Sep 302008


I am considering a used 2002 Subaru forester. Consumer reports give this year a good rating. However, consumer reports give this year fair ratings (even poor) in drive system and fuel system. What parts of the vehicle is this and do you have a history report on Subaru’s of 2002 and what their problem areas have been and the cost to repair.


The drive system is complex, more parts higher maintenance costs. Also if it has an automatic transmission be sure the park rod has been upgraded. If not then the vehicle can come out of park and roll away. The fuel system has a slightly higher than normal fuel pump failure rate, by a marginal amount. ( Not a big deal ). It is also impossible to perform major engine service like a cylinder head, without removing the engine. (typical of all Subaru’s) Overall a very good vehicle.

Sep 252008


I have a 1995 Izusu Trooper and it wouldn’t start. had it towed and the mechanic says the ‘security system’ is locked up. I do not have the remote. Now what? help, help! we had it towed to a local mechanic who says that the security system will not allow it to start. I do not have the remote. I want to know if we can override the system and how.


What needs to be done:

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Insert ignition key and turn it to the “ON” position
  3. With Key still in the “ON” position, reconnect the battery
  4. Now turn the key forward tot he “START” position and start the car

What this does is to allow the engines computer to reset itself.

Sep 222008


after changing timing belt and water pump on ’03 civic, my wife didn’t enter anti theft code in radio. Car ran fine, now two days later engine lite came on. car wont go over 3000 rpms. she tried relearn procedure but doesn’t help. tried entering anti theft code and relearn process of 3000 rpm for 15 min, idle for 5 mins. Engine light on, engine runs good, temp OK, rev limits at 3000 rpm.


What Code is the light giving you?

Could be a number of things.. AutoZone will scan the codes for you for free, then you can come back to post it here. It will look like P0123 or similar.

Sep 112008

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Sep 092008

P0171 : System too lean bank 1

P0174: System too lean bank 2

These codes let you know the O2 sensors are creating a lean condition. Since it is apparent on both sides of the engine we can rule out a blown head gasket or injector issue. We can even rule out a misfire. The majority of the time this is caused by a vacuum leak. There are several hoses that can become weak and collapse. Pay close attention to all the vacuum hoses. These codes may be accompanied by a rough idle. Replace the hoses as needed. On some vehicles you may even find the intake gasket leaking(plastic intakes).

Sep 072008




this is a very common problem with the newer dodge trucks,you need the defrost door in the heater breaks causing alot of problems,your best bet is to take it to the dealer and have them fix it

Sep 032008

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Sep 022008



Let’s say the speed limit is 20mph in a school zone, but you know for a fact that school is not in session. Is it required/ the law to slow down to 20mph, or is OK to go a bit faster?


You must drive 20 mph in any school zone unless posted otherwise. No exceptions.

Example of extra posting may include but are not limited to : During specific hours or when lights are flashing.