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Jul 112011

Gas prices are soaring! Elevated travel expenses have become the result. If you are traveling by car, then you can control some of the costs.

Here are several ways you can save money on gas.

Synthetic motor oil is what you can choose instead. Besides making your car a little less hungry at the gas station, this will also reduce engine friction.

Use the manufacturer’s recommended grade of oil. Manufacturer specs are based on what is best for your vehicle.

You need to buy gas with the recommended octane rating. It’s likely that premium is detrimental to a lot of engines.

You should fill up on gas during the coolest times of day. In each gallon, you get more gas because liquids expand in the heat.

After you fill up, make sure that the gas cap is tight. Gas evaporates easily. If the cap is improperly seated, then you can lose an appreciable amount.

Inflate your tires to the recommendation of the manufacturer and check them before your holiday. If tires are underinflated, it can drag and increase gas consumption. Never drive on bald tires! They increase fuel consumption and they are also unsafe.

Don’t leave your engine idling for long periods of time. This also includes pre-warming. One minute is all you need. You can start off slowly then after a couple of minutes, you can use normal speeds.

Another thing you should avoid is continually stopping and starting your engine. Each start burns about the same amount of gas as one minute of idle time. You should drive in such a way that entails minimal use of the breaks.

Driving the speed limit on highways is what you can do. If you speed, then it will devour gas. Whenever possible, activate your cruise control.

Stop lights in cities are usually set to synchronize with the posted speed limit. You are more likely to hit a long series of green lights if you drive the speed limit. When you stop at red lights, idle time and gas consumption increases.

Avoid packing more than you need. You will use more gas if you are carrying more weight.

Decrease wind resistance. If a car is caked with snow, ice, or mud, it will drag and burn more gas than a vehicle that is sleek and clean.

Don’t use the air conditioner unless necessary.

Pamper your vehicle by ensuring that it goes in for regular tune-ups and maintenance. If there are slight adjustments, then it could mean dramatic fuel savings.

Before you leave, do your research to find out where the cheapest gas stations are. Use your common sense such as knowing that driving too far out of your way will gobble up more gas than you can save.

Trade your gas guzzler (if you own one) with a relative or neighbor for a smaller vehicle while you’re on vacation. Make sure that insurance policies on both vehicles are in order first.

You can even use your feet. Whenever possible, walk once you get to your destination. You will really get to know an area if you walk.

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Jul 092011

Continuing to increase is the cost of gas and it seems that this trend will go on. Because of this, a lot of people are looking for ways to reduce the amount they spend on gas every month. One method for reducing the cost of gas is by using credit cards and many people are surprised by this method. But you don’t want to use just any credit card. You want to use a gas rebate credit card.

Similar to other cash back rewards programs is a gas rebate credit card. When you use your gas rebate credit card to buy gas, a certain percentage of the money you spend will be credited back to your account by the end of the month. Gas rebate credit cards pay you each month unlike most cash back credit cards that only pay you once a year. With the rising cost of gas, it is easy to see why consumers can save a lot money on the cost of gas. The percentage earned for using the gas rebate cards average at about 3%.

Offering gas rebates for specific brands is what many credit card companies do. Some of these can only be used at certain locations. This is excellent for someone who goes to a specific location to purchase gas. If you like to shop around and look for low gas prices, then a gas rebate card may not be your best option. It can be tedious to shop around and look for certain locations to use your gas rebate card if your car is running low on gas. Because of this, cards which can be used at any gas station are now offered by many credit card companies.

Becoming very popular among people who want to lower the cost of their gas are these cards. This is true especially if you have a truck or an SUV. The customer is paid back in the form of credit to their account by most gas rebate cards but there are companies that offer other rewards or gift certificates. It is also important to remember that many credit cards have restrictions. Allowing you to earn credit on purchases made at the pump instead of the counter are some cards.

Limiting the amount of credit you get back each year are many gas rebate cards. Really good cards will give you a few hundred dollars back each year. Another great benefit is that most of these cards don’t require you to pay annual fees. You will want to do your research to find the different cards available.

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Jun 112011

Satellite radio offers a better sound quality than terrestrial radio broadcasts, leading to the rise in its popularity. Everything you would like to hear may not be included in the content but even so, having a satellite radio does have distinct advantages.

Satellite radio uses satellites to deliver radio programs to subscribers. The radio signal is broadcast from Earth based stations to communicational satellites, which then redirect the signal to satellite radio receivers. The radio signal is broadcast to a much larger area than traditional terrestrial radio antennas.

The sound quality of satellite radio is comparable to that of a CD. Even though a satellite radio, like cable TV, has to be paid for, it can be considered as a worthwhile expense because it is affordable enough. Switching to satellite radio is what many people have done mainly because of the superior broadcast quality.

There are no sound interferences, hissing, or other disturbances in a satellite radio because it is digital. The sound on satellite radio is crystal clear, and for bass lovers, the stronger accurate bass will be appreciated. According to most satellite radio subscribers, the quality is extremely close to that of a CD and it is coupled with more robust and mid range sounds as well as crystal clear high range sounds. Satellite radio is also not susceptible to sound problems caused by poor weather.

The second factor is the content and it converts people to satellite radio. Originally, it is considered quite extraordinary in which case exclusivity for some transmissions is what major players in satellite radio search for, elevating them above analog radio sought exclusivity that often share content such as sports broadcasts. Satellite radio services provide the subscriber with more than 100 programs that vary in content from rock and jazz to rap and classical music. Other things being offered by satellite radio include news and talk-show, educational and cultural shows, and exclusive sports programs.

Another benefit that satellite radio offers is that very few of their channels retransmit terrestrial programming. Created in house are most of their music channels and the best part is that there is no advertising in satellite radio. There is a lack of interruptions from endless commercials and many subscribers find this to be appealing.

If you want a satellite radio at home or in the car, then you will need to subscribe to one of the satellite radio broadcasts and buy a receiver as well. Receivers can cost $300 to $500, and monthly subscriptions are usually under $20 a month. While this is not out of reach for many, it does mean that subscribers expect a certain level of content and broadcast quality. Unlike the terrestrial radio stations, many would feel that paying for radio service would mean that the broadcasters will be likely to maintain and improve those standards. Paying a little for a better service is something most people would do.

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Jun 042011

What are the ways in which you can lower your auto insurance premium? Auto insurance rates can spiral depending upon factors that include your age, past driving record, and other factors such as credit history. But finding ways to lower the annual pay-off is the trick here. We have pulled up for you the 5 quickest ways to lower your Auto Insurance Premium.

Hike up your deductible Trying a comfortably higher out of pocket payment plan is a better option than trying to get the lowest deductible. The amount that you would have to pay before your insurance kicks in is the deductible. This is an easy way to reduce your periodic premium amount, however, be warned, in such a case, if something happens to your vehicle – you need to shell out more to cover the initial expenses, prior to going in for a claim.

Park your vehicle in a garage

One of the simplest ways to cut down on insurance premium is to park your vehicle in a garage, personal or commercial establishments. In some cases, doing this will help knock off at least 20% of the premium. In a garage, the chances of your vehicle getting stolen or sideswiped are considerably lower. From a transaction perspective, a difference between a preferred rate and a standard rate is what it could mean if you parked in a garage.

Shop around and bargain

It’s not easy to beat the traditional ‘shop around and bargain.’ Make sure you at least have three to four price quotes with you, prior to fixing on the service provider. Make sure that when you shop, it’s for the whole deal and not for the price alone.

How about Taking a Defensive Driving Course?

This is something many people are not aware of. By volunteering for a state-approved defensive driving course, you can avail discounts in premium of up to 10%. But cross checking with your insurer on this is important.

Downsize Your Coverage

Well, downsizing coverage is perhaps the easiest way to lower your auto insurance premium. However, we suggest you to be careful and prudent, while taking this decision. This would limit coverage even though you might save some money.

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Jun 032011

Protection for both you and your car is probably the basic reason why anyone requires auto insurance. You have a number of options to choose from depending on your location for the type of auto insurance that you require. With the plethora of choices available to consumers today, it can be initially confusing. But by getting an understanding of the different types of auto insurances, the task is certainly made easier.

Apart from a handful of states, all the others require a minimal amount of liability insurance. Mainly meant to protect the occupants of the other car when you were at fault for any damage is this type of insurance. This will not cover you or your vehicle but it will cover their medical bills and car repair. For yourself, the insurance you need is comprehensive or collision insurance.

Auto insurance quotes for collision insurance are much higher than liability insurance mainly due to the fact that the coverage is a lot more. It pays for the repairs required for your car as well as your medical bills irrespective of whether or not you were at fault in an accident. With comprehensive insurance, a majority of other kinds of damage to your vehicle including vandalism, fire, or natural disasters will be covered.

For that will alter the total estimated annual cost for collision and comprehensive auto insurance quotes, various deductibles can be opted based on the particular circumstances.

Medical payment and personal injury protection are also available with some companies. The medical coverage and is what they increase and there are times when they even cover childcare costs, lost wages, and related expenses owing to accidents.

Bodily injury coverage is an important coverage in addition to the minimum requirement coverage. If you were at fault at some auto accidents, then this is what you can use as well as for situations where the occupants of the other vehicle exceeded their personal injury coverage. If you lack this coverage, then the victim of the accident is given the right to legal action and a financial responsibility being placed by the state on you and your motor vehicle report is what this may result to. It’s likely that this will remain for three years. This situation is referred to as an SR22.

When you happen to be in an accident with those who either don’t have or have insufficiently liability insurance, then uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist insurance can take care of you.

Also included as other additional options are labor, rental reimbursement, and towing insurance. Usually classified as add-ons or endorsements to your policy are these costs.

For auto insurance quotes companies require details about driving records, age and duration of a license, apart from inspection of your car for the purpose of certifying it.

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May 282011

Perhaps you’re looking for ways to lower your auto insurance premium. Your age, past driving record, and even your credit history are some of the factors that could cause your auto insurance rates to spiral. The trick here, however, is to find ways in which you can lower the annual pay-off. Keep reading in order to learn the 5 quickest ways to help you lower your auto insurance premium.

Hike up your deductible Trying a comfortably higher out of pocket payment plan is a better option than trying to get the lowest deductible. ‘Deductible’ is the amount that you would pay before your insurance policy kicks in. Although this is an easy way for you to reduce your periodic premium amount, you need to be careful because if something should happen to your vehicle then you need to spend money to cover the initial expenses prior to going in for a claim.

Why you should park your vehicle in a garage

Parking your vehicle in a garage, personal or commercial establishments, is considered as one of the simplest ways to cut down on insurance premium. In some cases, doing this will help knock off at least 20% of the premium. The chances of your vehicle getting sideswiped or stolen is considerably lower if you park in a garage. A difference between a preferred rate and a standard rate is what it could mean if you park in a garage and this is from a transaction perspective.

Bargain and shop around

The traditional ‘shop around and bargain’ is not easy to beat. Make sure you at least have three to four price quotes with you, prior to fixing on the service provider. Ensure that you are not shopping for price alone, but the whole deal.

How about Taking a Defensive Driving Course?

Not many people are aware of this. You can avail discounts in premium of up to 10% if you volunteer for a state-approved defensive driving course. But cross checking with your insurer on this is important.

Downsize Your Coverage

In order to lower your auto insurance premium, the easiest way perhaps is downsizing coverage. But while taking this decision, it’s important for you to be careful and prudent. Although this might save you money, it would also limit coverage.

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May 142011

Fuel economy is more important than it ever was before, what with gas prices in America and even around the world reaching stratospheric levels. While there are no fuel saving tips that will keep your car full of gas without filling up, there are some tips that really can help you save money on fuel over the long run. And this would be by improving your vehicle’s fuel economy – read on.

Drive Off, Don’t Idle After Cranking Up

It may seem like something not even worth mentioning, but you should drive off after cranking up your vehicle. We mention this because a lot of people leave their car on idle for some time after cranking up. Keep your car running only if you need to keep it running, and again, drive off after the crank up. Avoid Riding The Break

Most drivers are fond of riding the break even if they don’t have to. A lot of drivers, in case you haven’t noticed, often would ride the break, or slow down when they see a braking car instead of switching lanes. Not riding the break can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 30%, so this is a great tip you should follow. Turn Off Your Car

If you are going to be stopping for more than 10 minutes you should switch off your car to keep fuel efficiency at its peak and not burn more gas than is necessary.

Don’t Switch Off Your Vehicle

If you are only stopping for a brief moment or less than 5 minutes then don’t turn off your car because the amount of gas used to crank up is more than you would burn in that short period of time. Inflate Tires Properly

Too many drivers never think of their tires, unless one goes flat. However, having tires that are properly inflated can save fuel and make your car more fuel efficient, saving you money. You’ll want to regularly have your tire pressure checked. Anything to make our vehicles more fuel efficient – that’s the mantra a lot of us repeat as we deal with high gas prices. So, follow the above fuel tips and you will see that over time your car really is more fuel efficient.

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May 142011

Traditionally trucks and farm vehicles had diesel engines, leaving most people with the perception that a diesel engine is big, loud and dirty. There may be some truth behind this but diesel engines are also used in family sedans as well as large trucks and there is a number of benefits for the car owner.

Known for their easy maintenance and better torque and fuel economy are diesel engines. Another thing to remember is that diesel engines have no spark plugs since unlike gas engines which use the fuel/air mixture, diesel use their compression to create combustion which is why they don’t need turning.

In terms of maintenance, diesel engines are more economical but they do need more regular servicing unlike many gasoline engine cars. There is less that can go wrong with a diesel engine because it has fewer parts than a gasoline engine and there are fewer parts to replace.

One common complaint with diesel engines is that they are quite slow to get going from standing, but their torque more than makes up for that, especially when climbing hills or pulling a load. For towing a caravan, boat or trailer, you can’t beat a diesel engine.

Having a higher density than gas is diesel fuel and this means that you can expect fuel economy to increase by up to 30% compared to a gasoline engine. Diesel fuel is also generally cheaper than gasoline.

The fuel is less refined than gasoline which means that they are not environmentally friendly vehicles. Emitting particulate matter and NOx, which is an air pollutant, is what it does. While caring for the environment, you can get all the advantages of a diesel engine and this is thanks to the recent development in the manufacture of biodiesel. If biodiesel is your choice, make sure you have ready access to biodiesel in your area since this is not as widely available as diesel and gasoline.

In all shapes and sizes, diesel cars are now available so buying a pick-up is no longer necessary to enjoy the benefits of a big and long lasting engine. Family sedans and even some more sporty models are available with diesel engines. For families and other drivers looking for a good and strong car, a popular choice would be cars with diesel engines because of their lower maintenance costs and fuel economy.

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Apr 062011

Installing a quality tonneau cover on your pick up truck is a great idea that can only enhance your truck’s look and value. You can shell out a little bit of money and get a cover that looks no better than a tarp or you can pay a lot of money and get a tonneau cover that really makes a statement. Most consumers shop in the middle area and there you can find designs that are sturdy, eye-catching, and long lasting and they are also sensibly priced. Some covers look cut-rate — and they are, while others look costly — but they really are not. Choosing the cover becomes a matter of personal taste and you will pay less for a soft-top tonneau rather than a hard-top cover.

Simple to maintain You can clean your tonneau cover by simply washing your truck but remember not to use dashboard or car tire agent on it. Following the manufacturer’s recommendation can help you in maintaining your cover. Most any auto supply retailer should stock products expressly developed for maintaining a tonneau cover.

Your stuff will have security Consider purchasing a locking, hard shell tonneau cover if you regularly carry valuable merchandise in your truck bed. Covers such as those made by Truxedo or Extang are designed with your security requirements in mind and will keep probing eyes from seeing what is in the back of your truck.

Enhance the overall value of your truck. If your truck is kept looking and running its best, then its value will increase with the help of a premium tonneau cover. Commanding a better selling price is what you should be able to do when it’s time to sell your truck.

Save on gas You must think of innovative ways to save on fuel consumption since gas prices today continue to rise. Decent savings, as much as 10-15%, can be achieved and one way to do this is by having a tonneau cover installed. Wind drag is significantly reduced with a tonneau cover in place which means the less you drag on your truck, then your fuel economy will be better as well.

Coming with one year limited warranty which should be sufficient for you is more tonneau covers. A reputable online auto parts wholesaler can give you detailed information about the various product offerings, care and maintenance instructions, prices, shipping and handling information, and more.

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Mar 312011

The rising cost of fuel and the environmental damage it causes our planet resulted with many car buyers or owners looking for an alternative way to save money. The fact is, fuel supply is finite and gas price will only get higher. A hybrid car has advantages and this is where they come in.

In recent years, hybrid cars are gaining in popularity. Owning a hybrid car is becoming more affordable by everyone with lower cost of production and new hybrid car technology being developed.

You Can Save Gas with Hybrid Cars

When you use hybrid cars, the obvious advantage is that you get to save gas. Combining the cleaner energy of an electric motor with the long range capacity of a gasoline engine allows a hybrid car to save as much as 30 miles a gallon. The gasoline engine automatically shuts off when the car stops is one feature of hybrid cars. In saving fuel, this will also help. It also explains why hybrid cars are quiet when they’re stationary. When you step on the accelerator pedal, then the gasoline engine is automatically turned on.

Hybrid Cars are Friendly to the Environment

Unlike conventional cars that are powered by gasoline, hybrid cars emit lower toxic emissions due to less gasoline being burned. It causes less pollution, is environmentally friendly, and less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. If you do not know, carbon dioxide is one of the primary reasons for rising global warming. For example, reducing tailpipe emissions by up to 90% and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% is what the Toyota Prius can do.

Hybrid Cars and Tax Incentives

To reduce greenhouse emissions, there are world political pressures around the world which is why a huge tax relief is provided to hybrid car buyers by the government. The tax incentive varies by model.

In order to reduce fuel consumption and better fuel efficiency, hybrid car manufacturers are continually doing research. The cost of hybrid cars will reduce as more are being adopted, so it will be more affordable for everyone.

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