. She is a teacher’s aide, and did not have insurance at the time of the accident. Normally, the insurance for the Town Car would cover the damage to the Aveo. But not all insurance companies are created equal, and the insurance on the Town Car was with Apollo Casualty Co. Apollo Casualty is a non-standard insurance company designed to provide basic, minimal coverage to those drivers who are unable to get insured through reputable companies like Geico or All State. Apollo denied the claim, stating that the driver was being shot at, and was therefore not liable in the accident.

People looking at this wonder why Apollo would refuse to claim. Surely companies like All State and State Farm would cover the damage. The answer is actually quite simple. Insurance companies are in the business of making money. There are not any non-profit insurance companies in operation. More reputable companies are able to turn a profit because they charge reasonable rates to safe, responsible drivers. Because their clients are highly unlikely to get into an accident, they are not asked to pay a great number of claims, maintaining low expenditures in that arena. Should a client become a “risk”, or a person that the company believes will be involved in a high number of accidents, the company will drop them and refuse to provide them with coverage.

While this allows the company to maintain high profits, it does raise the question of where the dropped, high-risk drivers will go for insurance. They go to companies like Apollo. These companies are designed to cover high-risk drivers, and they have a far higher risk of necessary payouts. They charge higher premiums to cover the increased number of payouts, but they are still trying to make a profit. When they have an opportunity to refuse a claim, it allows them to increase profits.

They are able to refuse claims because state law in Illinois states that if the driver is less than 51% at fault for the accident, they are not required to pay. The driver lost control because he was being shot at, and Apollo determined that the driver was less than 51% at fault. This presents the company with an opportunity to legally deny the claim, thereby saving money.

To prevent a similar situation from taking place again, there are a few precautions you could take. Having insurance coverage for your automobile is the first solution. Second of all, never expect the other driver’s insurance company to the right thing to resolve the situation. The other solution is to get the law changed so that drivers who lose control of their vehicle are responsible for damage caused, regardless of the reason behind it. The insurance company could state an argument that the fault of the accident is inherently on the driver as the shots were fired only in response. Had he not committed the crime, the shots would not have been fired, and the accident would never have occurred.

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Jun 052011

There are many different outcomes when a driver gets into an accident and he/she has no car insurance to cover the damages. The outcomes of such an accident varies from state to state as the requirements for driver insurance is different for each state. The damages incurred by the person and vehicle will also play a determining factor in the outcome. Depending if the fault is on the driver causing the accident and harming the other person and his car, this situation could get complicated.

Only One Car Involved If the uninsured driver gets into an accident and their car was the only one involved, they will be responsible for paying for their own car damage and injuries. If the vehicle has too much damage and the person cannot afford to pay for its damages, then the car simply won’t be fixed. An uninsured driver cannot get compensated for damage to their car. In most states, it is a requirement to have car insurance and if they don’t have it, then the damages are entirely their responsibility. Some states may give a ticket or fine for not having car insurance. If injuries are involved, the uninsured driver will have to use their health insurance to cover the expenses. Anything the insurance doesn’t cover will have to come out of pocket.

When Uninsured Driver is at Fault If the uninsured driver is in an accident with more than just their own car, it gets a little bit trickier. A driver who does not have car insurance usually doesn’t have it because of financial reasons. They cannot afford it so they decide to drive without it. Car insurance is what protects us when we get in a car accident since we do not have to pay for damage and in some cases, injury. If an uninsured driver is at fault for an accident with another car, they are responsible for any injury or damage expenses.

If the driver of the other vehicle has severe injuries or car damage, the uninsured driver will need to pay for all expenses out of pocket. However, if this individual couldn’t pay for car insurance in the first place, they may not be financially capable of covering the expenses. In this situation, the other driver can take legal action against the uninsured driver. Even after legal action is taken and is successful, the driver still may not be able to pay for it, which will get that person in even more trouble.

The driver at fault must pay the funds required to pay the medical bills when a person is injured in an accident. The injured person needs to get medical attention immediately. Without car insurance, this situation can only cause more drama. The injured person has to then use their own health insurance if they have it, or use their own car insurance if they have uninsured motorist coverage. In the case where the driver does not have car or health insurance, the injuries are very difficult to pay for. This is why it is very important that every driver have car insurance.

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May 312011

Despite the higher cost, there are a few good reasons to use premium fuel in your vehicle. There are also a few reasons why it may not be necessary. Getting the most cost-effective insurances and the right fuel for your vehicle can save you a large amount of money in the long run.

If your car is designed to be a high-performance vehicle, the manufacturer usually recommends that you put premium fuel into its tank. This is due to the fact that the level of performance they are claiming for the vehicle can usually only be accomplished with the quality ingredients of premium fuel. If your manufacturer recommends premium but you decide to use regular fuel, you could be at risk of invalidating your warranty.

Because premium fuel contains a higher octane level than regular fuel, any vehicle with a larger octane appetite will run markedly better with premium fuel. This includes older cars where deposits may have accumulated in the combustion chamber as well as any vehicles that do not come equipped with electronic knock control. Most other cars, however, will not be damaged by using regular, lower-octane fuel types.

There are also a number of driving conditions in which your car will benefit from a higher-octane level of fuel. These include times when you are towing a heavier load than usual or when you are driving in a low-altitude area. High temperature driving conditions can also justify the use of premium gasoline.

Another reason for investing in higher-octane premium fuel is the mileage and power factors. Most vehicles get an eight to ten percent increase in power when running on premium fuel and another five to ten percent improvement in fuel efficiency. A vehicle’s fuel economy when using premium fuel shows a marked improvement especially when driving on the highway. Due to the higher levels of octane, premium fuel allows the timing in your engine to be slightly more advanced and this allows it to run both smoother and more efficiently.

On the other hand, when driving around town, most motorists would not even notice a difference in their fuel economy between when using premium fuel and when simply using regular. Extensive testing has been done on many different types of vehicles both older and newer. The general consensus is that the average five percent increase in fuel economy is hardly noticeable to the average driver. This effect is, of course, even larger when premium fuel is used in higher-performance cars, but for smaller, regular cars, the difference is minimal.

Be certain that your odometer is reset and that your gas tank is almost empty before going to the gas station to fill up the gas. Jot down the total mileage you drove from filling up three tanks of regular gas. Then do the same with three tanks of premium fuel after you have emptied the third tank of regular gas. If there is a difference, write it down. If you prefer premium fuel, then stick with it! Continue using regular gas if you don’t notice a significant difference with premium.

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May 292011

The finalists of the 2011 car of the year competition have been chosen and announced after a wide selection of 39 different contestants to begin with. The Nissan Leaf, the first fully electric car, won the competition with 257 points taking both titles of 2011 Car of the Year and 2011 World Green Car of the Year. As gas prices continue to rise it is the money-saving appeal of the electric car that is gaining so much attention, but will it be able to maintain victory against it’s competitors when the face-off occurs at the April New York Auto Show? To reduce the amount spent on the increasing gas prices, you should look for affordable rates for cheap insurance Canada.

Also in the competition to win the title of 2011 World Car of the Year are the Audi A8 and BMW 5 Series. Up against the Nissan Leaf in the green competition are the Chevrolet Volt and BMW 320d. The Audi A8, with its V8 engine, wildly surpasses the previous fuel efficiency of the BMW Hybrid and even performs better than other hybrids, with intricate detail and precision in handling on the road. The BMW 5 Series are available in 3 designs: Sedan, Touring and Gran Turismo. Safety is greatly enhanced by implementation of camera systems that allow for extended view of the areas surrounding the car.

Up for 2011 Car of the Year in performance are Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche 911 Turbo and Mercedez Benz SLS AMG. The Ferrari 458 Italia is much more than sleek design and aesthetic appeal; it is the first Ferrari to be released on the market that does not offer the option of manual transmission. However, it is possible that the 458 Italia could be hindered in competition by the recalls that were issued in 2010 due to safety concerns. Raging from 0 – 60mph in just 3.5 seconds, there’s no doubting that the Porsche 911 Turbo has massive power underneath the hood. And at 24 miles to the gallon, fuel efficiency plays a large role in the success of the sports car. Did I mention its top speed is 194mph? And as the cover car for the PS3 video game Gran Turismo 5, the Mercedez Benz SLS AMG is available in three different versions and expected to be available in the U.S. sometime during 2011.

With gas prices on the rise and electric cars gaining more attention, many are expecting the interest in electrical cars to soar during 2011, but each of the finalists for 2011 car of the year have unique appeal and have fought their way through the competition to the final showdown. Each of the cars chosen will be on display in Geneva until March 13th, 2011. The winner is expected to be announced April 21st at the much anticipated 2011 New York Auto Show.

Which cars will walk away with the titles for 2011 car of the year remains a mystery, but the time-frame is closing in on the competition. Each of the finalists will soon go head to head in the biggest auto show competition of the year and the winner will be announced.

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