Jan 232009

2001 impala low oil level light comes on when starting the car in the mornings. For about 2 mins the light stays on then goes away until car is cold again. Engine Oil iS at good level but lil dark. the change oil light is on also. Could it be the dirty oil? is it the oil pump or the oil sensor on the pan?


If you oil light is coming on and only for a few minutes then the first thing I would do is change the oil and run a little thicker oil through. When you have dirty oil it is broke and almost like water. Once you change your oil, reset your light and if you need instructions on this let me know. I do not believe it is the oil pump. It will work or not work. The switch is the same way. I would lean toward a oil change and then let me know what you find and we can go from there.

Jan 152009

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Jan 102009

96 regal, will stall after a cold start & been running for 7 to 10 minutes. Most of the time, it will start right back up & be fine for the rest of the day. Other times, it will stall & not restart for several minutes. When it does not restart right away, the only thing showing wrong on the scanner is that the fuel pump relay is not being turned on while cranking. This does not last long enough to hook up other test equipment & find the problem. Although, you can manually turn on the relay with the scan tool & it will run & after that, it will be fine again. Also, the only code that is in the car is an evap PO441B. I have already unplugged the purge solenoid in case it was pulling down the ECM somehow. No luck. Already replaced ignition module as well, same results.


Must monitor fuel pressure when this issue occurs to diagnose further

Jan 022009

The front driver side window of my 2002 Explorer will not go up. I have taken off the door panel and discovered a disconnected cable but can not see where it needs to be connected. Is there a diagram of how things are connected inside the door so I can put this back together?


Than that the window regulator and if the cable is off you have to replace the regulator as an assembly. One end attaches to the window and the other attaches to the regulator by the motor allowing the window to raise and lower.