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Subaru Hurst along with the other dealers of this make have at their disposal a range of cars that are a pleasure and don’t cost a lot. The production line is known for all wheel drive, and several are turbocharged to provide more power. The safety record on these vehicles is unsurpassed, and they have the crash tests to prove it. There is room for the whole family in these cars.

Subaru got its start back in the fifties. The name stands for united in Japanese. Several firms in heavy industry banded together for the brand. The first model was produced in 1954. At the time, it was the only Japanese car with a unified body and also featured independent suspension and an engine with four cylinders.

The Ladybird then came out in 1958 and remained in production for a dozen years. Their first truck came out in 1960 and was based on this design. It was soon followed by the Sambar, a minivan. In 1966, Subaru began production of the first vehicles that featured their trademark a horizontally opposed motor coupled to front wheel drive.

This gave vehicles better handling and increased performance. In the 70′, the company started exporting automobiles to the United States and initiated production of four wheel drives. This gave increased traction in snow and steep terrain making them a hit with skiers and sports minded enthusiasts. The vehicles were so popular they became the top selling cars with four wheel drive in the world.

Later on in the 80’s, the Brat entered production. This was a pickup which had a pair of seats in the cargo bed. A high tech transmission was introduced that allowed for greater ability in gear shifting due to electronic controls. Greater horsepower and quality handling made the Legacy a big seller to people with an eye towards high performance.

In the 90’s developed a winning record in motosports competition. The company won the famed World Rally Championship three times consecutively. The Impreza and SVX were helped in their designs by the lessons learned on the race circuit. The cars were sporty and lightening quick. General Motors briefly held a part ownership position which was later sold. Toyota then purchased part of the firm.

Today the Subaru Hurst lineup features a wide range of vehicles from small truck to larger passenger wagons. For those who seek the very best in vehicle performance, there is the WRX STi. The brand is renowned for the unique combination of performance and styling. All of which comes at a price that is remarkably affordable.

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