Dec 212008


2001 jeep cherokee limited both heated seats stopped working and passenger side blows cold air only. what do I do?


These 2 problems are not related. The heated seat system and the heater/ac are separate systems. If you have the dual zone heat/ac system (passenger/driver) then the temperature blend door pivot has broken. I see this a lot in these vehicles. It will involve removing the dash and hvac unit to be able to replace the blend door. This is something you should have your dealer do, or an independent technician who is familiar with this type of work. The part itself is not expensive but the labor will be (about an 8 hour job). As far as the heated seats, what I see is the actual heating elements burn out. There is an updated repair kit to fix this that you can purchase from the dealer.

Dec 092008

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Dec 022008

I am hooking up a starter in my saturn 2001 sc1. I need to know what colour the wires are for the security wire and the tack wire is that comes from the ignition. the car will not start with the starter. I have the other wires hooked up. it will turn over but it will not start  Already Tried: nothing. I just want to make sure that I hook the right wires up the right way. Would I have to cut the security wire. That is what the starter manual is saying. It is saying that i cut the wire and hook the input to the cut wire that goes to the ignition and the output to the other end. is this correct. 


If you are refering to a REMOTE START:

Tach = WHITE wire at the Ignition Coil under the hood

I don’t show Factory Alarm on this vehicle, so that would not be needed