Jan 112011

The tanned appearance is both popular and trendy more now than at any time for decades; people like the brownish luminosity of their skin as it makes them feel fashionable and self-confident. However, at the same time, sun bathing is less and less advisable because of the rise in the number of skin cancer cases. Therefore, substitutes to it have and still are being developed. Synthetic tanning using tanning beds or sunless tanning by artificial means such as body lotions, creams, gels or self tanning spray are widely obtainable.

Although the most advanced method of getting a tan is the use of a tanning bed or tanning booth, not everybody can afford to buy their own machine or go to a salon four times a month in order to have their tan refreshened, so the do-it-yourself solutions have become more and more prevalent.

A self tanning spray is a beauty product usually containing DHA that can be applied at home as a sunless tanning solution. DHA is a chemical that causes a reaction with the skin’s amino acids, which in turn causes the turning of the uppermost layer of skin a brownish colour. The outcome of a self tanning spray lasts for approximately six or eight days, if you are careful not to take too long in the shower, if you avoid using too a harsh soap and if you do not rub yourself too hard with the towel.

Self tanning is not without a number of challenges and so, while it is less expensive than treatment in a commercial tanning salon, it is also more tricky to get a satisfactory outcome. It is more complicated to get an even tan when using a self tanning spray. The coloring solution needs to be atomized in a fine film with immense care not to overlap too much. Overlapping leads to darker tan shades on some body areas.

Therefore, another drawback of the self tanning spray is that you may need another person’s help for the procedure. The back for instance is very hard to spray unless there is someone to assist you. The same difficulty presents itself for the back of the legs, the nape of the neck and the bottom. If you ask a friend to assist you with the tanning, it will make the procedure a lot easier.

You must be particularly careful to safeguard your eyes, your lips, ears and other sensitive body parts. It is also possible to stain your nails and palms when using a self tanning spray. You could remove this difficulty by using gloves or wet wipes whenever necessary so as not to allow the tanning agent to dry on the palms or your hands or your nails.

Then, last but not least, do not spray too much liquid on your body, because the result may be an unusual orange glow or a rather uneven tan. Although many people frequently use these cans of self tanning spray in its various forms, there is no question about it that they are a lower quality solution when compared to the top-quality, but more expensive tanning bed or tanning booth.

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