Feb 252009

I have a 2003 Grand Am SE1 with 64,000 miles. Few problems. One, my drivers side window wont go down. The driver side in back wont stay up. It will stay up for a little while then it falls and I have to pull it with my bare hands. I can hear the motor in the front but nothing happens.


if you can hear the motor it means the motor drive or the regulator is the fault in the front as well.

Feb 152009

1992 toyota 2WD, 22R-E motor. Problem I replaced the head from a small time dealer in LA. new head and camshaft. I installed the head per OEM specs and installed the Rocker assembly. i adjusted the valves for a anitial cold startup. after operating the engine at around 2000 RPM i decided to adjust the valves hot. know I noticed major problems, 1. the # 3,4 camlobes where worn badly also noticed that the rocker arms where off to the side of the cam lobes by 1/16 inch i checked the old cam to the new one and there off what could of cuased this problem. the guy i purchased the head from said it was the right head it must have been improper valve adjustment. I double checked the adjusments and they where on the money. please help for iam lost knowlage and $$$ thanks one more thing the # 3, 4 cylinder cam lobes where cut deep from the rocker arms thats how i know they where 1/16 inch off


How long did it run after you adjusted the valves?

Feb 062009

1994 Chevy Truck K 1500 P/U 4WD V8-350 5.7L Copyright © 2007, ALLDATA 9.50 Page 1

Ball Joint: Service and Repair

Lower Ball Joint Replacement


J 24319-01 Steering Linkage Puller

J 36202 Torsion Bar Unloading Tool

J 29193 Steering Linkage Installer

IMPORTANT: Raise the vehicle and support it with suitable safety stands.

Hub, Knuckle, And Control Arm Components


1. Tire and wheel.

Removing Or Installing The Torsion Bar Adjusting Bolt

2. Unload the torsion bar using tool J 36202. Mark the adjuster bolt for reinstallation of the torsion bar.

3. Brake hose bracket.

4. Caliper and wire oft to the side.

1994 Chevy Truck K 1500 P/U 4WD V8-350 5.7L Copyright © 2007, ALLDATA 9.50 Page 2

Drive Axle Cover Installed

^ Install the drive axle boot cover.

5. Outer tie rod end (125) from the knuckle using J24319-01.

6. Drive axle shaft nut (120) and washer (119) from the hub assembly.

^ Separate the shaft (132) from the splined hub (114).

7. Cotter pins (130) from upper and lower ball joint nuts.

^ Support the lower control arm assembly (93) with a jack.

8. Upper and lower ball joint nuts (129 and 131).

9. Separate the upper ball joint (115) from the knuckle (117) using J 36607.

10. Separate the lower ball joint (127) from the knuckle (117) using J 24319-01.

^ Using the support jack, remove the knuckle assembly.

11. Rivets

A. Center punch the bottom of the rivets.

B. Using a 3.175 mm (1/8-inch) drill bit, drill a guide hole 6.35 mm (1/4-inch) into the center of each rivet heads.

C. Using an 12.7 mm (1/2-inch) drill bit, drill the rivet head off.

D. Drill a hole two-thirds the length of the rivet shank, using a 8 mm (5/16-inch) drill.

E. Using an 8 mm (5/16-inch) pin punch, punch out the rivets.


J 36202 Torsion Bar Unloading Tool


1. Ball joint (127) to the control arm.

Installing The Lower Ball Joint (Riveted / Bolted)

2. Bolts (137) and nuts (136) to the ball joint (127)

^ Tighten nuts (136) to 60 Nm (45 lbs. ft.).

^ Raise lower control arm with the hydraulic jack.

3. Knuckle to the upper ball joint.

4. Nut (131)


A. Nut to 128 Nm (94 ft.lbs.)

B. Nut must be tightened with the control arm at the “Z” height.

C. Tighten the nut to align the cotter pin. Do not tighten more than 1/6 turn.

5. New cotter pin (130).

^ Bend the pin ends against the nut.

6. Load the torsion bar, using J 36202.

^ Set the adjuster bolt at the mark made during disassembly.

7. Drive axle assembly (121) to the differential output shaft.

8. Bolts (135). Tighten bolts to 78 Nm (57 lbs. ft.).

^ Prelube steering knuckle seal.

1994 Chevy Truck K 1500 P/U 4WD V8-350 5.7L Copyright © 2007, ALLDATA 9.50 Page 3

9. Drive axle to the hub (114).

10. Washer (119 and nut (120). Tighten nut to 235 Nm (173 lbs. ft.).

11. Inner tie rod end to the relay rod.

12. Inner tie rod end nut. Tighten nut to 47 Nm (35 lbs. ft.).

13. Front splash shield.

14. Front splash shield bolts.

15. Tire and wheel.

16. Wheel nuts.

^ Lower the vehicle.

^ Check the front end alignment.