Mar 212008


When starting my 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora there is a grinding noise and a smell of burning oil. What could be the cause and how do I fit the problem?  The noise continues when driving.

Smell of oil burning is quite common on this body style aurora. They had oil leak problems form the lower engine case half.

The grinding, if when engine running, may not be related at all. Need to figure out if it is coming from the front of the engine. From the pass. side fender, a noise on the front of the motor would be quite obvious. The alternator and a/c compressor are common for making grinding noises. Very hard to determine which one, even with a mechanics stethoscope. These 2 components bolt next to each other, and is hard to determine which one. Sometimes cycling the a/c on and off will change the noise if it is the compressor.

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