May 312008


I am looking at purchasing a 1995 Ford Escort Wagon. The only problem is that it was in an accident and the rear brake line has been severed. How much will it cost to fix the Rear brake line. Can you please break out parts and service. The seller says that he has some of the parts but just has not fixed it. Trying to see how much it will cost to repair. Mostly a labor estimate.


Metal Brake Line and compression fittings :$ 30.00

Brake Fluid : $12.00

Labor for replacing line and bleeding system 2hours : $170.00 @ $85.00 per hour


May 302008


I have a 1983 Nissan 280ZX coupe, automatic with digital speedometer. The speedometer does not register correctly and bounces up and down. I don”t know if the speedometer was changed before I bought the car. The speedometer cable is hooked directly to the speedometer. I have gotten some information, on line, that there is supposed to be a pulse generator by the battery which the cable is supposed to hook up to. I can”t find anything that might look like this around the battery, don”t really know what it is supposed to look like. Nothing with wires going to the dash. Also it does not have a digital climate control. I need to find out if the speedometer has been changed, so that I can get it fixed properly. I live close to Las Vegas, so can go there if anybody knows a reliable repair person.


On the early speedo the cable hooked directly to the speedometer head the pulse generator is built in . I think you need a new speedometer head and cable. this is a rare set up it could be hard to find parts.

May 282008


I have a 2007 GMC Sierra 3500 less than 10000 miles has black colored sludge I can see in my coolant system causing problems with apparently so much blockage of this that causing it to overheat ?


The most common cause for this would be an internal leak in the radiator, meaning the transmission fluid is contaminating the coolant and causing the sludge. This would be considered a manufacturer defect and should be covered under warranty. Having the dealer replace the radiator and flush system would be the fix.

Another thing that can cause this would be if you/someone put mixed the wrong type of coolant with what is already in it (if they added green coolant) this will cause the coolant to turn brownish/black and sludge up. complete flush and fill of system would be the fix.

May 272008


When I hit bumps in the road, the driver side rear suspension clicks. What could cause that and is it a problem?


Noise issues are difficult to pin point without actually hearing it for yourself, but there are a few things you can check that are common.

1) Make sure the exhaust is not loose and there are no broken exhaust hangers

2) Look at the rear sway bar links and make sure they are not broken(most common)

3) Make sure there is nothing loose in the trunk/back of the car especially around the spare tire tool area

4) To test your shocks, bounce the rear corner of the vehicle, release when pushing downward. The vehicle should rise then stop half way back down, if it goes any further: you need to replace the shocks/struts

May 262008


I need to locate a Knock Sensor on my 1991 Olds Ciera with a 3300 engine.

This sensor is a piezoelectric sensor located near the back of the engine (transaxle end). It generates electrical impulses which are directly proportional to the frequency of the knock which is detected. A buffer then sorts these signals and eliminates all except for those frequency range of detonation. This information is passed to the ESC module and then to the ECM/PCM, so that the ignition timing advance can be retarded until the detonation stops. If you need further assistance let me know. Please Click Accept Now as it is the only way I get paid.

Fig. 4: A piezoelectric sensor is located near the back of the engine (transaxle end). It generates electrical impulses which are directly proportional to the frequency of the knock which is detected

May 202008


I have a 2004 Hyundai Elantra. Is it possible to adjust the clutch?


There are no adjustments. If the clutch is not working properly, you will need to have it replaced.

The Clutch Is Operating Properly If:

  • It will stall the engine when released with the vehicle held stationary
  • The shift lever can be moved freely between 1st and reverse gears when the vehicle is stationary and the clutch disengaged


May 192008


I have a 02 Ford Focus and the transmission has trouble shifting gears (not engaging all the time) I brought the fluid level up and now the check engine light is on and the problem has gotten worse. I get an OBD-2 code P 0750 Shift solenoid A malfunction. Am I looking at a major repair here?


If you consider $500.00 a major repair , then YES. You should be able to have the solenoids replaced inside of one day at your local transmission shop for around $500.00. These are common failure parts.

May 172008


how to repair insufficient EGR flow and make engine light go off on 2000 mercury mystique 2.5L 6cyl.? Already Tried: new EGR 


Call the Ford Dealer and ask for parts dept. Then replace the other two EGR components: the EGR Regulator and the EGR Position Sensor..I usually add the EGR as well, but you stated you already replaced it.

This will take care of the code. I say call the dealer, because it is difficult to find an exact match as the regulators are individually calibrated. Should not take you 20 minutes to replace both.

May 162008


1994 Honda Civic with a 1.5 L engine. Good spark but no power to the fuel pump from the main relay and no ground pulse to the injectors. I suspect the ecu is faulty. Any ideas? Already Tried:
New PGMFI relay and checked for power at injectors. Has power at injectors but no ground pulse. No power to fuel pump from relay. Power to relay and ground to relay is good.


The relay powers the circuit in the computer that sends ground to the fuel pump, and pulses the injectors. If the relay is good, and working right, getting power and all that, then there is either a problem in the wiring between the relay and computer (not likely), or the computer is indeed damaged..

May 142008


If you own a 2005 or 2006 Ford F-150 Truck with a 5.4 liter 3-valve engine this is about your truck so listen up!

 Ford Motor Co. is recalling more than 655,000 Ford F-150 and Lincoln Mark LT pickup trucks to fix a hose that could affect the vehicles’ braking power. The automaker is issuing the recall of 2005-2006 versions of the trucks with 5.4 liter 3-valve engines. That’s according to a posting Wednesday on the Web site of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood says more than 600,000 of the trucks are in the United States and about 50,000 are in Canada. About 1,500 are in other countries around the world.

Ford says there have been 11 minor accidents and no injuries tied to the issue.

Dealers will replace the hose at no charge to consumers. Owners are expected to be notified in late June, and the recall is expected to begin in July.

For more information, owners can contact Ford at (800) 392-3673.