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May 292012

If you have to handle your car effectively you will require auto upholstery supplies at some time. As anybody with a family knows, the interior of your car can get damaged very very fast. If it isn’t dropped juice it will be pastel marks or chocolate fingers.

The best option is to get a set of short-term car seat covers that are machine. Get into the routine of always using these when the kids are traveling. Your journey will be a lot less tense as you won’t be anxious about whether the children mark the fabric or not. At the end of the trip, you can take the covers off and put them into the machine for operation the next occasion.

But it is not only kids that can make a mess in a car. Adults drop coffee or make marks of lipstick on the seats. The key to keeping your interior appearing good is to handle any accidents whenever they occur. If you let coffee soak in, your car isn’t likely to smell nice. Lipstick can be removed using toothpaste and coffee using a mild washing detergent. If you spill petrol or battery acid, you could use a cream made with baking soda to help wipe out these marks although it would be better to have such items in the trunk not the back seat.

Having more ordinary auto upholstery supplies close at hand is equally important. Clean your car inside and out on a frequent basis to maintain it in a good condition. A wipe up and vacuum every week will go a long way to keeping the new cushioned interior in top condition.

It is stunning how many people will get their car to the car wash but ignore the inside which can get just as dirty. It is useless shelling out for auto upholstery supplies if you are not going to clean it on a frequent basis.

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May 152012

While there are many reasons why you would prefer a custom auto upholstery job, you will learn that the most important reason of all is for the increased value in your automobile. Whether you have stains, rips, and tears on the inside of your automobile, you could make it look completely new with a little restoration.

These days many owners of older collectible cars and also just older cars period, are seeing the great advantage of hiring a company that will perform a custom auto upholstery job them. If you observe the exterior an automobile and it is in good shape, you would expect the inside to appear just as great or better. Well, the fact that we are in our automobiles day in and day out implies that we are putting more wear and tear to the cars inside and it does not look as nice as it once did.

A great benefit of restoring the inside of your car is so that the value of the car will increase. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to sell your car or not, having the interior of a car look presentable always gives the buyer a better impression. No one will want to invest their hard earned money into a car where the inside looks bad and the seats are torn with the stuffing of the cars is coming off on the sides. This is simply not a good site for you or for your buyer.

Another advantage for investing in custom auto upholstery work for your vehicle, is because you will be able to prevent it from happening. At times we want to patch up things and expect it to look just as good, but what we have done is spent our cash on something that was not too wise. The reason for this is the fact that once your seats tear, the fabric had become weak and although you may patch it up it is likely to happen again, that means you have now wasted your time and cash on something which was not long lasting and durable.

Appointing a good company that will provide your vehicle a custom auto interior job is like giving a face lift to someone. Your vehicle will appear completely different and will look new again. Therefore, make certain that you go with a company which will know how to do a good job to your vehicle and will have it looking its best.

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Apr 192012

Sometime when you are considering a custom auto interiors project for your vehicle, you may decide to change or repair the headliner. The headliner is that part of fabric that’s attached to a board on the inside roof. Moisture and heat can affect the foam binding the material and this can lead to sagging or falling fabric. That’s particularly common in cars that were manufactured in the 1970’s but can happen to any auto.

It couldexpense upwards of $200 to get the headliner replaced (possibly less, if you do it as part of a greater custom auto interiors project) so it’s something you might wish to consider doing yourself. it’s not difficult but can be boring and may need two people. Do not try to do it on a day when the weather is against you. You want it to be warm but not excessively hot as that will make the glue too tacky.

Remove all the screws you can see i.e. those holding the lights and visors to the headliner. Keep these in a safe place as you’ll need them when you are putting it back together. You then remove the headliner which as we’ve seen is simply a board covered in fabric. You’ll have to remove the existing covering and scrape off as much of the old glue as possible. If you don’t do these steps you’ll affect the uniformity of the new finish. When selecting your fabric, it might be a good idea to tell the fabric shop assistant what you want to use it for.

Some materials just aren’t appropriate. You can change the color scheme but it would be sensible not to change the texture of the fabric very much. Do not go from thin to very thick as this could make putting all the parts back together that a lot more difficult! You also need to select a covering that’s appropriate for use with glue adhesive.

Don’t skimp on the fabric. it is always best to have too much rather than very little. Spray the board with glue adhesive and put the cover over it. Keep it tight to avoid any crinkles or gaps. You will have to pay attention to the corners and make them very neat. You then need to let it dry totally before putting back into the car. If you’d rather not chance doing it yourself and messing it up, however, any decent custom auto interiors professional who’s worth anything can do it quickly and easily for you.

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Apr 102012

Yes you can but few of us do it as it can be a lot of work. It’s much easier to have the experts at the repair store do it for you, particularly if you are going for a custom look in the spirit of Chip Foose Cars, or undertaking a classic restoration attempt.

In these budget conscious times, you may be tempted to change those tatty seats yourself. It does not cost lots of money and could be simply what your truck requirements. You might not do as good a job as the experts but it will perhaps still look better than the old ones. Go and pick out some fabric. The type you selected will depend on your personal taste and your sewing skills. Velvet might be a good choice as it is quite forgiving of the novice sewer. It is also comfortable to sit on and fairly long-lasting although it has to be said, it doesn’t mix well with wet weather or dogs! Also, this is a poor choice of material if you are attempting to do a restoration to factory state… it is simply not a material that was used. Certainly, if you’re doing something fancier, and want a look just like what you can get on Television (Chip Foose Cars again), this material could be included easily enough.

Whatever material you selected will have to be cut and sewn to size. One method of doing this is to take apart the existing covering and using this as a pattern. It’s not ideal as you may transfer stretching and other irregularities to the new coverings but it might be the only means you can manage to do it.

If this all seems like too much work, you can consider just adding new seat covers. Most vehicle models are provided for as it is critical that you select the correct shape and fit. Or else they will look dreadful. The customized seat covers will take account of the shape of the seat, the head rests and the seat controls. They are a very economical method to improve the appearance of your vehicle although if you’re renovating an extremely old model automobile you might not be able to find a custom fit.

Keep in mind though, many the answer to this question revolves around what your ultimate aims and goals are. If all you are trying to do is replace something ripped or torn… that is fairly easy, or can be. On the other hand, if you’re looking to create something that could compete with Chip Foose Cars in the appears department, you’d probably be better served working with a professional.

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