Sep 192009

I have a 2001 Chevy Blazer, we have replaced all bulbs and checked/replaced fuses.  My left signal blinking fast and my right signal not blinking at all and my back lights are staying illuminated. Do you have any ideas on what we can check next???


Check the light bulbs them self for being the specified number ( should be listed in the owners manual )

           ( ex. a technician will install a 3057 instead of a 2057 bulb) these bulbs are different, and so is a 3157. they all look the same but don’t work the same. Make sure to check all of them in the rear for this. This occurrence is more common than you think. Feel free to check out some of the other resources on the website as there may be some helpful information available.
Sep 132009

you have to coax the accelerator alot to keep it running then it will idle, pops in the fresh air intake area when you increase the throttle. sometimes if you do it slow it will get past some of the pop and rev higher. It pops no matter where you put the timing. Checked the distributor all is timed right but EGR doesn’t seem to be working right. Also no codes


1) Perform a complete tune up : plugs, wires, cap and rotor …. Eliminates possible arching and probably needs one anyway.
2) Perform a compression test on each cylinder : all cylinders should be with in  20 PSI of each other usually between 120 – 150 area. If you see a loss of compression you may have a burnt valve ( seeing as it pops no matter where you put the timing )
The only way for it to pop is for the spark plug to spark at the wrong time or for the valve to be open when it happens. Extreme premature detination is a possibility ( did you just put a fresh tank of BAD gas in it ) Feel free to check out some of the other resources on the website as there may be some helpful information available.
Sep 072009

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Sep 062009

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