Jul 312008


1990 900 turbo leaking hydraulic fluid. seems to be toward the radiator end of the engine. replaced clutch master cylinder, that was not the problem. any suggestions? 


Only 1 thing on your car uses hydraulic fluid. That is the transmission, the brakes and clutch use brake fluid (highly corrosive nothing like hyd fluid). If the master cylinder is running low, you are losing brake fluid. Probably the ABS pump or control unit. I believe that is where they mount it. More likely though is a transmission leak from the cooler lines (they run into the radiator). Check both of these.

Jul 292008


I own a 2000 4×4 Isuzu Trooper 3.8 Liter. When it starts up it idles fine, however, when you put it in gear the RPM goes up and you have to keep your foot on the brake pedal because it feels like it wants to go and move fast. Very unusual to experience. Not sure if this is a sensor problem or not. The transmission was replaced or rebuilt in April 2007 with 120,000 miles. Any idea?


I looked up technical bulletins on your vehicle and it appears there have been problems with the Accelerator Position Sensor. Beyond that it will require some diagnostics by a good technician to determine the exact cause.

Jul 272008



Dash board lites flashed. Tried to reset got an code, don’t know what that means now van will not shift into drive. 1999 Town & Country van Town &Country 3.8L Already Tried:
Drove and stopped- lights wouldn’t come on- it buzzed when I put key in ignition. I got to dealership they put new battery in they said battery was fried. Driving home air and defrost lights flashed. Radio was slow to come on. Drove fine for a day except for flashing lights. Then we tried to put the battery on better and reset the computer but now their is not enough power to put the car in drive and make it go forward.


Calibration test may be initiated manually by pressing and holding WASH and REAR WIPER buttons for 5 seconds

before doing the first test.

  • Set Blower motor ON HIGH
  • Open all A/C outletsWhen the first two light stop flashing(they will cycle back and forth for couple of mimutes.Than you do the cool down test.

    You have to have a 20 degree drop for the second test.

    Depress A/C and WASH buttons simultaneously for 5 Seconds (Until all LED’s light)

    Some time you have to run the test several time to have all the light stop flashing.

  • Jul 252008


    2000 grand am. Key won’t come out of ignition. can remove it by pushing button on underside of steering column. Electrical release solenoid beside Ignition  switch is working fine, where is the signal coming from that activates the release? 


    There are 2 bulletins. One is for making sure the shifter is totally engaged in the park position. If it hangs up and doesn’t go into park, it won’t allow the key to be removed. The other is for a key cylinder that will not rotate back to allow the key removal. This involves drilling a hole in the aluminum housing to drill out the pin that releases the cylinder.

    Jul 232008



    How is the 1990 Ford Escort ignition key tumblers replaced. I’ve removed the covers & tried to release tumblers by depressing the release pins through both open ports in canting, but tumbler unit won”t pull out in any position. How do I release tumbler assy? 


    1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    2. If equipped with a tilt steering column, remove the upper extension shroud by unsnapping the shroud from the retaining clip at the 9 o’clock position.
    3. Remove the steering column lower shroud.
    4. Unplug the warning buzzer electrical connector.
    5. With the lock cylinder key, rotate the cylinder to the RUN position.
    6. Take a 1/8 in. (3.17mm) diameter pin or small wire punch and push on the cylinder retaining pin. The pin is visible through a hole in the mounting surrounding the key cylinder. Push on the pin and withdraw the lock cylinder from the housing.

    To install:

    Fig. 1: Use a 1/8 in. (3.17mm) diameter pin or small wire punch to push on the lock cylinder retaining pin and remove the cylinder

    1. Install the lock cylinder by turning it to the RUN position and depressing the retaining pin. Insert the lock cylinder into the housing. Be sure the lock cylinder is fully seated and aligned in the interlocking washer before turning the key to the OFF position. This action will permit the cylinder retaining pin to extend into the cylinder housing hole.
    2. Rotate the lock cylinder, using the lock cylinder key, to ensure correct mechanical operation in all positions.
    3. Attach the electrical connector for the key warning buzzer.
    4. Install the lower steering column shroud or trim shroud halves.
    5. Connect the negative battery cable.
    6. Check for proper start in P or N, then make certain the start circuit cannot be actuated in the D and R positions and that the column is locked in the LOCK position.
    Jul 222008

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    Jul 222008

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    Jul 212008


    I have a 2002 Hyundai Sonata GL and started smelling a burnt plastic smell then the brake light started coming on and going off, and my dashlights started dimming then lost power all together. Diagnostics were run and were told that my battery was good and that all cylinders were running and that everything looked fine, we cannot figure out what is going on – there is no fluid drippings. Already Tried: Diagnostics on battery, checked under hood, checked battery cables, checked fluids, checked to make sure wasn’t a bag on the muffler, can’t find the starter to see if the cables to the starter were okay though


    Check the engine drive belt tensioner. It may be sticking and allowing the belt to slip intermittently, this would cause you to lose charge and smell burning.