Apr 282008


I have a 1998 Chevy S10 pickup with a 2.2 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission. The truck will start for 2 seconds then die. I would like to add that the security light is on.  I tried unplugging battery to reboot computer .


If you can hold the key in the start position and the engine continues to run, then you need to replace the ignition switch ( not the key and tumbler, the ignition switch ).

If it does not continue to run, Then you will need to have your fuel pressure checked. Fuel pressure should be 41-47 psi. If less, then you need to replace the fuel pump.

The Security light should be on, this is normal… unless the key you are using no longer has the chip in it… The security light will come on and goes off after the vehicle is running for a few , then the lights go out ….. the check engine light should come on too, along with the seat belt light…. all normal.

Apr 262008


I have a 2000 Olds Silhouette and it is overheating. Why is the car overheating with a new radiator and hoses just installed?  Car overheated, so our local garage supposedly traced the leak to the radiator and replaced the radiator and hoses. Today it overheated again on the highway. 


It’s not hard to figure out what is wrong when an engine is overheating. Every time one comes to me, I follow this exact same process, and it has not done me wrong yet.

You should start with a cold engine that has a completely full cooling system, that doesn’t have any visible leaks. Some engines have a bleeder screw on the top of the cooling system, this is for a reason. When you fill the system, have the bleeder open and add coolant until it comes out the bleeder, then close it immediately. Most vehicles also require you to run the heater on high, while filling the system. This will get all the air out of the system.
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Apr 252008


I have a 2002 Ford Windstar 4.0 and it only blows out the defrost vents. What is wrong with my air conditioning?


You have a vacuum leak between the source vacuum (the engine) and the heater a/c control head. When vacuum is lost the default setting is defrost (that way if all fails, you will still be able to see).

The most common place to loose vacuum in under the passenger side of the dash where the vacuum line comes through. If you look under there you should see a grill that covers the recirculation inlet and there should be 2 vacuum lines attached to the a/c box. Chances are one is attached and one isn’t. If they are both attached, then you will need to get into the engine compartment and find that line. It is unhooked somewhere.

Apr 232008


My engine warning light came on and the dealer said the 2002 Acura RSX with 99,000 miles needed a $1,000 catalytic converter. I took the car to Auto Zone and they reset the engine warning light after running the diagnostic check. I have driven the car about 200 miles and the engine warning light has not come on again. How long do I need to drive it before everything resets prior to running a new emissions test?


Typically if the check engine light was going to come back on it would have by now. Usually there is a secondary cause for converter failure i.e. engine misfire, raw fuel being dumped etc. As to running new emissions test I would have it done so long as check engine light is off. These vehicles are sensor-ed to the point that anything at all pertaining to emissions will trigger the light on.

Apr 222008

How do I remove the spark plugs on my 2003 Chevy Cavalier and where are they?

The plugs are under the Ignition coil housing see pic below,
Adjust the spark plug gap to 1.0 mm (0.040 in).

Tighten the spark plugs to 20 N·m (15 lb ft).

Notice: This engine has aluminum cylinder heads. Do not remove the spark plugs from a hot engine, allow it to cool first. Removing the spark plugs from a hot engine may cause spark plug thread damage or cylinder head damage. 

Apr 212008


It’s a 1998 Lexus GS-300. The car won’t start. Interior lights work, no head lights. When ignition key is turned there is a sound coming from a fuse box that buzzes. I tried a jump with no success. The buzz sounding fuse box is located on the driver”s side in the engine compartment. there a four of them. Blue, green and pink are the colors. The fuse box is labeled “fuses and relays.


If you still have the original battery in the vehicle I recommend replacing it first.(9 out of 10 no start conditions are caused by a bad/internally shorted battery)

There is a Starter Relay that receives power from the ignition switch and then sends power to the starter. Most likely this relay needs to be replaced. It is located in the Fuses and Relays box you described. To test, you can just swap it with a new one or you can use a multi-meter and check for battery voltage at the “s” terminal on the starter solenoid (small wire) while someone holds the key in the start position. If you see battery voltage at the “s” terminal and it does not turn the engine over, you need to have the starter replaced.

Apr 192008


  My 1998 GMC Sierra 5.7 is running rough when it gets hot its stalls then will not start back up until it cools off. problem started on highway when on the throttle truck would break up and would not accelerate only when you would ease on the throttle wot it would not get out of its own way. I replaced fuel pump in Sept. 07. truck when it starts it will idle but breaks up when revved. volt light used to run at 14volts running but now it is two notches down, it also twitches slightly when accessories are on.


I would check fuel pressure first at idle and see if it drops during acceleration when its starts to bog/cut out. If you do not have a fuel pressure gauge, have this test done.

I have had many re works due to aftermarket fuel pumps. You should use a Del-co or Delphi pump. Two reasons the pumps go bad. One is poor manufacturing and two, if you like to run your fuel tank with less than 1/4 of gas then the pumps over heat as the gas is supposed to keep it cool.

Apr 182008

My 2003 Toyota Camry ac light is flashes . I tried to add r134 however the compressor will not kick in . Is there a way to by pass the pressure switch like the old days ? If not what can I do ? I checked relays/fuses. tried to add r134 but compressor would not kick in .

These systems aren’t like the good ole days, but the concept is still the same.

I have encountered the same problem you’re having countless times. And most of the time (90%), the problem lies within the M/C Clutch relay located under the fuse box under the hood. The relay shorts out and shuts down the A/C. A newly designed relay is offered from Toyota if the part number falls within the failed one. I have attached a file for your review.
Service Bulletin on this issue

Apr 162008

I have a 1993 Prelude that doesn”t like to start when the inside temperature of the car gets to warm, open the windows to cool down a few minutes and it starts right up. Is there a ceramic block or resister inside the cockpit we”re not aware of? Very perplexing. 

There is a main relay under the dash that powers the fuel pump. These relays are bad about the board in the relay cracking and once the interior of the car is hot, it won’t engage the relay. Some people take the relays out and fix the problem with the relay but I have never had much luck with that theory. Its located under the drivers side of the dash. Replace this relay and I bet your problem is solved.