Nov 032009

I’m replacing the tie rods: both inner, both outer and both threaded connectors.  A whole new assembly.  I have removed all of the old components except: the bolt attached to the arm that comes out of the steering box.  The nut is off, that was easy, I can even thread it back on.  Unfortunately, I have not been successful removing this 3-4 inch piece of metal (threaded on one end and a ball on the other end.  I have tried vise grips, oil, the bolt remover in a spray can from Murray’s.  The cylinder of metal is still in the hole.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. This ball/bolt is in a taper fit just like the tie rod end. The way I usually get these tapered components to break loose is as follows:

    I use one large hammer to back up one side of the pitman arm then use another to hit the opposite side of the pitman arm. So basically I am just holding one hammer head on one side of the pitman arm and hitting the other side. I DO NOT hit the ball/bolt itself. I am hitting on the sides of the pitman arm which is like squeezing the metal arm and popping the bolt out of the hole. Sort of like popping a zit. You don’t hit the white head of a zit, you squeeze the sides to force it out. A little gross in this description I know, but I want you to understand the procedure. It takes a few good hits with the hammer, but it will eventually pop loose. Hitting or prying on the ball/bolt itself is useless. I take all tapered tie rod ends out this way and have never had one that I couldn’t break loose this way.

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