Feb 272008


 Programing a Nissan remote , is hidden secret by Nissan Dealers. Here is how its done.

Just get in your vehicle , close all doors. Using your power lock switch , lock all doors. After doors are locked take your Ignition and insert it and remove it from ignition switch in a slow fashion , but consistent pace. (97 and earlier are fast) When you see the hazard lights flash, put key in ignition and turn to the On position .. Do NOT CRANK or you will have to Start over .. After in the On position .. Hit the Lock button on remote… Hazard lights should flash..( note..you have to reprogram all remotes when adding a new one , if you don’t your old remotes will not work ) If your doing just the one , turn ignition switch off and unlock door and get out and try it. If you are doing more than one. While still in Vehicle with Key on . After you hit the Lock button on Remote and hazard light flashed .. with key still on .. use master switch unlock doors and re-lock and then hit Second Remote, Lights should flash again , repeat if adding a 3rd remote.. after done just turn key off and unlock door and get out and try.

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