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Paris Texas is a small town in north east Texas about 100 miles north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Paris, roughly, has a population of 30,000 people, and is in the county of Lamar. Many small family owned businesses have been successful in this little town. Anything from Retail Stores to Independent Insurance agents have see business on the rise. Research Prices and rates for Texas Car Insurance

The first settlement in Paris on record was in the late 1820’s. The city was founded by merchant George W. Wright, and although it is not a documented fact it is assumed that Paris was named after its counterpart in France. Get information regarding Kentucky Car Insurance.

Most are not aware of this, but in 1990 Paris was voted best small town to live in Texas. With its reasonable distance to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, a local junior college, and low crime rate, these three factors helped assist in this rating. Paris however does have its problems.

Paris has experienced an increased number of racially motivated crimes in the past. Multiple incidents in the late 2000’s caused a lot of racial tension throughout the city that caused dramatic racial events in downtown that broke some national news.

Paris, geographically, has a total land area of around 44 square miles, 42 of that being land and 2 being that of water. Lakes such as Pay Mayse Lake and Lake Crook offer good fishing here in Lamar County.

Paris is also home Paris Junior College. The Dragons, PJC’s mascot, offer many different educational programs in sports to participate in. Paris Junior College fields teams in baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, and basketball. In 2005, the PJC men’s basketball team won the NJCAA National Championship.

Paris also has many schools within Paris or the surrounding area. Paris High School, North Lamar High School, Rivercrest, Chisum, and Prairiland all have students that live in the Paris area. Paris High School is home of the 1988 State Championship football team.

Paris, although not having an abundance of entertainment, does have it’s advantages and can be a great place to call home and raise a family.

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