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Feb 062012

Vintage car restoration could be described more accurately as a passion than a simple hobby – little beats the thrill you get after hunting down and fitting that special car part. But restoration can be a costly pastime, passion or not, as sellers understandably try to take advantage of your enthusiasm and set a high price for the part you want so badly. To you, there’s no denying that the right vintage car part is worth a lot but this isn’t a reason to get ripped off. Here are a few tips to help you get a fair price for the part you need.

Be sure to do your research before you make that trip to the wrecking yard or vintage parts dealer. Check online to see what the going rate for similar parts are. Find out how difficult the part you’re looking for really is and be prepared to pay a little more for rarer pieces.

Trying to find a reputable salvage yard or dealer and ask them what their pricing structure is is a good idea. Choosing a seller with a formalized pricing plan may seem like a better option but still, there are some dealers value parts at a percentage of what a new part would cost, for example, while others have a set price for the same part from any car – those who are willing to barter might ultimately offer you the chance to make fantastic finds. If you can, then compare a number of parts sources in order to try to ascertain where you might get the best deal.

When a price structure is not in place, remember not to give away too much – your obvious enthusiasm for a particular car part might just jack up the price. Do not act as though your life depends upon it because car part shopping can be a treacherous game but you can express your interest in the part you want. The dealer will obviously try to get as much as he can for the part you are after, so bid low, and go up only reluctantly. Avoid giving away anything that might suggest you are willing to pay more, play your cards close to your chest, and leave the expensive watch at home as well.

Be sure you know what you are paying for when you finally agree on a price. Is the casing and so on included? Some yards will charge an extra fee for removal of a part that is still in a car, so ask if you can remove the item yourself. This could save you quite a bit of money unless the part is deeply embedded in the existing car’s structure but you might be best having it removed for you if the job is complicated. When personal injury is a real risk, then saving money pales in comparison. Although you should have fun bargaining, you should still remember to stay safe.

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Jan 302012

When looking to buy a new recreational vehicle think about what you would do if you were going to purchase a new car.

You certainly aren’t going to take the first deal you’re offered. And when it comes to dealerships, you shouldn’t just stick to one – you should keep your options open at all times. The last thing you want to do is make an uninformed purchase with no idea of the vehicle’s value.

It is very important that you go armed with information when you’re thinking about purchasing a new recreational vehicle. This is some serious cash you’re going to be spending and you want to get the best possible deal. And Recreational Vehicle dealers are always looking out for Number One, meaning themselves. They are looking for profit first and foremost, and are always willing to drive up the prices for added commission.

There are many sites online that can be a help to you with finding the actual MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) of a new recreational vehicle. Recreational Vehicle dealers, like car dealers, buy their vehicles wholesale due to the number they buy, they have a fairly wide profit margin generally 15% to 35%. The dealer would purchase their vehicles at a price with incentives, and the dealer price, likewise, would be higher to ensure a good profit margin as discussed above.

When the time comes for you to compare recreational vehicle dealers, you should choose no less than three. When you’re spending potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars on a motor home you want to make sure you are getting the best deal. Depending on where you’re located or which dealership you buy from, prices may vary.

Don’t become attached to any one recreational vehicle. This is a deal that could cost you a hundred thousand dollars or even more, so this is not the time for any sentimental hokum that result in a bad decision. Remember, this is a new vehicle, and if you bypass this one the factory can always build another exactly like it.

When checking out different dealers, make sure you consider their after sales service as well. Many dealers are your best friends during the deal, but then lose interest in you afterwards. You will want to check with friends and family that own recreational vehicles and perhaps with the Better Business Bureau before you purchase. Also, RV blogs and forums are a good way to get information about a particular dealer.

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Sep 292011

Odds are the vehicle you are driving has disc brakes, may it be a motorcycle, a Maserati or a Mini Cooper. You may not even be aware that they exist, but unlike Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, they do exist, and they play a major, major role in how your vehicle operates. Though there are several types of motor brakes, the drum and the disk, the disk brakes are more commonly used. Disc brakes are far better than drum brakes because of their powerful stopping ability. Also, disk brakes give you better handling when driving in wet weather, so that way your car doesn’t feel slippery in Seattle – get it? Why chance anything but the best?

Disc Brakes in a Nutshell

In simplistic terms, disc brakes utilise two pads and grab onto a rotating disc. The disc attaches to the wheels by means of an axle. You control the grasping power. When you pull on the brake, the clamps come together on the disk, forcing it to stop spinning and causing your vehicle to slow down and eventually stop.

How Can I Control My Disc Brakes?

When it comes to cars and trucks, you can simply control your disk brakes by pulling the emergency brake upwards or pressing on the brake pedal. Motorcycle riders, on the other hand, have two ways to slow their vehicle down with their brakes. The rear left foot lever and the right hand lever would be the two options you have to slow your bike down. In order to make sure your disk brakes and pads last longer, you can use both of them at the same time, thus improving both the effectiveness AND efficiency of your braking.

Disk Brake Maintenance

Brake maintenance, or even replacement is an eventuality every driver has to prepare for, regardless of the vehicle you drive. Make sure you regularly check your brake pads’ thickness. Disc brakes can potentially suffer some damage if the pads have reached the point where they are barren.

Monitor the levels of your vehicle’s brake fluid. Touching up and adding new brake fluid can help your vehicle run more effectively and efficiently.

Potential Disk Brake Damage Your Car Might Suffer From

There are several ways your break disks can show damage. Warping and even cracking is a distinct possibility, aside from the simple scars. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your disk brakes so that any damage, minor as it may be, can be repaired before the problem gets aggravated. Unfortunately, once they crack, the disc brakes are not repairable.

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