Mike Johnson

Apr 252011

When you’re looking for a car you are also, in many ways, by extension, looking for a car dealership. What some people fail to understand is how important it is to locate an excellent dealership. Not only does this improve your chances of finding a great car it also improves your chances of enjoying car ownership. Why? Because your relationship with the dealer is not likely to end with the purchase of your car. Usually buying from a dealer means entering into a long and hopefully mutually beneficial relationship with the dealer.

Ideally all dealers would be offering essentially the same service and finding a great dealer would be as simple as looking for the one closest to your home. But unfortunately, the real world works differently and there are many types of dealerships as there are, well, dealerships. That’s why it’s important to look carefully and do your research so you can find a dealer that you know will meet your expectations and provide a great service in the long run.

The first thing on your list to investigate is how the dealer will handle the buying experience. One of the main concerns that people buying vehicles have is that they are going to be pressured or manipulated into buying a car that they don’t want or don’t need. But great dealerships understand that this type of manipulation and pressure is bad for them in the long run, and choose instead to focus on finding you a vehicle that best suits your needs, and not one that best suits theirs.

Another good thing to check into is the dealer’s inventory. While this might not seem like the most revealing thing you could be paying attention to, you can tell a lot about a dealership based on how successful its been in the past. A dealer that has been able to survive a long period of time and still display a prominent inventory has probably been able to do so because of their strong customer base and the fact that they are appreciated and valued by their clientele.

If you like what you’re seeing from a particular dealer, but you’re still not convinced that they’re going to treat you well after you’ve made the initial purchase, here is a little tip to make yourself extra comfortable. Simply draw out the buying process. By playing a little hard to get and drawing out your inquiries about a given vehicle, you can learn how this dealerships treats their clientele over time, and thus learn whether or not is a place you want to take your business.

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Apr 222011

When you’re in the market for a used car and you’re just starting to look around there are generally two places to look. You can either hunt through the classifieds trying to find a good deal or you can go straight to a dealer. It might seem from this point of view as if you’re trapped between a rock and a hard place, as driving all over town inspecting privately sold vehicles probably doesn’t sound appealing, but going through a dealer can sound equally unpleasant at least if you give any credence to the fact that the profession has been notoriously maligned.

To free yourself from this dilemma consider the following: not all dealerships are created equally. You’re not going to be confronted with identical service no matter which dealer you show up at. If you take some time and do a little research you’ll be able to discover a dealership that offers quality customer service and takes pride in its ability to create long standing relationships with its clientele, relationships that are mutually beneficial, that lead the customer base to actually valuing and appreciating the dealer in question. If you can find such a dealer you might also find the following benefits.

The first one is: you’ll save time. Driving all over the city looking at vehicles is not the most efficient way to shop. Being able to take in a wide selection of vehicles all in one spot is by far a better way to do your used car shopping. You’ll also be able to get a lot of helpful information on each vehicle by the knowledgeable sales staff.

You’ll also be able to rest in the peace of mind that your vehicle has been worked on and tuned up and is mechanically sound, under the attention of the dealership’s garage and garage mechanics. This is a lot more than could ask for if you were simply buying from a private seller. Additionally, if you are not the sort of person who can tell much about a vehicle’s mechanical soundness, the mechanics are able to assure you what kind of condition your vehicle is in.

But what is perhaps the most significant benefit of working with a dealer is the many financing options that you receive when you buy from them. Almost all dealers offer terrific financing on all of their cars and trucks, giving you the option of spending a small amount of money per month instead of having to come up with the whole lump sum right there on the spot. Of course, car loans are available from other sources, but the terms are usually much worse than what you would find at a dealer, and soliciting a bank for a car loan is a major headache all on its own.

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