May 312011

Popular among citizens in Japan and Europe for many years, tankless water heaters Toronto are becoming the new way to save energy. The convenient units are being marketed by a variety of manufacturers. The traditional gas storage water heater is quickly falling second to the energy-saving heater.

These devices are not only tank-free, but benefit the entire household by providing hot water whenever needed at rather large quantities. Money is saved on fuel bills which is important considering the rising energy prices. The devices are small and convenient, perfect for hotels, high-rise offices and apartments. The entire household can shower in the morning and no one is left last to suffer a cold shower.

Not only are these units available for outdoor or indoor installation, but they also come in a variety of models from the heavy-duty commercial version to a more condensed one. The traditional heater has a 0.60 energy factor while the more efficient upgrade has a factor of 0.80 or higher. This groundbreaking invention has found a way to cost the homeowner less in bills and supply heated liquid at an outstanding rate.

The unique liquid heater involves a modulating gas burner that supplies the hot liquid by firing at a consistent temperature, meeting the actual demand for the hot liquid more sufficiently than ever before. As the liquid flows, the system detects it and the burner starts up. When not being used and sitting at rest, no thermal energy is lost in the heat exchanger.

Electric storage liquid heaters contain electric resistance heating elements within the liquid in the tank. These lose heat through the insulation, taking into account the amount of hot liquid consumed versus the size of the tank.

Coming in a rectangular box, the typical package needs to be mounted onto a wall. Some are as small as a standard dictionary. Exiting through the side wall, the flue is approximately two feet over the package which uses a particular venting kit. When replacing the old unit, a new venting, gas and water connections are needed.

Homeowners do not usually look into replacing their heaters unless an emergency situation arises. The tankless version comes highly recommended by plumbers who are giving advice on heating investments for the family. Little maintenance is required as many of the units are actually self cleaning. There are upgraded versions on the market that reduce lead amounts floating through the lightning protector, circuit board and flow servomotor. Standby electricity is significantly reduced as well.

There are even digital controllers available with newer units that come in handy for many purposes. A timer can be set so that a bath is ready by the time one is getting out of bed. Heat settings on the controller, setting the temperature of the liquid, will allow parents to avoid scalding accidents with their children. Extreme hot temperatures can be set when washing the car or anti-bacterial sanitizing purposes. Restaurants benefit from the saved space of tankless water heaters Toronto.

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